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  1. Just confirming that I wasn't complaining with regards to the early use of the trons and RL, I think the map is a great opener and a lot of fun to play. I was just wondering how much leeway is given in these circumstances; I've got an RL (and about 10 rockets total) in map03 which I hope isn't too much of a problem
  2. Oops must have missed that somehow, no worries. It's maybe not an issue to offer them early as long as ammo is not too generous throughout E1
  3. Just having a quick play through of some of the submitted maps (all look great, good work) but couldn't help noticing that map01 (generator) has a rocket launcher and arachnotrons in it; it's your project I get it, but does that mean it's ok for all us E1 mappers to use them?
  4. Did not claim a map slot for some reason. If you are replacing 3, could I take that?
  5. I would be interested in taking an early mapslot (e1)if available. Also happy to help out with running the project or testing if you need any assistance further down the line
  6. Yeah I'm up for that, I've got no camera or mic though, and I play on a pretty old laptop. Might look into twitch, is that the same sort of thing?
  7. I'd get involved in the britbowl, but I don't know how to stream. Will .lmp files still be ok?
  8. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 3: Crumpets

    Played this, but accidentally overwrote my demo and I won't have chance to record a fresh one! There was a nifty speed run opportunity on map01 if you go round the outside of the barons/RL area and can step up straight to the exit platform; that left me with a fair bit of health and ammo for the start in map02 (which I still managed to cock up in the first room). Would have been a category 2 demo, with about 15 kills into map02. Will try harder next year!
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6pp64hts8rzb6w/dwironmandtdtwid.lmp?dl=1 Made it to e4m4, can't remember how I died, was most probably stupidly Cat 1 (blind)
  10. dt_

    Having trouble with slopes

    Select the pivot line, give it action 181, align it with either front or back and Robert's yer father's brother. It will need a sector to slope up or down to however, you can't slope a sector part way up a solid wall, it can only meet with the level of a neighbouring sector. Don't forget to press tab key either, this toggles advanced rendering on or off
  11. Sorry guys, recorded these about 2 weeks ago and totally forgot to upload https://www.dropbox.com/s/vb0as3y2ypqgt93/dtren%2Bresist.zip?dl=1 Cant remember how far I got into renascense, think it was about map08, and I made it to Joe's map in resistance (5 i think?), didn't even survive to play my own map. Solid category 2 for both, although the release of resistance.wad I played last did not have Joe's map in it, so that particular part was blind. There surely can't be anyone claiming cat 1 for renascence as it is pretty much the spitting image of the original maps
  12. dt_

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Been teaching myself GZdoom over the last couple of years on and off. Give me another 12 months and I might have something for you to play!
  13. dt_

    Best Single Map WADs

    You ought to try the current beta of Vela pax, it's a map set, but the maps are so massive and immersive and are also forgiving from pistol start, so treat them as individuals and you're good
  14. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 2: Vanguard

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/uf7c8d23hlvm6qb/dtvanguard.lmp?dl=1 Made it to map11, got a bit cocky though and died like an idiot. I've played vanguard a couple of times before, so a definite 'category 2', and bits of it recently in zdaemon survival coop so it was pretty fresh in my mind, felt like I played quicker and more aggressively than normal, but I think it's the combat style and easy going nature of the mapset that brought that out of me
  15. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 2: Vanguard

    Ok cheers for the quick answer, will have a bash at this tonight