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  1. Here is what I'd call vaporwave
  2. That's not vaporwave
  3. Another vaporwave fan here! :^) aesthetics
  4. Damn... your profile picture is rather disturbing D;

  5. Miscellaneous Mayhem
  6. New sounds are great
  7. He makes animated videos on Youtube under the name of Cyriak which are unsettling af :D
  8. Wow! Looks quite good! But IMHO the font needs to be changed
  9. Nice little map with somewhat easy gameplay. Visuals are minimalistic but pretty pleasant.
  10. Here is my submission. Unnamed map with some recolored textures. 2/4 completed.
  11. This sounds interesting! I have some unfinished maps, so I think I'll join!
  12. Looks awesome! Gonna use it in my wad
  13. Author: Gunsmith Map name: Deviation Compatibility: GZDoom Playtesting: GZDoom 2.4.0 Allow jumping and\or crouching: No Skill settings: Yes Build time: A month or more Tools used: GZDB, Slade 3 Resources: Sprites from; Textures from cc4-tex.wad Music track: D_TECHBA by Forty-Two Bugs: Texture misaligments Download
  14. Nice, I'll join as well!