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  1. actually the idea that doomslayer, the marine from doom3, and doomguy are the same character has been referenced a few times in the games. marketing for the bfg edition sayes that the character you play as in doom 3 , ultimate doom, and doom 2 are the same guy. doom rpg (the now unavailable website and the mobile game, and yes the spin offs aside from the master levels are officially cannon) outright states the same thing. quake 3 mentens that doomguy's earth was sold out for power through hell, but the only character known to do that was malcom betreuger. so doom 3 happend first, then the classic games, then doom 64, and apparently whent into an alternate dimension where earth was suffering an energy crisses and uses hell energy to sustain living with a different UAC to boot(DOOM2016).
  2. pretty cool turn based mechanic in the video. how is the progress so far?
  3. I have a question. in your test video for the turn based mechanics I noticed that the monsters from doom 2 rpg are the hd drawn look. I was wondering if you are also gonna be using the sprite based look as well.
  4. This is cool. I made a very experimental mod based on the first doom rpg on moddb.com feel free to take a look at it. use some of the assets from it if you want.
  5. doom12

    what is officially canon to DOOM

    [merged into thread by mod; we don't need another one of these threads] the order of the games in chronological order is this -wolfenstienRPG-(cancelled DOOM4 concept)-DOOM3 series-DOOMRPG series-CLASSICDOOM-FINALDOOM-DOOM64- new timeline -DOOM2016- the reason this is is because the classic doom series( the ultimate doom and doom2) happens after the RPG games as stated by those games(either in game or their defunct website also doomwiki.) the final doom series happens after that and before the absolution. where the marine you play as is the one from the doom episode (as in all of the classic games). many people thought that the doom 3 series is a remake, well in a gameplay sense you are correct. but this entry is actually the first encounter with the demons from the perspective of the marine in the first doom rpg(wich is stated to be the same one from the classic games.) then before the 4th number title got scrapped and replaced with the true reboot of the series, it was gonna take place during that earth war that was mentioned by swan in doom 3 as shown by supposed consept art and a minute video. wolfenstien rpg has a connection to this series by the cyberdemon cursing bj that he will fight his decendants. in doom2rpg one of them named stan battled said demon.
  6. doom12

    Help me understand why people compare this to COD

    well I don't see the comparison, I mean you are a space marine that is fending off an alien invasion..... oh, sorry, I was reciting the plot to halo. you are a marine that is trying to save your homeland from a forien terror....sorry again, I apparently was reciting the plot to call of duty.
  7. doom12

    ACS turn based movement

    what I mean is like in first person rpgs that will move the player to a tile and then an enemy move after you do so. is it possible to achive this in ACS scripting?
  8. Is it possible to use ACS scripting to create turn based movement?
  9. doom12

    Doom 3, Doom 64's successor?

    thanks to the doom rpg games on mobile. DOOM 3 is a prequil to the classic doom games.
  10. how do you create new weapons and monsters? is there a tutorial for this? I f you are wondering, yes, I am a beginner at modding for doom 3. any help would be appreciated.
  11. doom12

    custom monsters to doom3

    what I did was copy the def file for the imp and replace any mention of the name with impling. I did not want to rename the model names as i want to use the existing model. then in the mtr file i did a similar thing where to replace any mention of imp with impling. and changed the skin name it used to give it a green color. back at the def file i also lesson the health of the custom monster. but when i load it into the game. the consol says class name unknown.
  12. doom12

    custom monsters to doom3

    i did create def file for a different color imp that was weaker. the skins and dds was in as well. for some reason it would give me a "unknown spawn class"..... on a different note. do you know what malloc failure 22348952 is?
  13. doom12

    custom monsters to doom3

    how do you make custom monsters using existing models but with different skin and health. for some reason the game says unknown spawn class. even when loading it on the editor so i can put the monster in it does not show. how can i fix this?