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  1. Dimension of the Boomed (BETA2 release)

    I want to note that the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind have reduced hitpoints in this. So don't worry too much, strafe and launch missiles and they will go down. The lost souls, too. @Urthar I am using the Final Doomer + mod with the Plutonia weapon set on HMP difficulty. It looks cool and also makes my life easier because these weapons are more powerful mid-range :D ... Hey I die sometimes so it's balanced!
  2. This is because DOTB has several Dehacked changes and there are collisions with the states used by both. Back when I created that version the changes needed were fewer, now it would be more difficult because Urthar has made use of more Dehacked states and there are even more collisions.
  3. Dimension of the Boomed (BETA2 release)

    That reminded me of Blood :D Also, I got to Elsewhere, I have liked all maps so far, even though in Necropolis I had to peek into the locations of the pillars to find the last two, I had missed a place where you have to jump down.
  4. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming to life soon

    I think you put too many details and curves in the 3D model which won't translate very well when turned into a low res sprite. Better to keep the 3D model simple, and add some detail to the final sprites.
  5. Terminals

    You can extract music from wads and pk3s with SLADE.
  6. Dimension of the Boomed (BETA2 release)

    NOOOOO!! Someone please put a full playthrough on Youtube :( EDIT: Holy shit that's dark. What I am showing is that I am at 6/8 and kinda lost, map is Necropolis :D
  7. Dimension of the Boomed (BETA2 release)

    Nice, I played a couple of maps already with the Final Doomer + Plutonia weapons, very good at picking off bastards at long range :D
  8. Terminals

    I finished this today, pretty good. I liked that "waddling through slime" part although maybe the slowdown was too much, you practically stop immediately as soon as you stop moving! Good idea to pressure the player, that red key hazard was also good. Have you played UAC Ultra, where you need oxygen suits etc, that's what it reminded me of, more wads should put some time pressure on the player to make him push forward! Good maps all around, I liked the possesed scientists too, even though they pose no challenge at all, good for variety :D Maybe you could make them rush directly to the player faster, berserker mode! Or make them appear behind the player when he is focused on Cacos or Shotgunners. I think this mapset needed more traps overall.
  9. My Phone is emitting very very odd sound

    Try with headphones.
  10. Crispy Doom 5.1 (Update: Jan 13, 2018)

    With regards to Choco Doom I think in these types of errors you should try the -merge parameter instead of -file https://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/WAD_merging_capability
  11. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    Big monsters would get stuck in places. And the ammo distribution would be out of whack, not to mention the difficulty. Also, this can be done with a mod in 3DGE I guess.
  12. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming to life soon

    It was a Doom-like game for the MacIntosh from the people that later created the Halo series. Sorry for the off-topic :D
  13. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming to life soon

    @Gerardo194 When he says the monster looks Marathon-ish, he means like the monsters from the game Marathon, not that he is like a marathon runner! :D
  14. QZDOOM rendering glitch

    Look in this thread