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  1. Katgut

    Weirdass Time cover art.

    Grammar, the other white meat!
  2. Katgut

    Hellstorm TC?

    Mmm... I'm not totally dead to the world, either, and I'm the other guy in charge of Hellstorm. (I haven't posted in so fucking long it's not funny, but that's because of assorted people who seem to have finally left.) Hellstorm's currently on hold, not dead; it's waiting for EDGE 1.28 to come out (the HUD DDF code needs to be written, definitely, before Hellstorm comes out); and any help would, of course, be vastly appreciated. E-mail me at mdenham@coinet.com for details - I'll help as much as I can. I'm not about to pass it on, since the potential I see in it is... well... vast. :-)
  3. Katgut

    an olympic poll - hockey

  4. Katgut

    I changed my mind!

    Extending the chart out (and correcting it): Katie Couric < weed < crack < caffeine < Pac-Man < mahjong arcade games < Pokemon cards < M:tG cards < the comics section of your paper < Megatokyo < tobacco < forums < DDR < air If anyone makes a timeline.gif-like version of this, I kill them dead. D-three-four-D. D34D, F00.
  5. Katgut

    Free stuff -- is it good or bad?

    Umm...I think you mean "All Doom players look at porn in their spare time." Because its true. I don't have any spare time - DDR took it all away. But I don't play Doom much anymore.
  6. Katgut

    pritch ok

    Yeah, he exits his house, then he exits his car, then he exits the school...
  7. What, you're working on this too, Fod?
  8. Katgut


    The amount of posts Pritch lost going from 666 to -666. Is he going to have his postcount go back to -666 next time he hits 666?
  9. Katgut

    If there was no DOOM, what FPS would you play?

    Descent was first released at some point in 1994 (assorted screens), and was in progress in 1993 (the source) - so there is almost definitely some overlap in the develop times. It's entirely possible that Descent was inspired by one of the betas of Doom - but I doubt it.
  10. Katgut


    I hope you realize how much you need a life. Almost the entire first half of this forum is filled with The-Widow-Maker. no, I just have a free hour before dinner with which I am trying to own this forum. THE FORUMS HATH MADE YOU THEIR BITCH!
  11. Katgut

    If there was no DOOM, what FPS would you play?

    Point-by-point complaints: Who says he didn't? Lemme tell you about a little game called Descent... Maybe not. Is this a bad thing? It would be called "Anarchy" still. Raven would have improved the Wolf3D engine to about the level shown in Heretic. * Katgut waves one finger in the air in a circle, making the universally-recognized sarcastic "whoopee" gesture Other Build engine games would exist, although the version of the engine they would have used would be to the current Build engine what Heretic was to Wolf3D. This is a bad thing? This means that most true-3D games would have been derived from the Descent engine. (Whether or not that's a good thing is up for debate.) Uhhh... Unreal, Unreal Tournament... wait, I haven't seen any of those around. Are you saying there's a game called Unreal and they've used the engine for other games? WRONG - look at Descent. They did do a rewrite (for S3 cards only, though) that did 3D acceleration. I believe that Descent 2 and 3 do use 3D acceleration. You mean like most of the people in #doom already do? Now, if Descent hadn't been made, the situation would have been much, much worse. er... LONG LIVE DESCENT!
  12. Katgut


    I'll do that if you want. But you won't add mine with my other account :P (before it was raped I mean). I'll take donations from anyone's postcount... anyone got 50 posts to spare? Seriously, though, if I have to see the-widow-maker's brightly shining title again, I'm gonna find that little punk and vomit in his oatmeal, then make him eat it and show that over a webcam.
  13. Katgut

    The Lost Episodes of DOOM artwork

    the-widow-maker needs to GET OFF MY FUCKING INTERNET
  14. Katgut

    Level editors

    You forgot the E4M6 one, where sectors tagged 666 open like doors when the Cyberdemon(s) are killed. 'Course, you might not have gotten that far through E4M6.