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  1. So what are your thoughts on this video I watched currently?
  2. MeetyourUnmaker


    So how come Hell has storms in Doom 64?
  3. If you look at Doom's actual setting and ideas behind that settings, it's not a bad premise for an actual story, demons invading in the far reaches of space. It's something that would fit in the speculative science fiction scene. If Doom was seen as more serious of a setting, it could have done a lot more with it. I think the Half-Life series of games fulfilled it.
  4. MeetyourUnmaker

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

  5. I think ever since the video game was a thing that RPG's have been a universal thing for it. There are all kinds of old RPG's that are easy to get into for me just by their nature of gameplay. I think the games that stick with me the most aside from FPS's and unique games like Worms Armageddon and Battlezone 98 are story based JRPG's and regular RPG's. So what do you actually think about this topic?
  6. MeetyourUnmaker

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    and this - is my weapon, she weighs 150 kilograms and fires $200 custom tuned cartidges at 10,000 rounds per minute... It costs $200,000 to fire this weapon... for 10 seconds.
  7. MeetyourUnmaker


    Hey Doomworld, do you have any opinion on the Half-Life series of games?
  8. I am to be honest with you. The direction that PSX Doom, Doom 64, and Doom 3 is more interesting aesthetically than the original 2 Dooms. So which direction do you think is superior? The classic cartoony cheesy art style of the originals? Or the more "bigger picture" gothic artstyle that started with Doom 2's abstractness?
  9. MeetyourUnmaker

    Cohesive wads/megawads

    Are there any good wads out there that have a cohesive theme from level to level to where it actually feels like your progressing? Hellbound feels like this, but the gameplay in that wad isn't very great.
  10. So what would happen in this scenario? Gordon Freeman and Doomguy are both silent protagonists, but Doomguy is a bravado where as Gordon is a nerd turned into bravado.
  11. MeetyourUnmaker

    Doom 64/PSX Doom staff

    I thought this was interesting According to the Doom wiki, there were about 6 people who were key in the PSX Doom port and the development of Doom 64. -Aubery Hodges created the soundtrack, and he now makes occasional indie releases on Bandcamp -Aaron Seeler and Harry Tesley, former worked on the engine ports, and latter worked on design and art, became hired by Valve and influenced Half-Life and other titles. (Harry worked on Half-Life 1, Aaron worked on Half-Life 2 and future Valve games.) -Tim Heydelaar became an artist for Everquest II -It seems that Danny Lewis, level designer, tester, and composer dropped out of the gaming scene after 64. -Randy Estrella, who designed some of the maps, also dropped out of the gaming development scene. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_64 www.mobygames.com
  12. MeetyourUnmaker

    Most favorite level from Episode 2

    I would say Under The Radar has a good segment where you are ambushed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5cyIu01YF4
  13. I noticed something from watching sessions of people who make map creations, they do not really plan out their creation, or have some kind of document where they detail what the gameplay of a level entails. It seems like from the sessions I've watched, that people just map randomly. The original Doom maps were based around gameplay from Tabletop sessions, correct? Why don't more mappers plan out the gameplay of their maps in a document beforehand? It would dramatically improve the pacing of it. Do you?
  14. MeetyourUnmaker

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal thread

    I just beat TES 2: Daggerfall. It's a game that's a combination between an early 3D dungeon crawler and a fantasy life simulator. You get a huge map the size of Great Britain that is relatively reactive and that you can do all kinds of quests in. The main quest follows you solving the mystery behind the death of the former king of the city state of Daggerfall, but it evolves into something much more political. The game is freeware so you can get it. There is also a Unity project focused on porting the game to Unity that isn't finished yet, but seeks to port it so it can have things like moddability which isn't really in Vanilla.
  15. I think Spider Masterminds should drop nano augmentations, these would be power ups that would give you super powers like cloaking or ballistic shielding.