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  1. "Ball shit snake"? :o Anyway, thanks!
  2. I see the latest Freedoom release has removed the widescreen status bar. While I understand the reason for doing so, I do not see why it could not be made into an optional addon. Can you make it available on the official download page? EDIT: I just remembered NightFright's thread and I see it does have what I am looking for. However, I seem unable to delete my own thread. :/
  3. Awesome! I loved that map and I thought it was perfect for a first level. How do I play it, though? I tried adding hangar.wad to my Freedoom shortcut's target field, but Outpost Outbreak still begins with Outer Prison. EDIT: After some experimentation, it seems I can only get it working with Doom II. I tried renaming the map marker to "E1M1", but then, I get a plain black sky.
  4. So how are we going to access the new levels?
  5. I am not too sure about making E1M10 accessible from E1M1. It just feels too soon. Since E1M9 is the original secret map, it would make more sense to put the entrance to E1M10 there, just like MAP32 is only accessible from MAP31's secret exit. Maybe instead of triggering a Demon ambush, the switch in the slime tunnel could be turned into a secret exit.
  6. This is an excellent idea! How do you plan to integrate them to the vanilla mapsets, though? Are they going to override existing levels?
  7. I previously expressed my slight issue with the soundtrack, which, while decent, did not really sound like Doom to me. However, I am currently playing BtSX with Samsara as Duke Nukem and somehow, the music fits much better!
  8. I know. Like I said, I saw what Night Dive Studios did with Strife (or should I say "Original Strife"), and I am wondering if turning Hacx back into a commercial product and thus allowing people to get paid for their efforts would help speed things up and potentially boost interest for the project. After all, a company like Night Dive Studios has been re-releasing plenty of old, often forgotten first-person shooters already, so I could see Hacx 2.0 fitting right in with the rest of their catalog.
  9. Since Hacx still does not seem to have either a dedicated thread or a subforum of its own here on Doomworld, I will take the risk of bumping this thread. I see Strife got a commercial re-release a couple of years ago. Could the same be done with Hacx?
  10. I am playing on Ultra-Violence and the monster ambushes themselves were not a problem - although I guess it helped I had a Mega Armour. I was just confused as to what was happening. Maybe you could add a teleport effect to make it more obvious that Doomguy has been teleported to Hell? While we are still on the subject, who is the Marine in the staircase? Is it supposed to be Doomguy? And does they get squished after the door closes? If so, then the scene could definitely use a squishing sound. As for the lack of exit switches, I am not asking you to start adding them to levels, just to make it clear where the level actually ends.
  11. Made it through MAP03. So far, so good! A couple of gripes, though: - MAP01's "jump scares" feel kind of cheap. I do not know, spawning a group of enemies right in your face seems a bit excessive for a first level. Also, what are they supposed to be anyway? Doomguy hallucinating? - The lack of an exit switch is rather annoying. Unless you are paying close attention to the automap, there is no way to tell where the level ends, e.g. MAP02.
  12. Today, I stumbled upon this Duke Nukem 3D total conversion for Doom & Doom II. Does anyone know who made it? Its uploader says they did not. While enjoyable (definitely more than its source, as far as I am concerned), the mod is still very rough around the edges - especially in terms of sprites and balance - and I would like to know if it is still being worked on. Thanks in advance!
  13. Why are there two wad files instead of one?
  14. Well then, I guess I will have to play this mapset with zrrion the insect's 64k+ mod. As I pointed out, this project seems like a perfect companion piece! :)