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  1. Another birthday disappointment.
  2. I played the demo... I dunno... not sure how I feel. Intro got me hooked, but it just feels like System Shock set in space Rapture. I'm also completely indifferent to the protagonist; I was immediately drawn to Tommy in the original Prey as a cynical American Indian dealing with life on a reservation and racist visitors to the bar. This character? Apparently I forgot my memory because of a chip or something, I dunno, I didn't particularly care who I was or why I was here. The opening scene of the original Prey told me everything I needed to know about my character... I really didn't know or care about Morgan Yu. $45/$60 if you like Bioshock $20/$60 if you were a fan of the original
  3. ...who hasn't posted on the forum since 2008, almost 10 years ago. Fodders was 50 in 2001 according to his post history so he would be roughly 66 in 2017. Morbid, maybe, but I wonder if he's even still alive. The only real name I can find is 'Brian' in this "getting to know you" post from 2001.
  4. OK... here we go. These are the best "adventure/world building" projects I know about... Grove - Dripping with atmosphere but contains painfully obscure clues for solving the map. Happy Time Circus - Less fun to play, more fun to experience. Travel from an abandoned town to an undergrown clown nightmare. (There is a sequel and I can't remember which is better) Phocas Island - More of an adventure game than a Doom mod. Like grove, but far more expansive and epic in scope. Has the same issue with frustrating clues and puzzles. Foreverhood - Total conversion that places you into a completely different game. Rich environment and imaginary world filled with hand-drawn textures. Cold as Hell - Really sets the mood with a 1940s/WWII demon invasion. Eteranal Doom IV - Map27 - Espi's last map and one of the largest and most detailed maps ever built. Imagine a sprawling castle on a plateau overlooking the valley below. S.U.P.E.R. Natural - Just a demo... but holy cow, this thing was ambitious. Unfortunately no update since 2016.
  5. What a thoughtful birthday present, thank you.
  6. Can I just say, from the point of view of a teacher who has to watch the dumb shit ten-year-olds do every day, it is astounding how obsessed they are with "creepypastas" and memes. They are outside on the playground running in the trees playing 'Slenderman' and every piece of homework has 'Five Nights at Freddies' bears holding bloody knives. Later, at lunch, they'll shout Minecraft video memes at each other saying "HE NISS SUM MILK!" I'd like to think I wasn't this dumb... but I'm pretty sure we spent the entirety of 6th grade science drawing pictures of Barney the Dinosaur hanging out with Lorena Bobbitt holding a knife in one hand and some kind of penis symbolism in the other. Note: This is the first year kids have Googled and found my Doomwiki portrait and I should probably stop posting about them before one of the little rugrats creates an account and views my entire posting history.
  7. Literally. Or, you know, maybe the developers were personally offended and chose to remove his lines. If you can get some media attention in the process, why the hell not; game advertising is fucking ruthless so take any exposure you can get.
  8. ...sort of. Game Informer began as a publication out of Funcoland (now Gamestop) in Minnesota. All the writers were just Funcoland employees who gave themselves nicknames like Rick "The Videogame Ranger." In an amazing turn of events, I ran into a guy named Rick who sold Verizon phones at Circuit City who looked familiar. I went back a while later hoping he was still there to sign my 1992 Game Informer issue... but he was no longer working there.
  9. And salvaging the very website from going offline when UGO shut down.
  10. You leave those posts alone!
  11. I adopted young border collie last November. He has many of the same problems you describe related to separation anxiety and a near constant need of attention and affection. He's getting better and I've slowly started leaving him for longer periods of time, but I'll still come home to chewed up belongings and trash (daughter's pads from the trash...) Love the guy to death but his dependence is obnoxious when you sometimes want to be left alone. Here's what I've been doing... Love of toys - I've spent hundreds of dollars on chew toys of various types/sizes. Kong toys stuffed with treats, ropes, nylon bones, stuffed bones, rawhides... I am constantly putting new toys into a couple specific buckets in the house. Every time I see him go into a bucket for a toy, I've praised him and told him immediately how good he is. He drags them out and scatters them all over, but I'd much rather have chewed up toys than my tools. Get a Kennel! - I was originally very hesitant to get a kennel for him since I thought it might seem cruel. Every time I leave, I give him a Kong stuffed with treats and tell him to go to his kennel. I make sure he knows kennel is a good thing and praise him, I don't want kennel to be a punishment. He gives me some sad eyes, but he stays in his kennel all day until I get back from work to let him out to potty and play. The kennel was a life saver. Ignore - I try to ignore all his bad behavior like jumping chewing or his constant need for attention. I cross my arms and turn away until he leaves. I ignore him for the first few minutes any time I return home. Coming home is not a reward for him, I walk past him, put my stuff away, walk past him again completely ignoring him. Only after several minutes do I acknowledge him and reward him with praise if he's sitting and calm. Practice Alone Time - This one sucks, but I try to leave for periods of time with him unattended. I would put my shoes on but not leave (I didn't want him to associate shoes with leaving) then I might walk out of the house, completely ignoring him, get the mail for 2 minutes then return, once again ignoring him (returning home is not a reason for a reward.) When I went to pick my daughter up from a dance, I left him alone for ~15 minutes and came home. Last week we went out for dinner for about an hour and the only issue was him taking some things out of the trash. I'm trying to build up to long periods of time without any behaviors. What I am still working on... New Trash Cans - I need to replace all my trash cans with new types that have lids. When the trash is sealed, he can't dig. Shock Collar - It sounds cruel, but there are many bad habits of his I simply can't break using positive reinforcement. I need to punish him every time he starts digging or jumps on the couch. If I can immediately catch him and give him a shock, It should prevent his bad behavior. Agility Training - Now that it's warm again in MN, I need to sign him up for some classes and get him more exercise to challenge him. Seal the litter box somehow so he stops eating cat shit like it's a goddamn buffet.
  12. It's catching on!!



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  13. I have the flu and I think I'm dying.
  14. wmull wishes this was the case 10 years ago.