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  1. I like them. They're an integral part of Doom. The Spider Mastermind is the most deadly monster in the game when used correctly. Same with Chaingunners. Hitscanners will always be more dangerous than projectile based enemies, and that's what creates tense combat situations. You get hit instantly, so there is a sense of priority with what needs to be killed first. This becomes conflicting when you introduce Arch-viles and Pain Elementals into the mix. Alas, le tense moment.
  2. Great movie and all but... don't watch the trailer! It gives away too many details! I actually didn't see this trailer until after I saw the movie (thankfully) so it didn't ruin the experience. But damn, there are so many spoilers packed into just two minutes. Go in without expectations. It is a dark psychological thriller, that's about all you need to know.
  3. I'll always be more of a Terminator 1 and Alien 1 sort of guy. Abstract horror over cheesy cliche action, any day of the week. That means Doom. Never liked Duke... meh.
  4. My vote goes to Doom 3.
  5. Remember when Slenderman was all the rage? Yeah, I'm glad that's over with.
  6. School friends (bros before hoes) are great and everything is fine and swell until you become so horny that all you can think about is plowing stuff. And then things get awkward and devolve into a colossal maelstrom of hormonal riff-raff and competitive tension. Que le gossip party. But then you get to university/college and nobody gives a fuck again. But by that point most everyone has gone their own separate ways. Oh well, it happens. It is inevitable. This is life. Everyone is destined to le fuck, and then we die and consign to the miserable dust to rot for all eternity. As a putrid, vile, decomposing corpse in the ground. Excellent, we can return to our origins.
  7. HDoom. Also anything with Romero.
  8. Managing to finish E1M3 on Nightmare.
  9. I've always thought this exact same theory as well. To me (ever since the first time I played) Betruger was always Beelzebub/Satan/Lucifer in human form. But technically I guess we'll never know for sure (same with that whole 'devils cage' comment). And that's the beauty of it. The best horror storytelling is that which is left open-ended and up to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer. Just look at Alien (1979) and The Thing (1982) for example. The off-screen death scenes were the best ones! So dark and mysterious. Like what happened to Fuchs in The Thing? Remember when he goes missing and they find the charred body? "Did the monster burn him? Or did he burn himself before The Thing could get to him? How did he even burn himself?" So many unanswered horrifying questions. If you've seen the movie you'll know what I mean. Total shivers down the spine, just a brilliant scene that was. Also, when Lambert is killed in Alien. People still speculate to this day whether or not she was raped, and how she was killed. There is an alternate outtake scene where her body is hanging from the ceiling and there doesn't appear to be any clothes from her waist down. And we know that H.R. Giger liked to embed sexual imagery/feelings into his work, especially within the Xenomorph. Also, there are many other references to rape in the film. Creepy shit.
  10. Recoil? Do you mean that frame of animation where you lift the gun after you stop shooting? I've always found that kinda weird too personally. Not sure what it's supposed to be representing. Maybe it's a way to let the gun cool off for a few seconds? You know, because firing hot plasma heats up the barrel? I dunno. It's one of those quirky things about Doom I've never fully understood. Oddly enough, that "cool down" is absent on the Game Boy Advance edition. Then again, lots of things are absent from the GBA version.
  11. Well, that is quite something. Can't wait to debate this again next year!
  12. Nice! This looks shockingly similar to a map from a Tron 2.0 fan-made mod called User Error. I love this game, and can't help but notice many similarities. Particularly onward from the 5:00 mark in this video: Definitely check out Tron 2.0 if you're interested in this art direction. Very imaginative:
  13. Thy Flesh Consumed, for reasons I already recently mentioned here:
  14. Yuck, the original Dead Space was so much better. How can you pick this instead? You monster.