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  1. Capellan

    What is the first fps game you have played?

    Doom, in early 94.
  2. fistula.wad What's with these maps and the penchant for pointless busy work inflicted by the architecture? First the moving platforms in catwalk.wad, and now the parkouring you have to do to access the various key wings. It's not hard but it's also not interesting. Gameplay here is generally very mild, with only the multi level lift to deliver much of an adrenaline spike. Which the map rather undercuts by then throwing a lot of health and armour at you right after. It also feels like a very OG Doom map, with only a very small number of Doom 2 monsters among the E1 riff raff, and a very heavy reliance on the single shotgun unless you happen to go to the right at the start (and as someone who grew up with Ian Livingstone gamebooks, I almost never go right). Despite all these quibbles, I'd rate this as an inoffensive map. It looks fine - if a bit sparse - and the play is casual but not annoying (apart from the parkour). I'm driving for 11 hours tomorrow, so no further reviews for me until at least the 16th, my time.
  3. combine.wad Should have been called backtrak.wad, because I expect most people will be doing a lot of it. If the map re-populated with bad guys and ammo whenever you had to do so, I think it'd be a pretty good time. Unfortunately, there is rather too much strolling through empty rooms for this to be very compelling.
  4. catwalk.wad Those raise / lower "stairs" make a bad first impression. But an accurate one. This is not good. Extra raspberries for the "one time only" run to the exit.
  5. canyon.wad The bad news is that this is still architecturally and visually bland. It's still mostly square (though there are a few exceptions) and tends to be swathed in broad sweeps of consistent textures and light levels. It would be unfair to call it monotextured or to say there is no lighting variation, though. Any given area tends to be mostly of one look and light level, but these vary between major areas (and even occasionally within them). On the plus side, Willits uses height a lot more here, and the fact that different areas have distinctive themes makes the level feel more varied. The gameplay is still very straightforward and low key by modern standards, with way more health than you are ever likely to need, but it's not a bad little romp overall.
  6. I found three secrets, all of which arguably punished the player for finding them (crushers in two, many hit scanners behind protective bars in the other).
  7. blacksea.wad It's not hard to tell that this and Black Tower were made by the same person. The visual and gameplay style is quite consistent. This one is easier in terms of monsters (though it certainly has a hot start where it is quite possible to get infinitely talled to death), but the actual progression is perhaps even more obtuse and arbitrary. I found it to basically be a case of opening up the map and humping anything that wasn't a solid wall. The end game crusher sequence is dull as dishwater (and putting a surprise crusher in a secret is 1995 bullshit). Some interesting use of light and shadow from a visual perspective, but I found this a chore to actually play.
  8. You can be all one colour and not be defined by it, if you bring something else to the table. Attack didn't.
  9. bloodtwr.wad Certainly much more ambitious and elaborate than attack.wad. Also a lot more challenging, though a clever strategy like "remembering I have the BFG" would have helped a lot.:) Not a fan of the progression on this one, with rather too many moments that rely on wandering back and hoping to find whatever opened, and necessary switches that aren't actually switch textures. Yes, it's very 1995, but there are good reasons the community has evolved away from such things. A surprising number of misaligned textures, too.
  10. attack.wad Well, that was square and brown.
  11. Capellan

    Best FPS game (Aside from Doom)

    Borderlands 2 would be my pick
  12. I'm pretty crunched for time this month, but apparently I own the Master Levels (thanks, Steam bundles!), so I'll try to at least play a few of those maps in the coming weeks.
  13. Very cool. Totally didn't expect you to do the whole episode! Is that a tiny skull and crossbones on map3? It is actually possible to survive that fight :) Rad suit on map2 - assuming it's the secret one on the computer bank, you can run through the window behind it. I'm surprised map8 looks as complex as it does in the diagram.
  14. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    My intended point was "please vote if you haven't (and intend to play what you vote for)" rather than "please change your votes" :)
  15. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    So right now we have four votes, each for something different ... something needs 4 votes for itself a thread to be made by dobu :)