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  1. I didn't mean a feature request. Maybe there's some way, some trick to make it. Something like actor representing player in 'mirrored' sector. Do you see any possibilities?
  2. Hello. I need help. Any ideas how to make mirror (substitute for 182:Line_Mirror from ZDoom) in Eternity? I tried with fake mirrored room and skybox camera, but both gave disappointing effects.
  3. I walked behind elevator and get stuck when it raised on MAP02. I think it's compatibility options issue. I tested in ZDoom 2.8.1 and it works.
  4. Ahh.. now I know what are you talking about ;). I remember line special 281 in Legacy. I think the best way is no confusing anymore. Just let Phade102 make his own WAD ;).
  5. You mean Vanilia? Or Boom?
  6. You're right. Today is so difficult to develop PWAD, which going to work on all source ports. There's too many source ports, level formats. Focus on one, specific is best option for start.
  7. Hadley's Hope like in Cameron's.. Looks like Alien Trilogy, sounds like first AvP to me. In my opinion, projectile based bullets are good. More realistic than "obsolete" hitscans.
  8. I see. Sounds like a nice mod in the future. Anyway, I didn't even know that Doom in Hexen supports 3D Floors :D. But.. if you want use strict ZDoom features, why don't you use UDMF ;)?
  9. Level design (in my opinion) is almost well. But I see no sense in using hexen format without hexen features. It makes wad unplayable on Boom-only-compatible ports and doesn't bring anything special. I know - GZDoom is surely most popular port, but somebody likes classic PrBoom or MBF ;)...
  10. It was initially planned as Freedoom mod (because of "better" arts for "Serpent" aka Imp and "Worm" aka Demon), but for compatibility reasons I'll think about creating .wad with missing resources.
  11. Hi. I'm working on a project codenamed "Complex". It's short (~9 levels), horror/action-themed .pk3 inspired by classic survival horrors like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Playable demo linked on the bottom requires GZDoom ver. >=2.4 and Freedoom 2 with Aquatex textures (at least 0.11.0). I'm really interested in criticism, suggestions and bugs that You gonna find. Enjoy.
  12. Better I'll make E3M3 from scratch later. I'm going to release this map in Episode II, because it's inspired by Doom's E2M1. Improved version of my E2M6:
  13. I think, I'll end it as E2M6.
  14. Hello! It's my first thread and first in english. I'm playing Freedoom since v0.7. Event Horizon in Phase I has only four (?) maps, so i made this (only map and keys, no monsters, decorates). How about this: ???