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  2. I found the debates that used to take place here genuinely fascinating. Many of those ended up in Post Hell. It was something you would go into and check for a few minutes, and then leave. It doesn't compare with the amount of time you would invest into reading an article/book or watching a TV show. It was just a sideline bin for some quick laughs, unless you were catching up on a debate thread. Most of which were really interesting. I think it's a shame they couldn't have just been locked instead. To delete all of that stimulating writing seems like a huge waste of invested time and energy on the part of everyone involved. Anyway, I realize things change. But I just wanted to give my thoughts on it all.
  3. What kind of monster doesn't like Alien or Metroid? D:
  4. Yeah, exactly. The new Ghostbusters didn't suck because it had a female cast, it sucked because it just wasn't funny. Period. It was so tastelessly done, which made the female cast feel like a forced marketing gimmick. To be honest, Ghostbusters didn't need a remake anyway. Hollywood is simply running out of ideas, so they rehash old things with a twist that they know will generate controversy and turn heads. Much like Call of Duty games. There's nothing wrong with female protagonists, but it doesn't excuse shitty writing either. This could just be a desperate attempt to rejuvenate ratings and nothing more. I mean, Samus Aran and Ripley are fantastic female protagonists. Why? Because they star in great roles. Quality products, with good writing/gameplay. And that's what matters most at the end of the day. The writing. Looks shouldn't matter, but they also kind of do (lol). Because hormones (damn you). Just look at every Michael Bay movie. No substance whatsoever, but sooo much eye candy... and that sells.
  5. She's pretty good looking. I have no idea what this show is (I have never watched it) but I'd rather stare at her, than some ugly dude. Plus women can be awesome protagonists, like Ripley from Alien. Seems like a good opportunity to reinvigorate the show and get some attention for ratings. Do something different. After like, forty years. May as well. Could always go back to a male again next time. Get some variety going.
  6. One of the best things about the internet is the (fairly) anonymous nature of posting. Drama doesn't typically follow you into the real world. That's a nice relief, when you want to just kick back and have a good time. Which may include being entertained by some strange posts. I'd be surprised if the average person involved in a "Post Helled" thread was a drama leech, considering that label would include most of Doomworld.
  7. Many Republicans oppose the removal of Net Neutrality as well you know: The idea of selectively filtered internet information genuinely scares me. I would like to see Net Neutrality stay as well, but alas, this was coming eventually. Look back to 2011 and 2014, for example. It's an idea that has always been on the back-burner, for years now. Corporations will stop at nothing. It was going to happen. Perhaps the effects won't be visible right away. Or at least, not too detrimental at first. Though the proposition reminds me of a back-door Trojan horse virus, with potential for exploitation and abuse in the future. Given the right timing.
  8. Russian Overkill.
  9. Not metal, but still dark. Occult music from the early 70's! It is pretty awesome too.
  10. I sometimes do this actually. I'll throw on a few Doom 1/2/Final Doom OST tracks while doing just about anything really, lol. I like most of the songs. Been listening to this one a lot lately:
  11. John Romero (Icon of Sin).
  12. I'd make the player wait longer to obtain the super shotgun (spawning it further into the game). This would create more challenge in the early levels, and would let the single barrel shotgun shine for a while. Give things a Doom 1 feel at first, so there's more excitement when you later switch gears into fighting bigger monsters and stumble upon a bigger shotgun. "Woah, nice." It would also make it so that the single barrel shotgun doesn't feel completely obsolete so early into the game... on the second level.
  13. Oh good, now more passive-aggressive likes will ensue. Still a better love story than Twilight.