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  1. When there's a Zombieman near a barrel I insist on trying to blow the barrel up even though they both have 20 Health...
  2. I still have it installed, which files are needed? Is it the eawpats folder with 222 items in it? Is it this thing? What if you unpack it under /beloko/eawpats ? EDIT: Or is it the other soundfonts?
  3. You mean within vanilla limits or vanilla format?
  4. For Strife you should get (if you can afford it) the Veteran's Edition from Steam It has an improved renderer! EDIT: It's 2.5$ on GOG people!
  5. Crispy Doom doesn't play Strife or Heretic.
  6. One thing is for sure, Vsync was not working. You should update your gfx drivers if you run into any more problems.
  7. I didn't see that option, I will check it. Can you please test Suspended in Dusk and confirm that there is a glitched flat near the start of MAP01?
  8. I have a folder with only the necessary files to run the classic games, can you make it skip the intro video if it is missing? Because right now it has a black screen and I have to press ESC. I tried Suspended in Dusk, but a few seconds in I noticed a problem with a replacement flat inside the cave you go in.
  9. Looks like a reasonably interesting vanilla wad.
  10. Nice, although I'd make the green glow a bit more subtle so it doesn't look so "gamey". Also, can you make it leave a bit of non-glowing slime permanently? Now that I think about it, will you have permanent bullet decals?
  11. I agree. This isn't Counterstrike, there doesn't need to be a balance. The mappers just need to "force" the player to use different weapons for different circumstances. You use a couple of BFG shots to clear out a difficult Demon+Revenant ambush? OK, but now you have to dance around the Cyberdemon a long time until you kill him with rockets and the SSG.
  12. He said he does not intend to implement it.
  13. I use Scc1t2.sf2 because it is small and sounds close to a real SC-55 synthesizer.
  14. But first it has to be tested, so you should send your favorite tester (me) a playable build. Q1 2018 sounds optimistic, though, how fast are you working? Didn't you recently switch from sprites to models, a few months ago?