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  1. - More emphasize on speedrunning like demoset and competition projects etc - Highlight the less-known mapsets,both new and old ones - A.V style slaughter maps rather than current Bfg spamming hyped ones - HD graphics with same old mechanics
  2. Some uv maxes thatday at 2:29 badtooth at 3:57 mediator at 4:04 kboom12 at 16:57 criptajd at 3:56
  3. What makes Doomworld nicer than some fourms? no one know me here in real life. its generally secular
  4. some uv maxes kboom_2 at 9:46 lowblow at 5:47 angry at 4:52 entryway at 4:29 map7cjp at 1:18
  5. Kudos for efforts... HUD would look better than whole bar imo...
  6. misc maxes for tab filling kaiser_19 at 9:01 mega at 48 exodus at 9:40 nb_wst01 at 1:17
  7. A childhood friend of mine suddenly turns gay and perform oral sex to me while i was too stoned to resist...he repeat this act 3,4 times again in same scenario and finally Asks me to be his gay partner,so i start to completely avoid meeting him alone as a straight person i found it really gross afterwards....
  8. fda and using iddt*1 visualy and design/architect is superb armor and tight ammo keeps me on my toes some enemies feel less threatening than others cool map
  9. some lousy uv maxes the experiment wad map 2 at 2:26 map 3 at 4:28 map 7 at 4:50 map 11 at 6:05 CYBERFIGHT all maps ornin1 2:13 alas map 3 at 3:36 River2 by harq 2:56 Rth2 5:08
  10. closest are better they can provide some extra place to cope newly arrived baddies(also goodies),thus adding additional dynamics to existing area...
  11. Project Mars Base Map 1 at 9:44 map 2 at 7:12 map 3 at 8:26 map 4 at 7:25 map 7 at 2:23 The-3-Floors-of-Hell map 1 at 1:34
  12. Dark Eden by Patrick Martin maxed at 9:15
  13. Worst:Map 24 chasm, is the level i loathe...even after spending p years playin doom,i still never finish it Map 30,31,32 are also bad Best: All other
  14. The lady eve 1941 This is a special movie i suggest if you want to vomit Stella Dallas 1936 good one from profilic King vidor Story isn't Gripping really but Lighting and atmosphere is Praise worthy
  15. ndcp2 map 7 tab filler uv max