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  1. Capellan

    opinions on pineapple on pizza?

    Bacon, mushroom and pineapple (with a bit of BBQ sauce in addition to the tomato paste) is our go-to homemade pizza.
  2. Capellan

    Fallout the movie teaser trailer dropped last weekend

    Most Vaults were not intended to work correctly, but were instead bizarre experiments. This is a feature of the game canon that I don't particularly like, but it more than justifies a cyclops overseer.
  3. Capellan

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    Shareware DOOM, sometime in the first half of 1994
  4. NOVA: The Birth MAP16 This will be my last video for this megaWAD. My patience for map17 was exhausted long before the level was.
  5. NOVA: The Birth MAP15 I do find the secret exit in this, but there will not be a map31 video. It's a puzzle map, and I don't enjoy those.
  6. NOVA: The Birth MAP07 Is it "Dead Simple, version 6456"?