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  1. Scuba Steve

    Quest for Glory IV 3D (ZDoom Hexen mod) v0.1b WIP

    No malice intended. Your website and projects give me a happiness I haven't felt since the wild west era of the internet.
  2. Scuba Steve

    Star Trek Doom Project (GZDoom Doom 2 mod) v0.4b WIP

    This is one of the most bizarre Doom projects I have ever seen. It's an incredible amalgam of modern mapping techniques with sprites and gameplay straight out of a 1997 TC. The weapons are literally just standard doom guns with different sprites while simultaneously using GZDoom which would be capable of creating actual phaser beams! The enemies are just common doom monsters with replacement sprites who act identical to their doom counterparts. All of this while freeaiming levels with full 3d floors and intricate fog and lighting effects. It's just all so bizarre and I don't know whether this project was released in 2019 or 1999!
  3. Scuba Steve

    It's Coming

    Action Doom did it.
  4. Scuba Steve

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    How can you make the intro and closing of the map more memorable is my thought. A fun practice for so many memorable wads is a fun closing map/area that has no monsters but let's you explore a final area (think the ending of ancient aliens as you return to Earth). Could the death of the final boss expose a beam of light that teleports you back to Earth with a fun closing? The previous map also had such neat teleporters and travel pads, that it might be neat to do something extravagant leading up to the final battle instead of just grabbing weapons (the self building architecture is nice). I also approve of a larger, more menacing and memorable second form for the boss. As it stands, it's currently just a small, low Fidelity Sprite flying around... At least make it something imposing like the spider Mastermind. There so much potential in this mod, I'd love to see it end as something memorable.
  5. Scuba Steve

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Golly gee, I guess my personal opinion is void because it contradicts yours. There's no doubt this is an incredible mapset... but, after playing a map like Helios (I think that's the name?), one of the most breathtaking maps I have ever seen, the final map just feels underwhelming, both in appearance and scale. I don't really feel like belaboring this any further and derailing the thread, but I gave my take, and I'll be dammed if someone is going to tell me my opinion is based around being a contrarian.
  6. Scuba Steve

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Yes... but that kinda misses my original point. I don't gauge a final battle by the sheer number of enemies, I take into account the scale and sense of grandeur of the entire encounter, and it just felt like an underwhelming ending.
  7. Scuba Steve

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Did anyone else find the final map a weak ending to such an epic project? Everything continued to build until it reached a crescendo with map29... then I battled a lowres angel boss in a small room and it ended.
  8. Scuba Steve

    Faithful Doom mod 0.1 (last: January 2019)

    Playing it so far... it needs a lot of work. The pistol firing seems OK... but everything else seems poorly animated. Take a look at something like fraggle's smooth vanilla weapons and copy the frames/offsets/animations from that version. It will look a whole lot better.
  9. Scuba Steve

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Fraggle, what's the deal? Why does this project still have the improper rocket launcher flash frames overlaid on the firing frames? It seems like, with how wonderful this project is at making vanilla compatible smooth weapons, it could at least fix the rocket launcher sprite. Maybe you could use frames from the minor sprite fix project?
  10. Scuba Steve

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    Create a new thread for your mod and I'll comment with my thoughts... and move the danimals image into that thread, too.
  11. Scuba Steve

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    I've created a personal build of neural upscale that incorporates the fonts/mdoom logos/title pics from the JDoom pack that fits really well (except the terrible intermap pics and ending screen for Doom1 and awful skull icon for the menu). The textures and sprites in the neural upscales look really good but the fonts and full screen images are just 'meh'. Using specifically designed fonts for hires look really sharp. Edit: Perfect! I also completely forgot about Fraggle's vanilla smooth weapons mod which works really well since Smoothdoom itself has gone a little overboard (imo) and the only change I wanted to enact was more frames for weapon animations.
  12. Scuba Steve

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    Hires grass textures have a little banding issue and I encountered this bizarre white outline on the grate texture. Edit: And maybe this is just a personal preference... but I don't like the idea of upscaling the Wolf Sprites/Textures... I think the charm of that level is the low fidelity Wolfenstein throwback.
  13. Scuba Steve

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    Yeah, these screenshots make it clear that rendering at 4x and reducing to 2x achieves the best results. The neural net is able to pull out an astonishingly high amount of detail from the small sprites, but it can't work miracles... there's just not a lot of data to draw from and anything higher than 2x just looks awkward in Doom's ancient engine.
  14. Scuba Steve

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    I think hidfan was right to stick to 2x. Any larger just seems to highlight how simple the architecture is in Doom's maps and the game loses its charm.