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  1. Black Star

    What are your Relaxing Games?

    The Souls games (Bloodborne / Elden Ring included), Doom, Quake, Blasphemous, Silent Hill, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger.
  2. Black Star

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    Flaming Chainsaw. That automatically makes it the best fallout to me. lol
  3. Black Star

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    Borderlands 3. It got shit on because it's wasn't Borderlands 2 2, but the actual gunplay is so much better than its predecessor, not to mention the movement. Jumping is still janky as ever but running and sliding around during firefights feel really fluid and satisfying. Really makes me wish to have a Borderlands this kind of gameplay that has every Vault Hunter in it. A more mobile Brick, Sal or Kreig? Inject that into meeeee
  4. I find the regular shotgun to be a more balanced / versatile weapon in comparison to the SSG. For me, the SSG is strictly a "close range rocket". Bunch of fodder clumped together? SSG. Pinky demons around? SSG. Revenant? SSG. Hell Knight? Yup, SSG. So on and so forth. How long it can take to reload on a fumbled shot makes it much more of a strategic choice rather than a "workhorse" type of weapon, especially if you are in high pressure situations (Doom 2' The Living End and Plutonia's Onslaught come to mind).
  5. Well, I'll be damned. :D The last update on that page was a little over 20 years ago(!!!). Where has all the time gone? The name was quite common back then, yes, and it doesn't help that there's a zdoom mod with the same name (quite fun from what I recall). I'm not sure why it wouldn't translate; my Firefox extensions don't seem to register a non-English language either. I speak Spanish, however, so at least I don't need to translate the page. Many of the updates are Doom 3 talk--such as rumours of Reznor being kicked off the project, which makes sense considering the year. Most of the links don't work, such as their maps section. A shame, it would've been interesting to browse through. I don't think a lot of the people in that community went to or got featured anywhere else. DZ seems to have only been active for two years, too. I wonder why. Thank you for finding that! It's a nice nostalgia trip from...different times in my life. Mostly good, though!
  6. No, that doesn't ring a bell at all. The website layout reminded me of New Doom, that's for sure. I remember posts about a DoHom mod for...I think it was Edge. There might have been mentions of a mapper named Cabro, too.
  7. I appreciate this post so much, words can't even convey. I've lurked for literal decades precisely because I've felt that I haven't really "earned the right" to interact with the community. Like going to a wedding without a gift sort of thing. I've loved this game since I was 10 years old and I turn 40 this year...I've been "challenging" myself to be more present because I do eventually want to contribute to the community, but between the wedding gift analogy, social anxiety and overall impostor syndrome, it's kind of a bitch to overcome. But I'm working on it. Hopefully one day I'll feel like I actually "earned my stay" or I'll shoot a rocket at it one day, time will tell, haha. edited to add: I've lurked around for so long that I remember NewDoom, the notgod forums (original zdoom) and this one Hispanic 'doomworld' of sorts that I can't remember the name that well. Doom Zone? No idea. Been too long.
  8. Black Star

    Self-imposed challenges: how hard do you really like it?

    UV continuous with start saves only. Growing up with PSX Doom and 64, I find it best emulates the experience of having a password system. I'd do pistol starts back then but ain't got no time for that nowadays.
  9. Black Star

    what does the G in GZdoom stand for

    Great ZDoom, because ZDoom needed a big sword-like equivalent.
  10. I coded this Plasma Rifle replacement that uses the function A_WeaponProjectile. It works just fine most of the time, except for the fact that it fires its projectiles slightly off center all the time. Offsets are centered and everything, I have no values assigned to the projectile call function, meaning no angle/spread/etc is present. Trying to shoot an enemy that's to my left or right sends the projectiles a bit too far in that direction sometimes, but especially so when autoaiming upwards (sometimes missing enemies entirely). Tested with Odamex and Doom Retro, both ports exhibit the same behaviour. I've even checked against Xaser's Vesper (which uses the same function) and every projectile that calls the function is perfectly centered even with autoaim, despite the fact I am using the same exact function with the same parameters. I feel like it's gaslighting me and I'm not a fan of it, haha. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Black Star

    Strange but maddening projectile issue [MBF21]

    That was indeed the culprit. ZDoom has a similar caveat with the projectile speed but I didn't know vanilla had a more restrictive one, thank you.
  12. Black Star

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been playing through Dark Souls III with the Cinders mod. I can never go back to vanilla DS3 again, lol. The QoL changes are too many to ever be satisfied with the amount of things it does better than the original. Also trodding through Warhammer 40k Inquisitor: Martyr. Love me some 40k.
  13. I love this. The beautiful thing about this sentence is that it not only applies to Doom maps, but to so many other things: movies, music, shows, et cetera. Sometimes you become captivated instantly by a thing, sometimes it invites you for another visit, and so on. That's how I've gotten acquainted with some of my favourite games, albums, and other things that nowadays I can't imagine not indulging into from time to time. In regards to Doom, this happened with Alien Vendetta back in the day. I found it 'ok' at the time but kept coming back to the maps I enjoyed the most and eventually grew to like 90-95% of it. Still among my top 5 to this day.
  14. Black Star

    Strange but maddening projectile issue [MBF21]

    40. I've tried all sorts. A little off to the left, to the right, up, down...
  15. Black Star

    Strange but maddening projectile issue [MBF21]

    Oh yeah. In fact, I even did the same alignments as the vanilla plasma on both the weapon itself and the projectile (that's the weapon it replaces). Same thing. The first iteration of it was done from scratch, then I inherited from the plasma ball (since it replaces the plasma rifle). Nothing.
  16. The devbuild works. Thank you. :]
  17. I don't like to necrobump, but I am experiencing the same issue as OP on the current build (4.02 Forseti). Didn't think it'd warrant a new thread, so apologies if it bothers anyone. Attempting a steam to Discord turns the screen black for me regardless of resolution and alt+Enter kills the stream.
  18. What is the mod in your screenshots? Looks interesting.
  19. Black Star

    What are you listening to?

    Waiting for this to come out quite anxiously...
  20. Black Star

    unpopular retro opinions

    Resident Evil was garbage when it came out, and why it got popular still baffles me to this day. Zombies? Boring. Jump scares? Cheap. Shitty control scheme? wut. I can understand the control scheme being weird in Silent Hill since you are a regular joe but in RE you're a fucking cop/special agent/whatever it is. It shouldn't be cumbersome to move around and aim your weapon. You were trained for this. Come on. Zelda never stood out to me in any way at all. It always felt uninspired to me, nothing about the story stood out to me as 'great'. Very plain aesthetic, too aimed at children (imo), and I was exposed to it as a child. That being said, LttP is the best entry in the series to me to this day. Link's Awakening was an interesting story, different from the usual 'get the triforce, stop Ganon, save the princess' shtick and overall felt like its own thing. I appreciated that. On the subject of Nintendo, for how much people complain about other developers 'reusing assets' or being lazy, Nintendo has had the same formula with Mario for decades and you never hear people bitch about it. Still Bowser. Still mushrooms, and goombas, and...whatever the fuck. 2D, 3D, all the game are the fucking same. Yet CoD is the king of rehashes? (Not that I am defending CoD; that's still garbage) Mario Kart doesn't count, of course, since they actually did something different there but it's still nothing to write home about. FF7 is a hot convoluted mess that was ugly back then completely fell apart after disc 1 ended. Picks up again near the end of the third disc, but it fails to capitalize on the final area by giving it a stupid song and making it dull and cumbersome to traverse. Half Life's most interesting aspect is its creature design, nothing more. Been a while since I thought of these, if I remember anything else I'll jot it down.
  21. Black Star

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    What delivery date were you given?
  22. Black Star

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Is the ST in a wad? If it is, I'd say from GZDoom from a shortcut with the two files added.
  23. Black Star

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    A question for those who ordered one of the boxes: have you gotten yours yet?