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  1. I think they didn't want to make monsters surprisingly popping script-like.
  2. Karakurt

    Update 5 details .

    Every time they release a DLC a free update always come in chain.
  3. Karakurt

    DLC 3 Teaser

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/379720/discussions/search/?q=cheater&gidforum=487876568222889967&include_deleted=1 Do you multiplayer at all? If so which platform?
  4. Karakurt

    DLC 3 Teaser

    You mad bro? Who the fuck in hell cares about having a server browser when cheaters are a more important issue?
  5. Karakurt

    DLC 3 Teaser

  6. Karakurt

    DLC 3 Teaser

    It's the third MP DLC actually. Only infos we got so far are: Spectre and Grenade Launcher. There: https://gyazo.com/2e880669ea2ff91fec6fb98d93c512df
  7. Karakurt

    DLC 3 Teaser

    Don't worry, 3 new maps are still awaiting us.
  8. Karakurt

    DLC 3 Teaser

    Well this isn't a new map, it's Chasm.
  9. Karakurt

    Worth Buying Now?

    He probably hasn't played them at all and got here becuase of Brutal Doom.
  10. Karakurt

    Worth Buying Now?

    Well it makes sense I guess? Although I don't give a damn about cross-Platform support in Snapmap when it's the MP that needs one.
  11. Karakurt

    Worth Buying Now?

    Incredibly no, limited yes. Limitations are mostly due to console handicaps, if only they could remove that cap for PC.
  12. Karakurt

    Worth Buying Now?

    Doom has no mod support due to Denuvo, so yeah.
  13. Karakurt

    Worth Buying Now?

    Make your own judgement and buy it, don't listen to those who say no just because the music sucked (when it didn't), isn't adapted or game does look like Halo. Actually no don't, stick to Doom 2. ;) Nice advice. Also it has Denuvo.
  14. Karakurt

    DOOM Nominated for The Game Awards.

    You sure? I believe we could via the devmap command.