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  1. And the desire to make profits. What I am saying here is that without the need to make money, businesses would have no reason to rush their products and thus could focus on making the best product possible.
  2. One that does not pushes businesses to rush products out of the door in order to be profitable?
  3. China is very much a capitalist country, and an aggressive one at that. And even if it was not the case, I do not see what it has to do with the fact that capitalism pushes businesses to rush products out of the door in order to be profitable.
  4. Developers are about as responsible for internet availability as they are for the player's hardware. Also, it is not even remotely fair to expect independent developers to have access to the same resources as the big ones. I realise few companies out there can afford to be Blizzard and delay their games repeatedly, so I am fine with smaller studios releasing a digital-only game in a rough state and then fixing it through free patches. It sure beats having no post-release support at all, like back in the days where most, if not all games were physical. Ultimately, the problem here is not "modern gaming", but rather capitalism itself.
  5. But then, you would not even be able to purchase STRAFE in the first place.
  6. Then again, the days where computer games had to be released on a physical format and where not everyone could afford a decent Internet connection are pratically gone, so it is no longer a deal breaker if a game lacks polish on release. I am not one to buy new games upon release either, although it is more of a matter of not buying into the hype, as I have found myself hugely disappointed by so many popular games in the past.
  7. Do you get shot at in SOMA?
  8. By "under the hood", I was of course referring to the differences between your project and other GZDoom ports of Playstation Doom and Doom 64. At least, that is what your comment seems to suggest.
  9. So it is mostly under the hood?
  10. I never cared for the marketing in the first place: it felt forced and the jokes were just... bad. Like, I get it, the 90s had its share of weird commercials, but at the end of the day, intentionally bad is still bad. The game itself, however, does look really fun and I enjoy the soundtrack. Once the former gets all patched up, I am probably going to buy it.
  11. How does this project differ from existing GZDoom ports, such as Playstation Doom TC and Doom 64: Retribution?
  12. Indeed. This is the kind of soundtrack I wish Doom 2016 had. It is just a shame that it cannot be purchased separately on Steam.
  13. There is.
  14. I think there is an option to permanently remove games from your Steam library.
  15. It is a shame you cannot give away a digital game you no longer want. I would have gladly taken it off your hands.