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  1. Capellan

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - public playtest

    I should also note that I'm trying to get this voted in for the DWMC in October so if you want to play along with them (assuming it wins) then you may want to wait until the 1st to really get stuck in. Please don't vote for Doom 404 in the DWMC thread unless you actually intend to play along with them though.
  2. Capellan

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - public playtest

    Glad to hear it is better. I would hope I had learned something in the last 23 years :) MAP01: will fix first two items. Third is DM-only area of the map. MAP03: that SUPP texture is intentional, actually - saved me some tedious line length jiggling to properly match up all the SP_ROCK lines :)
  3. Capellan

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - public playtest

    At the end of the day, I recommend playing your preferred playstyle and difficulty, rather than trying to fill a niche. If HMP continuous is your preferred way to play Doom, then have at it, but if you prefer HMP pistol start, or UV, or whatever else, then do that. I haven't played kssht or kuchitsu, whereas for obvious reasons I am quite familiar with Demonfear, so it was my immediate point of comparison :)
  4. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    +++ DOOM 404 I don't normally vote for stuff I worked on, but I don't normally have a one-man megawad out in a month! If it's chosen, I suggest doing maps 1 & 2 on the 1st, and then a map a day, with the secret maps each getting a day of their own. Masochists may want to play Demonfear in parallel, on the same schedule. :)
  5. Capellan

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - public playtest

    Some Screenshots
  6. It's a sad life on the Space Marine IT Help Desk. Especially when you're stuck on the graveyard shift. Night after night of "Did you try rebooting?" Not exactly what you expected when you signed up. You figured this call would be more of the same: some garbled voice mail about "gremlins in the system". Gremlins? Seriously, how old is the guy who left that? Ninety five? He probably remembers vacuum tubes. Now you're here though, something isn't right. This facility should be busy, but it's silent. Almost desolate. You're starting to feel glad you brought that popgun they issued you with to make you look like a real soldier ... DOOM 404 is a 32-level, vanilla-compatible (complevel 2) megawad. All maps support single-player, co-op and deathmatch (original rules, -nomonsters) styles of play. Difficulty settings are enabled, and for single-player, both continuous and pistol start play is supported. Every map was built with 404 lines or fewer, as a nod to the project name, to keep the map design focused on the key concept for each level, and to make sure I didn't spend hours and hours noodling with detail. This means that like Demonfear, the maps are small: "short, sharp shocks" was the term I used before, and it also applies here. However, DOOM 404 is not intended as a sequel to Demonfear; it just happens to share some characteristics. DOOM 404 includes a dehacked patch (which is included in the wad itself, and also provided as a separate file in case your port of choice requires that) for level names and story text. Note that for story reasons, there are death exits on map06 and map20. I'm targeting the first week of December for the final release of DOOM 404, but before then I would like to get the maximum amount of feedback possible, and that's where you come in. You can get Release Candidate 1 of DOOM 404 here. Important Things To Note About Release Candidate 1 The music is not complete: maps 16-32 still have their original music. PRIMEVAL is working on tunes, and I will add the remaining music as it is completed. I'll post to this thread and update the link above whenever new music is added. The demos are just placeholders. Actually, the same placeholder three times. The title screen is something I threw together myself, and reveals my limited design skills. If you would like to contribute a better one, you would have my gratitude :) The D404MAPS.TXT file contains spoilers about the map designs, so read it at your own risk. If you play DOOM 404, please let me know your thoughts. I am keen to get feedback, LMPs and comments of all types. As most playtesting to date has been single-player, pistol start UV, I am particularly interested in feedback from people who try multiplayer, who prefer continuous play, or who normally play on lower difficulty settings. I would like to thank: Steve D, Never_Again and Demon of the Well for their playtesting efforts. Nick Baker & submerge for the textures I've used. Alfonzo, Jimmy and PRIMEVAL for the music. iD software, of course. You, for playing it – I hope you have fun! Remember: this is a playtesting thread. If you read past this post there will be spoilers.
  7. Capellan

    Secret levels

    Secret levels are a good opportunity to do something quirky or high-concept, since people who don't like <whatever it is you decide to do> don't have to play them to finish the game (as much as "finish the game" means anything in Doom, where so many people pistol start each map). Their optional nature makes them a "safe" place to take risks or change things up, such as throwing in a Tyson map, or doing a high-tech diversion in a mostly medieval/hell themed wad, etc.
  8. Capellan

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just started noodling around with this.
  9. Capellan

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    I'm glad you like it, but 20+ years later, all I see is the flaws :)
  10. Capellan

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    I reckon it might. :)
  11. Capellan

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    Give it a few days and there will be a much better option available.
  12. Capellan

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    Revspam annoys me too, but I can see why it happens. They're easy to use and versatile. Ease of use: Boss monsters, Mancubi and Arachnotron require you to specifically plan architecture that allows them to move through it. Revs can basically go anywhere that a trooper can. Versatility: they aren't a big sack of hit points, allowing fights with them to be fairly brief, they move fast which means they can catch up to a player who has to pause to fight something else or deal with a door, and they have three different attack forms (punch/fast rocket/homing rocket) where other monsters have only 1 or 2.
  13. Capellan

    Favourite Doom Monster?

  14. I feel like we're way over-complicating this hub map thing.
  15. Not that I am biased (I am totally biased), but I thoroughly enjoy line count limits on maps. I'm not sure I can make this, but I've done five 100-line maps in the past, and it's a fun challenge if you really embrace it.