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  1. Like I said, this isn't a serious analysis, just a rough breakdown to paint a clearer picture about the value of a degree. The BLS stats say they don't account for certification or on-the-job-training which could make some HS grads earn more and bring up the average. Even paying several hundred a month in student loans, a college educated individual will still earn hundreds more a month and be less likely to be unemployed. Despite Vorpals' anecdote about "more likely to hire a non-college grad" this is a huge exception to the rule. Almost all employers would look at two candidates, one with a degree and one without, and side with a candidate with a degree; a person who attended college has already demonstrated, by virtue of their diploma, they have a strong work ethic, have accomplished a major objective, and most importantly, that they have the capacity to learn new things. The trend is easy to see--you need education and training to make a living today. For some that's a technical degree in a manual labor trade. For others, it's a bachelor's degree in a specialized field. Either way, the obvious takeaway is education is directly correlated with higher incomes and employment.
  2. It's not even debatable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly researches this stuff and reports on the findings. The average college grad with a Bachelor's degree earns an average of $1156 per week. An associates degree from a technical college isn't too far behind earning, on average, $819 a week. Those without any higher education and just a HS diploma earn an average of $692 a week. It seems the average amount of student debt is roughly $26,000. For the sake of things, let's double that to almost $50,000. This is by no means a good approximation of personal finances, but it's good enough... a college graduate is earning almost $450 more a week, $900 a month, and almost $10,000 a year more than their high-school-only educated peers! It doesn't take long to see that, for most people, their degree will pay for itself over their lifetime... and then some. All this is assuming you can even find a job. The unemployment rate for individuals with a Bachelor's degree is 2.7% People with just a HS diploma are roughly twice as likely to be unemployed at 5.2% A higher ed degree is one of the smartest investments you can make in your life. There are plenty of ways to be smarter about your degree, for sure, like avoiding for-profit schools, taking classes at community college and transferring to a University, or attending school when you're ready and mature enough. But arguing you're better off without a diploma is just batshit crazy.
  3. What the fuck is this stupid jerk-off anecdote session? Of course education is worth it. Higher education isn't supposed to be for the diploma, it's supposed to introduce you to foreign ideas, challenge your beliefs, and make you a more reasoned critical thinker. Does everyone need a bachelor's degree? No, but you'll need, at the very least, some trade school if you want to work anywhere besides the low paying service sector. The numbers speak for themselves; the more educated an individual the higher the likelihood of finding work and the higher their wages. Anecdotes about "durr art history" mean nothing.
  4. Wait... is that a different explosion for floors and walls?
  5. I guess the question is, does the community produce enough new music by a variety of musicians each year to warrant an award. I guess I don't know. "Best soundtrack" could be a great category but if it turns into "Tolwyn wins his 4th award for being one of the 3 people to record music this year" it seems pointless. I guess I don't know enough about the Doom music scene to know the answer to this.
  6. Grow-sir-ease / Grow-shrees Element-air-e / Elemen-tree Apparently this is so egregious to my wife, it might lead to our divorce.
  7. Still no Doom Slayer character?
  8. It certainly hasn't aged well. I contemplated going back and fixing a lot of the frustrating and egregiously poor gameplay decisions... but I don't have the time. Some back story; It was originally supposed to be Dehacked ONLY so it could work with any port... but I fucked up the level architecture and couldn't get it to load in anything other than ZDoom... so I decided to ask Cyb to help me add a few ZDoom specific features. Beyond that, most of the wad was done using Dehacked... and it shows. I'd add health in the form of hearts or something so you can take a few hits before dying, I'd be much more liberal with the weapons, tone down the health of specific enemies (fuck those tanks), and clean up a couple of the areas to play better (The car segment is neat... but it's too damn frustrating as is.) Overrated: I guess it's not so much a wad... so much as Doom purity that I think is overrated. "Oh no, ZDoom changed how creature hitboxes work and it broke vanilla compatibility." Who cares? Underrated: I love AgentSpork's simple ZDoom maps from the mid 2000s. Temple of Chaos 2, Simplicity, Surprise: Doom City - I remember scouring the idgames archives back in the 90s and coming across a "city" themed level. I yawned and downloaded it expecting another giant boxes with brick walls and an f_sky texture above... but it was so much more. Everything was proportioned to your character size, the unique textures fit with the theme, and the music was a nice touch. It's unfortunate the visplane error existed because the author talked about all the things he had to remove from the wad to prevent it from crashing; crosswalks, lightposts, and stoplights were just some of the things that had to be removed. Disappointing: Community is Falling 3. I really wanted to like it and it had an ungodly amount of custom scripts and programming... but it was just a big convoluted mess. I still love you, Kaiser.
  9. I can assure you; nobody gives a shit about me.
  10. Yeah yeah...
  11. A third Ghostbusters Movie.
  12. Christ, most of your are babies!
  13. Motherfuckin' Moon Patrol!
  14. Concerns assuaged. Carry on with Supplice.
  15. Close ups reveal her face is scarred from multiple surgeries to repair her jaw.