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  1. MAP13 It's essentially just one single arena fight. On any setting except UV, it's just against a few 'trons and revenants, and you get an Invuln for it. Yawn.
  2. I love Vanilla maps for precisely this reason :)
  3. MAP12 I'm disappointed that this is Patrick Martin's only map in the WAD. Although there are still rather too many doors, and some unnecessarily arcane progression, this level is a definite step up on the action front from anything else we've seen in the set. Monsters actually move around the map, turning up at unexpected moments from multiple angles, and just generally making things much more freeform and engaging. I had a great time in the central "energy core" room, with multiple cacos floating through the centre and a constant stream of hitscanners wandering in from all four doors. More like this, please.
  4. MAP11 Sailor delivers what may be the best map of the set so far, despite it being rather linear, and having some odd details. The paired doors where only one works in each direction are a bit of a head-scratcher, for instance. And there's certainly still too many encounters where you can safely corner camp the enemy. But it's definitely a step up from the last few levels. There's some striking lighting work that actually plays into the combat for once, and more use of the vertical axis than we've seen to date. There's also the supercharger/yellow key fight, which is straight up fun if you aren't pre-warned of it. If you are, of course, then you can bolt out of the room and corner camp it like you can all the other fights, but it'll be a lot less enjoyable that way.
  5. MAP10 Malcolm Sailor serves up an OK-looking but very rectangular level with near-somnambulistic gameplay. The spectre trap on the red key, for instance: you can completely ignore it by hopping off the platform and exiting the area, safe in the knowledge the spectres cannot follow. And then there's the host of monsters "guarding" the blue key. By which I mean "helplessly watching as I scooped it up and merrily ran off to the exit". One visual aspect of the map that I didn't much care for was the use of the silver support texture on long stretches of wall. I think both support textures looking pretty bad on walls longer than about 80 units.
  6. MAP09 A bland complex of mostly brown, mostly square rooms, with little to guide the player as to how to progress, other than the presence of (unmarked) key doors. Lots of remote switches that presumably open the way to rooms with power-ups and weapons in them, but I frankly didn't explore very much: having stumbled across the yellow key more or less randomly, I then used the automap to bee-line the yellow door. That led to the blue key and an almost pointless mancubi crossfire, and from there it was just a case of grabbing the last key and exiting. I probably saw only half the map and from the looks of it in DB2, I didn't miss much. The action's more or less as drab as the visuals, at least on continuous. Lots of "open door, kill monsters as they slowly advance toward you". The chaingun gets a good workout, as it's very handy for sniping down the hitscanner-heavy opposition.
  7. MAP08 The visuals – especially the lighting – of this map are several steps above anything we've seen in the previous levels, and the reason is pretty obvious when you see Ola Bjorling's name in the credits. The gameplay also generally feels more focused and directed here, and much less incidental. The chaingunners behind SP_FACE1 midtextures are nonsense, though. Bad wad authors!
  8. Capellan

    Any (Mega)wads that contains weird Secret maps?

    STRAIN map28 is not a secret map, and the gameplay's not all that weird (though certainly rough, from a pistol start), but it's certainly an unusual environment, to say the least.
  9. MAP07 Like Trooper's Playground, this does something other than the standard Dead Simple-a-thon, but it's a less successful 'something other' in my opinion. The first problem is the four identical imp corridors. I'm not sure these were actually copy/pasted, but they basically feel like it, which is never a good thing in a map. The second and rather more substantial problem is the nature of the main Manc and 'tron battle, in the yellow door room. The sad fact is that the few roaming Arachnotrons earlier are much more engaging than anything that happens here. You can simply corner camp a door and grind everything in the room to chunky kibble, with the only threat being the off-chance of a Manc fireball no-clipping through the wall. On the plus side, the map does look pretty nice: certainly better than the last couple.
  10. Capellan

    Commissioning mods?

    You work too cheap, 'fonz.
  11. Capellan

    Commissioning mods?

    From an market economics point of view, what people are willing to pay for it is what it's worth :) As I noted above, the amount of time and effort most artists put into creative work generally translates into a paltry amount per hour. "Financially speaking, minimum wage is better" kind of paltry. The same is true of most writers, for that matter. There are very notable exceptions of course, but making art is a hard way to earn a living. And I say all this as someone who pretty fiercely advocates for creative types to charge more for their work (and to never work for "exposure", if you intend this to be your career). Now of course I don't think anyone is seriously considering making Doom stuff as a viable career, but in those circumstances if the actual payment you can get for doing it turns out to be a couple of bucks an hour at best, then I suspect a lot of people would rather just work on their own stuff, where the only one they need to please is themselves.
  12. Capellan

    Commissioning mods?

    I've known enough artists to know that the value most people place on other people's piece work is seriously undervalued. Like, I've seen howls of complaints for being asked for $50 for a page-sized colour illustration, despite the fact that to do something like that well would take hours.
  13. Capellan

    Commissioning mods?

    Wait two years from release and you can get the game and all its DLC for half that :) The value of Patreon-type systems is that they allow creators to monetise work that would be difficult to sell under more traditional pricing mechanisms. Lots of people paying a buck or two per ((thing)) can be much easier to organise than finding the one person willing to drop $50 or $100 on it. The Doom community has some challenges to make even Patreon financially worthwhile, though. Firstly we're a small community which limits the number of backers, and secondly there's an awful lot of free material already out there. There are literally thousands of WADs I've never played, and many people would be in the same boat. All that said, if someone does want to give me money to make maps, I doubt I would say no :)
  14. Actually, you weren't standing close enough. :) Punching or chainsawing it is perfectly safe. Shooting it runs the risk that you'll be standing where the explosions spawn (320 units south, according to the wiki).
  15. MAP06 Just in case you didn't get enough of those doors last time, here's another map where you get to open a bunch of the same doors all over again, and then – as a surprise twist – you'll find even more doors! It definitely doesn't make for the free-wheeling action that I believe is what Doom does best. Anyway, this is more of the same from the last map, with the added fun of even more elevated hitscanners to force you to creep forward under cover even more than you already had to. Not thrilled with the last two maps from Mr Bye, and hoping for a change of pace with Malcolm Sailor's return next map.