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  1. dt_

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    It's not meant for the former human to open, if you look closely in the window, on the left hand side there's a shootable switch. I do think though on reflection that that secret is quite hard to spot in relation to the reward
  2. dt_

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    ^^are you sure that's map04? If so, can you tell me where it is?
  3. dt_

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    cat 2, stature reduced on map23 I'd played up until map15 with the club a few years back, and I'd seen the warnings on the teeth area, map20 iirc accidentally played the first 2 maps with mouselook, didnt realise, sorry No secret maps, but one cheeky exit on map08
  4. Died on map04, computer went a bit weird, then picked up BFG and got immediately zapped. Excuses excuses etc. Blind run:
  5. Made it to map04, stepped out of time dancing with a cyber Forgot to hold off briefly before quitting, was very close to the end of 04 though UV cat1
  6. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 9: Bloody Steel

    Sorry for not participating this month, but my computer really struggles with bloody steel rendering it pretty much unplayable, count me in next month though unless it's another CPU melter
  7. Was killing it (with a couple of close shaves) and then due to some kind of technical/port error managed to die with 80% health wtf made it to 05 anyway, disappointed as I've played this a few times, it's a laugh, and I feel I would have been able to complete it
  8. Got rinsed on map03 (lunatic) Now, I'm pretty sure I've played this before but I didn't remember any of it at all, apart from a couple of bits of map3 as it seems to be very similar to a valiant map (or the other way round) so will call it a cat 2 anyway. Stream hasn't got long left before it expires but I think I only made it about a third into the map (284 kills). Will run vanguard soon, that will defo be a cat 2
  9. So, does someone who plays through as a cat 1, and then does a re run as a cat 3 have both runs scored, and in doing so rank higher than someone who prepared privately and then ran a singular cat 3?
  10. dt_

    IronEagle Competition 8: Bauhaus

    Survived this in a little over an hour, for some reason I always click off the end screen too quickly, think it's about 1:03 but not sure Cat 2 UV, played this a few years back but didn't remember much about the wad apart from it being quite cramped and low on health in areas
  11. dt_

    The DWIronman League dies to: SIGIL

    Totally forgot about this until today, sorry Cat 3, I wanted to play this for the first time without the pressure of an ironman run Got flattened on m4 as I knew I would, think one of my shoelaces got snagged in the crusher or something
  12. dt_

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    I think the best concept of final fight that sticks out in my mind would be hadephobia's map20 'ostoyae anomaly' by @purist, which was a standard(ish) map that had an iirc unkillable monster spawner and a few spawn points dotted about the map. Kind of felt like a nightmare skill but with the random monster element, and it really pressured the player to blaze through the map and escape May cause vanilla issues though
  13. Skill level: not too bad, a bit reckless sometimes maybe Preferred difficulty level(s): UV, HMP Maximum number of maps ´╗┐in a set: any, but be prepared to wait if they're long and there's buckets of em Minimum number of maps in a set: any Preferred genres: I'm easy, but mainly prefer casual wads with an emphasis on story and loads of atmosphere Genres you don't like: none, I'll test pretty much anything Preferred source ports: ´╗┐PrBoom+, skulltag Source ports refused: any GL accelerated port (for streaming), will use glboom for LMP files Demos or written comments: demos and twitch streams Notes: Ive mapped a fair bit for various games over the last couple of decades or so, mostly doom though. The most modern doom style game I've played is half life 2, so I feel kind of unspoilt by modern games, mainly due to low quality hardware my end. Due to this I can't stream with any GL accelerated port, so use glboom for demos only, and a random version of skulltag for streaming
  14. Twitch erases my runs after 2 weeks, is there a way to stop that happening?
  15. dt_

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    FDA of all e3 maps in order, maps that are next to each other have been played continuously