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  1. In case you haven't seen it, here is one of the best pixel art tutorials: great to study even if you aren't an artist, as it would help you truly appreciate the art. People at also have nice animation tutorial:
  2. Hurray! You solved the mystery!
  3. Fletchettes are different from exploiting the environment. Although Hexen also has repulsion discs, used to push monsters into bottomless pits or into other traps.
  4. Exploding stuff is always fun, so I'm sure they were thinking about it, especially because Doom engine already supported it. Then exploding objects were also missing in Quake and Hexen 2, so that is obviously a design decision.
  5. So Doom had barrels, that were simple and effective. Heretic introduced these movable organic balls, that kept respawning in some rooms. But Hexen had no exploding environment objects, despite introducing traps, like walls shooting fireballs (that were also potent at killing monsters). What was the design reason for the omission of exploding objects in Hexen?
  6. 1. I doubt they are public domain, while OGA people dislike BSD license. 2. Good placeholders are intended to stand out of place, crying"replace me with a proper art!", yet at the same time you need variety of them to discern one from another. 3. IIRC, Freedoom's idea was to attract artists with their own monster designs, instead of incorporating existing art, with conflicting art style.
  7. variety of silly public domain sprites that can serve as placeholders:
  8. That smiling lizard guy's head looks so nice and friendly.
  9. At OGA there are a few Hexen-style tracks although none are under BSD license, because OGA admins for some reason hate BSD, they even banned me for uploading Freedoom sprites there, under CC-BY-SA, which appears to be incompatible with BSD. Yet they have GPL. Guess it is some Linux vs BSD thing.
  10. That won't be a solution, because MIDI is incompatible with tracker formats, which use special effects and samples not available with standard MIDI:
  11. @Cire MrGamer's music is great, but it is more suitable for arcade sci-fi games, like SHMUPs. While Zauberer is planned to be fantasy. Original Hexen had some 80ies Hollywood horror movie style music, probably inspired by John Carpenter and Goblin's soundtracks.
  12. Did MrGamer allowed modification/remixing or you can only use them as is? What is the license? Because it would be nice to say translate them to MIDI files.
  13. Did some basic moss-covered wall texture. Release it under public domain. You can do whatever you want with it.
  14. Sorry, I got enormous troubles in real life, after making a post on Internet criticizing Russian invasion of Syria and Ukraine, and ending up in federal news. Had to run away from Russia to Ukraine, so now I will be sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison on return to Russia. My smartphone, ipad and notebook were confiscated, but I will continue designing sound effects for Zauberer when I get proper computer. For now you can use this sound effect under whatever license and format you like.
  15. Well... he just banned me outright, without bothering to check if that is real sound or just a joke description on my side. Fire first, ask later. Even if a user has dozens of legit submissions.