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  1. Try to wa
  2. alt map 25 at 5:31 uacbase2 at 9:11 monlth05 12:15
  3. Leon the professional saw it with deleted scenes included Solid action apart,the unusual relationship between 12 year old girl and elderly man really stimulate my thinking patterns for days....really love the "Roots" idea..
  4. sacrment map 6 at 8:08 alt map 6 at 16:23 map 7 at 6:33 map 12 at 9:22 kbase_4 at 5:08 demon at 28 sec hid map 1 at 2:54 bastille at 8:08 sights 3:33
  5. outback at 2:11 reanmtd map 1 at 3:41 map 2 at 4:25
  6. some more casual uv maxes dawn at 5:39 wicked_2 at 4:11 ad_demo map 2 at 2:23 superfly at 2:21 ccenter at 2:31 cybofun2 map 6 at 1:51
  7. I never knew about its compatibility or existence at dsda although i searched archives,you can ignore those.... but this thread brought a long-buried suggestion out of me that there should be a link between dsda and idgames...means every wad page should have a link of its dsda demos(if there is any demo)..this would also serve better insight along only written reviews....consider this suggestion for here 4shock.
  8. some more tab creater uv max 3_pack1 tekrkbrn.wad at 6:33 CHeK yoUR BAcK at 5:34 Death Comes Not Gently to the Wicked at 10:51 Cult pit at 6:52 master by Jose Mancia at 19:10 The Clave (for DOOM II) at 8:49 EP LEVELS FOR DOOM II map 1 at 2:40 map 3 at 5:40 HSH53.wad at 4:42
  9. it took more efforts making on text file than these crappy uvmax demos Tuning Contest WAD map 1 at 1:11 map 3 at 2:37 map 5 at 3:16 kaiser_8 at 9:50 liner map 2 at 3:14 calisas map 4 at 5:28 map 5 at 2:48 map 9 at 0:57 rienzi 8:50 Hell's Revenge 15:56 marble by Robert Dudley 7:28 Twisted Metal 1024 3:23 Caverns of Darkness shit maxes for amazing mapset map 8 at 5:05 map 7 at 9:24 the gate by joe pallai 2:43 astro map 1 at 0:58 map 2 at 1:46 map 4 at 1:10 map 5 at 1:36 map 6 at 1:49 map 7 at 0:53 map 8 at 0:53 fthls2 by David Ramos map 2 at 4:15 map 5 nm speed at 0:22 RAVINE WAD V1 at 9:33 GHOST2.WAD at 8:04
  10. it always seems funny to me whenever the organizer of any event takes part in it(and wins);p jokes apart for years this is my favorite category in really fun to explore a new map and discover some fast route at your own..... < Toms Road > uv maxes map 1 at 5:12 map 2 at 3:51 map 7 at 5:24
  11. zero star rating at idgames is no more applicable in new format....
    I am sort of speechless after all those "carnage",while max no of monsters is 30 on uv.....completed all 8 levels in 5 mins at first attempt...even maps by purist's 6 years old kid are better than this crap...only good thing about this mapset is that its short,thankfully....
    Filled with retro phenomenon...its somehow decent though area to area,quality varies a lot,especially fifth map clearly shows dark side of try to mix structures with the plain mazey layout dominance sometimes he succeed and sometimes failed...gameplay is not very well balanced too ammo/health not nicely proportionate..there are enjoyable things about it though not the whole package is enjoyable...
  12. here's a failed uv fda on prboom using iddt*2 visually very pleasant map with rather predictable layout and feels a space base to me so trees looks awkward... lighting is most striking point here for overall
  13. Can't There be any sequel to 1monster..?


    1. 40oz


      what did you like about it?

    2. Zahid


      Elimination of infighting,thus weapons/ammo management changes alot e.g you ought to actually Search for chaingun or shotgun rather just kill and grab in monster specific maps 

    3. Ichor


      Oh there's still infighting from the hitscanners in those maps, though we tried to keep that down to a minimum.

    4. Ichor


      Also the lost souls.

    5. j4rio


      Nice, you still live!


    6. cannonball


      Technically Mayhem 2013 gave some 2 monster maps, whether that counts as a sequel or not is another matter entirely.