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  1. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

  2. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    HMP continuous, PRBoom+, no music. MAP01
  3. A WAD using dehacked may literally just be replacing map names. Is that still vanilla? It yes, when does a dehacked patch become not vanilla? I think that "runs with Chocolate-Doom" is a good modern day definition of "vanilla".
  4. Capellan

    Doom Burnout?

    I just don't play Doom for a while. Sooner or later, the itch comes back.
  5. Capellan

    What games should I get based on my wishlist?

    There are multiple VtM games. If you mean Bloodlines, you should buy it. If you mean some other VtM game ... you should buy Bloodlines. (you also should get the free Unofficial Patch to fix bugs and add content that was not fully enabled in the original release)
  6. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    +++ 1000 Lines 3
  7. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    You need three plus signs for votes
  8. Capellan

    What are you getting for the steam sale?

    Probably nothing, because Fanatical launched their sale earlier and I got some new Steam keys in that already. The Long Journey Home The Descendant A Year of Rain Transport INC Pathfinder: Kingmaker (plus Season Pass)
  9. Capellan

    Is Rage worth playing?

    The first Rage is kinda like a po-faced version of Borderlands with more tiresome boss fights and an even worse ending. That said, the core gunplay is solid. Rage 2 is more whimsical and has very fun gunplay. It does, alas, have a godawful compulsory car-racing mission wedged into the main quest, but apart from that one black spot, and a few occasional elements of glitchiness, it's a solid shooter.
  10. Capellan

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    My nomination: dying to a hurt floor while wearing a radsuit, due to the glitchiness of -20/-10 floors.
  11. Capellan

    Scythe *Sigh* Syke!

    It's okay to not like something. Play something else. It's not like you're short of other Doom maps to try! (The only one of Scythe's last 5 maps that I actually like is map29, btw - you may want to give that a look, at least)
  12. Capellan

    Scythe *Sigh* Syke!

    Heh. Here's my review of map26 from when I first played it, quoted in full:
  13. Capellan

    Doom Streams

    Up to E3M4 in the video. So far, you're under-utilising the chaingun, which is making it harder for you than it has to be. Mr CG is a vital part of the SPECTRUM arsenal because he's much better at shutting down hitscanners than Mr Shotty is. The E3M3 shotgunner trap is avoidable, btw, if you find the secrets. It's my favourite thing in the whole mapset because it is way more dickish than I would ever normally do. My 2nd favourite this is an aspect of E3M4 that I'm not sure if you will discover - I will have to watch further to find out!