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  1. Didn´t ID Software say, that the Doom comic was the inspiration for the glory kills? Also, I´ve started playing classic Doom in 2010 and honestly, I always imagined that meele attacks (There were also the fists in Doom) would fit the whole atmosphere in Doom a lot.
  2. I love New-Doom but I wish they would have still incorporated more Horror Elements into it. Maybe it´s because my first contact with Doom was through Doom 3. But to me Horror is a part of Doom. Even if the Action is more important. Not asking for them to make it an action game but more Horror-Elements would be nice. After all, it´s a game about Demons and occult stuff.
  3. Hello people! Been lurking these forums since 2015! I´ve got into Doom through Doom 3 (Yeah, yeah I know). Been playing the classic Doom titles since 2010 I think. I´ve replayed the classic dozens of times since then and have also play several mods for Ultimate Doom and Doom 2. However, I want to become creative and start building my own Doom Maps. Here are my questions: - What is a good editor? - What port should I use for mapping? - Are there any good tutorials you can recommend? Thanks in advance and have a nice day!