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  1. Rastrelly

    Molten Halls - zDoom, single map

    Thanks a lot for the feedback! This is extremely valuable. I am happy the map was fun to play - trying to improve in regard of gameplay design XD And yes - the place you mentioned (blue key room), and the mancubus room, are the places I'm going to revamp based on the feedback I received to make them smoother - both are too crammed, it's basically impossible to avoid damage there.
  2. Molten Halls is the attempt to build a more complex and varied level, which provides several types of gameplay in one, while still sticking to basic Doom. IWAD: Doom2.wad Sourceports tested on: zDoom, gzDoom, Zandronum Number of levels: 1 (MAP01) Difficulty levels: supported, but balanced for UV Additional: several textures and one DECORATE object added for flair purposes also tested on Brutal Doom v21 - works fine, but it is balanced for vanilla Download Screenshots
  3. Rastrelly

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Sophistication? While Marvel/Disney shlack dominate the market?
  4. Rastrelly

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A demonic lowpoly kangaroo of Doom!
  5. Rastrelly

    Doom: Annihilation update

    AFAIK usually the movie making process starts with a script. Now, let's look at it from studio's perspective: you are provided with a clearly weak script to make a movie in a franchise that already has bad reputation in a genre that already has bad reputation. This is three red flags in one. I am surprised they allowed to film it at all. I wouldn't.
  6. Rastrelly

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I give a damn about facts and valid criticism, as well as its reception. I give a damn about you trying to pressure other people with your precious "viewpoint" while ignoring objective reality. Now please proceed to ignore list.
  7. Made an update based on feedback from kknot5889, for which I am very grateful, and my own additional testing. 1. Fixed problem with secrets. Now it's 2, as intended 2. Cleaned up some misaligned textures, added additional textures for some corners and some additional detailing 3. Fixed chaingunner riding the elevator on the Western side of the map 4. Added one more stimpack to a bit compensate for too low healing possibility after barons/hellknights 5. Added MAPINFO with level name Also, additionally tested on Zandronum (it works) and Chocolate Doom (It does not work) Link to updated WAD in first post
  8. Rastrelly

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I don't give a damn about your viewpoint. I cannot read your mind. You said what you said. And you said: This can be interpreted in not too many ways, doesn't it? Doom Annihilation is objectively bad. It is poorly acted by any standard. It does not improve upon the formula from Doom 2005. It, in fact, re-uses it to a poorer effect. It has more nods to the games, but that does not improve any of cinematographic qualities of the movie. Low budget is in no way a justification to poor writing: quality over quantity was not cancelled yet, AFAIK, and this movie ignores this rule. Instead of developing characters, it spends time on slow and unimpressive slasher flick in first hour, than switches to some variation on Aliens, than makes its mega-twist (?), than Hell sequence. Tarkovsky's Solaris or Stalker probably cost quarter of this movie, yet they are referenced and respected as masterpieces of cinema. 2001 manages to reach levels of suspense and tension beyond anything you can think of while using - what? - basically five areas and three characters? What emotions does this movie evoke? What new philosophical horizons does it open? What artistic choices behind it will be researched and remembered decades and decades in the future? You liked this flick? Great, you're lucky. But liking something does not make it good. They could build an existential drama, an experimental gorefest, a gothic horror, a cyberpunk thriller, whatever they wanted, yet all they could do is ripping off a Resident Evil ripoff and covering it with Doom easter eggs.
  9. Rastrelly

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Indeed. I suggest lining all critics up and shooting them. Why criticize anything? Everything is always good! Everyone gets a medal!
  10. I made a more experimental, tighter map, with more unlocking parts of level geometry to constantly rebuild the way central arena works. Not yet ready to say it's finished, so feedback is appreciated. Please do have fun. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rZadbyGRSK-Emgqd665VSywyifLYUf7A Screenshots: Currently tested on gzDoom (works), Zandronum (works) and Chocolate Doom (does not work). Considering it has nothing too special (i.e., no magic scripts, or layered floors, or even MAPINFO) it should run on more or less any advanced sourceports. Definitely won't run on vanilla.
  11. Rastrelly

    confirmation of new quake game in the works?

    Niggurath almost definitely refers to the oh-so-horrible n-word everyone's so afraid of, but the word itself is a Latin adjective which means black. In any case the amount of overthinking in this thread is insane. The text states that Classic FFA is Rangers nightmare about Quake 1 multiplayer in the clearest fashion, and shortening of Shub Niggurath to Shub is just a nostalgia bait.
  12. Rastrelly

    If i buy doom on steam. Will i have the .wad file?

    Yes. Ultimate Doom comes with DOOMU.wad, Doom2 with DOOM2.WAD, Final Doom comes with unpatched TNT.WAD and PLUTONIA.WAD, etc. AFAIK there are all classic WADs on Steam. What you buy are essentially DOS versions with preset DosBox config.
  13. Hullo there traveller! So, last time I did a WAD it was a tragedy of epic proportions. Some areas still hurt. In any case, I tried to follow advices given during beatdown, and made a single-map WAD called Iron Lords. I hope the result is at least playable. The map is not too big, but contains some space to wander, as well as good amount of traps to make you feel appropriate amount of pain. Difficulty levels should work properly, i.e., on Hard the map should be significantly more difficult than on Easy =) For the sake of variety there are both open areas and halls, as well as tighter spots, but there should be no places that are too unfair (except for Nightmare, but that one is supposed to be unfair). Screenshots Some technical info Amount of maps: 1 (MAP01) Tested with: zDoom, gzDoom, Zandronum Definitely incompatible with: Vanilla game, Chocolate Doom Download Database link I hope this one is fun to play. Thanks for new bruises in advance! XD
  14. Rastrelly

    What makes Doom 3 so different from the rest?

    Doom 3 is absolutely okay. The problem of Doom 3 is that this is the series for which absolutely okay is not enough.
  15. Rastrelly

    Doom Launcher

    Made 1.1 update. Now allows to store a list of source ports. If they are in separate folders, available WADs will be updated. Now looks like this: Links in first post should still be appropriate (uploaded as new versions for both source and executable)