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  1. tried first 2 maps feels like 90s maps with random design and catching visuals fights are good too my prboom cl2 uv demos 1-2.zip will play rest of maps tomorrow
  2. good fun map 1 monster never teleported although i visit all areas plus secret new color scheme took some time to get familiar and cyber demon got low health i feel my 2 death fda prboom cl9 uv used popi9.zip
  3. Zahid

    Newbie's first Doom II map

    its simple but effective map fun to explore the smartly hidden secrets and areas like the old school moody kind of fights can be hard without secrets my 2 deaths fda ended up as uv max as found all secrets and kill all monsters prboom cl2 uv iddt used popi9.zip
  4. Zahid

    Nucleolar (Limit-Removing DOOM map)

    great design and visuals.....fights are very easy even on uv progression is smart but blue key can be grabbed easily through fence pushing so i finish the map under 30 sec my fda, first exit speed/uvmax demos prboom cl2 iddt used uvmax.zip
  5. it was fun playtesting it i tried it again as noticed some changes design and visuals are great i must say, fights can be more challenging but still enjoyable my first exit uvmax again prboom cl2 uv demo popi9.zip
  6. Zahid

    Blooming Anomalies [My First Map]

    Fda stands for first attempt demo I played your map blindly and record it so you can see you can do whatever you feel best its your creative work and everyone who play will provide you feedback but after playing your map I can say your own ideas are great and looking forward for your work
  7. great effort esp like the dynamic gameplay with balanced ammo and health to keep player on toes design and progression is smart too but some areas feel similar died a lot esp at start until i able to max it on 26 mins prboom cl9 uv demo semi fda as i was aware of map till first key door but later half was blind popi9.zip like the gimmicky secret too
  8. i just finished it still say its among best by you i played so far great design, visuals and fights my previous comment was about e2m1 and thats best map imo after that e3m1 comes which is also great e4m1 is great visually but fights are simple mostly my prboom cl9 fdas e2m1 is not fda as i try it yesterday with lot of deaths uv skill and iddt used em1.zip
  9. just tried the map 1 and tbh its your best map i played so far very great usage of height variation both visually and practically very dynamic fights too will play and record tomorrow
  10. Zahid

    Blooming Anomalies [My First Map]

    its a very good first map simple but effective design as i really enjoy the window link to different areas so enemy can attack you from far rooms also like sniper monsters and lots of hitscanners keep player on toes but map gets excessively easy as all of the sudden megashpere appears n without as secret it is unnecessary imo secondly more snipers like manc or anarc can be placed in outdoor area and considering there is no ssg and its a tight space map pinkies can be used as i missed bit monster variation here and my last major issue was that although you put many radiation suits and make many lava encounters compulsory, lava was not hurting the player at all and was behaving like normal floor it didnt make any sense to me or maybe its a bug for me as i mentioned earlier its very very good for first attempt here is my fda able to max it after 1 death prboom cl2 uv skill used popi9.zip
  11. Zahid

    Revenant Town

    my second exit deom cant found 1 secret but kill all monsters its a great map last area can be bit more challenging though prboom cl9 uv demo popi9.zip
  12. not working in prboom plus sky3 not found error appeared
  13. Zahid

    Revenant Town

    last yellow key door is not opening for me too
  14. Zahid

    Revenant Town

    brilliant map....very atmospheric, intelligent layout smart progression and balanced fights though i would recommend to add silent teleportation tp to next area for adding up feel of ladders and poles lastly i would want to report a game breaking bug as player teleport into some wall and remain stuck there unable to move my prboom cl9 fda uv demo for proof twice i got stuck so leaving it currently 1fda.zip
  15. nice design, good progression and above average detailing fights are bit unimaginative, very easy and unexciting mostly my prboom cl9 uv fda 1 monster missed popi9.zip