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  1. Maybe my wording is off, most of the popular wads on doomworld I would say are not low to mid tier, certainly anything remotely able to get near a cacoward is top tier. But if you pull random maps off the idgames archive, oblige with obaddon does make way better stuff usually. Though, it depends what you are trying to do with mapping. Sure, you may be able to tell that its an oblige map, but I'm not concerned with how well this is obfuscated. Just, is the map fun to play. I think oblige does better than most low to mid tier mappers. I think in time oblige will become more and more sophisticated. More of a tangent; but if you take something like poetry, AI generated poetry and human generated poetry is identical in quality. Granted, poetry is way more subjective than doom maps. Example: http://botpoet.com/ Now I really wanna do something like bot or not, but with doom levels...
  2. Oblige with Obaddon generates maps good enough to be indistinguishable from low to mid-tier by-hand maps. Other than a few of my favorite megawads, I don't honestly notice much of a difference any more between generated maps and hand crafted ones, at the low to mid tier level of mapper skill. A masterpiece that's handcrafted will always out class what oblige can make.. for now. The only problem I would see is if you dont mention a level was made with oblige, in large part due to the fact that a huge part of obaddon IS the inclusion of so many handcrafted parts. So, it may seem you have a skill that you really don't. Plenty of art forms are based off taking something someone else did and altering it, just be upfront if someone asks you however. Many games use procedural generation, it doesn't make those games any less valid. Warframe is 100% procedural generation; the maps still look amazing. The artists still have great skill.
  3. Mechazawa

    What are you playing now?

    DoomRPG + Doom RLA/Monsters on an Oblidge Obaddon generated megawad. The wad is actually quite nice, oblidge with obaddon makes surprisingly decent levels.
  4. If we mod a Bethesda game, minecraft, a civ game, or any other game; we still refer to ourselves as "playing that game". Nobody says about these games that they are playing something else when they decide to throw a mod into them, unless they are pedantic. If I get a SMW rom hack and play it, I and everyone else stills says "Hey, I'm playing Super Mario World." They may or may not through the adjective "modded" infront of it though.
  5. These arguments look fun, let me throw in one identical to everyone else! *Ahem* (clearing throat). "If you aren't playing SNES Doom on SNES architecture, then you aren't playing Doom. Uh, ...because I said so."
  6. No clue how to delete posts. Sorry for the double post, it was an internet connection issue. (I hit send once, it went twice.)
  7. @Edward850 Lol, I know, I made my post flippant on purpose because I know I am one of the plebs who doesn't really care all that much and because everything runs fine for me I see no need to investigate or change. This isn't to say that my way is the best way, but I feel most users are similar. Maybe even more so because I at least map and so I have to know some details. Your average user probably doesn't even recognize the concept of "multiple-ports". Boom is like a bethesda game without mods, gzdoom is like a fully modded bethesda game. That's how I feel about it.
  8. Arenas. I like arena sections in maps, but I am fail at ACS and good arenas require ASC imho. If you are changing the arena layout with floors and stuff it becomes even more complicated. I like to do waves where monsters come and go, items spawn, room layouts change, etc. It can be complicated for me trying to figure out how to code all that. After that, its detailing. When I finish a basic layout I have to go back and add in all of the little decorations on the walls and other things. Its time consuming to detail, but it is not boring to me.
  9. I prefer zdoom over boom because I like to map and mapping with limitations sucks, aint nobody got time to count how many sectors can be seen from every random direction the player will possibly look in doom. UDMF in gzdoom and boom; the "limitations" problem is solved. I don't even really know if mapping for gzdoom is required for this, but I think I read somewhere that it was and I didn't bother to investigate further. Also, zdoom was the only thing I found back in the day as a kid when I wanted to play doom, but not in dos. Everything else everyone else has said in this thread is irrelevant to me, a default rando doomer.
  10. Thanks for playing all 3 levels! I understand and generally can agree with your sentiments about wanting stronger weaponry. If I was to patch this wad that would be the main thing I would address. I'm thinking a plasma in map02, with a box or two of cells in a secret, and some more ammo in map03, Id have to play around to see how much ammo is good. The maps are definitely biased towards my play style. I rarely use the rocket launcher in doom so I may not be the best person to give an assessment of its value and that shows in the maps apparently. For me, plasma rifle is end game; with that in mind I should also mention that there was originally a fourth map that didn't make the cut (I think I even removed it from the wad, so its lost forever). The plasma rifle was introduced there along with an actual slaughter-map level of monsters (the second room had a wave of like 50 knights for example....with sniper arachs and maybe 30 cacos. With a plethora of humans for taste.) The fourth map is also why the third map has no actual boss. Though the portal swarm isnt that bad as a wad end. (Can I just say that this forum software kind of stinks? Trying to type a post and manipulate quotes is terrible. If you quote something you cant move the quote down, for example. You have to type after it because you cant actually put the typing cursor above the quote. Removing the video from the quote is a diceroll; when you click it and hit 'remove quote but keep contents', sometimes it removes only the video and sometimes it removes everything. /endrant)
  11. Thanks again for the video! Yeah, this map is definitely the more problematic of the 3 I feel. The second arena (with the changing pathways) is downtuned from what it originally was. Before it had more stuff and no secret but I felt it was too difficult. After seeing others play through it I can definitely tell that it still needs some tuning. The bulk of time spent on that arena was in getting it to function properly with scripts, as I had never really done any complex scripting before. So, by the time it came to tuning the fight, I was already in earnest to get to map03, as that arena was the last part of the map I worked on. As for the camping, thats generally what I am used to. My favorite way to play doom is modded with something like AEOD or DoomRPG on maps with untold amounts of monsters (Deus Vult is one of my favorite levels and ideal for my playstyle.) Even in other games, such as the fallouts of elderscrolls games, I tend to mod them such that I take and give a lot of damage so duck and cover is basically required. So, the maps are definitely biased towards that duck and cover style of gameplay that I am used to. It didnt even register to me until today that the maps were that camp heavy, but I can see how they may feel that way; especially in the second half of Map02. I still have doombuilder on a flash drive ready to use, I am honestly contemplating going in and re-tuning some of the fights. I may add a plasma rifle or rocket launcher to Map02 as well. Also, I didnt really make the maps to be done with pistol start, so that may make them a bit more difficult than they ought to be.
  12. Thanks for playing the level! The glass was supposed to be bullet proof, By the time I had figured out that it wasn't I had already moved on to other things and had it uploaded to idgames. There is glass in front of the toxic falls in the dark room but I guess its too hard to see. I built the level with original doom lighting engine in mind so some transparent stuff may be hard to see/invisible on other lighting settings. The level was meant to be what it was, a simply entryway-esque level with simple mechanics and gameplay. I think it served its function, maps 2 and 3 are where it gets a bit more original, though its hard to tell, so many doom maps have been made that its hard to tell whats original.
  13. Mechazawa

    I’d like to record FDAs of your maps

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/jeemi 3 maps, somewhat difficult. I called it slaughtermap-ish but its not really that style. No jumping required. Freelook isnt required but its helpful. Would love to see your reactions. :D
  14. Randomly decided to visit doomwrold after a year and I see this thread. Since I like seeing people play my modest levels, thought I'd post :) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/jeemi Its just the first 3 levels, they are made for z/gzdoom. Jumping isnt required, and while freelook isnt technically required, it is very helpful in some areas. (map 02 in particular has a room with large height differences.)
  15. Mechazawa

    [WIP] Jeem I

    Update: I finally "finished" the 3 map pack. By that I mean I deleted the incomplete fourth level and officially "released" this little pack. It is on /idgames (link in first post). Nothing else is really changed I just wanted to slap the word "finished" on this project. I doubt I will finish the fourth level but I may make another 2-3 level wad in the future, who knows. Wow, its been almost 2 years.