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  1. Hello. I have the Xbox 360 Doom/Doom 2 ports downloaded and I currently play them on my Xbox One. Is there any way I can download the TNT/Plutonia episodes for free or do I have to download the latest Doom/Doom 2 ports? Thanks
  2. Jeffo2448

    DOOM 2016 mod

    I'm aware
  3. Jeffo2448

    DOOM 2016 mod

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned http://youtu.be/M6_PwTUSa4I
  4. Jeffo2448


    Not mine, but I think he did a great job
  5. I just got the game today and I'm only on the second level, so my opinion is early so to speak. Anyway, what percentage of classic vs new DOOM do you feel this game is? My current opinion: 40% old DOOM/ 60% new DOOM It seems the game (early impression) is a bit arcadey. It's fun, but it is lacking some old school elements. I do miss the old school former humans/zombie men/chaingunners. I think the imps are cool though. I also feel the game is lacking the catchy music that loops throughout each level. These are just a few things that come to mind.
  6. Jeffo2448

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    Topic. (One thing from the classic series)
  7. Curious about your favorite and least favorite doom song is in each Doom and Doom II. I'll have to get the names and list mine.
  8. Jeffo2448

    Classic maps

    Which classic maps are included in the game?
  9. 1. Are key cards as prominent as they are in the originals? Do you need them to beat every level? 2. Is the Baron of Hell more of a boss type character or do they appear frequently during gameplay? 3. Are there any hanging bodies/impaled bodies in the levels? 4. Besides the UAC lab/foundry and Hell type levels, are there any other types? Thanks all
  10. Jeffo2448

    Former sergeants/Zombiemen

    It seems like the shotgunners, zombiemen, and chain gunners aren't really being incorporated into the game as much as I thought. There were hoards of them in the originals and now they seem sorta like filler material in the new Doom. Chaingunners were always a challenge, especially in numbers. I hope they use these guys effectively in the new game
  11. Jeffo2448

    How much could id milk?

    I'd say they could milk about two gallons. Sorry for that one
  12. Jeffo2448

    Memento Mori 2 Map 25 issue

    Thanks for the help guys. The TNTCOMP command fixed the issue