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  1. Scuba Steve

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    There has to be a better glass texture.
  2. How did I miss this. Looking better every time and the readability is improving with each issue.
  3. Something like this... so you can visually see every cover as you scroll. Hmm... this would actually be pretty neat for the Cacoward main page to show every intro picture for each year.
  4. Scuba Steve

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    There is no more opportune time than now to post the long-lost level my sister made more than twenty years ago... CARRIER.WAD
  5. Scuba Steve

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    I completely forgot about Twilight Warrior and the Navy Seal boat assault mission...
  6. Scuba Steve

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    Have you changed the player eye-height in ZDoom so you don't feel like a toddler wandering the ship?
  7. Scuba Steve

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    What!?! No Action Doom boat!?
  8. Scuba Steve


    My brain still expects photographs of teenagers and twenty-somethings... I forget that we're all 40 years old.
  9. Scuba Steve


  10. Scuba Steve

    Did cheat codes ruin your experience of playing Doom?

    Cheat codes are legitimately the only way many players can enjoy projects like Sunlust.
  11. Could I suggest moving away from justified alignment for articles and simply using left alignment? I know justified is used often in newspapers and magazines, but the column widths in wadazine are pretty narrow and you really start to notice the awkward spacing between words.
  12. It really illustrates Romero's brilliant ability to craft levels that showcase new features and "teach" the player new skills without resorting to tutorials. Just like E1M1 in Doom, Slipgate Complex is a perfect showcase of Quake's abilities; in this one level you have shootable switches, swimming, enticing the player to jump on things, forcing you to advance by touching a switch without pressing a "use" key, a spiral ramp that showcases room over room, a plethora of secrets utilizing all of these new abilities, several new weapons... again, it's a masterclass of introductory level design.
  13. Scuba Steve

    Doom 2 under 18 minutes!

    What new trick has made level 15 faster than playing through 31/32?
  14. E1M1 The fact that Romero saved this episode map for last allowed him to craft a single, opening level which incorporates every bold new feature in Doom; stairs, outdoor environments, doors, lifts, switches, the shotgun, monsters attacking from differing heights, dramatic differences in light level, damaging and unique floor types, non orthogonal map design, visible AND hidden secret areas... E1M1 has everything. It is the quintessential opening map and does a beautiful job of explaining Doom to you without tutorials. This isn't Romero's most challenging or technically competent map, but as a player's first experience with Doom, it's a masterpiece—you learn everything you need to know about Doom by the time you hit the end-of-level switch.