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  1. here's a failed uv fda on prboom using iddt*2 visually very pleasant map with rather predictable layout and feels a space base to me so trees looks awkward... lighting is most striking point here for overall
  2. Can't There be any sequel to 1monster..?


    1. 40oz


      what did you like about it?

    2. Zahid


      Elimination of infighting,thus weapons/ammo management changes alot e.g you ought to actually Search for chaingun or shotgun rather just kill and grab in monster specific maps 

    3. Ichor


      Oh there's still infighting from the hitscanners in those maps, though we tried to keep that down to a minimum.

    4. Ichor


      Also the lost souls.

    5. j4rio


      Nice, you still live!


    6. cannonball


      Technically Mayhem 2013 gave some 2 monster maps, whether that counts as a sequel or not is another matter entirely.

    This is very innovative map it brought doom out of hell and other rather imaginary scenarios and present quite a realistic Fps style base to invade...there are lots of ideas to praise starting point with helicopter,ak47,knife,beer,exit area,snipers and that jump into main main building through fence all seems digging rest of the series now...
  3. The seven tongues of Satan uv max in 4:47
  4. @dew is there any substitute for old "random file" button in new layout? that button helps me alot in finding new random stuff to play...
  5. this new layout leaves me with some concerns... my major question is that for years my doom playing was going strictly like this,i open idgames archive click on "Random file" until i found something to play...How to find random wads to play now? -now there is a max attachments limit of 4.88 mb which i already consumed 22% what does it mean ? should demo posting here at forums would be kept limited from now on? -Are there new FAQ or Posting Guidelines Too If yes, where to find those?
    Its a solid map for 95...progression is bit too obvious n lacks strong visual appeal but fun overall...
    A rather poor map a huge room connected with useless outdoor area and pointless,obvious secret area...playable but too short and unimaginative
    no exit no weapons or ANY items...just a square brown room with 252 AV' can one review it positively...AVOID
    its pretty solid map actually...huge in terms of scale and battles there around 700 baddies on uv yet not a spamming slaughter map...lots of simple ideas ...layout/design along fights not very generic and too many pointless secrets were the only cons here...
    under-cooked but a nice try this map lacks scale in terms of battles and layouts
    playable but uninteresting and noobish...
    Its a Brilliantly build compact map with just 56 monsters but lot of atmosphere and fun....bit extra switch-hunt but tolerable....
    One of the best level for doom1 from 94s as it throws the classic doom1 fights in most fun way possible.512 baddies on uv along hundreds of lost souls gives slaughter touch according to my create majestic progression with rather ordinary design and layout.Its Refreshingly Sweet literally...
    its playable but quite poor,it seems author focuses more on automap Illuminati message,rather to gameplay