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  1. Doomguy from scythe And both monsters from New Doom Community project 2 i.e a high speed suicide cacodemon and constant shooting marine
  2. Zahid

    Why I left this community.

    in 2012 I was Labeled as "Loser" once and Disabled to even read the Threads..... after unban I didn't post for some years out of Embarrassment....Remeber I even use to send Demos to Andy Via Email....your post remind me the Time when this game and this Community matters a lot in my life.....
  3. Zahid

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    map 9 at 4m 33s ak9-433.zip
  4. Thanks a lot For Tip.... It worked for me.... and thanks for posting it AtticTelephone.....
  5. Zahid

    Ennio Morricone has died. He was 91.

    His Compositions in Cinema Paradiso Are my favorite....One of Greatest Musicians of our era... RIP....
  6. Zahid

    1 Monster Sequel... any possibility?

    There was 2 monster project in megawad Mayhem years back... never liked it....as it alter the whole idea and no way near fun as 1 monster coz in case of 1 monster gameplay remained specific and most important it eliminate the "infighting' in most cases and ammo management is also more enjoyable.... Thats my point,as first installment was also a community project.....bad my absolute zero knowledge of mapping or anything i can only do only posting....
  7. I would really love the general idea of it as it explore strenghts and weaknesses of every monster in very detailed manner and longing to see a sequel of it..... Head of previous project seems to be inactive long ago.... is there any possibility of its sequel or should i gave up hopes like of Kama Sutra 2.....
  8. Zahid

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    It is not working for me either so any admin kindly delete this post.... whole point in recording and posting was to check if i can still able to do it but it seems i messed up in my command line there used to be highlighted thread in Doom Speed Demos section with information on recording demos why it disappeared ?.anyways will try again later....sorry for inconvenience......
  9. Zahid

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Emperor wad map 1 casual uv max at 4:44 empror444.zip
  10. Zahid

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am an Asthmatic 😥😥
  11. Zahid

    Edit of Sign of Evil

    This is My most favorite track from Doom as it Has a feel of whole game inside it....so I like your edition too...
  12. Zahid

    Faded Dream (My first Doom Wad)

    Just Drag and drop lmp file on Prboom/glboom plus icon just make sure your wad(and doom2 wad) should also be in same prboom folder...
  13. Zahid

    Faded Dream (My first Doom Wad)

    Here's fda couldn't find secret not bad for first attempt Desktop.zip
  14. Zahid

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Very Brilliant effort...i got a suggestions,don't know if its possible though but some kind of link between id games wads pages to their demos page at dsda would be better imo...for example if someone is visiting id games page of Hell Revealed there should be a link to dsda page of all Hell Revealed demos...
  15. Zahid

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Fighting at 3m 57s land at 3m 57 degree at 2m 42s misc.zip