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  1. Finished Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Found the sheer amount of tactical, turn-based combat got a bit wearying at times, and then the final encounter was curiously easy. Moving on to Jade Empire (which I played a fair bit of a while ago) with sidelines in Torchlight II and Left for Dead.
  2. Having played a couple of games of Game Dev Tycoon I have moved on to Shadowrun: Dragonfall
  3. Finished Pillars of Eternity and decided to try Game Dev Tycoon as real change of pace. Currently about 3/4 of the way through the game's 35 year timeframe and for the second year running having the busiest booth at "G3", the game's equivalent of E3. I'm not sure game dev is really this easy :)
  4. Great, now it's 9-9 and I may have to play after all, if MM2 actually gets up. Somehow I will cope with that outcome :)
  5. So looks like PRCP will win the vote. Which is good for me, because October is looking kind of packed, and I will feel absolutely no remorse about skipping something Plutonia-related. I'll be back on the 25th to cast my (probably lone) vote for Trooper's Playground et al once more :)
  6. I'd vote for it over either of them. Mind you, I'd vote for Hangar and Refueling Base over Mt Erebus.
  7. It might be an interesting experience for the people doing it, but I'm not sure it would deliver anything especially unusual in terms of the actual maps.
  8. I think there are several ways to participate, other than the "post every day" approach: share your stream post replies to other people's comments about maps (I don't think we do enough of this in general) post general thoughts about the wad as a whole or about an episode's worth of wads (as DotW did for Moonblood); just be careful of spoilers if you're playing ahead (list is examples; there are probably even more ways than these)
  9. And if I had any interest in Skepland, it just evaporated :)
  10. IMO, streaming the wad and posting a link to it counts as participating.
  11. Good question. PRCP is already a 32 level set. Why would we need a second wad for the month if it wins?
  12. What do you want us to do on days 2-30? :)
  13. It's the 25th here, so .. +++ 99 Ways to Die, The Trooper's Playground, The Talosian Incident And if they win I'll play them, too!
  14. Was it WADED or DCK? They're the two main shareware editors I can recall.
  15. I finally worked out why this doesn't work for me as well as DETH did. In DETH, I was able to mass select sectors in sector mode by clicking and dragging a selection box, then hit a key and insta-change all 5 or 10 or 25 or 125 sectors' floor or ceiling height by the same amount. In DB2, I have to go into visual mode, select all the changing sectors one by one, and then fiddle with the mouse wheel. The lack of a mass selection option is a serious negative for this process. That said, the many advantages of DB2 certainly make it a better editor overall. This one niggle isn't going to make me switch back :)