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  1. Because they're eunuchs! The horror!
  2. are those real tears
  3. Wrong. The Arch-Vile is actually a trans-octopus anthropomorphic furry(less) ape with gigantic balls affixed within a gaping inert vagina. It is all.
  4. Yes. Answer kept short and simple in order to annoy Graf Zahl. You're welcome, Graf!
  5. Yeah I'm not a furry, but umm... couldn't help but think of this:
  6. I've always loved how evil this one sounds. The midi tritone effects sounds like something off the debut Black Sabbath album.
  7. I've always imagined Cacodemon flesh like a shampoo-filled sponge. You press down on the spongy surface, and it oozes blood instead of shampoo. So Cacodemons are like big bloody sponges. They also fly because magic.
  8. Because we're all glorious geeks.
  9. How do they multiply if they don't have dongs? Also, which demons are male and which ones are female?
  10. Woah, weird album. Some parts remind me of Magma, other parts remind me of a Sega Genesis soundtrack. Pretty unique prog record. Though of course most early video game music (stuff from the 80's and early 90's) was largely inspired from progressive rock in the first place. And you can hear elements of that in this release, when it doesn't sound like a space church sermon anyway.
  11. Why are the demons all eunuchs
  12. "Look to the why, and where we are Look to yourselves, and the stars, and in the end What choice is there left but to live?"
  13. Original: Cover: One of those rare examples where the cover blows the original out of the water. Both songs are old, but the cover is a nice punchy upgrade I think. Groovy instrumental jam that was induced as a CD bonus track to "Pawn Hearts". Apparently it was used as a radio introduction in the early 70's as well, replacing the original George Martin version.