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  1. So I'm doing a research project for college...

    1. Male, 19 2. Argentina, city of Rosario 3. Doom 95, Doom II, Doom 3 BFG Edition ( i didnt played the expansions yet ), Doom 64 and Doom 2016 4. Original Doom because it revolutionized gaming in a lot of ways ( not just the grandaddy of FPS as most people know it ) 5. Doom II - Doom - Doom 2016 - Doom 3 - Doom 64 ( I love Doom 64 but as a N64 exclusive pseudo-sequel made by Midway theres no point of comparison with the others ) 6. Neither. All Doom games are a product of their respective time but i would choose Doom 2016 ( yet again, go try to compare the development team of Doom 2016 with the metalheads playing d&d and watching Evil Dead 2 and Aliens from 1993 ) 7. It didnt gave me nostalgia and thats a good thing. It rather felt like a modern rendition of Good ole FPS fun 8. Its among the titans of gaming history and it gained a small place in popular culture. Doom unleashed the creativity of thousands and thousands of people around the globe. Doom is a simple and addictive formula that doesnt fade with time, "Weapons-Enemies-Level Design" are just like "Bass-Drums-Guitar" 9. Like it or not, Doom 3 expanded the series in another direction. Many think its the black sheep of the series. I like to think Doom 3 its a good detour from the fast-paced all guns blazing we all know 10. I would add another question "What do you think its the future of the franchise?
  2. Gordon Freeman and Doomguy switch places in games

    Doomguy would join forces with the HECU since they are all marines. Xen forces are completely annihilated and all government assassins KIA. And i think Adrian Shepard would do it better because he can carry all the arsenal of Freeman plus the OP4 weapons ( Desert Eagle, sniper rifle, SAW, Race X weapons and Displacer cannon which is basically a BFG with teleportation as secondary attack )
  3. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    You mean those gameplay mods with cheesy protagonists and the same overpowered shotguns/revolvers/miniguns that bring little to nothing innovation? Because Terminus could make another "Demonsteele with a facelift" and he would still win a Cacoward. But dont expect IGN articles or TotalBiscuit reviews.
  4. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    But sure as f*ck he is the first one living off of modding in Brazil, a country struggling with economical inequality. And thats another pro for him, he deserves a bit of respect for turning his hobby into a job. So he can complete those FREE projects in less time and more quality. Now if BD was on Steam that would be another completely different story.
  5. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    To be more clear, i acknowledge that he chose a very inefficient way of payback, that along with some bad mistakes he made but also i think the positive impact that his works left is too much to be ignored. I have zero interest on blindly defend him, your opinion just differs from mine. Its not about Black vs. White or Good vs. Evil
  6. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    The thing is, he never uploaded that Extermination day beta build on Idgames. Not even on Moddb. The Eday betas are only available on Mediafire links posted on his Patreon. In this case they cannot ban anyone because what DW users upload on other sites its not their concern as DW Moderators.
  7. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Lets be honest guys, before Brutal Doom was conceived ( or started to burst with popularity ) no one was talking about how Doom mods should give Doom a slice of mainstream/media coverage again or how they should lure back people who were into Doom 10 or 15 years ago.
  8. What is American about Doom?

    Same with Aliens and Evil Dead 2
  9. Photos that could be great Doom levels

    From my hometown
  10. Favorite piece of architecture in classic Doom games?

    - E1M3 soulsphere room - E1M5 outdoor nukage pool - E2M2 room opened by the yellow card - E2M7 invsphere hallway - E4M7 outdoor area - MAP09 starting area - MAP19 central courtyard - TNT MAP05 blue keycard room
  11. [v1.4a] Doom 64: Retribution

    Check your OpenGL version. You need OpenGL 3.0 and above to run GZDoom 2.x with full feature support, if you have OpenGL 2.0 you can try GZDoom 1.8.10 which is newer than any 1.9pre build.
  12. Ugliest cars, in your opinion

    I know that perfectly, but what i mean is : the huge wing is there for a good reason, stabilize the car at 200 MPH and massive downforce. Not for pointlessly grabbing attention.
  13. Ugliest cars, in your opinion

    Eh dude, did you even know the story behind the Mopar winged cars? Besides they re not ugly at all. Inform yourself.
  14. Do you prefer to play with or without music?

    Only if the music is unfitting/annoying