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  1. irukanjji

    So, how old are you ?

    61 made last week
  2. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    Hi testing rename sigil2, and now it works, but if i put both wads in pwad folder, and select in menu sigil and sigil2 works, as expected, choosing one or another, but if i rename sigil to sigil1, then i can select that pwad, in the menu, it shows, but cant click on it, its skip to the next item (sigil2) Tested with last vs 5.1.3.x64
  3. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    Hi Brad, i tested sigil 2, with last doom retro (5.1.2), with no issues, but a weird thing happens, when you rename the wad SIGIL_II_V1_0, with another name (ex: SIGIL_II), when in the menu, you select SIGIL II, the game crash, see screens.zip; this dont happen, with gzdoom, dsda-doom or woof, so i think, its a bug on doom retro. screens.zip
  4. irukanjji

    A question about doom 64 ex

    Try this Doom64-BethesdaToEX https://steamcommunity.com/app/1148590/discussions/0/1870623253804069634/
  5. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    No. its the missing textures, other ports dont show that warning
  6. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    Hi Brad, here is the log file, to the new Harmony Compatible mylogfile_harm.zip
  7. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    Ok, here are some things to correct: CHEX.wad and REKKRSA.wad creates an autoload/unknown CHEX2.wad calls DOOM.wad, instead CHEX.wad see y config_logs config_logs.zip
  8. check this: https://www.moddb.com/games/heretic/addons/heretic-fates-path-pwad-extension
  9. irukanjji

    William Shatner's Tek War

    Here is a Remake: https://www.moddb.com/games/tekwar-remake/downloads/tekwar-remake
  10. and use this also: Full Run for WadSmoosh'd GZDoom "Use this file to play a "full run" of all 171 maps in all id releases as a single campaign, from Doom E1M1 to Plutonia MAP30. Requires a "doom_complete.pk3" file created with WadSmoosh and assumes you have ALL of the following: Ultimate Doom, Sigil, Doom 2, No Rest For The Living, The Master Levels, TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment." https://jp.itch.io/doom-fullrun
  11. Here is my bat for blood: @echo off set game=blood set moddir=mods/%game% set savedir=save/%game% start "" /d "%~dp0" "%~dp0raze.exe" -gamegrp blood.rff -file^ "%moddir%/Blood Upscale Pack/bloodupscalepack.zip"^ "%moddir%/Blood Voxel Pack/voxels_blood_v095.zip"^ -mh bloodupscale.def -savedir %savedir%/blood and for cryptic: @echo off set game=blood set moddir=mods/%game% set savedir=save/%game% start "" /d "%~dp0" "%~dp0raze.exe" -gamegrp cryptic.zip -file^ "%moddir%/Polished Cryptic Passage/PCP_for_Raze.zip"^ "%moddir%/Blood Upscale Pack/bloodupscalepack.zip"^ "%moddir%/Blood Voxel Pack/voxels_blood_v095.zip"^ -mh bloodcpsafe.def -savedir %savedir%/cryptic
  12. My pal groundbeefega, created a bat file for Duke3d, like this @echo off set game=duke set moddir=mods/%game% set savedir=save/%game% start "" /d "%~dp0" "%~dp0raze.exe" -gamegrp duke3d.grp -file^ "%moddir%/Widescreen Fixes for Duke Nukem 3D/duke3d_widefix.zip"^ "%moddir%/Enhanced Resource Pack/duke-erp-for-raze.zip"^ -savedir %savedir%/duke3d
  13. irukanjji

    Quake Remastered

    I know it was been done in Quake 2, with Kmquake port by A.Soldier of Light
  14. Why is this packed with plutonia.wad inside ?