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  1. JimFlasch

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

    Responding to CoTeCiO's post above - when I went back and checked, lo and behold, Doom Explorer WAS for some reason trying to load PSX Doom with DOOM.WAD! Once I reset it to use DOOM2.WAD, everything was fine. I have no idea how it got reset to use DOOM.WAD - I just know it had DOOM2.WAD to begin with. Thanks, though.
  2. JimFlasch

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

    Why all of a sudden am I getting an error message saying "Script error, "PSXDOOM.PK3:animdefs.txt" line 1799: Unknown texture SLIME04" when it's the same PSXDOOM.PK3 I've always used to play this mod and I've had no problems with it before? (GZDoom version is 3.6.0, which I downloaded when it first came out (10/10/2016), and it played PSXDOOM just fine as recently as December 10.)
  3. JimFlasch

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

    I have found a rather annoying bug in the latest version of this mod. The only weapons that are selectable are the fists and the pistol. No other weapon can be selected, not even the chainsaw, which shares slot one with the fists. I have PSXLOST.pk3, and PSXLOSTMUS.pk3 loaded in. It also happens with PSXDOOMTC.pk3 & PSXMUS.pk3 loaded in instead, so I'm thinking that the bug is in PSXDOOMTC.pk3, since the absence of the music packs has no effect on this issue. edit: just found that weapons are now properly selectable with PSXLOST.pk3, and PSXLOSTMUS.pk3 alone loaded in... weird.
  4. JimFlasch

    Secret Level access

    Yeah, that works, too.
  5. JimFlasch

    Secret Level access

    In playing through Freedoom Phase 1, I noticed that C2M3 has two exits - one normal, one secret. It should, however, have only a normal exit - at least if Freedoom's episode structure is to match Doom 1's, where E2's secret level is accessed off of level 5, which in Freedom Phase 1 does also have a secret exit. By the same token, Doom 1's E3M6 has its episode's secret exit, so Freedoom's C3M6 should as well, but doesn't (and no other level in C3 has a secret exit either - not that that would work anyhow as C3M9's exit takes you to C3M7 - and C2M9's exits [it has two for some reason] lead to C2M6). Perhaps C2M3 and C3M6 should be swapped?