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  1. Fun is subjective. Because iMO, turrets are really fucking boring, and limiting health and ammo ("starvation" play) is best used as a occasional garnish, not a main course.
  2. Nine Inch Heels and I have very different tastes overall, but gotta weigh in to support the value of damaging floors as a game mechanic. I'm not really interested in Chasm-levels of tightrope walking, but a fight while you're trying to stay on relatively small "safe" areas can be more tactically interesting (as well as being harder) than one with no such constraint.
  3. Most recent movie you saw

    My watching history all goes up on my blog (here), though I usually watch something and write a review of it about 4-6 weeks before the review actually goes up. Still, if you want to troll through the 1,100 reviews that are already there, or check out the new ones, be my guest :) Reviews go up Tuesdays and Fridays (except in October, when they are a little more frequent) and trend toward sci fi and horror stuff, though other genres are also represented.
  4. Abandoned Community Projects

    @The Green Herring hasn't made any noises about starting CC5 yet. There have been some "will there be a CC5?" threads, and the answer was "some day", but nothing more AFAIK.
  5. Classic Doom I/II Maps vs. Fan Maps

    I'm not a fan of Sandy's levels, but anyone who says they are the worst maps ever made has obviously never waded through a shovelware CD. :)
  6. System requirements of extreme '90s vanilla wads

    Yeah, you (or more likely, your parents) did. You might not have known it, but you did. Take it from someone who is old enough to have been buying systems for themselves in the mid-90s, a video card was definitely part of the loadout.
  7. Do you actually run away from enemy encounters?

    Often. My goal is to finish the map, not to get 100% kills.
  8. Why don't the majority of mappers plan out their creations?

    In the days when editing a map was more difficult, I used to draw my maps in advance, because it saved a lot of heartache down the track. These days, it's probably actually easier to make changes in DB2/GZDB/etc than it would be on hardcopy. Also, despite my advanced age, I am still capable of keeping the outline plan of a Doom map in my head while I am working on it, so drawing it generally seems like unnecessary overhead. :)
  9. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    That was nearly 5 years ago, now :)
  10. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    I can't wait for March 33rd :) (presumably, peeps can do map33 on March 31?)
  11. Yeah, there are no difficulty settings according to the text file (which is standard for ToD), so effectively your only options are ITYTD, UV, or Nightmare. Some other things to note too: -complevel 9 for MAP01-17, 31-33 -complevel 2 for MAP18-30 Turn off intercepts overflow emulation, leave the others alone. MAP30 requires Nightmare difficulty or -fast MAP31 requires ESP31.bex Oh, and it has 33 maps, apparently :)
  12. I am no longer disappoint :)
  13. Why does 4 maps get special treatment? :) As far as "episodes" go, I'd see 6 or 7 maps in Doom 2 as an episode, too. Either leading up to the first text intermission, or to one map after a "here's the big finale!" message. 11 maps and possibly 12 maps are also episodes for the same reason. For the OP, I am fine with 15 as the official definition, but I sure do prefer a full 30/32 to actually play.
  14. While a couple of the votes for ESP have been made for what I'd consider dubious reasons, that's on the people who made the votes, not the WAD, IMO. I mean, I have played enough ToD maps to know that I personally have less than zero interest in playing ESP, but that certainly doesn't mean that other people can't want to play it, or enjoy playing and talking about it. And if it wins the vote, I hope they do play and enjoy it and have interesting conversations.