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  1. Memento Mori was originally released in early December '95. It has a bunch of new textures. The version available today is a patched version from February '96, but it's 98% the same thing.
  2. Capellan

    Fallout TV Show

    I enjoyed it a lot. I'll break down my thoughts in rather more detail in a (spoiler free) video on Friday.
  3. Capellan

    2024 - Doom New Year’s resolutions

    Finish up some edits on a map so @Steve D can complete his main goal. Also, play some Doom. I'd like to at least try three megawads this year.
  4. Capellan

    opinions on pineapple on pizza?

    Bacon, mushroom and pineapple (with a bit of BBQ sauce in addition to the tomato paste) is our go-to homemade pizza.
  5. Capellan

    Fallout the movie teaser trailer dropped last weekend

    Most Vaults were not intended to work correctly, but were instead bizarre experiments. This is a feature of the game canon that I don't particularly like, but it more than justifies a cyclops overseer.
  6. Capellan

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    Shareware DOOM, sometime in the first half of 1994
  7. The megawad club has kind of got me in the habit of mentally composing short comments about the levels I play. I need somewhere to put those comments. Thus: this thread. These are not proper "reviews". I'll leave that sort of thing to more conscientious folk like kmxexii. They're also just my opinions, so it's totally fine if you have a different opinion (and there will be times you do; I don't like Shaman's Device, after all). Feel free to post your own views, especially if they are different to mine. I find that sort of conversation interesting. How I Play WADs PrBoom+ (infinitely tall actors are ON) HMP difficulty Continuous Frequent saving No music Goal is to finish; I don't care about 100% kills or secrets There will be spoilers, should that matter to you. List of wads (alphabetical order, not chronological) Community Chest (starts in this very post) Community Chest 2 (starts here) (stopped on map27) Favillesco E1 (starts here) Kamasutra (starts here) (stopped on map17) Mapgame (starts: here) NOVA: The Birth (starts here) Realm of Shades (starts here) Scythe (starts here) Unholy Realms (starts here) Whitemare (starts here) Zone 300 (starts here) Community Chest I figured I'd give this a go since (1) the only CC I've played was the latest, and (2) anything that spawned three sequels ought to be worth a look, right? Map01: Pistol Panic ... and this is really not what I expected out of the first level. It's a lot larger than a typical map01, uses all three keys, is festooned with voodoo dolls for some inexplicable reason, and has a somewhat experimental feel to its gameplay. Full disclosure: I'm not generally a fan of experimental gameplay in Doom levels. I play Doom to shoot monsters, not to solve puzzles, engage in first person platforming, etc. So this level starts out with a black mark from me. And gets another one for the voodoo dolls, come to think of it. I don't like gimmicks. It's also a worrying choice for a first level, IMO. I think map01 ought to showcase what your Doom project is going to be about. Admittedly, that can be a hard thing to do with a community pack, but if you have a megawad that's full of slaughter maps, for instance, then I recommend you make your map01 also a slaughter map (an easier than average one, yes, but a slaughter map nonetheless). So either this experimental feel is a common theme to the levels of the set (in which case I will be less than thrilled about a lot of them), or it's not a good choice as map01 because it doesn't give a proper feel for the style of wad you've made. Anyway, enough tangential WAD theory. On with the level, which is at least honestly named. Because this level is all about the pistol. For room after room after room. Pistol whipping imps. Pistol whipping troopers. Pistol whipping an arachnotron and a mancubus. Oy vey. It's not like the manc or 'tron are tough fights, you understand. They're easy fights, thanks to plenty of cover and the monsters being restricted in movement. They're also really dull fights, because plinking away with the pistol is time-consuming and tedious. With the 'tron, you might be able to use a crusher to kill it, but I was playing blind and didn't know said crusher was an option. I did use the crusher on the imp ambush that followed. It was almost like a moment of fun! The other fun part of the level was chainsawing a caco. Which is damning with faint praise if ever I saw it. I used the saw because it would be quicker than using the pistol and - thanks to the caco's high pain chance - relatively safe to do. Anyway, I plinketty-plinked my way through the monsters on the map, found all the secrets, finally got a shotgun, and headed to the exit. There's nothing very interesting in this, gameplay wise, nor is the architecture especially memorable. There's a secret which feels like a bit of a nod to the iwad map01, and several elements that recall the original map02. Those are nice touches, but they don't save the level from the tedium that is actually playing it. The pistol focus forces the enemies to either be weak, or nerfed in some way, and that makes for dull fights. Put more interesting weapons in this, and tune up the resistance, and it might have been fun.
  8. NOVA: The Birth MAP16 This will be my last video for this megaWAD. My patience for map17 was exhausted long before the level was.
  9. NOVA: The Birth MAP15 I do find the secret exit in this, but there will not be a map31 video. It's a puzzle map, and I don't enjoy those.
  10. NOVA: The Birth MAP07 Is it "Dead Simple, version 6456"?
  11. Capellan

    Was Doom Meant to be Harder?

    Circle strafing was identified pretty fast. I was seeing LMPs with circle strafing well before Doom 2 hit shelves.
  12. Capellan

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Apparently the last time Jan Van Der Veken released a map was 2016, so he's a valid pick, I think. I'd also like to see Bill McClendon make a return, but I think that's a much longer shot!
  13. A new journey begins! NOVA: The Birth MAP01