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  1. Then, how about making Freedoom' Lost Soul into a flesh and blood creature? The project is already using Realm667's Slime Worm as its Pinky replacement, so they could replace the Lost Soul with another Realm667 monster, e.g. the Flesh Spawn.
  2. I like how Freedoom has been addressing a small issue I had with vanilla Doom regarding the monsters' blood splatters; from what I have seen, the colour appears to be consistent with what seeps out of their corpse. However, there is one visual inconsistency it seems to be reproducing, which the Lost Soul - or whatever its Freedoom counterpart is called - producing blood splatters when hit. Since it is a flaming skull, should it really have blood in the first place? Would it not make more sense to replace the blood splatters by bullet puffs?
  3. Well, kudos to them all! I usually do not like custom MIDI soundtracks in Doom mapsets, but some of the music in Freedoom as of build 11.2 is just... wow. I mean, there are still tracks that I find average, but right now, I am playing Phase 1's E2M3 and I am totally in love with its track. It may not be very Doomy, but between two fights I just like to stop and listen to it for a while.
  4. There is no existing thread for Phase 2 maps 01 to 11?
  5. Okay, I shall repost my comments there. In the meantime, not sure if it is a bug, but I cannot seem to get 100% items on MAP06.
  6. So I have been playing some Phase II recently and I must say chapeau! Whoever composed the soundtrack did an excellent job. Although many tracks remind more of Sonic, Mega Man, System Shock and even, in some cases, Saint Seiya than Doom, they are still quite catchy and pleasant to listen to. The only way to make them even better would be for Andrew Hulshult or another talented musician to do an arrangement of them.
  7. Has it been reported that it is currently impossible to get 100% kills in MAP08? It appears a dozen or so former humans are not getting activated and teleported outside of their closed-off area.
  8. In Phase II's MAP05, it is possible to grab the Blue Passcard through the bar without lowering it firsthand. It is not that big of a deal, since the switch to do so is in the very next room, but I do not think this is intended. Also, after dying a few times on MAP07, I can no longer reach the switch after I have killed all the Technospiders. It seems like the staircase just will not lower itself.
  9. Great-looking map! Much more appropriate for an Aliens TC than reworked vanilla maps. However, I really wish you would bring back the official motion tracker sounds; the current one is nowhere near as memorable. Also, why does the HUD say "armour"? I thought the Colonial Marines were supposed to be American.
  10. By "throughout the mod", do you include Staff of Kings as well?
  11. Even BJ could bring himself to talk after spending nearly two decades in a vegetative state as a result of his failure to stop Nazi Germany from conquering the world. Heck, the very first thing to come out of his mouth was an insult directed at the German soldier he just killed with a scalpel. I do not think those items are supposed to be canon, even in Doom 2016. I mean, why would demons leave all these convenient power-ups lying around just for you to use them against them?
  12. The exact quote is: "You are a marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action." To me, it does not sound like you are some kind of super soldier so much as the usual military recruitement propaganda. Besides, everyone early on in the game treats you as just another recruit and does not seem to think much of you. Again, much like John McLane in the Die Hard series, Doomguy is the right guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  13. I think so as well. I brought them up because, just like classic Doom games and Doom 64, they portrayed Doomguy as essentially an unexceptional Marine who somehow managed to pull it through.
  14. I am including the protagonists from Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil as well. And even though I would have loved to see the Doomslayer be Doomguy, clearly they are not meant to be the same person - unless Id Software says otherwise, but as far as I know, they have not. Of course, I am just pointing that out. This is your fanfiction after all, so you can do whatever you want.
  15. Meh. Another Marine would have taken his place. After all, until Doom 2016 came along and reimagined Doomguy as some sort of demigod with a convoluted backstory, all Doom protagonists had been just regular Marines who prevailed against the forces of Hell through wit and sheer luck. Basically, Doomguy went from being a futuristic John McLane to an edgy Terminator.