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  1. Saw this in a twitch chat I believe SyncError: QuakeCon London is a Doom Eternal hands on, and a stream viewing party for the Qcon keynote and tournament streams.
  2. sleepii

    New Doom Eternal Footage on Google Stadia

    wonder what level that is? looks like the phobos level they showed, but hellified a bit. either hell won out the first time or you're returning to it, wonder which, either of those or its just further into the level :O
  3. sleepii

    Anyone need a player for Dec 10th 4v4 Tournament?

    hey, I'm also down to play tomorrow, need a team. PM on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197994146647/ fps background: Im a quakelive player, started streaming here recently: twitch.tv/malvoe_
  4. sleepii

    Doom - Big Updates, New Content and PartyPlay

    "badass new content" ? It's a bunch of maps and a new game mode. I'm not upset that the content is late, but that the content is shit AND its late. IF we were getting 5 new singleplayer levels with their own storyline 3months after the game was out I would be all up in my arms praising id, but this is stuff that was probably complete by the end of the production of the game but it was chopped off from the actual game to be sold as DLC or whatever. If you can't see that, you're the kind of person video game companies target to sell their bullshit
  5. sleepii

    Doom - Big Updates, New Content and PartyPlay

    I haven't read the comments but quite sadly this is all material that should have been there day 1 with the release and not coming out when the multiplayers dead and everyone's finished the campaign (which let's be honest by all the trailers was the only real draw)
  6. sleepii

    DOOM Dev Hints At Upcoming DLC

    Good post.
  7. sleepii

    DOOM Dev Hints At Upcoming DLC

    I'm pretty sure that was around the Vulkan announcement
  8. sleepii

    The very beginning of the game

    I think the "we have to contain him" was more like don't open the damn casket
  9. sleepii

    Today I got my Chubbymoose

    blame the lighting/flash making it seem overly shiney
  10. Does anyone keep an eye on this by any chance? I Googled a bunch and couldn't find anything besides the $60
  11. sleepii

    Digital Foundry Analysis: Id Tech 6

    Personally I wasn't impressed graphically by doom when I saw last year's E3. Now watching the videos it's a lot better but still not top notch like doom 3 was when it came out (really pushed the boundary, better looking than HL). Doom 3 was used a lot as a benchmark for new gpus, whereas it seems that doom runs fairly well on most modern guys. The graphics also look rushed. Feels like certain areas have missing lighting.
  12. sleepii

    Ultra Nightmare Playthrough in 4h45m

    That's right above 100 armor
  13. sleepii

    Ultra Nightmare Playthrough in 4h45m

    why are there parts showing u having infinite ammo
  14. sleepii

    Cut Material in game files?

    a lot of the previous doom 4 stuff was in the strings. vehicles, racing with vehicles, it was a lot like rage from the description.
  15. sleepii

    What Now?

    I think a proper remake of Knee deep would be appreciated. A proper remake.