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  1. if you just skip map no. 20, 1 monster is a whole megawad without Revenants
  2. I am from Pakistan
  3. Faust(1926) although its bit too lengthy and not as powerful as other F. W. Murnau works yet its tolerable.... Paths of Glory 1957 another anti war film by the amazing Stanley Kubrick film lose its grip at some shots but still enjoyable and ending is quite catchy with that folk song... Doctor Zhivago 1965 what a brilliant movie it is its scenes,feelings and magical music by Maurice Jarre keeps me captivated whole time... The Phantom Carriage 1921 beautiful story and drama....horror tag isnt proper for this movie... Cries_and_Whispers another Ingmar Bergman trademark style...its his first color movie i saw and its a good one Pan's_Labyrinth this was really a great great movie.ending was very heart and lighting were terrific Kramer vs. Kramer its splendidly realistic movie about divorce issue... The_Cow among the movies i didnt get the idea or theme mostly Certified_Copy again i didnt get the idea completely but flow is applauding Inception this movie makes me sick especially when they start dream in dream in dream in dream...characters visibly keep on talking solely for the audience yet movie is so confusingly dumb,action scenes seems forced into plot for's a kind of movie to make stupid people think they're smart
  4. 1 Monster kama sutra Ndcp going down
  5. Mandatory Darkness...i.e without offering any light amplification visor... Chasm style maps... Unfair failure of autoaiming Monster who refused to start infighting and despite being harmed by other monsters,keep on attacking you... caco's speedy back-rush after damage.... Caco's corpse blocking view... Radiation suit leakage,its very nearly drive me insane while playing abyssal speed mapping session 19 actually ruined my whole fun for this well build mapset.... Constantly firing chainguners,which are too distant from player to autoaim... blindingly intense red haze after big damage... Huge push given to you By Cyberdemon took me quite so long to realize my new position if survived, that there's very little chances left to dodge next attack....
  6. Is the thread starter,Rich J Sham? has he passed away too?...
  7. inside llewyn davis: Struggle of a music artist shows in good manner... FURY 1936: very intresting movie focusing the topic of mob lynching..I dont know about other world but here at my country this practise is dangerously common. The cabinet of Dr caligary 1920: This one is surely one of best i ever saw, highly artistic presentation even 100 years unable to fade its charm...though i dont fully understand the theme but labeling it as horror flick isnt justified... Memento 2000: there wouldnt be any non linear movie or doom map like this one....and rightly acclaimed for Editing which is best part.can any one elaborate this film's actual story? Dont know if i am too dumb or this movie is really complex as i simply fail to understand anything... Servant 1963: strange movie with focusing homosexuality or bromance or just plain dependency but worth watch.... Raiders of the Lost Ark: Its another illogical crap by overrated spielberg....kooky adventures hero survive each and every absolute destruction without any senseable or reasonable justification.even doomguys adventures are more reasonable,as in this movie hero singlehandedly invade every enemy base,even god loves him(and hate gemans) and let him escapes from divine vortex of considered among greatest movie among many polls for portraying the stupid and humilated face of nazi Germans for sure...
  8. i am unable to review files at old format of idgames.. it keep asking for login to Doomworld which im already Sadly its not the only important field missing,there is also no release date, no indication of zip file type like combos/deathmatch/ graphics/levels/ lmps/ music/ skins/sounds/ source themes/utils/ it Evens misses the basic info like which of game the specific file intended for i.e doom1,2 or hexen...
    Its a capable map from 97.its linear and quite straightforward map with modest gameplay for its age although now its more on Easy placement is suitable apart start area caged cacos which seems to be more decorating than threatening....lightning is quite bright and overall a refreshing map for single go...
  9. Serigo leone's "Dollar Triology" Fistful of dollars For a few dollars more Once upon a time in west Duck! You sucker The Good the Bad and the Ugly Profilic director ....guarenteed enjoyment...but seems formula style and quite predictive... The good the bad and the Ugly is best among all his works imo,cathchy and logical storyline,mesmrizing score by Ennio,highly recommended.
  10. Verdict :3.8/5 Moderately interesting courtroom drama ending was bit filmy/unexplained but not bad overall 12 years a slave 5/5 Not a comfortable Watch,this Flick Captures The viewer From Suffering and pains of slavery and inhumanity of owners..This true story Shows the historic criminality of white peoples towards others...very powerful movie burst me into tears,anger and hatred.. Django unchained : 3.8/5 Starts of nice this one too contains Dark Past of currently civilized whites,and their racism...but this movie is commercial from core Christopher waltz's death scene was illogical and movie seems to get dragged at ending but Quentin Tarantino is capable enough to capture viewers interest till ending every time... Pather Panchali by satyajit ray 4.8/5 Perfectly Directed movie,Showing Subcontinent version of neorealism,which i am a personal admirer.... North by The northwest by alfred hitchcock 0/5 am i only one who thinks Alfred Hitchcock is overrated Director? as this movie is so dumb that i couldn't complete there is a anticipated scene when some highly "Professional,Organized,up-to-date bla bla.... criminals tries to kill hero in utter deserted grounds. Method:Try to land a 2 seater plane on his head."unfortunately" they failed and crashes into a truck on empty road along my temper,i wasn't able to stand this stupid movie beyond this point.. Sparrows 1926: 4.2/5 silent film about how Mary Pickford who rescues a baby from done amazing action scenes esp the one with alligators was quite involving one. Moonlight : 4.5/5 better than i expecting,its coming-of-age drama film,it does Depicts Homosexual Love in Natural and understandable manner rightly declared First LGBT movie...
  11. haunts me
  12. i think CC2 is best all the has some pure classic era exceptional maps like Death Mountain,Gethsemane,No Room and Elixir and singular "The Mucus Flow"
  13. Laura (1944) Best noir i see uptill now....splendid story.. Dailouges written and delivered in certain classy way... Clifton webb is a class apart....
  14. 12 Angry Men (1957) its Fantastic, Rightly considered among Greatest Movies of All Time...