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  1. The-smartest-masterm

    Revenant Theories

    Wait there is no God in DOOM
  2. The-smartest-masterm

    Revenant Theories

  3. The-smartest-masterm

    DOS computer

    On a ATM? Whoa
  4. The-smartest-masterm

    Revenant Theories

    I had no idea they did that. I'm dying! This theory made sense.
  5. The-smartest-masterm

    DOS computer

    Oh okay must be a pain in the arse to set it all up.
  6. The-smartest-masterm

    DOS computer

    Has anyone played ultimate doom on a DOS computer? I only played it in dosbox.
  7. The-smartest-masterm

    Revenant Theories

    This is something nobody will know the truth of.
  8. The-smartest-masterm

    BOSS FIGHT! Ode to Id.

  9. The-smartest-masterm

    Was Doom 3 popular for modifications?

    Nice...family friendly icon.
  10. The-smartest-masterm

    How do you normally play DOOM? With Original or Modern Gameplay?

    DOOM DOSBOX. ALWAYS. EVERYDAY. Zdoom for mods. Oh man... My name! OH GOD! It was supposed to say the smartest mastermind! Man.