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  1. Personally, I have made a custom MAPINFO where I turned the Nightmare! difficulty setting into a Revenant-free mode.
  2. I do not care about multiplayer, so a 58.1 GB download sounds rather excessive for one additional single-player level... Instead of a free weekend, they should have just updated the existing demo.
  3. You really seem dedicated to being an asshole, eh, Edward850? Not sure what I ever did to you, but whatever... Anyway, KDitD does end with a text screen explaining what is going on. Given abrupt and almost dream-like the ending is, Back to Saturn X could definitely have used one as well.
  4. I got that part, but then Doomguy just hit the bottom of the ocean and without explanation he finds himself on the other side of the planet at the beginning of Episode 2.
  5. So I have finally beaten Episode 1. All in all, it was pretty good! However, I am very much confused by the ending. Just what is going on there?
  6. WOW!!! These redesigns are simply fantastic - with the possible exception of the Spider Mastermind; the body is fine, but the head just looks silly, like it belongs in a 50s Z movie. Still, this is what the Doom 2016 bestiary should have looked like! Someone ought to make a sprite replacement mod based on your artwork! :O
  7. The 3DO port of Doom had a really excellent yet sadly incomplete soundtrack. Does anyone know if there are arrangements of the remaining tracks in the same style as the 3DO soundtrack?
  8. If done right, it could be neat, but I am not convinced it would be really necessary or bring anything worthwhile to the experience. If anything, I am worried it might hurt the pacing - especially if it is unskippable.
  9. I did not know Skulltag had a Grenade Launcher. I also see it is available as a mini-mod on Realm667. Maybe this is what I am looking for!
  10. Because, as I said, that is how Quake did it.
  11. I am sure many of you must have already noticed already, but as of Doom II, each ammunition type tends to be shared by two weapons - except for the Rocket. This makes me wonder: what extra weapon Id Software could have had added to a hypothetical third Classic Doom sequel to rectify this? At first, I thought about a Grenade Launcher, since that is pretty much what Id did in Quake, but then, I am not sure Id Tech 1 could have handled it at the time. I also thought about a Railgun, which would use rockets to shoot a perfectly accurate projectile with no splash damage whatsoever. What do you think? Also, as a side note, is there such thing as a vanilla-style mod that just adds an additional rocket-based weapon to Classic Doom? I tried Google, but alas, so far I keep getting results pertaining to Doom 2016. I know of larger mods that do add weapons like a grenade launcher and a railgun, but they tend to completely change the gameplay.
  12. Why is so damn hard for Id Software to remake/reboot Doom II? Could they not just salvage the art, assets and setting of the scrapped Doom 4 they have spent years working on and rework them in order to make it work with Doom 2016's gameplay?
  13. Incidentally, that is pretty much how I would describe Mick Gordon's score: noisy. Id Software really should have gotten Bobby Prince and Andrew Hulshult to team up instead.
  14. Ah! I knew there was something missing. And yes, I do play continuously. I have yet to beat Back to Saturn X once, actually; I do not really know why, but megawads like this tend to tire me out and I just need to take a break after a while.
  15. Fair enough.