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  1. magma86

    The bitching about the MP

    I cant really put my finger on it, but something feels really out of place in the new DOOM multiplayer. The good: Ok, it got health, ammo and powerups. The maps have a nice design to it. Its fun for about a few matches. Then it gets boring. The bad: No weapon pickups (which is odd). The movement feels slow and clumsy. Where is the music? The time it takes to search for a match takes waaaay 2 long. This is not a good sign. Think about it, the game has just been out for about 2 weeks and should have lots of people playing it... but no. Ok, i again with the demon runes. Just op and ruins the balance. Everyone that gets it basically destroys everything. It has hackers already. Yeah, i played against one yesterday. To put it simple, ggmanlives sums it up pretty well in his review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4-2gOJDgPM
  2. magma86

    So how far did you get on Ultra-Nightmare?

    Nightmare in general feels really cheap and badly implemented. But, the enemies are a bit more agile, which is always welcome. But i dont like how they basically "eat" bullets, like AirRaid mentioned. I have not tested ultra nightmare just yet. But, i have finished the game on both ultra violent and nightmare. Ultra violent is more fun because the game feels more balanced.
  3. magma86

    Not enough love for id Tech 6

    Im not sure if the game has been patched yet? Well, it performs well for the most part. In smaller areas my framerate can go up to 140 with my r9 290. But in some areas with gore nests my framerate can drop below 50. Not sure why. And yeah, nvidiacards runs doom much better than amd-cards obviously because id tech 6 uses opengl. Why, you might ask? http://www.techspot.com/review/1173-doom-benchmarks/page6.html http://steamcommunity.com/app/379720/discussions/0/357286119110356228/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/379720/discussions/0/357286119111990153/ https://community.amd.com/thread/200351 About that... Newer version of opengl on nvidiacards (4.5) versus amd (4.3). I remember Stratton saying on the nvidia conference with gtx 1080 that vulkan support will come in about 3 weeks after launch. And where is the async compute support? https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/4ji0kk/sovulkan_was_available_for_1080_doom_marketing/ r9 300-series does support opengl 4.5 according to http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/graphics/desktop/r9# But not the r9 200-series (correct me if im wrong here). But, yes, DOOM looks good even on medium settings. Frametarget doesnt work for me in DOOM. It works great in all my other games. The framerate is all over the place in some areas. Besides, i get the same framerate when using lowest and highest settings. So, there a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed here. And after watching some performance vids on youtube it seems like both xbox one and ps4 have problems keeping a steady framerate of 60. Its funny how my htpc with a 960 runs DOOM better than my gaming machine with a r9 290. Its such a shame because the game is amazingly good!
  4. magma86

    GAME (UK) Pre-Order

    Here in Sweden its about 570 kr (59,99 euro) if you buy it through steam even in the most expensive stores in Sweden, the physical copy still costs around 12 euro less. And for digital download you can get it cheaper on gmg or g2play (just 2 mention a few). Ok, fine. You will get WTNO: the old blood. This time, because its doom i want to have the physical copy. I dont know about people playing on ps4 and xboxone, but ive seen a few people playing doom days before its even released on pc. So, whats the point of preordering it on pc digitally? I mean, you still have to wait until they activate it on steam. Sure, you can still preload it and play it as soon as it goes online. It will save you a few hours at best. I will have to wait until after work tomorrow before i can pick it up in my local store. Then i have to download it. So, yeah. I will be a few hours behind people who preload it on steam because they got their keys earlier. Besides, i have not noticed any difference in downloadspeed when preordering from steam, gmg or even activating my physical copies on steam.
  5. magma86

    GAME (UK) Pre-Order

    Its way 2 expensive. Not worth it, imo.
  6. magma86

    Doom hitting 200 FPS @ 1080p using GTX 1080 w/ Vulkan

    Or this one: http://images.nvidia.com/geforce-com/international/videos/doom/doom-nvidia-geforce-gtx-geforce-dot-com-vulkan-graphics-api-gameplay-video.mp4 Whatever floates your boat ;) Well, its damn fast. This is how doom should be played. Reminds me of painkiller and serious sam as well, which is a good sign imo :)
  7. magma86

    1 Week to Doom 2016 !

    Thanks for the info. Hmm, there could be a day-one patch.
  8. magma86

    1 Week to Doom 2016 !

    I preorded the physical copy so i will not be able to start downloading until friday after work... ah well :/ I have 125 Mbit connection so it should not take 2 much time :)
  9. magma86

    1 Week to Doom 2016 !

    This is torture... barely 3 more days now! :)
  10. magma86

    Doom stream

    Around 10 min gameplay here: https://vid.me/Xygv
  11. magma86

    Doom stream

    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/86562626 Barely 3 minutes.
  12. magma86

    Doom stream

    No, im sorry. I mean, same thing happend with Fallout 4 and the leaks. It got leaked about a week before the actual release. Regarding your question about Fallout 4, i dont know. I have not played it myself. I will pick it up when it comes out in a GOTY edition with all the seasonpasses and dlc :)
  13. magma86

    Doom stream

    Who is suprised, really? Same thing happend with fallout 4 and most of the bigger AAA-titles from beteshda.
  14. magma86

    New archvile is sexy

    Looks great! Hope he will be a pain in the azz on the battlefield :)