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  1. Scuba Steve

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Is Ep1 getting an overhaul with the new assets included or are you planning a "complete" release after Ep3 which includes everything in one package?
  2. Scuba Steve

    unpopular retro opinions

    Yeah... because they don't have a functional online ecosystem. Nintendo's online infrastructure is laughably pathetic--it's so bad it's lacking features the fucking Xbox 360 introduced in 2006. 14 years later, you have to log into a fucking APP on your phone to do voice chat on the switch! The switch marketplace is a goddamn wasteland and just try navigating without any filtering tools. And don't get me started on just how fucking inept and incompetent Nintendo is when managing their back catalog; we're 3 years into its life cycle and you can play a couple dozen shitty NES games, and they only recently started adding SNES games! It's 2020 and the entire fucking catalog of Nintendo games across 5 generations isn't playable?!? Oh look! They added 10 yard fight this month!!! This is beyond incompetent on behalf of the top Nintendo brass. Meanwhile, Microsoft engineers managed to build an emulator to run a 360 inside of an Xbox one and port hundreds of games as part of the backwards compatibility program.
  3. Scuba Steve

    How would you change the Doom 1&2 Chainsaw

    The chainsaw needed to be implemented in vanilla they same way it is in zdoom: it checks the outside bounding box rather than a diagonal line though the creature.
  4. Thought experiment: Doom 4 is released as the CoD military shooter from the early build... Does it survive?
  5. Scuba Steve

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Fixed Vanilla Smooth Weapons I made massive changes to almost every weapon in vanilla smooth Doom... The regular shotgun has been completely redone utilizing the original SHTGB keyframe. Plasma rifle kickback improved. Pistol timing and order rearranged to give a meatier feeling. BFG firing frame overhauled. @SiFi270 You'll have to let me know if this one desyncs...
  6. Scuba Steve

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I'm making some other changes... I'll post the specific dehacked changes later.
  7. Scuba Steve

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    There was always something about the smoothed shotgun frames that bothered me... they just never seemed right. I think I figured it out and fixed it; I offset a single tic of timing and added a portion of the hand that should have been there from the beginning. Also includes... Rocket launcher frame timing Plasma rifle firing frame correction Stupid swapping hand sprites on the final frame of the Super shotgun Super shotgun sfx - if you're gonna cheat in Doom 1, might as well get the sounds, too. Fixed Vanilla Smooth Weapons
  8. Scuba Steve

    The City of the Damned : Apocalypse | Remaster | Dev

    I'm listening...
  9. Scuba Steve

    M.E.G.A. Project: Making EDGE Get Active

    That's great, the more content for Doom the better.
  10. Scuba Steve

    M.E.G.A. Project: Making EDGE Get Active

    I think the challenge for EDGE is that, once upon a time, it had unique features no other ports were capable of reproducing. DDF allowed you to completely customize weapons and items in interesting and unique ways without using the limited features of dehacked. When ZDoom added similar support in 2002, it took all the wind out of EDGE's sails and now, 15 years later, ZDoom has continued to expand the scope of what's capable with the internal scripting engine, while EDGE languished. Like I said, I just don't see how anything can bring people back to EDGE short of some must-play, magnum opus EDGE-only project.
  11. Scuba Steve

    M.E.G.A. Project: Making EDGE Get Active

    I was able to get the mod to run but I guess I'm not sure what to say. Like you said, the goal is to make EDGE get active, but you'll need a killer app to entice people to use the port and I don't know if packaged resources seen in other projects is going to do that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all the resources here are pre-existing, correct? I think anything short of a big project with new weapons, art assets, and maps just isn't going to encourage people to use EDGE.
  12. Scuba Steve

    M.E.G.A. Project: Making EDGE Get Active

    President donald trump is objectively the worst president in American history. He is boorish, ignorant, lazy and incompetent—an amalgam of the worst qualities of humanity in a single person. He is misogynistic and racist and exhibits all the telltale signs of a sociopath. These are not opinions. This is why "Make X Great Again" will forever be tainted; in the same way you can't draw a swastika and say "other cultures used it before the nazis" you can not use the "MAGA" slogan without tying yourself to the abject failure that is donald trump and his racist, sexist campaign for president of the United States.
  13. Scuba Steve

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    There's little point in upscaling beyond 2x. I've played some that attempt this, and they're just too damn ugly. Double resolution seems to be the sweet spot between generating decent information with the neural networks, and still retaining the aesthetic of the original sprite. And, actually, every sprite in this project was originally upscaled to 8x, and downsampled to 2x.
  14. Scuba Steve

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Butt why?
  15. Scuba Steve

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I love it—the spirit of 90s Doom TCs is alive and well.
  16. Doom City. It has a bar, grocery store, and a burger joint.
  17. Scuba Steve

    Tormentor667 & Operation Rheingold

    I really don't want to derail the thread, but I might not get another chance to pose this question to you, Laz. The VICE documentary from several years ago showcased just how important film making and acting are to you; you've spent your entire life pursuing a dream of working in cinema. Where did Doom fit into this? Was it a side passion? Was it an extension of your desires to be involved with cinema? (In hindsight, there's definitely a lot of storytelling going on, particularly the Astrostein series.) I'm a middle aged man now, but in my youth, myself and everyone I knew in this community had played the WolfenDoom series. When I learned about your lifelong fascination and ambition for cinema, it was bizarre for me because you were "the WolfenDoom guy" first, and film making was just something I learned about later. Do these two parts of your life ever cross, or was Doom modding just another hobby outside film making? The lengths you went through to produce your demo tape are extraordinary; did you have the same devotion towards your Doom projects as well? Did you demand the same perfection? What else might you be able to share about your history with Doom that we don't know? I ask because it's fascinating to me when I learn about the outside lives of people whom I know only through the their creative work for an almost 30-year-old video game. Some of our earliest members have passed away and we never really had the chance to ask them about their involvement in Doom... and, as you said in the documentary, under different circumstances, I might have never had this chance to ask you. Again, not to derail the topic at hand, but I've been curious about your history in the community for so long, I'd love to know more. Hopefully things are going well, now. Thanks, Laz.
  18. I mean... BoA apes a shitload of resources, but that's not really the issue... the crux of all of this is attribution. There's an unspoken community rule that, yeah, we kinda all use assets from others, but we always add a line in our text file thanking "Weedgoku69 for pot.wad" Edit: LOL, I went to the idgames archive to look up pot.wad and, hilariously, the file is a modified resource taken from an unknown author.
  19. Scuba Steve

    Help with Doom Big Box Images

    What resolution are these scans? I know I'm looking at a low resolution photograph of them, but they seem really sharp.
  20. Scuba Steve

    Help with Doom Big Box Images

    Wow, very nice work. What material do you print them on?
  21. Can I just say; how wonderful Catacomb Abyss looks despite using simply 16 colors? Thematically, it's much better than Wolfenstein 3D.
  22. Scuba Steve

    Doom 3: Phobos

    So much better.
  23. Scuba Steve

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Ironically, the awards have gotten more in touch with classic Doom since the staff was expanded to include more diverse voices. The Cacowards continue to improve every year—they are more objective and focused than any time in their history thanks to a core of incredible players and writers. But by all means, complain. It wouldn't be a Cacoward season without some degree of whining and vitriol.