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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/6wdalp8qemfh6aablsbcn/dtabsoldis.lmp?rlkey=2zf95rdcxm7tvf5g8fw1mq8v8&dl=1 Played this briefly back when it was released years ago, so it's a cat 2 here, however, all I remembered was what m1 looked like, and that m3 was really massive Dead m3, took a while getting there I think, seemed to find all the less trodden secret passages on m3 as I went, so basically all monsters had their backs to me, but it still didn't help
  2. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 60: Bad Idea

    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/4hizhl3uf441zr71jv7p2/dtbadidea.lmp?rlkey=2gjxnt22qn9kmntesbffk7e6e&dl=1 Cat 1 UV 'survival' in about 50 mins Terrified of softlocks but managed to dodge a couple, in hindsight some of those locks were just nineties style cryptic progression; a proper blast from the past
  3. Been a bit busy last few days, I'll update the thread asap Done. Thanks for playing this spooky wad, would've been interesting to see a couple of prep runs and how quickly it could've been completed but no worries. Something about best turnout ever for October? I'll take that
  4. October 2023, This month, we will be snuffing it to @Plusw's Unwelcome, an 8 map boom set released in 2018, with a different feel to your average, and a little bit of a lean on the puzzley side. I can see blind players taking their time, with likely huge time savings for the prepared guys Get Unwelcome HERE Complevel: 11 IWAD: Doom2 SOFTLOCKS: Not a softlock as such, but you will need to save at least 1 bullet to exit the start room of m2, as it's quite easy, depending on your time in m1, to start m2 with hardly any ammo, and use it on the first encounter. Could've used a clip or two in there just in case STANDARD IRONMAN PATTER: -1 attempt, whether it be a natural death, technical issues, cat jumped on keyboard and made you rocket yourself, et cetera -UV only -No additional wads loaded -No saving/loading -No cheat codes -No freelook, jumping or crouching -Try to enjoy yourself, it's a friendly competition Categories briefly explained: Cat 1: Blind. Don't know this wad from Adam. Never played it before, no foreknowledge; Cat 2: Have played it, or some of it before, enough to offer an advantage, prior to the wad being selected for club play; Cat 3: have swotted up on (but not played) the wad after it was selected for club play with an intention to survive or max the wad, and in the fastest time possible Prepared: Well, you've, erm, prepared for it by playing the wad. There will be a separate leaderboard for this, these runs are also welcomed in addition to the three above. I'd allow about 1.5 hours or so for a fairly casual playthrough. Good luck! PREPARED LEADERBOARD: Deafpixel (unknown) Hello, and welcome, Deafpixel. It is said that a picture tells a thousand words. In this case, the picture tells 0 words. I know nothing about this run. Did it even happen? Why am I even bothering to type this out STANDARD LEADERBOARD: 1. Master Medi (cat 1 Survival 1:13:38) Excellent work, a couple of not so survival looking moments, but overall a very confident run, often just pressing everything at once and hoping for the best, and the best is what we got 2. Asbadagba (cat 1 dead (DNF) m8 1:00:33) That's proper rubbish, that. I'd say that would've been a likely victory otherwise if not for that minor map related wiring error there. Tread carefully everyone 3. ginc (cat 1 dead m7 1:20:19) Another cell saver here; don't you know there's a war on? 4. Suitepee: (cat 1, dead on m7, 1:45:01) That's not good that's not good THATS NOT GOOD. Quite a good run though however, what were you saving all those cells for? You can't take em with you! 5. Brainfreezzzzz (cat 1, dead m6, 43:29) Oh shit, its a crusher, it's ok though I'm hard I can take it, hang on, oh shit, this is a slow cru... 6. AnimaZero (cat 1 dead m6, 59:43) Map is called 'undying', but Anima somehow manages to make dying look easy. Good Job. 7. Vince Vega (cat 1 dead m6 1:06:35) Perilous ledge there just lining you up for all kinds of no no. Other option was to join Anima and sleep it off in the lava. Not sure which is the worst way to go in this instance 8. Vytaan (cat 1 dead m6 1:15:08) Rounded it off with a nice early bath, I'd say you slipped on that ledge there; taking a rocket direct to the chops probably opened up a nice bloody wound, bit skiddy underfoot 9. Beginner (cat 1 dead m6 1:16:23) A flat performance by beginner, the weight of expectation placed upon all runners in this wad. It's been a squeeze for time watching all these demos, been under some real pressure. seen some crushing defeats, like this one 10. RjY (cat 1 dead m5 1:08:08) That cheeky side cacoball set the ball rolling for Rj's demise. A mouse fart would've done it but an 80 damage rev rocket almost gibs him, the result's the same either way 11. Pseudonaut (cat 1 dead m4 35:33) That was a rough open hand slap from that hell knight combined with what must've been the curviest rev rocket in Ironman history. Anyone would be happy to die as a result of that combo 12. LadyMistDragon (cat 1 dead m4 46:45) After some palpable frustration on m2, a wild crusher appears to put LMD out of one's misery. Promise I'll not pick another puzzle map 13. dt_ (cat 2, dead m3, 19:42) Temporarily forgot that the start is always the exit, and assumed that in this case it'd be that cyber's backside. (spoiler) It's not. 14. NoisyVelvet (cat 1 dead m2 9:35) Susses the m2 start puzzle out no bother, it's just the other Doom fundamentals like dodging massive fireballs and, ultimately, not dying that get the better of him here 15. ClumsyCryptid (cat 1, DNF m2, 11:06) Less of a softlock and more of a 'just can't quite reach that switch' lock. Save your projectiles to avoid being locked in this nightmare 16. Joe-Ilya (cat 1, dead m2, 11:09) The first of likely many future deaths in that scenario for blind players, Joe nearly edges it but the wind from that blast just pushes him a bit too far 17. Helm (cat 1 DNF m2 11:46) I'd say less of a stall and more of a catastrophic clutch failure; the helm engine is still going strong as ever but them wheels just can't be turned. Sometimes the challenge is keeping a couple of rounds spare in your back pocket 18. Darth_wiader (cat 1 dead m2 14:08) Revenant tried his level best to take that rocket for you, but you wanted to die so badly. Great work on that puzzle early on 19. Austinado (cat 1 dead m2 16:50) revenant brought a rocket launcher to a fist fight, that's well unfair, I feel for ya 20. head_cannon (cat 1 dead m1 kills: 29/49) Almost a pacifist approach early on, the demons did not share this channel of thought however, you can guess the rest 21. Pegleg (cat 1 dead m1 kills: 19/49) Nice gentle start, looking smooth, then goes for a close quarters run on a revenant while armed with arguably the best long range weapon in the game. Classic case of too much 'W', and a lack of 'S' (or front/back arrow, delete as applicable) 22. Horus (cat 1, dead m1, kills: 15/49) Cheeky chaingunner dusts off Horus, after surviving a couple of light encounters by the skin of his teeth. There's always next time, eh 23. NaZa (cat 1 dead m1 kills: 15/49) Happened upon a couple of handy secrets early on, but then failed to capitalise on that, instead chosing to go in for a hug with a mancubus. Mancubus displeased by the affection, especially in this wad 24. SCF (cat 1, dead m1, kills: 12/49) Bit of a fumble there, the only puzzle encountered here was which random weapon to use at what exact point; just to clarify, the puzzle has still not yet been solved 25. Andromeda (cat 1, dead m1, kills: 8/49) A couple of early iffy choices cut this one short, that hell knight sure wasn't up for dancing anyway 26. No-Man Baugh (cat 1 dead m1, kills: 5/49) Welcome to the DWIL, thanks for playing, and helping to prop up the leaderboard. Could've easily escaped that encounter, hell knight just wanted to welcome you to the club as well by giving you your evening back with an early exit, you can thank him later 27. Lazorical (cat 1 dead m1, kills: 4/49) If the tactics were to die pretty much immediately then they were right on. The 2 stroke fumes from that saw probably clouded your judgement so I'll let you off on that one
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ezzkxyp8mwkv5yr4g0aze/dtetitan.lmp?rlkey=fzbleqetr6r2sqqzey0t56goa&dl=1 Man these dropbox links seem to be getting longer Cat 1 UV I actually noticed the crusher, left the room, then decided to re enter for a little bit of crusher pain, and then managed to skid out of a slow crusher, which I consider to be an achievement of sorts Then a map later, I was shot in the back of the ankle by a zombieman and killed (dead m4, about an hour or so total runtime)
  6. @RjY that kill count is probably right; I generally immediately forget how many kills I've managed on a run, I always forget how long they are, and sometimes even forget what level I make it to. Quite often I will record my demo, die, quit the game, and forget to post it until a few days after
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/hl7x124uctkzk5vu9ijgd/dtenslave.lmp?rlkey=7odur78m1hm66sa2pu5urkk5x&dl=1 I suppose this would be a UV cat 3, as I played up to the start of map2 and then quit, convinced I'd not loaded the wads correctly. I then had another crack at it and made it about half way through before catching a rocket Weird but funny wad with tons of flaws and some really odd looking reskins and a bizarre but comedy plasma gun
  8. Cat 1 https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/qsrqa325hka8dk6358ct1/dtcontain.lmp?rlkey=b5njkwr8qdf90huq9ukt2s3jr&dl=1 Pasted by a cyber, maybe about 450 kills, fun map, what's this about sectors?
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/84alhvtoqilhfmrx5jz83/dtabyss.lmp?rlkey=hdro5pe53xhaftkr852gnjb5f&dl=1 I knew there was a problem when I saw that platform go up that high. (cat 1, softlocked map7, about 25 mins in)
  10. A little trivia if I may: The primary concept of mutiny was cooperative mapping. You'll see in the author list that there's very few maps by a single author. Cooperative mapping is tons easier these days with discord etc, it wasn't so common back in 2015. The map names were predetermined, and the maps had to reflect that to a satisfactory degree
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/i0z602gpf69rbp1ycg1pk/dtmutiny.lmp?rlkey=9xz7k832ud7h381taib71aka6&dl=1 Cat 2 Dead on map 3, I remembered a fair amount of maps 1 and 2, but totally didn't remember anything about the third one except the start area, and it shows with my incorrect dash for the exit
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tag3muwtknylst/dtsgs.lmp?dl=1 I passed away in a really generic manner in m4 I completed the secret level I was all about to call this a cat 2 run, having played what I believe to be shotgun symphony before, but it turns out it was either a really early and completely different version of this wad, or a completely different wad. Either way, I've never seen this wad before, so cat 1. It was fun
  13. Little random trivia about map3: I misinterpreted the scope of the wad, and took it to be a sort of 'twid' project, thus aiming for a more authentic feel to the map The secrets are deliberate (not sure why, was in a funny mood maybe) and you're lucky I didn't add a couple of inaccessible ones like I planned to The western fight was inspired by Aztec, that original fight took me, a young keyboarder, many many days to win back in the nineties. I ended up beating it by loading a save at a specific point which sent all the monsters to sleep (doom95) so I could walk in and they never spawned. I did not understand at the time how this happened It could be possible to complete the map within 10 seconds with a fluke av jump There's a coop cyberdemon facing you in the pool below
  14. Survived blind! (no secret) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddemdrpndsv077z/dtpurge.lmp?dl=1 I wussed out of the secret maps; after one too many close shaves I figured I'd used up all my luck and cashed my chips while I was winnin' Looked like the nineties, but did not play like it Only potential softlock I saw was on the ramp up to the 'clawed wood' door in the main open area of the third map, I reckon if you drop left of the door off the wall, you will be trapped in by tree sprites Took about 2 hours, and there's a bonus bit of content at the end, it's my chainsaw/tyson run of suburbs
  15. May 2023, This month, you will be dying to @Cheesewheel's Malevolence (cl9). It's a tricky and expansive 9 map wad with quite a few spicy new additions that are sure to keep you on your toes if they don't get shot or melted off. I'd strongly recommend having a browse through the forum thread, as it explains the weapon and monster changes without having to play the wad. I would not consider this literary foreknowledge to jeopardise a run's CAT1 status. Get the wad here : Malevolence SOFTLOCKS: None currently reported STANDARD IRONMAN PATTER: -1 attempt, whether it be a natural death, technical issues, cat jumped on keyboard and made you rocket yourself, etc -UV only -No additional wads loaded -No saving/loading -No cheat codes -No freelook, jumping or crouching -Try to enjoy yourself, it's a friendly competition Categories briefly explained: Cat 1: Blind. Don't know this wad from Adam. Never played it before, no foreknowledge; Cat 2: Have played it, or some of it before, enough to offer an advantage, prior to the wad being selected for club play; Cat 3: have swotted up on (but not played) the wad after it was selected for club play with an intention to survive or max the wad, and in the fastest time possible Prepared: Well, you've, erm, prepared for it by playing the wad. There will be a separate leaderboard for this, these runs are also welcomed I'd allow about 2-2.5 hours or so for a fairly casual playthrough. Good luck! PREPARED (masochists) LEADERBOARD: 1. Anima Zero - dead m7 (entry at 88:26) // Great to see a well prepared run giving some shit back to the monsters. But not sure what happened at the end, either the demo desyncs on entry to m7, or you pause it, get high on crack, then return to the game. It's really weird. GJ anyway 2. ClumsyCryptid - dead m3 (entry at 28:52) // The writing was on the wall here, after a pretty rough time, entering that river in such a condition was never going to end well. And he knew it too. Tried to outrun a shotgun blast, but was just not quite fast enough. *bonus trivia* I accidentally loaded this run up on DSDA doom2 IWAD without the pwad, and the resultant desynched demo nearly clears the first room, excellent stuff 3. Horus - dead m2 (entry at 10:01) // Good second effort, nice going on m1, but no, it doesn't get any easier. respect for giving it a second try though, however that respect was not reciprocated by the guys who shot you in the back STANDARD LEADERBOARD: 1. bdubzzz - cat 1 - dead m5 (entry at 1:06:27) // Aw man thought we were onto a survivor there, merrily dancing out of some seriously rough situations, especially at the end, but again it was one of the many additional hitscanners that reaped the rewards 2. Pseudonaut - cat 1 - dead m5 (entry at 1:17:14) // Another potential finisher here, but this ending just goes to show how you can be cruising one minute and then utterly fucked the next with little to no warning and with a very slim margin for error. Great effort nonetheless 3. Asbadagba - cat 2- dead m4 (entry at 28:19) // A real shame to see that death, some great fights survived with no issues, then to have about 5 really basic monsters teleport on asba's backside and just finish the job like that, rude 4. BoxY - cat 1 - dead m3 (entry at 18:03) // I was waiting for a possibility to crack a pun based on boxes etc, and boxy duly delivered. What's that term you use when you're surrounded by bad guys and literally unable to move? Smashing run up until that point though 5. dt_ - cat 2 - dead m3 (entry at 21:38) // Foreknowledge cannot make up for a lack of health, ordnance and skill - the deadly trio omitted from my run. It did help me remember my way around m2 though 6. Ludi - cat 1 - dead m3 (entry at 26:17) // Is it just me, or do those rocket imps sound constipated when they die? Finished off by a new (old) chaingunner while fumbling for some sort of gun maybe. Shame to die out like this after breezing through some of the hardest fights in this map 7. SCF - cat 1 - dead m3 (entry at 26:55) // Going well until the end of m2 where it was real skin of the teeth time. A rather confused death near the start of m3, in a dark area with random monsters all around. This will be a theme of the wad I think 8. Anima Zero - cat 1 - dead m3 (entry at 28:27) // I think Anima must've slipped on a bit of my spilled blood, we both died in the exact same place. Pinkies with shotguns stuffed up their nostrils really do pack a punch 9. Suitepee - cat 1 - dead m3 (entry at 31:28) // "this is bad, oh there's way too much going on, way way too much happening... mumble mumble wrong weapon mumble... " 10. Beginner - cat 1 - dead m3 (entry at 35:10) // Yeah that's a hard fight alright, especially with the low level weaponry supplied. Think you were literally a pixel to the left or right of that medikit that'd have saved you for maybe a couple of seconds more 11. LadyMistDragon - cat 1 - dead m2 (entry at 6:58) // Chaotic yet calm once again, reverses smoothly from severe danger to get put down by a couple of troopers in the next area. Could've used a bit of health there for sure 12. NaZa - cat 1 - dead m2 (entry at 12:24) // Great run with a great ending, I'm not sure there was any escaping those rockets; maybe there's an unwritten bit of dehacked to make them even more annoying than standard. Suppose it would've been nice to have that secret blue armour; don't worry, I couldn't find it either 13. Andromeda - cat 1 - dead m2 (entry at 13:01) // It's funny that all the most successful runs seem to be ended by the regular doom monsters. It is however unregular for a rev to twoshot the player in that fashion. Unlucky 14. Maribo - cat 1 - dead m1 111/117 kills // 'twas going so well until it wasn't. Exit in sight and easily reachable, but must've felt the malevolence coursing through his veins as he went back for more bloodshed, ended up being his blood shed 15. Joe-Ilya - cat 1 - dead m1 106/117 kills // Ballsy move chainsawing those 'pinkies' early on, but that definitely did not pan out so well second time around. 16. Vince Vega - cat 1 - dead m1 104/117 kills // Another one chewed up and spat out by that trap, it all happens so fast, it's a real 'Ironman filter' 17. Brainfreezzzzz - cat 1 - dead m1 102/117 kills // Snuggles up to a couple of shotgun pinkies, I'd say this is an experience he'd rather forget 18. Roofi - cat 1 - dead m1 96/117 kills // Abandons cautious playstyle just at the time it might've come in handy. Besides the bullets, who can really say what was going through Roofi's mind at that moment 19. 4shockblast - cat 1 - dead m1 80/117 kills // Couple of cheeky glides and skips there, but unable to slip out of that trap. Goes for a dirt nap and leaves the demons to sort themselves out 20. NoisyVelvet - cat 1 - dead m1 68/117 kills // Noisy's carefree but skilled run shows no fear, even with such a lack of health. Random monster with a gun in a random dark corner puts him out of his misery, presumably whilst trying to apply a plaster, or checking his phone, or something 21. SilentD00mer - cat 1 - dead m1 63/117 kills // Damn those walls must've felt real nice, or did he just have an itch somewhere unreachable, like a bear rubbing on a tree? I'd say those 'pinkies' scratched it either way, and then some. NEARLY had 3 runs with the same kills here. 22. Worriedidiot - cat 1 - dead m1 62/117 kills - time of expiry 5:29 // Definitely looked worried towards the end, and damn sure it was idiotic to get that close to one of those snotgunner pinkies. I hope you've learnt a valuable lesson there 23. Darth_wiader - cat 1 - dead m1 62/117 kills, time of expiry: 5:52 // Fresh meat for the Ironman grinder; welcome to the club, I hope this will be the first of many runs, and subsequent deaths. Rare to have 2 runs be ranked on map, kills and time of death, making history here 24. AxeL - cat 1 - dead m1 54/117 kills // Now to me those guys didn't look so friendly, but that didn't stop AXEL running to them with open arms. Were they happy to see him, or were they various projectile weapons in their pockets? 25. Horus - cat 1 - dead m1 51/117 kills // Nice easy going run, but dived into the drink against his better judgment; those cacos will really mess you up if you're not on the ball 26. Pegleg - cat 1 dead m1 21/117 kills // Now I'm not David Attenborough, but I'd say a baby gazelle would've had a better chance against a pack of starving hyenas than Peggy had strolling into that room in such a nonchalant manner. Better luck next time
  16. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 55: MAYhem 2019

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/6eope4p3wdih6mk/dtmayhem19.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1 UV, Lasted until map03, fell into the sky and melted slowly
  17. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1uekfzig5d5lkl6/dtmalevolence.lmp?dl=1 Here's mine (cat 2, dead m3) , recorded this a couple of days ago before viewing any demos, to avoid having to submit mine as a prepared. Had a hard time when I played this wad last month, and this time was no different. Will update obits in next few hours after I've watched a fair amount of them
  18. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ztz523z8egu8psq/dtrevival.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1, dead on m6 at about 1:15 or so Probably my funniest ironman death, I did way more damage to myself throughout that run than any of the monsters put together Might have searched for more secrets but was terrified of softlocks
  19. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 54: Prototype

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/e35kmh4ejvotxt9/dtproto.lmp?dl=1 Survival in about three quarters of an hour Didn't see a rocket launcher anywhere, as a result m3 and 4 were a massive grind
  20. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ch0mrtaspkb7c03/dtdemdev.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1 death in map10, I think it was about 1:10 You just know sometimes that you've made a mistake, and this was definitely one of those times
  21. Cat 1 survival (UV) https://www.dropbox.com/s/7xeoyhtvhd82u1s/dtcode.lmp?dl=1 Took ages though, think about an hour
  22. Cat 1 (part 1) https://www.dropbox.com/s/o99j9oxuckvrndt/dtLAZAREVENANT.lmp?dl=1 (part 2) https://www.dropbox.com/s/uii6xewish7nve6/dtLAZAREVENANTPART2.lmp?dl=1 Now, the death exit on map5 did not work for me. So I pistol started on map6 as the wad intended, but during that death exit, I managed to glean a crucial advantage So do with these what you will. Part 2 ends on map9
  23. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 51: Monument

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/boil6y8gg3e6gw9/dtmonument.lmp?dl=1 Non blind, UV (but very sketchy memory) Sorry for the delay Great wad, I remember this being a lot darker and more cramped than it was, but then maybe I'm getting mixed up with Nihility Curiosity killed the cat
  24. I lived! Blind run (approx 1:45) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0u7ywqfhvn3r0it/dtkneedeep.lmp?dl=1 Couple of incredibly lucky and intense moments, reached the exit, and considered exploring further, but realised I was doing an IronMan, and my shoulder was starting to hurt, so I left.
  25. dt_

    The Power Rankings: TNT: Evilution

    Thanks for this, I've enjoyed reading this thread as you have created it; Evolution is my favourite IWAD even though it has its ups and downs. I'd be interested in reading about your thoughts on some of the more classic megawads such as Alien Vendetta, Requiem, Memento Mori and even Plutonia. Maybe even some of the more modern classics such as the BTSX series