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  1. Zahid

    Precipitous Extirpation [Doom2, limit removing]

    popi9.zip here is my fda and uvmax using cl2 on prboom plus and iddt code for secrets tbh its a very majestic and eye catchy layout the yellow key area with caco fight and beautiful sky was memorable for me...neat tidy texture usage... progression is rather basic and unimaginative and fighting was weakest part of map imo, tons of ammo and health with actually very little challenging monsters only first area is bit challenging and cacos were okay but there can be two times more monsters on map of this size especially sniper type positions.... it seems some real pro make a map and some inexperienced one place some monster in it.... but as i said it was a pleasure to play a map with such an exquisite layout and visuals....
  2. Zahid

    Do you do any drugs?

    High quality Afghan hashish is very common and cheap in my Country I used to abuse it for 10 years but developed some mental and physical problems so quit it now I only take esomeprazol/ppi drugs for my acidity or occasional hashish and rarely Alcohol and nicotine...
  3. Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 boom cl9 uv maxes for tab filling map 25 at 6m 39s map 26 at 6m 41s map 29 at 14m 58s misc.zip
  4. Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 boom cl9 uv maxes for tab filling map 19 at 56s map 20 at 2m 51s map 21 at 1m 42s map 22 at 8m 44s map 23 at 2m 37s map 32 at 5m 51s dmpx22cl9misuvmax.zip
  5. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/dmax2022 Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 vanill/cl2 maps uv maxes for tab filling map 1 at 6m 20s map 2 at 4m 37s map 6 at 7m 55s map 8 at 1m 40s map 9 at 7m 59s map 10 at 4m 29s map 12 at 6m 42s map 14 at 2m 59s map 16 at 7m 43s dmpx22-cl2uvmaxes.zip (leftover maps 4,7,13 and 17 are bit extra difficult for me and map 5 and 15 are not uvmax friendly imo)
  6. Zahid

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Uploaded!

    where is download link?
  7. Zahid

    What's the meaning of life in your opinion?

    life is meaning less (not in an absurd sense) we are just animals with big brains which Complicate things sometimes....
  8. Zahid

    [Vanilla - 1 map] sorry i blue my wad

    decent little map,too easy and too basic... here is my fda with latest prboom+ cl2 and iddt*2 code got 100% kills but can't find secret popi9.zip
  9. Zahid

    Smugglers - first map, feedback welcome

    popi96.zip here is my fda using latest prboom+ cl9 and iddt*2 code for secrets also second attempt uv max but 3 monster were not killed, 2 didn't spawn at all it is very very interesting map progression reminds me of kamasutra and going down i really like the way it progress,its boom gimmicks and tricks and visuals which resembles some dock for smuggling as name mentioned fights are rather plain just red key area offer some challenge otherwise its too easy it was a pleasure to play this map ...kamasutra and going down are two of my all time favorite wads and this maps seems to remind me of those....
  10. Zahid

    Condemned - Another Map!

    fda turn into uvmax using prboom+ cl9 and iddt*2 cheat to find secrets fun little map with atmosphere CONDEMN-v1.2fda.zip
  11. Zahid

    What smartphone to buy?

    i am using m51 by samsung and it got biggest battery (7000mah) among all mainstream phones but its a bulky phone you can buy a53 by samsung if midrange is required
  12. Zahid

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Uploaded!

    map 11 to map 24 (i skip map 17 for being too difficult) uv max attempting walkthroughs using prBoom+ v2.5.1.4 using iddt map 11 seems unplayable as one door didn't open for me... dmpx22test.zip
  13. Zahid

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Uploaded!

    here is my walkthrough of first 10 maps leaving one i use iddt cheat and prboom plus some are uv maxed and some unfinished using cl2 and some minor bugs i found are in map1 by pegleg 1 a chian gunner cant move in starting room in map 2 by scorpius chaingunner and caco demons are stuck in secret areas in map 10 by osminee rev wont teleport for whole game in starting room if player or lost soul is occupying its teleprting place dmpx22test.zip
  14. Sorry for trouble but these were all the demos I got on my hard disk for a year or so and now all of these are posted here I would not Trouble you any further which such nuisance anymore....and will try to post demos as they Should...
  15. map 6 demo works fine for me some uvmaxes for dmpx22 boom series map 26 at 2m 33s map 27 at 1m 57s map 29 at 4m 33s map 30 at 5m 55s map 31 2m 47s map 34 at 1m 01s map 35 at 7m 55s map 41 3m 48s dmpx22misc.zip