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  1. I finished episode 1 just now, running in Retroarch with the Picodrive emulator using savestates, I died 2-3 times lol, those hitscanners are way more dangerous than in vanilla it seems. It ran pretty smoothly and I enjoyed it! Although I played in HMP difficulty and it may run a bit worse in higher difficulties due to more enemies. The only bug I have to report is that in level 7 that big pillar doesn't go down properly. The sound kept playing infinitely but it never lowered. Thankfully there is nothing there needed to finish the map. Go to 2:24 in this video to see the part of the map I am talking about As for the music, a couple of the tracks were atrocious, you know the ones that have long notes, they sound totally off. Maybe re-use the songs that sound good? EDIT: Also, the teleport sound effect is not fixed in this hack, is it? I didn't hear it. Well, sometimes sounds just don't get played in the 32X port. so maybe it was random.
  2. I like my Build engine and Quake engine games at 1080p but Doom engine games usually at 2x vanilla res. THICC pixels.
  3. VGA


    Late reply but I think you use the GZDBuilder custom build from here
  4. I agree, the Napalm Launcher is devastating against most enemies (and the map itself usually). And the dynamite with its controllable throwing and the ability to light it and toss it around, it is just amazing. Doom's RL is extremely simple and works best with arcadey gameplay and stafing around enemies, like most Doom weapons. In the Build games you often use the RL to instantly clear a room or get rid of an annoying enemy. Most enemies die immediately with 1-2 rockets, it is not an arcadey continuous battle against a Cacodemon swarm for example that may last 30 seconds. Or a couple of Barons where you really shove rockets down their throats.
  5. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAP30:_The_Lair_(Doom_64)#Secrets Here is says the demon key, the megaarmor, the soulsphere and the berserk.
  6. Move the voodoo doll with a Boom scroller :D Or raise a very thin pillar next to the voodoo doll to the ceiling, then the crusher cannot come down.
  7. Can't you have a linedef activating a crusher faraway to crush a voodoo doll?
  8. The new renderer will run on PC, not Saturn! By the way, @intacowetrust did you base this port on an existing codebase?
  9. I also love Retribution but I have bought the remaster on PC and it's good. You sound disappointed, why? It is a solid remaster.
  10. I just started normally on the E1M1 map! There is a MAP00?
  11. VGA

    Wad Front And Back Cover Pictures

    Can you pack what you have made so far in a zip and upload somewhere so people can back them up?
  12. Hey, I finished 3 maps, pretty good so far, I see it has the unlocked selector, that's good :D I've made a savestate and will continue later or tomorrow.
  13. VGA

    The Outcast Levels and Redemption Denied?

    What is this a recolor of? https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_64_TC#/media/File%3ANightmareSpectre.PNG
  14. VGA

    Crispy Doom Saving Icon

    LOL, there is an option for it somewhere. Check the setup executable or the config file.
  15. VGA

    why is getting opengl a pain

    @forgettablepyromaniac Stop listening to these crazies, don't change anything on your laptop, just use the proper editors and the compatible source ports :D