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  1. Mechazawa

    [WIP] Jeem I

    Update: I finally "finished" the 3 map pack. By that I mean I deleted the incomplete fourth level and officially "released" this little pack. It is on /idgames (link in first post). Nothing else is really changed I just wanted to slap the word "finished" on this project. I doubt I will finish the fourth level but I may make another 2-3 level wad in the future, who knows. Wow, its been almost 2 years.
  2. As has been said a bunch of times by others. Constant new content keeps me playing. I tend to play games that can be modded extensively, Doom is up there along with stuff like minecraft or Bethesda games.
  3. Mechazawa

    Can the emotion of hatred be justified?

    Hate is useful for avoiding what ought to be avoided, such as certain peoples or behaviors.
  4. Mechazawa

    Fallout 4

    Wow, a Fallout 4 thread on the internet that didn't turn into vitriolic whining and nostalgia masturbation fest. Good job, Guys! (I am being serious.) I have been playing through the game and watching Gopher play through it. It has been a fun experience even if the game play is a far-cry from previous iterations in the series. The only real issue I have with the game is that your character build is based on whether or not you want to do settlement stuff. If you want to really do settlements then you must spend quite a lot of perks. Would be nice if all of the settlement/crafting related perks were completely from sources other than your perk tree. But, meh. Random note; The idea of getting *all* of your perks from outside sources than from leveling would be pretty cool to see in a game like this (after the flames die down from people complaining about "muh arpaygeez!")
  5. Mechazawa

    Good job, YouTube. You fucked up again.

    Switch to Patreon, unmonitize your youtube videos, promote uBlock. Problem fixed.
  6. Intellectual property, lol.
  7. Mechazawa

    John Romero talk about new Doom and Quake Champions

    Off topicish, but another SP Unreal would be nice.
  8. Mechazawa

    Some help buying a new pc

    I would still say learn to build it. The hardest part of building a PC is putting the cpu in, mostly because its easy to mess up (bend pins). But even then its really like using legos. Everything else just snaps in, and most of the times cords cant conect to what they are not supposed to, I didn't even have to use any manuals and my pc has been runing fine for a year now. I built my pc for 800 dollars (this was about last fall), its got 2 1tb hard drives (bought two by accident), 16gb ram, gtx 960, i5 3.30ghz (had an i7 before, it wasn't much better but cost a hundred dollars more), gigabyte motherboard. Haven't tried doom 16 specifically on this computer, but I have had no performance issues with games other than ones written poorly or in messy architecture (eg, minecraft). I had a buy guide meme somewhere around here, an imagine with 6 teirs of PCs and the parts and prices for each teir showing all of the options and such... but I cannot find it. I am sure there are others though updated for 2016. They are generally very useful. inb4 the obligatory disagreement from someone about something: No.
  9. Mechazawa

    Why havent you played Doom 2016?

    Who is boycotting bethesda or zenimax? Did they do something bad I didn't hear about?
  10. Are we seriously arguing over the meanings of words? If you are really going to whine about the definitions of words, then I will go to the authority, oxford English dictionary: http://i.imgur.com/KA4Zn1t.png?1 Defect, there is nothing about this that says a person is less human, there is no meta implication of it either. It is in your head. The theory that whiteness and colored features are defects is not a racist one, its simply the theory that the genes that form those features are defected genes. Genes that mutated in some way or another. ie. deviated from the "normal", or in the case of people, the average. It is only racist if you construct your understanding of it that way.
  11. Its not a theory invented by racists, you are the one that defined defective as lesser. In fact, you just exposed the fact that because you equate defective to lesser, people who do actually have defects are lesser in your mind. Such as those with downs syndrome or some other ailment. Check your privilege please. Just because a theory says something is defective or deviant, doesn't mean its lesser. It means its not the normal way of things. And that is a fact, white skin, colored eyes, and colored hair is not the normal way of things. As for them being "defects" genetically, that's another matter and it still wouldn't equate to "lesser".
  12. Who knows, ask them. It is normal for people to want to preserve themselves. I don't believe that race is that important as a thing to preserve, culture I can understand. The idea that the white race will vanish by mixing is simply because whites are a minority and because both extremes of whiteness and blackness in terms of skin color eventually converge to brown. If you are white or black, and your descendants constantly reproduce with the opposite color; then, your grandchildren will not resemble you at all. The only people this doesn't effect is brown people because brown is basically the default. That is, all colors eventually turned to brown when everything is mixed. If there was complete racial homogeneity in the world then everyone would look like darker arabs, or latinos maybe. People would have some shade of brown skin, black/brown hair, and black/brown eyes. There is even a theory floating around that whiteness is a defect, along with blonde/red hair and blue/green eyes. Since the vast majority of humans do not have them nor can they get them unless they are with (in general) someone who already has them. I don't know how true that is or really care, but heyo! All of that would vanish as the genes for them are out bred by high levels of mixing. Half black/white people are referred to as black because in America black basically means "not-white". Its dumb but there you go. In America? Nothing. In Europe? I guess white culture refers to western European tradition. -- Some irony, and I don't have a link because its first hand reports by people I know.. but apparently in Morroco they are protesting *for* the police to shoot armed criminals. So the administrator of the police stuffs there has set a new policy where by the police can shoot criminals who have weapons, guns or blades. They have to shoot warning shots first. Edit: Found a related link, but not much info: http://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2016/08/192946/moroccan-police-receive-instructions-to-shoot-criminals-threatening-peoples-safety/
  13. As a white person, I will say that I don't really care, lol. Most of the people I interact with now a days are not white. But, whites who want to preserve their race and culture, of course they have to be exclusionary. How can you mix white paint with other paints and still expect it to be uniquely white? Whether you are talking about skin color or the general concept of "white people" and who ever defines it. Also, I agree, white people are not "common", whites are a minority globally. Anyways, one of the issues with blacks being treated as uncommon is the fact that they are not common, since they are not common, many people (I would argue most people) dont actually encounter black people and they only hear about them in the news.
  14. Black people can't be "common people" because black people are not common. They are a tiny 12% of the population and mostly confined to cities. White people do get a benefit for being exclusionary (also called racist), they preserve their identity. Their grand children will look like they do. Their culture will be left to grow according to how they want it by sifting out people they don't want to define it. Whether you agree with it or not that is why whites do what they do and it is a benefit in their minds and that is all that really matters. The civil rights movements happened because corporations and the government benefited by allowing them to happen.. it had nothing to do with the struggle of the actual people involved. Women got their rights to work because the government was not taxing 50% of its population, by pushing women to work the government got more tax money. This also pushed children into public schools to be raised by the state like good americans. Black people got desegregated largely as an effort to break down black communities. Rather than having black owned businesses being funded by the black community, desegregation enabled black people to spend all their money in white businesses, bringing down the bulk of black business at the time. Thus, enabling white people to make more money off of blacks by allowing them to deal with white business. So no, neither of those movements actually came about "because people talked about it" or protested. They came about because the elite wanted more money and they realized they could make more money by changing society how they wanted. There has been no great change in American society that was not either A. by war or B. by the will of its elite and their ability to profit. You are living in wonderland if you think protesting will do anything. You can google the governments tax reports if you want. I'm not writing an academic article so I don't really need to cite everything. If you care about the issue you will do the research yourself.
  15. Right, so nobody answered the question. Topic done for me. Sure Bowb, your wall of text is equivalent to "they have incentive because its the nice thing to do". Incentive, monetary or social/political power incentive. How do I get more powerful by helping you? That is what incentive means. In the social hierarchy, how does my status get better by helping you? How do I make money off you by treating you better than I currently do. Etc.. real incentive, not just "its pleasant to do". This is how the world works, nobody does anything because of flowers and rainbows. I don't know what dichotomy you are trying to project here by this "common man" argument you have. The common man is racist white people. They have a benefit to be racist. It is "the common man" that BLM is protesting against. "The common man" is the problem with which BLM is addressing, and they (the common man) have no incentive to change. Who else is there? Is there some other massive body of "the common man" who will come to the aid of black people? What group of people who have significant power and incentive to change or to help is there? fraggle, political debates and commentary around election time is as staged as an opera. They do not represent real change. Because something is "talked" about doesn't mean its changed. Actually, talking about it is preferable because it means people are not acting on it (ie, actually doing something useful) The powers that be would love for you to talk about it because it means you are not doing anything about it. At what point in American history has "talking" (and talking alone) lead to anything productive? That is a rhetorical question.