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  1. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 49: Foursite

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/8eh03nubjem3eyh/dtfoursite.lmp?dl=1 I'm pretty certain I followed @NaZa out the very same door and got loftsocked. Tried to gib myself but failed. Not sure how long I took, sorry
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ma9wehbloojr6j/dtdwilnov22.lmp?dl=1 Better submit mine, Cat 3
  3. @Brainfreezzzzz shame it didn't work for you, you're more than welcome to submit a prepared run if you fancy. Anyone else not sure if the dehacked is working; when you pick up your first shotty of one of the Sarges up top and you get any more than 2 shells in it, you've not got it going correctly
  4. November 2022, This month, you will be dying to doom e1. You all know the maps, so this should be easy, eh. But wait on, there's more... I've been working on a little dehacked file to spice things up a touch, as I'm sure there won't be many (if any) category 1 runs this month. You will also be playing with FAST MONSTERS active (-fast) Here's an example command line for glboom, other ports similar- glboom-plus -iwad c:\doom\doom.wad -deh c:\doom\dwil-nov.deh -fast -warp 1 1 -skill 4 -record <yourdemoname> Brief breakdown of the changes in the dehacked, so you don't have to test it and theoretically submit a prepared run: -> Imp fireballs approx double damage and fly twice as fast -> Bullets and shells give half ammo (5 round dropped clip now down to 2 bullets) -> Baron fireballs do about 2.5x damage, and travel a bit faster, for those of you skilled enough to make it to m8 -> Souls do double damage and have half health, and cacoballs do double damage as well, but these changes will be irrelevant as I'm sure you know Here it is : dwil-nov Just a reminder, You MUST load the above dehacked file You MUST play with FAST MONSTERS enabled Failure to do so will disqualify your run. That will not stop you submitting a breathtakingly excellent prepared run however Standard Ironman patter below: Rules- You know em, but here's a simmered down version: -1 attempt, whether it be a natural death, technical issues, cat jumped on keyboard and made you rocket yourself, etc -UV only -No additional wads loaded, EXCEPT THE SUPPLIED DEHACKED FILE in this instance -No saving/loading -No cheat codes -No freelook, jumping or crouching -Try to enjoy yourself, it's a friendly competition Categories briefly explained: Cat 1: Blind. Don't know this wad from Adam. Never played it before, no foreknowledge; Cat 2: Have played it, or some of it before, enough to offer an advantage, prior to the wad being selected for club play; Cat 3: have swotted up on (but not played) the wad/dehacked after it was selected for club play with an intention to survive or max the wad, and in the fastest time possible Prepared: Well, you've, erm, prepared for it by playing the wad (in this case, used the .deh file with doom.wad). There will be a separate leaderboard for this, these runs are also welcomed I'd allow about 45-50 mins or so for a fairly regular playthrough. Good luck! Remember, FAST MONSTERS, and of course the supplied dehacked file. I think this might be a bit of an experimental slant on the traditional Ironman; see how you go, all the best! LEADERBOARD 1: NightTerror - cat 2 - survival+1 28:15 // A belting whistlestop tour of E1. That'll take some beating all right. 2: dt_ - cat 3 - survival+1 31:41 // It's not a fix I swear. I doubt I'll stay up here for long. 3: Asbadagba - cat 2 - survival+1 35:17 // I'll be honest, I don't know what a longtic is, or what it means. But even without them, this demo was short, sweet and successful. (I know know what a longtic is - thanks!) 4: Uncletito - cat 2 - survival+1 42:55 // Tito did not get hacked off with the dehacked, and the demons were fast but he was faster. Not hasty, mind. Nice smooth run 5: Ludi - cat 2 - survival+1, 44:53 // Couple of rough moments, especially that nailbiter on m8, but an otherwise sound run, nice. 6: Beginner - cat 2 - survival+1, 48:22 // No medikits were harmed in the making of this demo, or any beginners either. cool run. 7: ginc - cat 2 - survival+1, 49:20 // Lovely smooth run, great work! Runs like this make me wish I'd been harder with the dehacked mods 8: NaZa - cat 2 - survival+1, 51:07 // Nothing to fear but fear itself, and really fast pinkies, oh and maybe your mum if you skip a family dinner. Knows e1 like the back of his hand. 9: Vince Vega - cat 2 - survival+1 57:05 // Happy to assist Vince in his quest to find his G spot. Slow and steady, just how we like it. Everyone knows you just get sore if you rush these things. 10: Andromeda - cat 2 - survival+1 60:11 // Nothin' in this game for two in a bed, says our Jim. I say there's nothing extra for maxing, except maybe street cred. But he left some alive in the last room anyway... 11: LadyMistDragon - cat 2 - survival 29:51 // Here's a lass that lives life on the edge, quite often very low health and ammo, lackadaisical, reckless, incredibly fast but also somehow ponderous; a weirdly mesmeric and entertaining run, well worth a watch. 12: Suitepee - cat 2 - dead m8 64:33 // Goodness gracious great (baron)ball(s) of fire. Then licked to death by a translucent pinky on acid. What a fantastic chain of events for a Sunday evening. 13: Pseudonaut - cat 2 - dead m7 30:51 // It was death by a thousand cuts for Pseudonaut at the start of m7. Basically irritated to death, it was a ninja sergeant that delivered the final slice. 14: NoisyVelvet - cat 2 - dead m7 49:21 // It was a tense last couple of minutes for the noisyman there on an otherwise steady run. Sarge just got the measure of him though. 15: 4shockblast - cat 2 - dead m6 18:36 // Going for the fastest run so far, but then a hungry pinkie rips his face off whilst ol' fourshock was deciding which weapon he was going to drop for others to pick up when he died. 16: silentd00mer - cat 2 - dead m6 24:35 // You're lucky I don't know how to double the hitscan damage, the state of you after the first room, that'd have been the shortest run of all time. Still staggers on to map 6 though. Bet them spectres broke a tooth eating you with all that buckshot you took early on. 17: Brick - cat 2 - dead m5 23:40 // Can't think of any mortar say, he cements a nice steady run before, er, bricking it on m5. Hopefully this will be the foundation on which to build many DWIL runs in future. 18: NiGHTS108 - cat 2 - dead m5, 24.23 // What's that, jump scares in E1? surely not. Change of undercrackers required either way. Nights will be sleepless for a while. 19: SCF - cat 2 - DNF, sort of gave up on m4 11:33 // About as close to a cat 1 as possible. Romero would never have allowed that softlock onto those floppy discs back in 93, stuck pinkies on m6 are cool tho. Demo worth watching for the imp infight at the end of m3 alone. 20: Horus - cat 2 - dead m4 20:52 // So many what ifs, what if he'd found that chaingun before m4, what if he'd found any of the decent secrets, what if he'd not sat down on a barrel while a demon chews on his nether regions... 21: SiFi270 - cat 3 - dead m3 15:19 // Another run with an awesome imp infight on m3, he goes to set up the second one though, without any luck. 22: AnimaZero - cat 2 - dead m3, 11:30 // Anima takes pity on that imp, or did the gun jam, either way, he gets burned. Good Job. PREPBOARD 1: Xx_lol6_xX - survival 20:51 // Not put off by double damage imps or turbo pinkies, your player here records a double speed turbo run. Prepared or not, that's impressive 2: Pegleg - dead m5 52:52 // Those shaved gorillas really close you down with -fast on. It was literally the last 4 monsters in the map that got him. Good performance in some of the tougher fights however, could've been promising. Pegleg's original run - disqualified - survival 80:04 // First ever ironman survival, good work, and I'm really sorry I can't count it. Shame about -regularlevelofspeedmonsters.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7d9jou8yt426oi/dteternally.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1 UV Died to one of the imp traps in map4
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/67k2pv5in4nr17x/dtsharp.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1 survival. Got lost for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages Think it was about an hour or so
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcy7zbj7byjyj0h/dtsucker1.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1 death (sucker punch 1) Got cornered and promptly filled in by a bunch of revs, I think like a lot of others
  8. Both cat 1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/aiu36veja8gcvem/dtphobosdeimos.lmp?dl=1 (ep 1) https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6ztaramailacx0/dtphobosdeimos2.lmp?dl=1 (ep 2) survival about 45 mins I honestly can't remember much about e1, I can't even remember if I survived, sorry, I recorded it ages ago and have not been able to upload it until now. I just recorded ep2, due to not noticing that there was an ep2 until about an hour ago Nice easy going wads
  9. dt_

    Ask me something about one of these maps...

    Dragon rooms, wow that's gotta be an eight year old map now, takes me back a way. I'd not long restarted doom mapping at that point, and was testing using an old source port with mouse look and no auto aim, wonder if this hampers some of the fights somewhat. I also made that map with the intention of having the whole place flooded with arch viles after you'd cleared the place, hence the quite open layout; do you think I should have gone with that? I struggled to find an original mechanic that would explain to the player what was about to happen, and found it easy to get cornered by them, so removed the whole scenario and added the end fight with the mastermind
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2h8vkh5era8upmm/dtviscous.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1, dead at about 25 mins with about 250 or so kills, nice map, shame I didn't see more of it
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/35x11ohf78v6gp2/dtintime.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1 survival in about 1hr 10. good fun
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8canmoi7oeyonmx/dtspawnhell.lmp?dl=1 Cat 1, died on map5 after about an hour's playing got mobbed by a bunch of wound up revenants
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgwce3yc2czdye2/dtvigor.lmp?dl=1 Now, I think I remember some of this set from a relatively recent TNS session, I definitely remembered map3 and some parts of map5, so it's a cat 2 for me. Died about half way through map5, I think to the same trap that a couple of others have been fried in
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2howyo48m8xoxp6/dtmotm.lmp?dl=1 About 275 kills I think, I'm not sure whether to call this a cat 1 as I have played some of the original MOTM when it was first released; I remembered literally nothing apart from a trap heavy nature, and the general visual theme of the wad, could this be a rare cat 1.5?