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  1. RadTang

    What's the benefit of higher resolution?

    Chocolate Doom's default 640x480 but this thread made me into testing other resolutions. Played like that since the beginning.
  2. RadTang

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I feel like a Doom god (though I'm newb). Just finished (with save & load a lot ofc) E4M2: Perfect Hatred (yt movie - location of BFG secret & secret exit). Barons & Cacos everywhere. And no, my flesh wasn't consumed. That telefrag on cyberdemon is nice (though he's quite easy to kill without it).
  3. RadTang

    Chocolate Doom

    Oh.. <hits the barrel with his own fist> Not expected this.
  4. RadTang

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've played the BFG Edition of Doom 1. The music is drastically different to me. I love original MIDIs (Chocolate Doom: Native MIDI).
  5. He probably lowered the status bar (via - button).
  6. RadTang

    Chocolate Doom

    Actually, the addition of built-in support for these two are just a simple things which make our life easier AND NOT destroying the vanilla Doom's feeling. It's not interfering with gameplay or so. You got a good program which enables you playing your favourite (? :)) game on modern OSes without any problems, playing it the way ID should be and still complaining? Then try other source port. Jumping wasn't intended in Doom so Chocolate Doom won't have it, even as a parameter / option in menu or in setup (support for higher resolution is rather also out of original Doom code reach but it's helpful for modern users and their PCs - I play on 640xsomething on fullscreen and in window when I need it. I definitely should consider using higher one in window. It's still small on 1920x1080). Hope it explained a bit to someone.
  7. RadTang

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    NSFW! The avatar of OP of the mentioned tread contains impse. +18 only! :)
  8. RadTang

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Yes ! Demons (Pinkies) dying from 1 good shot. Instead of 3 normal (it may happen that they die from 2 normal shotgun shots). But SSG is also risky - Imps and former humans / shotguys die from just 1 regular shotgun shot (though you can use SSG to dispatch a bigger group of them). And you may not always want / have time to switch weapons.
  9. RadTang

    E1M8: You Can't Cheat Death

    Thanks for explaining this to me. I've omitted some important parts. Anyway, similar feeling is in EP 2. You have killed Cyberdemon. But have you really won? Take a look down. You see that you're trapped. You win the battle but there's still a long war before you.
  10. RadTang

    Has Doom become... Boring?

    When I become bored with Doom I will try Blood again. Currently, done half of Ultimate Doom on UV (that is, done EP 2) and I'm closing to half of Doom 3 (regular, not RoE or The Lost Missions).
  11. RadTang

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I've noticed yesterday a few (misalligned?) textures in EP 2. They were meant to be together. And BTW, I've found a way how to get to one secret place. So easy. Such mystery. Wow. Both secret and textures are on Deimos Lab (E2M4). Pics (I'm playing on 320x200, like a real oldschool Doomer :D): Middle photo seems to be correct. And on the last one - here comes the secret! :)
  12. Two of these Cacos look like they're talking to each other. By the way, what's the wad name?
  13. RadTang

    E1M8: You Can't Cheat Death

    Similar effect is somewhere in 2nd half of Plutonia (or TNT). Two teleporters. Pick wrong one and you'll start next map with low life %. And I know that's it's not a real death. Then E2M1 should began with about 10-15% hp. Enough for the start.
  14. RadTang

    E1M8: You Can't Cheat Death

    As all of You know, You can't finish this map with 100% kills and be alive. It's special. Death is hard-coded into the game. It makes no sense when you think about getting teleported to Deimos (to other Anomaly, E2M1) as dead pool of once ass-kicking flesh and bones. Why that death is in the game? You're committing a kind of suicide for a "mere" (oh come on.. who actually plays Doom for the plot? :) text screen. There's no intermission screen to boast about kill percentage. One can actually kill all of them (Doom Wiki: "Although these can very occasionally be defeated using a rocket launcher [1] [2], or in ITYTD using the chaingun (because all player damage is halved), the room essentially functions as a "special effect" whereby 100% kills is sacrificed in favor of plot development. As a result, a kill percentage as low as 28% (ITYTD and HNTR), 44% (HMP), or 63% (UV) can be considered maximal. In a real game, of course, the number will be somewhat higher due to infighting, unless the player is nearly dead before he teleports."). Has anyone achieved it? I tried but had to use cheats. Contrary to the popular belief, they work there. But not all. IDDQD-granted invulnerability (the so-called God Mode) is taken off. But there's another way to be invincible - idbeholdv ! It's only temporary but works and is not removed upon entering the "death gate". It works every time. Via idspispopd I have noticed that not only the samll fraction of this room where player can move is damaging but all floors in this room deals damage. Staying on topic with cheats: when I exited this room via idspispopd and entered it again but wearing iddqd, I lost it. The "death chamber" is also a kind of ultra-secret room as it's not noted on automap. The most probable cause: it's off-map! Wiki shows on its map this "death chamber" but player doesn't see it. What's Your opinion about E1M8 phenomenon? Does it have any value for You? Would You like to see that trick on other map? Maybe as a way to kill player and make a justification for pistol start on next level (kind of after-life) ? Sorry for long and boring post. Just wanted to write these weird and dumb things. Long story made short: only one kind of invulnerability is removed upon entering the final teleporter on E1M8. Thanks for attention. :)
  15. When I was playing League of Legends, I had no problems (both on my earlier router and current one). Nothing was needed from my brother side. I had to note the program as trusted in Windows system firewall. Done the same thing with all 3 Doom ports. Also marked them as trusted in my AV-suite (with firewall). Nothing helped. Also tried to switch off one and both of them - also nothing. Anyway, thanks for at least will to help :)