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  1. kermode

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    What is everybody's mapping process? I think I remember Romero said a co-op/interview that he maps more or less linearly & playtests as he goes. Not that his maps are linear but he basically goes room to room. How does everybody else do it?
  2. kermode

    DB2 error

    I tried Archive - Maintenance & found a few unused patches and these duplicated entry names. I don't know how this stuff happens or exactly what it means so I didn't save anything.
  3. kermode

    DB2 error

    Changing the security settings for the wad file or running doom builder as an admin doesn't seem to change anything. Should I just try to shred the original then?
  4. kermode

    DB2 error

    is a bit worrysome. Does this happen with just this pwad or with any pwad? After a bout of heart failure, I managed to salvage the wad from a backup. Luckily Doom Builder makes backups automatically because the most recent version I'd saved is old & missing at least a half-dozen maps. The backup I found seems to save ok, and the old pwad is the only one that gives me any trouble. I wonder if I should just scrap that one & carry on with the backup? I'm still a bit interested to find out what's going on, or what I did to cause it to happen. I wondered about that line also; I don't know why it would say that, as it only started occurring in the last couple weeks. I don't know where to look to see if I have that version. I didn't see it on the website or in the About Doom Builder in the help menu.
  5. kermode

    DB2 error

    I didn't notice anything with that name but I had already done a powerful uninstall of whatever version of Doom Builder I had & reinstalled the latest version from the link you posted. I checked the control panel to make sure I've got SlimDX & .Net Framework, which I do. Just this morning I installed all the Windows updates I'd been missing & I still get the same error. This only started happening in the last couple weeks but other than those Windows updates I don't remember what might have changed in that period. Here's part of the log file which looks like it goes through the saving process, if it helps:
  6. kermode

    DB2 error

    I've got the same problem that someone else had here https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/61359-db2-error/ but the bit where it was resolved didn't get posted, or at least not on that thread. Can anyone help?
  7. i like all of alien vendetta for this actually now that i think about it.
  8. kermode

    PSX Sountrack - What's your fave track?

    Me too! I always used to play e4m3 & purposely not go on to the next level just because of that music. I also like Hangar, the music for e1m1 & others.
  9. ahh the mucus flow, another good one for this thread.
  10. no love for kama sutra? i've never played back to saturn but that looks good too.
  11. kermode

    Romero releases another new map: E1M4B

    Definitely easier than e1m8b. The cracks... I could take 'em or leave 'em. generally I don't like traps that I can't escape from but as someone said, they look pretty dangerous. The trouble is my first inclination of to explore everything, so when I jumped down one & died I got the message. :P It's funny it took me longest to find the secret that I thought would have been the easiest to spot, it was the one with the startan door near the entrance. Overall pretty cool to see Romero mapping again I hope there's more to come.
  12. kermode

    Theoretical Discussion: Deciding What To Build

    on that point I usually try to avoid long sightlines, partly to avoid a visplane overflow but mostly because I think it's more interesting if you can't see too much of the level all at once. the idea is to keep the player wondering what's around that corner & so on, so I try to block the player's view with something. it can be done lots of different ways like with narrow maze areas or rocks like in E3M2, etc. it gets back to one of romero's rules about contrast between cramped & open areas. there's also the possibility that a hallway, for example, can frame something at the end in a dramatic way. I think that's called a terminating vista.
  13. kermode

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    dang. thx for the info though.
  14. kermode

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    how could I make a new linedef action? all I want to do is change 'door open stay' to 'door open wait close'. is there an easy way to do that?
  15. kermode

    an idea & a new challenge?

    the idea: I remember Romero saying in an IGN interview that basically predictable gameplay is boring gameplay, I wondered how I could use that. Then I noticed that I habitually use only certain linedef actions, so that's something I should probably fix. Doom Builder has such a long list after all & I don't make use of it like I could. the challenge: So there are challenges like speed mapping, 10 sectors, 1 monster, limited textures.... what about using limited linedef actions & creating something interesting anyway? Has that come up before already?