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  1. it's 1:20 in the morning I should not be typing this right now but What i'm seeing - and I see this a lot - is that (white) people who oppose the concept of white privilege (as in, they don't believe it exists) are people who take personal offense to the insinuation that they benefit from it. The truth of the matter is that the point of explaining white privilege shouldn't be to make white people flagellate themselves (and rarely is it ever), but to make white people aware of how they can, intentionally or not, reinforce existing racial biases. It's not an attack on white people, and it's not an accusation. Likewise, I see lots of people go like "SJW's are just offended for the sake of other people" but time and time again I see people in the social justice corners of the internet who are black/non-white/lgbt/etc. who get called SJW's. So which is it? Who are SJW's? Are they privileged, misguided teens on the internet who don't fully understand leftist/feminist concepts, or are they members of minority groups who say things you don't like to hear?
  2. 3_nights

    The /newstuff Chronicles #507

    No problem. Yeah I should have picked out some more, there were some gorgeous visuals. Thanks for the critique of my critique c;
  3. 3_nights


    joe i trusted you slightly how could you do this to your own community
  4. 3_nights

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I hate most of the Doom 2 bestiary. Archviles are a cool concept but a serious pain to deal with and very hard for mappers to use properly. Chaingunners take all the cheapness of Sergeants and magnify it tenfold. Pain Elementals are a pain (rimshot) because they spawn Lost Souls, another monster I dislike because they have too much hp for their size. The Mancubus is alright, and the Revenant is my favorite Doom monster actually, so it's not all bad. I just feel like the monsters in Doom 2 were designed or used poorly.
  5. 3_nights


    Night before last, I dreamt of a hotel building. I don't know if it's one I've ever actually been to, but it's a recurring location in my dreams. It's distinctive, with a small lobby, and it's a huge hexagon - shaped tower. This time, I was exploring it with someone i know in real life. My sister and a friend of mine were living in that building. I also saw someone open a window in the hallway and just step out and fall to their death. Fun stuff. Then I was laying in a field of flowers, and I couldn't move except my legs. Soon, wasps began flying towards me, and landed on my shoes and tried to sting me, and I couldn't crush them or get them off. I woke up in a bit of a panic.
  6. Louie C.K. and MC Ride, but they're awkward people so it probably wouldn't be very exciting. Also Rosa Luxembourg.
  7. Episode 1 is the best episode in Doom. The second one is just kinda weird and the third episode starts off brutally hard but then kinda dips after m3.
  8. 3_nights

    Is it okay to like Sonic ?

    Good opinion. Sonic's not my thing, and the fandom is pretty crazy, but satAM was pretty cool actually.
  9. 3_nights

    Skull switch in E4M1

    McGee made troll wads before it became hip.
  10. 3_nights

    Hexen scare

    That happened to me once, and I got scared. I was five. In retrospect, I'm wondering how I made it to Dark Crucible when I was only five. Probably cheats.
  11. 3_nights

    Big black balls

    The BLACK BALLS are releaseing GAY CHEMTRAILS to brainwash the proles with FLOURIDE in the WATER. There. I've revealed the conspiracy. Can I get a show on the History channel now?
  12. 3_nights

    Any Good RPG Maker (VX) Games?

    Second. A similar game (also not VX) is OFF. It's pretty shitty in terms of RPG, (its way too easy and gets broken like halfway through) but it's more about the... story? and the cool weirdness than gameplay.
  13. 3_nights

    So the Ashley Madison leak...

    I'm conflicted. On one hand, the leak was a naked invasion of privacy and it was pretty much illegal. On the other, It's a site for having affairs. There's such a thing as healthy polyamory. Ashley Madison ain't it.
  14. 3_nights

    My first level

    > "unnamed.rar" Um, yeah, I'm not downloading that from a website called "speedyshare.com"
  15. 3_nights

    How about the Q3 Doomguy?

    Well, you gotta protect your scrotes, but you also gotta relieve yourself on the field somethimes, ya know?