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  1. Denzoa

    DOOM Retro v5.2.1 (updated January 12, 2024)

    What about multiplayer?
  2. Denzoa


    Surf's up dude.
  3. Denzoa

    Some footage of the scrapped version

    It's a multiplayer marine, it's noted in it's description. Kinda sucks I was hoping he accidentally leaked some sort of pre-prepared DLC lol.
  4. Denzoa

    Dude made a 20 minute Doom parody

    Hey don't worry, I liked it, every joke got me to laugh just because the previous one was just as funny to me. All the little references to other games etc. Just made me laugh a little so I kept laughing throughout the entire video hahah. I did love the intro of the original doomguy, it was perfect hahah, and I do understand that he had to get the BFG to defeat the cyberdemon, I just wished he'd have lived longer :P.
  5. Denzoa

    doom 4 ?

    Nahh they deleted all content again to start from scratch, they made this Call of Doom so they say. DWTerminator the great reviewer ended up not liking the final product so it was called back and opted for re-making.
  6. Denzoa

    Dude made a 20 minute Doom parody

    The DoomGuy intro though, that was just some badass scene rather than comedy, loved it hahaha. Or when he was like "Rip-and-tear motherfucker", I was expecting an awesome scene but sadly he was killed off like nothing :(.
  7. Denzoa

    Vulkan Support for Doom is now Live

    I'm not joking around here, I got the new driver installed and everything and the max FPS I reached in THE FIRST LEVEL on Vulkan, got me up to like 70fps max, while OGL 4.5 gets me to 120 minimum.. Running an I5 4690K + GTX 980ti. (32GB of ram so it's not that either). My guess is they just rushed this update due to the high demand of it and people complaining it took too long, and they didn't even work out all the bugs and haven't properly tested it.
  8. Denzoa

    Already moved on

    I honestly completely agree, I've been playing the original doom for about 17 years or so now? Source ports since 2005 and still to this day. But the new DOOM well I don't know, I was so hyped, and enjoyed the hell out of it the first week, I beat the game in 1 full night of just continuous gaming because I got so sucked into it, it was a night worth remembering, although not looking for too many secrets. Afterwards I took up nightmare and played all the way to the end looking for every secret and collectible which I still haven't found all of them. But the multiplayer is so boring for some reason.. I don't know it's too easy in my opinion, you just find an unbalanced load-out and you win. Simple as that. I can get my screenshots off of steam and post them, showing that I've been on top of the scoreboard by a LONGSHOT every single match, although in the beta I got my ass handed to me oftenly by Quakelive/Reflex/CPMA players etc. (Checked their profiles and they had like 1k hours in those games). and well SnapMap idk.. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER found a single match since launch on SnapMap. No coop, no survival, no duels, no classic DM just Nothing. It's all a big fail in my eyes, without mod support DOOM is just a shell of what it's ancestors are. And I'm not saying this because I prefer the older games, no I'd actually like a newer iteration of DOOM with mod support, but they gave us SnapMap wich is about as limited as timesplitters' map creator so to speak. Go ahead and say that I hate everything new but really I don't, I'm just dissapointed that we don't get to mod the game that was kept alive for over 20 years BECAUSE of mods.
  9. Denzoa

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    Didn't she transform into the SpiderMasterMind? So consider blowing her brains up with a BFG curb-stomp like worthy heheh.
  10. Denzoa

    Just beaten the Cyberdemon...

    The red lines you see when he's charging the big laser stop for a good second or two, when that happens, make sure you run the opposite way asap. If you've noticed when he's firing the huge beam, he follows you with his lasers(tracers), these go a good centimeter infront of the position you're moving towards. If you keep running forward you'll run right into the beam, but if you pay attention he stops aiming for a second or two to charge the beam and shoot it, at this time you jump to the other side. If you have the run that allows full air control equipped, you'll be able to do this much easier because you can keep looking at where he's aiming without having to turn away to jump to the opposite direction.
  11. Denzoa

    Just beaten the Cyberdemon...

    You keep moving towards the right/left, and as soon as his tracers stop moving to take the shot, immediately move to the other side, that's how to evade it. There's a second or two interval before he actually fires the shot, that's how you avoid it, taking advantage of his slow aim.
  12. Denzoa

    Digital Foundry Analysis: Id Tech 6

    Anyone notice how the song in the video (from the game itself) sounds like E1M5 remastered?
  13. Denzoa

    Will Doomworld veterans make their own review?

    It's a Beta, chances are they just added that lobby to look for games just because you only had 2 game modes. Full release may likely have a server browser so that you can easily join servers with your preferred game mode.
  14. It isn't at all too different from the original doom's pace you know.. Doom didn't start out as a mouse and keyboard FPS game, it began as a keyboard only game for most people, trust me, go ahead and run the original doom in DOSBox and show me your epicly fast paced maneuvers. People tend to forget that ZDoom, GZDoom, Zandronum/Skulltag, Odamex, ZDaemon etc, are updated engines of doom, not doom itself. They are fast paced because of mouse support being added etc. You could move alot more freely like that, and turn much faster so you were able to aim much faster at enemies instead of having to time your turn right by pressing your turnkey on your keyboard. hate all you want, we can go fire up a duel server on Zandronum/ZDaemon/Odamex I'll gladly accept. Because that is how I love doom as well. But I grew up with PSX doom and PC's Doom95 port of the collectors edition (I'm currently 21), and I played that with both a gamepad and keyboard but no mouse, and trust me it wasn't as fast paced as any game I've played in Zan/GZD/ZDoom/ZDaemon/Oda. The new doom's movement is indeed kind of slow, they limited us along with console players, wich is bad because doom started out as a PC game in the first place. People complaining about having no way to gain speed, like bunnyhopping etc., I'd like it if they added it, sure. But I wouldn't love it, because it's NOT doom. Doom was a game where you made speed by SR50/SR40, or by using the run button/Having always run on. You didn't even have jump in doom, so are you saying they should take jump away from the new doom to make it more like it's original game? No. They are going in the right direction gameplay wise, except for that godawful vortex rifle, I just cannot come to accept that weapon. But the SSG feels good as a finisher up close after you've pumped someone full of lead from a heavy assault rifle, or plasma rifle. The lightning gun IMO belongs in quake, not in doom but I liked it. The rocket launcher though, that one needs a buff. It's splash radius atleast, it doesn't do much if you shoot a wall nearby to yourself, nor does it heavily affect an enemy close to the blast, you need to almost pinpoint your rocket into them. On a side note, I've never written a review for anything, but I felt like doing so for the new doom, so I've written an entire book here about what I like, and what I think personally. I hope they keep up what they're doing, albeit they should remove the damn vortex rifle and lightning gun if they wanna make it "DOOM" Because they're quake weapons IMO. (Vortex rifle being the railgun's equivalent.)
  15. Denzoa

    Hackers already

    Hello, this is kind of off topic but how do I embed videos? Also hackers already, I guessed as much because in some games you meet players who kill everything with vortex rifles and static rifles or just never miss the extremely high damage SSG shots. I thought they were really good Quake players giving the game a go, but now I guess I was wrong, cheating's already come to doom ;(.ff