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  1. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v4.0.4 (updated February 26, 2021)

    So, i cant run 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 on x64 version, but 4.0.3 runs fine, something changed between these versions
  2. irukanjji

    How to run Master Levels For Doom 2 on GZDoom?

    I try it, and it works ok, here is what i do: 1, download masterlevelspatch.7z 2. unzip the file 3. throw all wads, in the folder 4. run the patch 5. when ask, comercial data directory, browse to the folder where you unzip the patch 6. choose a map order you like 7. choose music 8. click ok, and thats it, you find in the folder a compiled master.wad masterlevelspatch.7z
  3. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v4.0.4 (updated February 26, 2021)

    No, i´ve win7 x64, but when i press doomretro. exe nothing hapens, no crash , no logs, nothing, it wont run, if the problem is exe, so the 32bit wont run either, but 32bits runs ok
  4. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v4.0.4 (updated February 26, 2021)

    I´m not very fan of bind controls in the console, i´d like more a setup config, even doom and doom2 dos have a setup config. Another thing, i download 32 and 64 bit vs, but even i´ve a 64 bit windows, the 32 bits works very well and 64 bits wont run, any suggestions?
  5. Here is Multipar 1.3.0 portable MultiPar1313.zip
  6. irukanjji

    How to run Master Levels For Doom 2 on GZDoom?

    Use Unofficial Master Levels for Doom 2 Patch from Blzut3's Weblog, to merge all wads in one, and then create a bat file and write in, gzdoom -iwad doom2 -file master.wad, save it and play it http://maniacsvault.net/projects
  7. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v4.0.4 (updated February 26, 2021)

    Here is another thing, in the doomretro.cfg, only "bind mouse1 +fire" is set, "bind mouse2" you have to do mannually, its not set, if you want use right mouse, to do an action like in my case "bind mouse2 +use"
  8. irukanjji

    Looking for Dinosaur Wads

    Check this: https://www.moddb.com/mods/poharex-the-second-invasion
  9. irukanjji

    How do I keep my settings in Doom2 When Running a WAD in DOSBox?

    In Dosbox, all setings, for doom, is in default.cfg, in doom folder
  10. irukanjji

    Half-Lifey WADs?

    check here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=66451
  11. irukanjji

    Any recommendation of maps with nice cave detailing?

    Caverns of Darkness : https://www.doomworld.com/chaoscrew/Index_2.html
  12. irukanjji

    Number of maps??

    You can try PortaDOOM by Kroc: https://spideroak.com/browse/share/Kroc/PortaDOOM/releases/ Here is a sneak preview of what you get (its a compiled version of the 5 files, without the wads and pk3) PortaDOOM Cacowards_03.03.19.zip
  13. irukanjji

    Beginner-friendly Heretic wads?

    Here are some: Master Levels for Heretic Heretic Upstart Mapping Project RETRO HERETIC MAPS (H!ZONE)
  14. irukanjji

    DOOM Retro v4.0.4 (updated February 26, 2021)

    Hi Brad, is this compatible with wadsmoosh by JPL ?