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  1. t3hPoundcake

    Need Tips for Outdoor Area Detailing

    I've restricted myself to mostly indoor areas in my maps, because I can't get the right look or feel for outdoor areas. I'm just wondering if anyone has any go to tips or tricks they use to sort of get that outdoor area looking a bit more impressive, making the layout better so it doesn't just become a wide open arena of circle strafing, etc. The things I do understand are texture transitions, platforming, and cave to open area transitions. What I struggle with in particular is the "outline" of the outdoor area, I always end up with just a straight wall around the entire area and it looks sort of flat and "too two dimensional" if that makes sense. Here is a screenshot to show what I mean about that. https://imgur.com/a/WpEyEYB So any tips are appreciated!
  2. Hello Doomworld. I'm working on a map and I'm noticing that enemies in separate propagation sectors are being alerted by (what I'm assuming) is my gunfire. I've linked an imgur album so you can see what I mean with some notes and scribbles to help explain the issue. Do I have to make the monsters stealth mode? Will they be alerted by the sight of other enemies moving when I shoot? Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/3lvwiKk
  3. I've seen a couple texture packs online but they are all like really high definition looking or ripped from other games etc. I see many custom maps that have great base textures that I haven't seen anywhere else, I'm wondering if anyone knows any good "all purpose" type texture packs because I'm not a fan of mapping with just the doom2.wad textures. I'm hoping I don't have to rip and tear and compile my own pack from textures I see around, but I guess I may have to.
  4. I'm still sort of ignorant when it comes to map formats, to be specific I'm using "ZDoom (Doom in Doom Format) for the map. I have no issue with putting a 3d floor here or there if I can't get the desired effect another way, but the interior of the building, where you spawn, is really detailed and it would be a pain in the ass for me to do 3d floors there to retain the detail I already have, so if I can get away with just making the building upon some higher elevation I'd rather do that. I was just wondering if I was missing a simpler trick.
  5. Thanks for the input. I think I'll just resort to building up the floor so that the building is at a higher elevation so the ceiling is flush with the sky where I want it.
  6. I'm mapping for ZDoom and my spawn area is the building pictured here. I want to give the illusion that the building is shorter than the surrounding cliff walls because I have a taller building (shown on the far right of the image). Right now all I know to do is to just put a 1px border around the building, lower it's ceiling and apply a sky texture. The only issue is it erases anything behind that part of the map, so the cliffs behind won't render for example. Is there any way for me to do this without using a 3d floor for the ceiling of my building? https://imgur.com/a/fFtPo
  7. t3hPoundcake

    Help on detailing my geometry

    NEAT. I haven't really used GZDoomBuilder, I hear it has built in tools for doing complex geometry and this randomize feature is pretty cool as well, maybe I'll switch over.
  8. t3hPoundcake

    Help on detailing my geometry

    https://imgur.com/a/s5xBD Here's an imgur link to a short album with some descriptions of my areas on the map. I feel like I do great texture work but I can't create interesting geometry to follow up on it. Am I overthinking it? Will square rooms at right angles be just as good looking as weird crazy geometry if textured correctly?
  9. t3hPoundcake

    Help on detailing my geometry

    Obviously anything that hinders gameplay is going to lose it's appeal quickly for the player. I personally have a hatred for rooms of cubicles/computers in the middle of the floor - I believe the middle of the room should be open unless there is something there designed for a reason (dodging an Arch Vile or Cyberdemon). I often end up mapping in a unique way I think. I design one area, the spawn for example, and then detail the shit out of it until I'm happy, and then move on with only a limited idea of how my map is going to progress at that point. The downside of this is that my rooms end up being all squares, lots of good looking detail mind you, but the rooms have no real interesting geometry usually. I'm very OCD when it comes to dimensions and texture sizes etc so I struggle making rounded edges or rounded stairs, everything is at right angles. I absolutely CANNOT force myself to map like John Romero and do random angles or weird sized rooms. I just need some tricks that will make my square rooms more enjoyable to play. I can do round rooms, rounded corners, etc but I'm hoping for other tips here. Thanks.
  10. If I wanted to take the gore nests from the D4D addons, and make them into a thing in GZDB so I can manually place them instead of having them randomly generated around the map, how difficult would that be? Would I have to get into writing my own DECORATE lump and defining everything and all that messy stuff or is there another way?
  11. t3hPoundcake

    In the event that you're forced to use corridors

    I've actually encountered this in my mapping lately. They are necessary parts of the map, it's ugly to just have rooms connected by a door, but it's also ugly to have just a 256 unit long room between rooms. What I've seen done in most wads is, when applicable, the corridor will curve instead of 90 degree bend, and if the design allows it people will often make the corridor a staircase instead of just a straight connection. There are exceptions but those are the easiest ways to make them "unnoticeable". I've started using metal textures to create "supports" against the walls so I can freely use different textures within the corridor as well. When you need to use a corridor, it's a really good practice to make them curve around so you can't directly see whats in the next room as well. It makes the player anxious, especially if you add some lighting differences. When they round the corner they are far enough ahead of the other room to not want to run back necessarily and they have to take a fight right away which makes for really fun gameplay. Other general tips about corridors, don't make them too narrow, we don't need more Hell Revealed where you're fighting barons in 64 unit hallways. Allow the player to move around just enough to dodge projectiles, and don't make them too long. They are "useless space" for the most part and you don't want to keep your player walking through boring corridors. Just keep them short and sweet, spruce them up with different textures /windows to see outside or into another room and you'll be fine.
  12. t3hPoundcake

    How would I test my maps using a mod like D4D?

    Yea I'm an idiot now that I think about what you said, it indeed works fine just adding the resources into the list hurr. Thank you.
  13. If I were to make a map for a specific mod like D4D, or any other partial conversion like that, how would I go about being able to test with that mod through the editor? I don't really think updating my wad and loading it in ZDL every time I need to test is a very good solution. Also can I configure the editor to support the enemies/items from that mod so I see the new things instead of vanilla things in the editor? Would I just load the .wads and .pk3's I require as resources or is that bad practice?
  14. t3hPoundcake

    how to improve outdoor designing?

    The easiest way to add some more fidelity to outdoor areas is to add varying cliff heights with trees/burning barrels or even some enemies. Find similar texture families that look well together and give each "height" a different texture every so often to make it stand out a bit. Another thing you'll see in outdoor areas are little caves, not full blown tunnels but just little indents in the rock with some items in it. Other things that are easy to add which give outdoor areas a lot of depth is waterfalls/slimefalls that go down to small ponds/puddles. You can also vary the floor height and give the illusion of layers like you see in Unholy Realms or I'm sure dozens of other wads. You make it look like there is a top layer of grass, then it ends and 4-8 units lower is some dirt or gravel. That way you're not just running across a flat piece of ground.