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  1. Also, keen to get feedback on the musical selections. I play with music off, so I'm pretty much guessing what makes a good track for a map :)
  2. Capellan

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Noodling some more.
  3. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP18 Matthias Worch takes his final MM2 bow with this techbase map. Its most memorable feature is probably the wacky telefrag hijinks at the opening, with the heavily telegraphed AV rezzathon that then follows much later in the piece. Well, that or the complete absence of armour, since it seems there's not even so much as a single helmet in the whole level. That lack of armour is probably the key driver of difficulty here, to be honest, as the monster count in and of itself is not that massive. A brace of revenants or a fistful of flying tomatoes is the order of the day. You're more likely to be cursing the hitscanners than anything else, since they're apt to plink off health whatever you do, and with no armour around a shotgun or chaingun can really sting. Worch does the "moving blue key" gimmick here again. Not really as memorable the second time around, Matthias :)
  4. Every map in the WAD now has at least placeholder music. Might not be the final tracks for everything, but you won't have to sully your ears with IWAD tunes :) Link in the OP.
  5. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    If that was commentary in an MM2 LMP pack, then I've probably read it, but I wouldn't have been keeping track of who said it. Also, my involvement in AV was literally replying to a couple of emails from Brad :) In my head, it's reporting the temperature on a reactor. MAP17 This is a solid enough map I guess, though not an especially memorable one. The ambush on the blue key is probably the highlight in terms of action, as the flood of monsters has a decent volume, even if it is mostly lower tier stuff. Later ambushes tend to think that small numbers of bigger monsters are enough, and they really aren't. I did like the 'leap out the window' secret, though it delivered a disappointingly small reward for the effort. Interestingly, the yellow key and everything behind the yellow door appears to be completely unnecessary for completing the map. It may be worth visiting on pistol start if you're low on resources I guess, since there is quite a bit of ammo.
  6. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP16 Another solid techbase from Denis Möller. I like how the map keeps opening up new ways back into old areas, and also lets you see into future zones that you will enter further down the map – sometimes quite soon, sometimes not for a long time. The final closet ambushes are fairly easy to skip past if you choose to do so, which can actually be quite fun since the heterogeneous mix of monsters is likely to infight as a result. I love the sound of demon rending demon :) Instapop HK at the exit gets the stink-eye, but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed this romp.
  7. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    For most mapsets, you can do both secrets maps the same day as map15. Exceptions are generally mentioned in the OP. Re the map15 secret exit, there's a switch elsewhere on the map that lights up an arrow pointing to it. I actually forgot to do the necessary steps for that while playing, but hey, I know where the secret exit is anyway :)
  8. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP15 As I mentioned yesterday, by this time editors had got a lot more powerful. Automatic X and Y alignment existed, and you could split lines and sectors with keyboard shortcuts. So I could sit down without a plan. This had actually been true for a while, but the habit of drawing a map in advance had lingered. With MM2, the map grew organically, as ideas and inspiration struck me. The first thing I knew I wanted to do was a hectic opening with enemies at various heights and coming at you from many angles. I'm consequently really happy with how the start has turned out. There's a fund combo of critters out for your blood, and even on my own map I can still get bushwhacked. You've also got a couple of choices of where to go yourself – into the main part of the complex to grab a green armour, or perhaps you're a speedrunner and will leap out into the courtyard outside as soon as you've nabbed the starting shottie and ammo. You'll need to head to the courtyard eventually, since there are key doors blocking your route inside. The first change I would make if I was making this map today would be here: I'd make the 'chaingunner cubbyhouse' shorter than the main building and the blue key 'pagoda'. I might also made the latter higher than the main building. Anyway, this gives you the blue key, and I wonder how many people notice that the marbfaces near the lift to this door actually shift over the course of the map? They start at the top, but when you come back with the yellow key, they're at floor level. I have no idea why I decided to do this, to be honest, but it's a cute little thing that 99% of people probably never spot. So the manc (and later revenant) room is the second big setpiece of the map, at least for me. Again, this is something that happened quite organically as I was mapping. I knew early on that I wanted the player to come back to this room later in the map, but I probably got lucky in choosing the two monsters I did for it, since they create similar but different challenges for the fight. Onwards, and you've got the crazy-pants AV fight for the red key, where I died about a dozen times today. It's a bit of a mad encounter to be honest, but you're not likely to forget it :) The crushers, of course, are there to stop the player from simply corner sniping poor Mr AV. After an imp gangbang we have ADAM'S FIRST CACOSWARM. Again, I don't known what prompted me to throw so may flying tomato monsters at the player here – probably just that I'd always had a soft spot for them – but I really like this encounter. And I'm very glad the teleporters work fairly well, because my word some of the ones in early Demonfear levels are awful, and I still didn't really understand monster pathing logic at the time I made this. From there it's the aforementioned revenants, and then a pretty straightforward run to the exit, just a couple of AVs and such to get in the way. I'm quite fond of the crate room; I stumbled across the pattern created by having a bunch of 16-long BIGBRIK textures and deliberately used that to create what I think is a cool variation of the basic look. The second thing I would change with the map if I was making it now is the secret exit: you don't actually need to find any other secrets to open it, though they make it easier. I think I would make it that finding one of those is actually what opens it, rather than creating an arrow pointing to it. Also, I'd properly flag that final soulsphere as a secret, which it is meant to be :) Overall though, I am still really happy with this map, even 22 years later. I've done more visually opulent stuff since, and more tightly designed stuff, but for me this will always be the map where I really stepped up a league in terms of my mapping. One thing those of you who played Doom 404 may well notice is how much more generous this map is with the goodies. There's plenty of health and multiple armours here, as well as a pretty easy megasphere secret (which I saved to the end of the map so I will enter map31 with 200/200). Final note: The DM section of map15 is completely separate to the single/co-op section. I actually extracted that part of the map into a separate WAD, re-textured it with purely vanilla textures, and spent many many hours playing it with my friends. It was hectic and a whole lot of fun. MAP31 So, as far as secret map concepts go, "Hey, have a E1 map" is definitely not one I will complain about. It's also nice to see Orin doing something in the OG Romero style, rather than the Doom 2-era style for which he (Orin) is better known. This is a fun nostalgia trip, though it's certainly pretty easy in terms of the combat: the odd sergeant will sneak up on you and give you a goosing with the shotgun, but other than that the enemies aren't likely to represent much threat. The map sometimes compensates for that with plenty of bodies roaming around. It doesn't actually make things harder, but it's fun to splatter the bigger clots of bad guys with the RL or plasma that are both available on the map. Didn't find the secret exit. Some of the secrets I did find were pretty subtle (I still haven't worked out what was supposed to be marking the secret at sector 144).
  9. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    Good news! MAP15 is all kittens and rainbows! I may be lying.
  10. Capellan

    Best Single Map WADs

    I'll give a shout-out to 3x-play. It's from 1995, so don't expect modern difficulty or looks, but it does a couple of interesting things including semi-randomised monster placement and moving the locations of keys and weapons depending on the difficulty setting to change the flow of the map.
  11. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP14 Generally speaking, I enjoyed this a lot more than the previous map. Solid stuff from Matthias Worch again, with a number of interesting looking locations in which to battle hellspawn. I did think it perhaps went on a set piece too many at the end with all the little bits and pieces you had to bounce back and forth to complete the map, and I will certainly never share Worch's love for pop-up monsters, but on the whole what we have here is a tough but engaging level that both looks and plays well. Definitely a stronger effort than map10. Olden Timer Yarn In preparation for tomorrow, a bit of background about my mapping career pre-MM2. I started mapping for Doom as soon as I got my hands on a copy of DEU5, creating an entire episode of 9 truly, truly dreadful maps. I later converted some of these to Doom 2, but I never did anything to correct their dreadfulness. Trust me when I say you don't want to play them! Anyway, sometime after Doom 2 editing became possible I decided to really and try to make some maps that looked good. Which was a bigger task than it sounds, given that I didn't know what unpegging did, or how to X and Y align, or even that light levels worked in units of 16. The result was the 7 "Talons" maps. You probably shouldn't bother playing those either. I did later re-vamp three of them as tbeast.wad which is I guess the least sucky way to try them out. When I first started mapping, editing tools were not at all sympathetic to changing your mind after you'd laid something down. It was quite a chore to split a sector into two, for instance. So I tended to plan my maps on grid paper beforehand, generally using a 30x20 grid of 64 unit squares. I continued using this pre-planned approach when I got the mad idea to map a one-man megawad (Demonfear; honestly, I don't recommend you play it either ... well, maybe maps 26-29), even though tools had become a lot more flexible by then. I'd made the first 25 maps of Demonfear when the open call went out for MM2, and I got the go ahead to make map15 ... as long as I did something bigger than I usually did. I was resolved to not just deliver on 'bigger', but to make a map that was ambitious in a way that Demonfear was not.
  12. One of these days someone will do session 33 map 8, and I will do a happy dance :)
  13. Capellan


    Back on topic
  14. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP13 The end of this, with the 64-wide spectre maze and the leap of faith in the face of chaingunners, definitely marked it down in my opinion. I did quite like the combined plasma + AV debut (at least debut for one that's able to move) earlier in the map, though. Looks-wise this is not the best. Very boxy and generally plastered with long swathes of the same textures. It may also be a bit rough on a pistol start as it seems like you could easily unleash a lot more resistance than the map gives you the resources to fight, at the start. Speaking of early fights, the teleporting monsters in the south aren't very well implemented. Both because the teleport lines aren't set up that well and because the monsters are able to fire projectiles through the apparently solid wall. It seems to me like that opening could easily have been made smaller to prevent that. But perhaps the author actually liked it that way. Not one of the stronger maps, IMO.
  15. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP12 I think when we played Requiem I mentioned that Orin Flaherty was pretty much the King of 'Circle of Death'/'The Living End' style maps back in the day. This is probably the map that cemented that reputation. It's kind of a shame it is map12, instead of 11. There's plenty of catwalking action and jumping between platforms, as you'd expect from this type of map, and Flaherty certainly has strong handle on the aesthetics of Romero's Doom 2 IWAD maps. It's got some cheekily nasty gameplay to it too, including a ninja cacodemon right at the start. And if you've played Doom 404, you have to know I liked that :) Good action, good visuals. Not much to complain about, here!