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  1. I recently re-watched the original Star Wars trilogy. I bought the 'GOUT' DVD editions from 2006, which come with a bonus disc that contains the 'original unaltered theatrical cut' of the films. Really awesome stuff. It's a total relief to experience the movies without some of the horrible "Special Edition" changes George Lucas later added (most were terrible and unnecessary as fans already know). In addition, you can rip the movies to ISO format and play them with VLC Media Player. In VLC you can darken the colors, contrast, etc and tweak the movie (visually) to your desires. There's also an option to change the presented aspect ratio. It was a surprisingly fun experience, fiddling with the features and all. I know "Harmy's Despecialized Edition" of the films already exists online for download. Those ones are in much higher (HD) quality, but lack some of the grit present on the 1993 laser-disc transfer (used for the GOUT DVD). As a fan of old horror movies, I actually enjoy that sort of dirty quality. But man, those Ewoks still annoy the hell out of me. Even as a kid I remember thinking they were stupid. They shouldn't have played such a big role in Return of the Jedi. An entire legion of the best Imperial troops lose to teddy bears? Seriously? Give me a break! Rest was awesome though. 'A New Hope' and 'The Empire Strikes Back' are perfect films, once you take away the special edition changes at least. Although some of the changes made to 'The Empire Strikes Back' weren't actually too bad.
  2. Lost Souls and Cherubs give me anxiety. Every time I hear their alert sound I get a little jittery and paranoid. I wouldn't say 'fear' or 'scared' so much as it's just a certain eagerness to get the hell away. Oh, same with the Maggots also. I think it's the jerky movement that makes me uneasy. And the weird sounds they make while they creep along the floor and then suddenly pop up in your face.
  3. Ahh yeah, you're right. It was after disagreeing. That's the last time you talk to him as an ally though, isn't it?
  4. I feel a lot of nostalgia for Doom 3, and other games around the same time period. Not so much for 2D style NES games, mainly because I didn't grow up with them. I think it's less about the graphics themselves, and more about the memories and experiences you had when you were younger. It brings back a different state of mind.
  5. Actually, if you choose to side with Sgt Kelly in Communications Transfer, you hear his transmission get cut off with static. The sound of enemy Z-Sec soldiers follow. I suspect that this is where Kelly was converted and possessed. You don't hear from him again until much later in the game, and by that point he looks and sounds very different.
  6. The intensity and priority of pursuit against Doomguy really climbed after the last of Bravo Team died. Sure, there were many lone survivors left still, but most were unarmed scientists in hiding. The only three left that actually posed any threat were Doomguy, Campbell (body guard of Counselor Swan), and Sgt Kelly. Once Sgt Kelly got converted, things got really bad really fast. I think that's when they decided to call in the big guns and take out the remaining two marines. Mainly because Campbell had the BFG and was proving to be pretty near unstoppable for the majority of the game. Once Kelly took out Campbell, Swan quickly died immediately afterwards. Sometimes I wonder how different the game would have turned out if Doomguy had actually met up with Campbell and Swan. Remember that mission where you have to make a choice and join a side, in Communications Transfer? It sucks because either way, the outcome remains the same. You can't meet up with the Campbell/Swan crew even if you choose their side because Betruger destroys the bridge leading to their hiding place. A shame. If the three of them could have united earlier into the game, they'd have probably made for a really great team. Maybe strong enough to have defeated the hell invasion in about half the time.
  7. The production phase of food is what causes the majority of environmental GHG emission impact. 83% in fact, while transportation only accounts for 11 percent. Buying local doesn't solve the problem.
  8. Great point. If you're ambitious and opportunistic you can "make your own luck" so to speak. College/university helps improve your resume to find work, but it won't save someone who is lazy. I knew a coworker who was hired based on a very promising resume (she was attending university for a degree in pharmacy). Once hired though, she turned out to be a terrible employee. Lazy, disinterested... zero initiative. She ended up getting fired by my boss, much to her surprise.
  9. Yeah I'm not sure why you're getting so defensive here Nine Inch Heels. I never said I had any problem with seeing humans cut back on meat consumption. I'm fine with that, and I also agree that climate change is a serious problem. I was merely questioning your use of the word "source" for nutrients, that's all. It's unfortunate because meat is a healthy (and tasty) food. It's kind of sad that we're reaching a point where people feel pressured into becoming a vegan in order to save the planet. That seems to be where we're headed though. And in the end, it might become a necessity. Meanwhile, China continues to be the leading producer of CO2 Fossil Fuel emissions. On the bright side, it seems that their emissions are falling in recent years.
  10. I get that meat doesn't create B12. That still doesn't change the fact that you adsorb and benefit from the B12 by eating meat.
  11. You say that meat is not a source of B12, but then you say it carries B12? So you eat it, and you get B12. Either way, it's still a source of B12 then right?
  12. Plan for success, V3.1 (updated 2017): 1. Go to trade school. 2. Take HVAC. 3. ??? 4. Profit! In all seriousness though, this profession makes insane money these days. There is a serious lack of experience in the field, at least where I'm from (Canada).
  13. Ahh, okay thanks. Apparently it sucks anyways.
  14. Is this book park three of the story?