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  1. I just beat TES 2: Daggerfall. It's a game that's a combination between an early 3D dungeon crawler and a fantasy life simulator. You get a huge map the size of Great Britain that is relatively reactive and that you can do all kinds of quests in. The main quest follows you solving the mystery behind the death of the former king of the city state of Daggerfall, but it evolves into something much more political. The game is freeware so you can get it. There is also a Unity project focused on porting the game to Unity that isn't finished yet, but seeks to port it so it can have things like moddability which isn't really in Vanilla.
  2. I think Spider Masterminds should drop nano augmentations, these would be power ups that would give you super powers like cloaking or ballistic shielding.
  3. I noticed this trend in several other 90's games. Fallout 1 does this where the writing is filled with gags and its almost like a comedy but the music in the background sounds like something Trent Reznor would create honestly.
  4. If you turn off the Duke Talk, the game's mood becomes really depressing, has anybody else noticed it? The soundtrack has a pretty sad feel to it. Off topic, the ambience in Duke Nukem 3D is also interesting. I think the chanting that you see in the native caves in E1M5 and that weird alien off tune organ near the end of the level with the Battlelord are interesting.
  5. Which music "spirit" is better? I don't mean the exact genres per se, but what would you say is superior? The introspective, percussive, experimental Gothic spirit or the angry, fierce, spirit of metal? goth songs (not goth specifically, but has the core sound that would influence a lot of goth or goth influenced bands later on like Joy Division) metal songs
  6. Industrial: Metal:
  7. According to the Doom wiki, these guys made most of the levels in Doom 64. Did they make any levels in regular Doom or no?
  8. L4D2 is on sale for 2 dollars right now. It's a co-op arcade FPS where you go from safehouse to safehouse dealing with waves of AI zombies and zombies with special abilities that can be controlled by other players or the AI. There are dozens of gamemodes and mutations along with modifications.
  9. How were they able to put so much music on a normal N64 catridge? A few of the songs are over 15 minutes in length and most are over 5 minutes. Compare it to other N64 soundtracks where the music usually consists of 1-2 minute long loops.
  10. While you're still on Doomworld, I would like to ask a question. Do you know or remember what this is sampling at 3 minutes 8 seconds in? I know this sound effect repeats through the various ambient tracks and I was curious on what it actually is. Another question I might as well ask is if you've ever interacted with Trent Reznor who did the PC versions of the Quake Soundtracks. I think some of his later work might seem to take influence from your but that might be just me, personally. Or it could have been the other way around.
  11. It's kind of a waste of a setting, especially in a game like Doom 64. You have to look at something like The Spiral and wander why it's for and why it's there
  12. I'm looking for the best and most innovative wads and TC'S. I.E. maps or conversions that introduce new game mechanics that have lots of gameplay built around those mechanics.
  13. The thing I like about Sunlust is its artstyle and the design of the maps in it and the textures used in it. So I guess I'm looking for something akin to BTSX E1 texture wise but with the map diversity of Sunlust. I'm looking for something that is similar to Sunlust artstyle wise but not as nearly as resource intensive as it. I don't like Ancient Aliens because it uses too much purple/pink and I don't really like that type of humor in it. (ancient memes)
  14. It's not hard in the way of it being challenging and requiring skills. It's hard in the way of spamming about 15+ archvilles in a small room on all sides with no cover and hope you can spam the BFG fast enough, the later levels also are pretty resource intensive as they contain thousands upon thousands of monsters even on the lower difficulty settings.
  15. Aren't as hard or computer hardware intensive as it? I'm also looking for wads that don't use the SSG (or rarely) but still use Doom 2 monsters/resources.