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  1. So I have tried it and I think it works well. I have not been able to find the Red door, but I assume it is because you have not added it yet. I think it is on par with the rest of your maps. Of course, if you do not want to finish it, I cannot make you.
  2. Huh, I think I am going to wait for a more polished build. After all, there is no point of testing a map that cannot be played without cheating. :/
  3. So basically, you are going to merge those three maps into one?
  4. Not necessarily related to this specific project, but I just wanted to let you know I have just found out about these MIDI replacement initiatives of yours and I really love it! I must also thank you for bringing it the Revolution! megawad to my attention: I am currently playing it with your MIDI pack and it is great!
  5. What is the name of that addon you mentioned?
  6. I edited out the parts about the unkillable Spectres, as I have encountered them in other mapsets. I now believe the problem may be related to the latest version of Smooth Doom.
  7. Thanks, but... are you suggesting I am your only audience there? :o Anyway, I am no longer experiencing the texture glitch in MAP09. Did you change anything? If not, then I guess updating to GZDoom 3.2 did the trick. However, by the time I made it to the exit, a dozen enemies - basically all the ones inside the inaccessible room near the blocky red gate at the start - failed to teleport in. In MAP10, the three pillars with a switch on each of them do not lower themselves, even after you acquire the Yellow Key. In MAP11, I still dislike being forced to backtrack once I reach the exit; I think it would be more effective to set a silent teleporter trap that sends you into an initially familiar yet completely different place. However, I do like how you "remixed" the previously-visited areas. It is confusing and disorienting, but in appropriately so. Unfortunately, by the end of the level, there were still twenty monsters that ended up not spawning. I am still experiencing the texture glitch in MAP12. Smaller issue: in the ring-shaped area, there is a Stimpack placed on top of a Medkit. After doing some backtracking, I found myself unable to go through the Yellow door near the crusher inside the bright red room. Finally, why is there a SS in the exit room? And now, MAP13. I noticed the panel that hurts the player when you get close to it now hides a Soulsphere. Am I supposed to still be taking damage when I stand near it? I also noticed a mapping error: Another texture glitch: Weird application of wall texture there: I do like how you integrate E2M9 to the level, though. I never really liked that secret level because of just how short and easy it was. I also did enjoy the tiny tweaks throughout MAP13 to subvert expectations. All in all, good job! Once completed and polished, this should turn out to be a really great megawad!
  8. Just found out about this project thanks to your LowRes Doom project. Although I got to say, the music - especially the 16-bit addons - works really well with Contra Doom too!
  9. Okay, I tried playing the mapset with a fresh install and all graphical options set to default (with the exception of screen resolution), yet I still get the texture glitch in MAP09 and MAP12. I wonder if it is related to my video card. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950; what about you?
  10. Fair enough, but just to be clear, Contra Doom is a mod, not a port. ;-)
  11. I do not mind ammo scarcity too much so long as it is fair, which only becomes an issue if you play the map on pistol start anyway. If the player's arsenal from KDITD carries over, then it should not be too hard. Regarding MAP11, well, I suppose you could always put a teleporter trap at the exit, which sends you back to the beginning to the level. That would alleviate the tedium of having to backtrack through the entire level and take environmental damage on the way. As for the texture glitch I was talking about, here is a screenshot of it. It does change when you move around, though. Oh, and on a semi-related note, I tried playing your mapset with Contra Doom. However, because the increased projectile size of the weapons, I could not access the secret at the start of MAP05, which requires you to shoot a switch through a narrow gap. Now, I understand mod compatibility is not be your primary concern here... but I would appreciate it if you could ajust the secret so it could be accessed without using a hitcan weapon. :3
  12. So I found MAP09's third secret, but for some reason, the walls of the staircase leading to it look all glitched up - like there are two different textures on top of each other. I also do not think you needed to replace the Chainsaw at the beginning: on pistol start, the real difficulty comes from facing Hell Knights and a Baron of Hell with nothing but a Chaingun - unless you have acquired the secret Rocket Launcher beforehand. Now, MAP10. Is there a way to lower the three pillars with the Backpack on the middle one or is it just an one-off thing? Also, I think it is really cheap to hide a Baron of Hell inside of a secret area that can only be lowered once. I am really not a fan of the backtracking in MAP11. Sure, you encounter plenty more enemies on your way back, but that is still really lazy - which is honestly surprising, given how good your remakes of classic levels have been so far. Also, since there is only two Radsuits in the map, you take a lot of unnecessary damage walking over slime pools again unprotected. Finally, when I exited the level, I only had killed 218 out of 232 (93%) monsters. I have no idea where the remaining ones are and I tried noclipping through the level looking for stragglers, to no avail. All in all, I think this redesign is the weakest so far and the only one that does not feel like an improvement over the original. In MAP12, there is a glitched texture blur bar under the door that leads to the room with the Soulsphere. Nothing else to report beyond that. I did like the addition of footbridges over slime pits; I do not remember seeing that before.
  13. I will test those new maps right away! But once you are done with the episode, though, are you going to add it to the KDitD2 wad or do you intend to keep each episode separate?
  14. Are you still working on Episode 2? In any case, here are a few belated comments on MAP09: Overall, it is pretty good. However, on a pistol start, the level is almost Hell Beneath-hard in terms of difficulty. Maybe a few shotguns and shotgunners would help? How about a secret Plasma Rifle, like in the map's vanilla counterpart? Also, I cannot find the third secret: I only got the secret area in the red slime pit and the Soulsphere. Finally, if you aim to make this mapset into a complete remake of The Ultimate Doom, then I would suggest renaming it to something else than 'Knee-Deep in the Dead 2.0'. Unfortunately, 'The Ultimate Doom II' is already taken. :(
  15. Already? What about your family? Really, do not feel pressured into resuming work so soon.