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  1. Capellan

    Ethics of announcements/releases

    I think there's probably value in trying to separate the announcement of your project from those of others, in order to allow each the maximum possible attention from the community, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it an "ethical" decision.
  2. I have more crates now. Still not exactly a maze, but then I don't actually want to make a maze because I think getting lost in a Doom map isn't actually fun.
  3. +++ Dawn of the Dead, Earth and Classic Episode I believe that's 28 maps including secret maps, so we could give the secrets a day each of their own and have 3 days left over to spare.
  4. I have done very little so far ... but I have already placed my first three crates :)
  5. Capellan

    Post Apocalyptic Currencies

    Currency requires some mechanism to control the supply and distribution (and guarantee the nominal value). There are unlikely to be much in the way of such mechanisms in a post apocalyptic situation, so barter and payment in kind would be the norm, I expect.
  6. Capellan

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    Still doesn't have enough cacos :-P
  7. Capellan

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    IMO, everyone underuses cacodemons. More cacodemons! More!
  8. Capellan

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    Ignoring boss monsters, I'd say probably Arachnotrons. They're big bastards and I kind of have to really think about them ahead of time to make sure architecture can handle them. Often I'll do a layout and then not use them because I simply haven't included the space to do so.
  9. Capellan

    4800 Hell Knights. The Limbo of unfinished projects. Alpha 3

    @Big Ol Billy Lower difficulty settings have higher health and slightly fewer monsters :) @94's the best style I did notice that two of my HKs were flagged multiplayer only though, so there were only 148 in the map on single player. There is a new version of the wad (same link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vkiOoHPagRS7zvAkhrFBOqhKAtIoNrx5) which fixes that issue. I added a box of rockets (two boxes on HMP/HNTR) to compensate.
  10. Stick to one episode at a time, I'd say.
  11. I have literally never seen anyone argue that Oblivion is the best. And I say that as someone who is solidly in the "it's not as bad as most people make out" camp. Just google "Morrowind is best" sometime.
  12. Invisible War is the only DX game I have any interest in ever playing again, and IMO is the franchise's most underappreciated entry. But then I think the rest are over-rated. Morrowind is pretty widely touted as Bethesda's best, so I am not sure it is really underappreciated. My nomination for the thread is Venetica, which is a solid little CRPG that seems to have gone largely unremarked.
  13. Capellan

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Thanks for the video. Man, that map's 21 years old now. Edit: probably, maybe 22. I can't remember exactly how far ahead of release date I was done with it, but MM2 came out end of July 1996.
  14. We have marriage equality now, you know. It could be a him! ... it's not, but it could be! :) (Actually, until the recent change in the laws, celebrants in Australia were legally forced to make a statement that marriage here was only between a man and a woman. Both my fiance and I are very happy that won't happen at our wedding.)
  15. I enjoyed Bioshock enough to finish it, but I wasn't all that impressed by it overall, and think it's over-rated on that basis. I also don't much care for any Deus Ex game other than Invisible War, because I am the one guy who actually liked that entry in the series. Games that are fairly highly regarded or at least started franchises, that I did not like: Max Payne, The Witcher 2, Mafia, Saint's Row 2. There are probably others