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  1. Lengis

    US hands over Iraqi sovereignty

    Are you kidding? They had to make sure every Nazi supporter was burned to the ground. Look at Germany today, they have huge programs dedicated to educating kids about the holocaust, and WW2. They also have a memorial in every city for the jews. They also ban, any and all forms of media that even mention the word nazi. Think they would be like this if allies didn't stamp the nazi party to the ground?
  2. Lengis

    Canadian Elections

    Canadian voting? Some frenchie vs another frenchie, who cares?
  3. I'm pretty sure Kerry will win. A lot of people are tired of Bush's bs.
  4. Lengis

    Fahrenheit 9/11

    No. You suck.
  5. Lengis


    The real question is....... track ball vs mouse....... Mouse wins.
  6. Lengis

    Doom3 vs RE

    >>>>>>>>Resident Evil's backgrounds may look better... but that's because it's just a still image being drawn once. They don't look better....... Even when judging by stills.
  7. Lengis

    PC Gamer UK reports exclusive review in next issue

    Especially for hard print mags, they gotta review stuff before it's actually done, due to heavy competition from free web based game sites like gamespot. Online sources can update at will, but print magazines, are always behind since not only are they constrained by mag release dates, but production values.
  8. Lengis

    Best NES 2D games.

    Mario 3 Contra (arcade was better tho) Kirby Final Fantasy Zelda Metroid
  9. Lengis

    "Crap" games that you actually liked

    I loved Primal Rage, but most people panned it.
  10. Lengis

    Unreal Engine 3 good-res pics

    What gameplay? This is just the engine, there is no Unreal 3. Other games for the PC, Xbox 2, PS3, N5 are going to use the engine. Epic has not announced any game using this engine yet.
  11. Lengis

    Sega releasing a new console?!

    The cat's out of the bag, Sega is releaseing a new portable system.
  12. Nintendo is trying to innovate the way we play games. Sometimes taking risks is needed in order to experience original and fun ways to play a game. They stated that simply improving the graphics from generation to generation is insufficient, when it's possible to innovate in more ways. Once it comes out, we will know if it works or not. If it does, kewl, once again Nintendo will be the example of others to follow. If not, then we got a new Virtual Boy.
  13. DS stands for Dual Screen
  14. A quote from Famitsu's president Hirokazu Hamamura has sent the gaming world into a state of deep confusion. "This will not be a machine where you push the 'A' button or 'B' button and move the direction pad, but a completely different way to interact with the device." This interesting quote has sprung many ideas and a while ago it was suggested that the DS would have a touch screen. Expect proper details on Tuedsay at E3.
  15. Lengis

    [Eating Weed] General Cannabis Discussion

    Uhh, what exactly is a body stone, and a skunk hydro?