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  1. Sometimes, mediocre can be more infuriating than outright bad, as the former is usually the result of the crew having the ability to make something good and even getting very close to that, but ultimately failing for whatever reason.
  2. Was the second live-action Mortal Kombat movie not also called "Annihilation"? Seeing how bad it turned out to be, I do not see it as a good omen. Also, the official pictures seem to be coming straight out of a Uwe Boll movie...
  3. JohnnyTheWolf

    TNT 2: Devilution (Final beta released)

    Looking at the first screenshot in the upper left corner, am I correct to assume that Devilution picks up where Evilution left off?
  4. JohnnyTheWolf

    Duke Nukem mod

    There is Samsara, which allows you to play as Duke Nukem. You also have Duke It Out In Doom, which alas is exclusive to 3DGE. None of them are compatible with Brutal Doom.
  5. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    At least, if the Sentry Drones had a clear weakness and did not have such an erratic behaviour, I do not think they would be as irritating as they are. Just what the hell was 3D Realms thinking when they designed that enemy? Which reminds me: is there a developer commentary about its conception in 20th Anniversary World Tour? I have not played that one, as I am not interested in buying the same game for the third time and I read it is not a particularly good port to begin with, although I do have to admit, Alien World Order looks kind of cool, to be honest.
  6. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Oh. Well, that is a relief, then! What about Ion Maiden's Sentry Drone-like enemy, though? Is it also a kamikaze or does it bump into you like Classic Doom's Lost Soul?
  7. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    I actually do not mind Doom's Lost Souls, probably because they are fairly easy to dispatch, their behaviour is predictable and also they do not explode in your face - although I hear they now do the latter in Doom 2016, which I guess is one more reason for me to not bother with the full game... :/ Anyway, I really wish there were a mod that simply removes Sentry Drones from Duke Nukem 3D... Oh god, no.
  8. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Would you believe me if I told you that I did use quotation marks and yet somehow I still got results about Iron Maiden? :/ Anyway, I started replaying Duke Nukem 3d and Lunar Apocalypse is definitely better than I remember. That being said, fuck Sentry Drones; should Voidpoint developers read this, please, PLEASE, I beg of you, do NOT introduce an enemy like that in Ion Maiden!
  9. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Does the game have a wiki or something? I would like to learn more about the game's features, but searching "Ion Maiden wiki" on Google just gives me results related to Iron Maiden... :/
  10. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Well, that is the thing; the aspects that I tend to dislike, which include not only the irritating enemies but also the death traps and platforming segments, are still present. And maybe it is a matter of pride, but I cannot shake the feeling that I am missing out whenever I play on lower difficulty settings, as those come with less enemies to fight and thus less opportunities to use the weapons and tools I am given; after all, I am the kind of player who will deliberately shoot Babes in Duke Nukem 3D so that more enemies get spawned in the process... :/ Never heard of NBlood, but I am aware of BloodGDX, as it is made by the same person who made BloodCM. However, with the announcement of an official remaster, it may become obsolete, unless of course the author is now working with Nightdive Studios.
  11. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Shadow Warrior, yes, and indeed, I really struggled with the game; I believe I made it to Level 6 (the one after you finally kill the Serpent God) and then gave up, as it was getting just too damn frustrating. I have never played Blood, only a bit of ZBloody Hell and Blood CM; like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior, the arsenal looks fun, but it also seems to feature some of the things that I dislike about the other Build games. Plus, until the recent announcement of a proper remastered version by Nightdive Studios, it was only available as a DOSBox port. And just to be clear, I did beat Duke Nukem 3D as well as Duke It Out In D.C. and Nuclear Winter on "Come Get Some". I remembering starting Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach too, but I do not think I have ever finished it, as I was getting kind of tired of playing Duke Nukem 3D at the time. I am really curious to see how Ion Maiden is going to turn out; I can only hope it will avoid the bullshit design decisions found in its inspirations.
  12. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Yeah, I suspected as much and that is why I am so worried. I do not know, getting constantly ambushed in dark, cramped corridors by fast, fairly resilient and hard-to-see Sentry Drones that tend to almost always be positioned in ways that make it next to impossible to dodge is really not my idea of fun. As for Protozoid Slimers, I just do not really get their purpose, beyond being hard to see, making unnerving sounds and startling you by getting literally in your face; sure, moving around while spamming the Mighty Foot allows you to deal with them effectively, but again, it is kind of annoying to have to do so. I am also not fond of levels like E2L4 Fusion Station, where there are parts that explicitly require you to use a Jetpack to navigate them; it would be much less of a pain if the item did not have a finite amount of fuel. It is not like Lunar Apocalypse is a bad episode or anything, but I feel like it would have been considerably more enjoyable had it not so heavily featured some of the things I mentioned. Duke Nukem 3D has always been a very frustrating game for me: on one hand, I love the arsenal - well, minus the Trip Mines, which never seem to work like I wanted them to - and some of the gadgets, but because of the level design and some of the higher-tiered enemies, I always feel seconds away from dying, even at full health. This results in the absurdity of me playing as an ass-kicking badass but having to always proceed slowly and carefully.
  13. JohnnyTheWolf

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    One thing I worry about Ion Maiden is that the first episode might end up being the only one I sort of enjoy, as following episodes start introducing enemies and level designs that I just cannot stand, e.g. Duke Nukem 3D's Lunar Apocalypse with its Sentry Drones and Protozoid Slimers. That is why I hesitate to get the game in Early Access, as much as I want to support Voidpoint.
  14. JohnnyTheWolf

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Wow, thank you! You have changed your mind rather fast. Not that I am complaining, of course! I am really not sure I like the Annihilator; having a regular monster use a rocket launcher is already a bit of an eyebrow-raiser, but to give it a hitscan attack too strikes me as rather overkill. Why not give it the Elite Chaingunner's projectile attack instead? And speaking of the Elite Chaingunner, could you not have edited the sprite so to make the projectiles come out of his weapon rather than his waistline? Given how spectacular the rest of the custom spritework is, this one stands out rather awkwardly... :/
  15. JohnnyTheWolf

    Apparently, there won't be a new Duke Nukem game or movie.

    Well, then again, the original humour basically boiled down to "Hahaha, Lo Wang speaks broken English" and "Hahaha, Lo Wang is a pervert"... :/ I would further argue that it did not really work back in the 90s either; it is just that most of us did not know any better at the time. I mean, I still like Jon St. John's voice, but there is no denying that most of the jokes in Duke Nukem 3D are just him stealing catchphrases and making lewd jokes; with a worse voice actor or even no voice actor at all like in the first two Duke Nukem games, Duke Nukem may not have been as memorable of a character in the first place. I am playing The Doctor Who Cloned Me right now - which is surprisingly okay so far - and hearing Duke voiced by different voice actors (including Daniel Berretta, Arnold Schwarzenegger's French dubber since the 80s) in different languages just is not the same. Except the female Ghostbusters and Ocean's 8 characters are their own characters, not just gender-swapped versions of the original characters. I could see Charlize Theron playing Bombshell, though, as she already has the experience of playing an action hero with a bionic arm.