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  1. MeetyourUnmaker

    What are your least favorite Duke Nukem 3D levels?

    The levels I like the least in dn3d are lunatic fringe, Rabid Transit, and Pigsty honestly. I take it you do not actually really like Randy's level design at all or something.
  2. Can you explain why creationism is considered a crazy view if billions of people believe in it and evolution isn't a rock solid theory actually?
  3. lolwut there is loads of scientific evidence that suggests we have heavily damaged it. The human race has been putting shit like coal emissions into the atmosphere for two centuries. You think that has no major consequences and the era we're going into is mostly natural? I know the cultural zeitgeist has changed since 2012 and people have become more conservative but that doesn't change climate change as an issue of the environment.
  4. MeetyourUnmaker

    Nyarlathotep in the doom games

    Is it possible such an entity could exist in doom games? https://lovecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Nyarlathotep
  5. MeetyourUnmaker

    So where is TNT supposed to take place

    So in the middle part of the wad there is a skybox with three different galaxies. So how is this even physically possible to be so far from Earth?
  6. I can't recall a great game coming out in the past 5 years, similarly I haven't heard a good rock or hip hop album in about 3 years. I don't know much about movies but the demographic there doesn't seem to be much better because all I hear talked about is action movies and nothing actually else really about it. So am I the only one that feels disinterested in modern culture?
  7. MeetyourUnmaker

    Quake's Lovecraft influence

    So in the Quake universe shub niggurath is the final boss of it. So where are the other major Lovecraft gods like Yog Sothoth, and Azathoth?
  8. MeetyourUnmaker

    So how come people don't think Doom 3 is scary

    I always thought it was pretty scary especially in terms of the sound design of it. It overuses monster closets and Betruger as an antagonist was a bad idea for kind of thing it was going for but everything else about it is spot on for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgRA4T5BO3U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpLmERNSV3U
  9. MeetyourUnmaker

    Secret levels

    So what's the point of secret levels in games? It just seems like a way most of the time to shove in tech demos as levels of it.
  10. MeetyourUnmaker

    Thoughts on Blood

    I created a thread about the build engine but it turned into a discussion on Blood so I thought a better idea would be to create a thread entirely to it. I think it's a really solid FPS with a bunch of equipment that's equally useful and I recently played it for the first tiem actually. The best episode was the 2nd, the worst is the 3rd So what do you think about it?
  11. MeetyourUnmaker

    So what is the best game on the build engine you think?

    The medium difficulty in Blood is meant to be equal to Ultra Violence difficulty in Doom actually.
  12. MeetyourUnmaker

    So what is the best game on the build engine you think?

    I think Blood deserves props for having gear that you star tout with that's still viable throughout it.
  13. To be honest with you I like Blood the most out of all the games on it.
  14. MeetyourUnmaker

    The "filler" part of FPS

    It seems in a lot of first person games there is a part where the level designers make a bunch of content that isn't up to the standard of the first few levels of a game actually. So you usually see this happen in Episode 3 in a bunch of FPS games where the quality just goes down a lot for it. Is there a kind of term for it?
  15. MeetyourUnmaker

    I need help with Blood

    Yes. I am using bloodgdx and I am not sure what is causing it. I have disabled several graphical settings but the framerate is choppy and awful. I am using a low end computer but it should be able to run a game like Blood perfectly fine so I'm not sure what's going on with it considering it can run a bunch of games from the last generation at 50 FPS but can't have a stable frametime with blood with it.