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  1. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 37: Ol' No Name

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wppx06bvgpw9a5e/dtnoname.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1 first map death, died to a manc that teleported directly behind me, as seems to be a bit of a theme here. Pretty tough map
  2. dt_

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sunlust

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/14vhmco23gz9qnc/dtlust.lmp?dl=1 Cat 2 Think it was map04, it was called 'sol', anyway. If I remember correctly, I snuffed it in the very final fight
  3. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 36: Dystopia 3

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2y5itlmrxszgqk/dtdystopiaboth.zip?dl=1 UV Cat 1 for both, Lost the race on map3 even though I'd read about it. You really need to give it some pasty to survive, esp on UV Survived 301, harsh start but cool after that
  4. Both blind, wasn't ready for that spider on glaive 1 (think it was map09), and on the second one, that was a fair bit tougher, think I made it to level 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/obdpa4o4yjrm72a/dtglaive.zip?dl=1
  5. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 35: Data Center

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovg798zw0cav9kv/dtdatacentre.lmp?dl=1 Map 05 slow crusher outta nowhere. Only thing to die on that map was me. Cat 1
  6. dt_

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Eye

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mof1ttq3y5fch5l/dteye.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1, about 20 mins, managed about 150 kills I think Theres no ammo I made some poor choices
  7. dt_

    The Resurgence of: DWIronman League.

    Cat 1 wasted in map03 after about 20 mins or so https://www.dropbox.com/s/x747hhx28hsade8/dtresurge.lmp?dl=1 I was expecting a map01 start room packed with revs and chaingunners, but that's just coop, where I've played this before There's also a useful arch vile near the exit of map03 that can help you exit the map as a corpse. I've never played any more of that map, and I think it shows in the demo, and subsequent lame death
  8. Not mapped in a while, fancied doing something like this. Is e1m7 still free, I'll take it if it is
  9. dt_

    The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe 2

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/rx7j91fejanth31/dtscythe2.lmp?dl=1 Died on map14, or maybe 13, about half way through the map, about an hour 15 in. Didn't expect to survive map21 anyway (if that's the green one where you start surrounded by mancs and goats) Cat 2, but kept forgetting what wad I was playing, was thinking it was bloodstain, then epic2, and a lot of my plays of scythe2 have been on coop, so in some situations I was expecting massive gangs of revs or the odd extra cyber
  10. dt_

    The DWIronman League dies to: Firebox

    Cat 1 Rocketed myself Survived the first trap blind though, that's gotta count for something right https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6mi1z145aayp63/dtfirebox.lmp?dl=1
  11. Well, the main post has been updated for the final time. Cheers to all 35 of you for participating; it's been a lot of fun watching how you guys play (and die) and compiling this thread Couple of special mentions: @ScrappyMcDoogerton - while it was a cat 3, noone can knock the preparation that went into that run. Fastest run of the month, well done @Bdubzzz, @4shockblast - madly entertaining runs, I hope there's some more competition for speed like that in the future @Daerik, @NightTerror - amazing blind play, who knows what you guys could achieve if you submitted a prepped run also @Pegleg - last but not least, for finding the time to play this twice while also hosting a club of his own. Not to mention propping up the table. Suppose someone's got to do it!
  12. According to BST (British summer time) there's about 14 hours left to submit any sneaky late runs, good luck
  13. Well, here's my entry: https://www.dropbox.com/s/psy8l1cifsc51xu/dtvio.lmp?dl=1 Cat 2 Never been so close to a survival, and then thrown it away. Fell for 'the' secret in map04
  14. May 2021 This month's pick will be Violence, the 4 map boom (cl9) debut solo set from @AD_79. Lots of soothing purple colours and gorgeous open terrain juxtaposed with fast paced bloody combat. What're you waiting for? Let's get violent! Get it here: The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! Standard leaderboard: 1. Bdubzz: F**king hell, blink and you'll miss it. Fast, but not hasty run, absolutely no sweat broken here (cat 2 survival, 18:38) 2. 4shockblast: An equally rapid run, can only assume 4shockblast paused somewhere incredibly briefly to reflect on life, or to scratch his balls, forfeiting his top spot. You can get an ointment for that over the counter (cat 2 survival 18:50) 3. AD_79: It's almost like AD knew what to expect here somehow, oh, wait, yeahh. If ever there was an argument for a 'category 4'. Nevertheless, hell of a run, cracking stuff. (cat 2 survival, 19:02) 4. Veinen: This guy came for violence, and supplied it thick and fast, really bloody fast (cat 2 survival, 28:38) 5. Shepardus: Although mainly a blind run, was played with confidence and aggression. The lord is our Shepardus! Top work, well done (cat 2 survival, 35:01) 6. cannonball: Nothing more satisfying than slaughtering hundreds of demons of a Sunday aft. Couple of close calls but a smooth run (cat 2 survival, 36:36) 7. NightTerror: Great work, nice run, if only that yellow key was that bit shinier you'd have been in with a good shot at the top spot (cat 1 survival, 40:35) 8. BoxY: Doesn't look too rusty to me. A no nonsense survival, bit hot under the collar near the end, but shrugged it off. Nice (cat 1 survival, 40:50) 9. ReaperAA: Reaper by name but that run was anything but grim. Cleaved his way to survival, yearning for more (cat 2 survival, 44:52) 10. dt_: Can't even survive his own ironman wtf (but could have done). Next time I'm picking the first myhouse.wad I happen upon (cat 2 map04, 479 kills, 47:26) 11. super: Welcome to DWIL super. Also, welcome to the category 1 death pit (cat 1 map04, 291 kills, 1.15:12) 12. Arbys550: Like violent greased lighnting, that is, until he himself was greased. Great work (cat 1 map04, 248 kills, 20:14) 13. Beginner: Another one joining me in falling for THAT trap. They call it a secret, we call it something unrepeatable, otherwise looking good for a survival (cat1 map04, 209 kills, 43.30) 14. Daerik: Another one straight out of the traps like a man possessed, and another one in the bag for that secret. Never mind though, the 'fastest player to reach map04' award is waiting for you. Jokes aside, excellent blind play, shame it ended the way it did (cat 1 map04, 170 kills, 11:34) 15. an_mutt: Rolled into a relaxing trap, got farted on by a cacodemon. If only mutt had used the air freshener 9000 plus the tonnes of ammo he had in his pocket, there may have been a different outcome (cat 2 map04, kills unspecified, 36:55) 16. MHRZ: Think we have an example of the issue AD spoke about with regards to the teleporting key. Tragic end to a solid blind run (cat 1 map03 DNF, 174 kills) 17. NaZa: Double teamed by a weirdly tall and violent imp, and a revenant with the possibly 2 of the most accurate shots in recent years. They just weren't standing for it, neither was poor NaZa (cat 1 map03, 130 kills, 20:19) 18. Dieting Hippo: He says cocky, I'd say more aggressive, but not quite as aggressive as that caco horde. Better luck next time (cat 1 map03, 30:16, 112 kills) 19. DavidN: Looks like our Dave dropped his passport somewhere in map02; border control were all over him like a rash. Revenant asks some probing questions (cat 1 map03, 71 kills, 25:28) 20. Maribo: Missed the sign that says 'swimmers will be shot in the top of the head by zombiemen on sight'. Not often a steady run is terminated by one of them. Decent blind run (cat 1 map03, 39 kills, 18:48) 21. Yugiboy85: it's death by 1000 cuts for Yugiboy, Pesky landlubbers, and revenants, and all the other nasty nasty things on the beach (cat 2 map03, 35 kills, 13:49) 22. Pseudonaut: All washed up on the shores of map03. No room for sandcastles here. Run was going well until this point (cat 2 map03, 30 kills, 11:03) 23. head_cannon: Ain't that a hole in the boat. Forgot his waterwings, and drowned out on the salty beaches of map03 (cat 1 map03, 10 kills, 18:40) 24. DisgruntledPorcupine: There's speak of a technical issue; I'd say its more like buckshot to the backside while admiring the scenery. Run had promise, best of luck next time! (cat 1 map02, 4 kills, 9:49) 25. Fadri: Survives undaunted for what seems like an eternity on sub 10% health, only to choke on a blueberry. Always cut them in half for your little ones guys (cat 1 map01, 155 kills, 18:15) 26. skullz64: End was open and comforting, but thought he'd go sightseeing. Strayed too far from the beaten path and got, well, beaten (cat 1 map01, 145 kills, 9:35) 27. Major_Arlene: Yes, that was a dumb idea. Curiosity has scalped many a cat on this map. Facial expressions confirm disappointment, better luck next time (cat 1 map01, 126 kills, 7:04) 28. Peccatum Mihzamiz: Exits are for quitters, and also smart folk who would like to complete the game and possibly win ironman. Got clipped round the ear by a revenant for being daft (cat 1 map01, 125 kills, 8:49) 29. bobby"lolmcswagger": There's been many more embarrassing deaths than this one don't worry, got swamped in the exit fight in an incredibly unembarrassing manner (cat 1 map01, 105 kills, 6:01) 30. E.M.: Someone tell E.M. that the violence is meant to be dished out by him. Kneecapped by a sharp shooting sarge (cat 1 map01, 79 kills, 7:17) 31. Pegleg: Where did it all go wrong for Pegleg? Couple of high RNG rolls early on spelt an early disaster, followed by some reality mode creeping, but not far (cat 1 Map01, 29 kills, 3:30) 32. NoisyVelvet: Ran forward looking for a violent exchange rather than retreating. Violence found him alright (cat 1 map01, 27 kills, 1:20) 33. Adun: Aw dead already, I was just getting warmed up!! (cat 1 map01, 26 kills, 1.16) Prepared leaderboard: 1. ScrappyMcDoogerton: Not too fussed for violence, only exits, and blistering speed. Nothing scrappy about this run (cat 3 survival, 18:14) 2. Suitepee: Nice chilled run, but even a cat 3 stalwart cannot survive that barrel trap. Can it be done? What happens after you survive it? So many unanswered questions (cat 3 survival, 51.56) 3. El_Inferno: Had a barrel of laughs. I'm still waiting for someone to survive that. Unfortunately, lower skill levels do not reduce the punch of those explosives (cat 1 map04, kills:223 (HMP) 48.43) 4. Pegleg: What if, during some cat 3 runs, the monsters also prepare. That can be the only explanation for pegleg's demise in this instance, right?? (cat 3 map01, 56 kills, 6:02) Also, a special shout out to a.a.i, who's run somehow corrupted. Sort ya shit out!! Yearly leaderboard: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xSgVtna_6hMceFC-kDbmfiFU_0w0s4eD2N1V9AetO_k/ Rules- You know em, but here's a simmered down version: -1 attempt, whether it be a natural death, technical issues, cat jumped on keyboard and made you rocket yourself, etc -UV only -No additional wads loaded -No saving/loading -No cheat codes -No freelook, jumping or crouching -Try to enjoy yourself, it's a friendly competition Categories briefly explained: Cat 1: Blind. Don't know this wad from Adam. Never played it before, no foreknowledge; Cat 2: Have played it, or some of it before, enough to offer an advantage, prior to the wad being selected for club play; Cat 3: prepared. Played some or all of the wad after it was selected for club play with an intention to survive or max the wad, and in the fastest time possible I'd allow about an hour or so for a fairly regular playthrough Good luck!
  15. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtvde6766e3bws0/dtorifice.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1, about 11k kills or so, like everyone else No that's not a desync, on the outer ring of the arena my framerate was about 3 or so