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  1. Dr. Crowley

    Post your Doom textures!

    Awesome stuff, dude. I really like this Doomguy head as skull replacement for the textures!
  2. Dr. Crowley

    Doom and Mental Health (or at least, my own story about it)

    Oh my gosh, writing any long and alobarative fan theories is a very bad sign by itself. Believe me, I saw this too many times.
  3. Dr. Crowley

    Post your Doom textures!

    Some primitive patchwork doors here, inspired by textures from Armadosia and (suddenly) taiwanese Doom clones:
  4. Dr. Crowley

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks funny, but I probably will never finish this one.
  5. Oh well, looks like this time Doom Slayer travels through the realm of Slaanesh, that's why there are those phallic things. I guess next trailer will show us how to glorykill Daemonettes and Keepers of Secrets.
  6. Dr. Crowley


    Not the best wad I ever see but still somewhat good. Some maps are too big (or should I say "too tall"?) and overall feel rushed.
  7. Dr. Crowley

    No End in Sight

    Episode One feels boring... until E1M6, where enviroment starts to feel like Romero's Tech Gone Bad. Episode Four claims to take a place on Earth but overall maps are looking more like Doom 2 Hell. However, this is pretty good mapset.
  8. Dr. Crowley


    Damn you because one track was awesome and I have no idea where did you take it from.
  9. Dr. Crowley

    Duke Nukem Texture Pack

    R.I.P. Duke palette.
  10. Dr. Crowley

    Chasm: the Rift Textures

    Amazing textures but there is a problem about using this pack. Many patches have spaces in the end of their names (like pyr14 .png) and because of this they won't be shown properly in the actual game (and in any map editor except of Doom Builder 2).
  11. Dr. Crowley


    Average megawad... And hey - where is DSV 2?
  12. Dr. Crowley

    Doom: The Lost Episode

    Good maps anyway. And thanks for Doom 2 stuff in Ultimate Doom.
  13. Dr. Crowley

    Armadosia The Mad Corridor v2

    This wad needs more coop-fixes and 4 (four) coop starts.
  14. Dr. Crowley

    Rock It! v2.5 Final

    Great but needs tracklist.
  15. Dr. Crowley

    Imp Encounter: Second Edition

    Still better love story than Twilight.