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  1. It was janky. OTOH, monsters can't see into self-referencing sectors if they are outside them e.g. The aptly named "Cesspool" in Memento Mori where they mill around uselessly, wondering where you are. With the janky approach, they can.
  2. Some old techniques have fallen out of use because of tech improvements. For instance, things like using non-sky textures for sky, which worked okay on an old, dark CRT monitor at 320x200 do not translate to today's brighter, much higher-resolution monitors. Similarly, you could create shallow 'pools' of liquid (say 8-16 deep) that the player waded through simply by having a lower sector inside a higher one and not putting a lower texture in. The distortion of the HOM was barely noticeable on 1994 tech. I did both of these in Demonfear (map03 and 05 respectively), but I would not do either, today. They don't look good at all.
  3. Do modern mappers really not know this one? I would expect many would - it's a good way for ensuring separated waves of enemies for multiple re-stocks of areas as a player backtracks. One cute trick that rarely gets used is that you can lower a lift by pushing a barrel over the trigger line. I used this in Doom404 to give the player an early shot at getting a secret in one map. There's also another way to get it, but that's not available until later.
  4. Capellan

    Ultimate Doom Megawads and Episodes

    Spectrum is an E3 replacement I made back in 2019. I remain rather pleased with it.
  5. Capellan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Down the Drain

    Well, mine is "Nope". But if others enjoy it, more power to 'em.
  6. Capellan

    Do you always play the Secret Maps?

    If I find them legitimately, I play them. But I don't spend a lot of time looking, because I don't find secret-hunting to be fun.
  7. Capellan

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    The Outer Worlds is an OK shooter with some OK RPG elements. I don't regret playing it and will probably buy the sequel eventually (like, when it is $20 for GOTY) but it didn't ever quite gel into something I'd want to play more than once. Wild Wasteland isn't about random encounters - it's about adding in more of the quirky, goofy, pop-culture reference stuff that the original games had, but Fallout 3 tended to exclude. FNV is perfectly playable without it, but there is some fun stuff in there if you don't mind that it's in the "Ha! That's a Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Princess Bride reference!" line of things.
  8. Capellan

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    Whatever the name of the Nazi party, they were not in any way socialists in their policies - quite the opposite, in fact.
  9. Capellan

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    The reasons for the time limit (and the fact that it does not actually do what you keep saying it does) have been explained multiple times. You just refuse to acknowledge that.
  10. Capellan

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    The funny thing is, I think it is perfectly reasonable to not like the time limit design decision. The first Fallout has numerous design decisions I don't particularly like (and suspect Rudolph won't either, if they encounter them). At a certain point, though, you have to accept that not every game designer or gamer likes the same things, and a game can be 'not my/your thing' without it being BADWRONG.
  11. Capellan

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    Bullshit. To illustrate: Are you an idiot, or what? Notice how the 'or what?' does not remotely change the fact that you're being called an idiot?
  12. Capellan

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    It was a 90s game. There was a big ass manual you could read while the game installed (which took a while), and an expectation that you'd spend the time to figure it out because learning to play the game was part of the experience. It was expected that you would need to restart the game multiple times to.finish it. Not liking the time limit is fine. Accusing the game devs of doing to as part running a grift is going more than a bit far. You're going to run into far less forgiving things than the time limit in the first two Fallouts. Game design looked very different back then. I personally much prefer the modern day approach, but expecting a modern day approach from a 25 year old game is a recipe for frustration.
  13. Capellan

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    To create a sense that the danger was a real one, and that failure to address the water chip problem would have consequences. In reality, the time limit given is very generous and it is easy to recover the water chip in far less time than allowed ... and completing that task does not end the game.
  14. Capellan

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    Wasteland 2 is definitely quite 90s in its CRPG sensibilities. There are some sudden, very sharp difficulty spikes and a few instances of "if you choose wrong you can't get the good outcome - and there is nothing to tell you what the right choice is, or even that you are making a narrative choice". Honestly, I found it a bit of a chore to play at times - too determinedly grim and lacking in NPCs I much cared about.
  15. Capellan

    Post a picture...that you took

    Local street gang.