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  1. Krenium

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    I dislike Doom 3. It's too slow, dark, and every area looks the same. Absolutely hated the flashlight thing. The BFG edition is 10x better because you can see what you're shooting.
  2. Krenium

    Let's talk about mbf+ / a new complevel

    Will it further fragment the doom community and make it harder for players to play the wads they want to play? If so, I am against it.
  3. Krenium

    Doom 2 Reloaded

    I have played hundreds of WADs and Doom 2 Reloaded is my favorite WAD of all time. I think I have played it more than 50 times. No, I'm not joking. I don't know what it is, really. But I never, ever get tired of this WAD. It's just perfect in every conceivable way. The gameplay is fantastic. It's not overly elite and difficult like most WADs these days. The levels don't shy away from linearity, while so-called good mappers are terrified of it. It's a one-man production, which automatically elevates it above others that are not in my view. One-man megawads are incredibly special and offer a window into the mind of its creator. And I can see that there is beauty within Andy's mind.
  4. Krenium

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    Why do people play wads on complevel 9 instead of complevel -1? I don't get it at all. Please explain like I'm a complete moron.
  5. MAP10 - Satan's Watchful Eye by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves Gameplay: This is it. We're at hell's (awesome-looking) inner sanctum. And it put up a fight. I had a bit of trouble gaining a foothold in the first interior area, as there are all sorts of nasty monsters shooting at you from multiple angles, and if you try to storm them you may get ripped to shreds by the classic "invisible imps in the darkness." I actually had insanely good luck just holding down attack with my bayonet and they would impale themselves for me! The second half of the map is where I think it really shines. I know, I know, IoS-style fights are not everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed the almost puzzle nature of the fight while under pressure. I love the way the eye looks! Unfortunately, it took me an embarassingly long time to figure out what each switch did. *Especially* the one that removes the bars so you can complete the fight. But I got there eventually. This is an example of a wad that probably gets more satisfying the second time through because you've already figured everything out and can actually apply it effectively. And I do intend to return to it someday for that reason. Overall, I'm impressed by the small size of the maps that nevertheless are packed with challenge such that they take (me) as long as medium/large maps. For the most part, the new enemies are interesting (minus the RPG zombies, imo) and are used to great effect. And with that, the Protectors are no more and Jamal is avenged! Can't wait to see what awaits us in the second installment. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 5 8 3 10 9 6 1 2 4 7
  6. MAP09 - Hell's Doorstep by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves "I have made a terrible mistake..." Gameplay: Hell's Doorstep is not playing around. This is an absolutely brutal map the first time through. It's a map which I thought I would hate, but which I look back on (somewhat) fondly. There are a few traps that will undoubtedly kill you, but for the most part, this map rewards your cleverness and secret-hunting ability. Unfortunately for me, I am not a very clever man. My favorite moment in the map is pictured in the screenshot. I knew there was a window I could shoot through to clear out a whole area of guys, but the previous maps taught me that shooting at enemies before I can get to them is a recipe for ammunition shortage, so I held off. Guess where the teleporter sends you. The map was particularly difficult on me because I only found one secret. I spent most of the time plinking away at toxicacodemons with the carbine and shotgun and the odd rocket. If I hadn't found the BFG secret, there is no way I could have completed the map. It was instrumental in clearing out the final area (and one of the cyberdemons) so I could make a run for the exit. I'll be honest: I was so focused and terrified of every encounter that I didn't pay much attention to the visuals. What I can say is that it is perfectly designed to facilitate its gameplay with not a wasted linedef. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 5 8 3 9 6 1 2 4 7
  7. Krenium

    Back To Hell. (A Megawad made by me!)

    This is great! Much higher quality than I was expecting. I played the first 5 maps or so but got stuck on a pair of doors that wouldn't open using PrBoom+. Restarted the WAD with GZDoom and it's been smooth sailing ever since. It's a shame the WAD is not widely compatible, because I think a lot of folks would enjoy this.
  8. MAP08 - Creeping Descent by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves "The camouflage almost worked." Gameplay: Is that Command & Conquer music I hear? How nostalgic. The start of this map is downright reasonable. It quickly ramps up in difficulty, but it gives you the tools to handle whatever comes your way. There is quite a bit of foreshadowing happening, casting a pall of anticipation over the experience. Everything you'll do in this map is in preparation for the signature encounter behind the red door. Much of the gameplay is about Doomkid trying to trick you into revealing more monsters at once than you'd like. I was impressed by just how many monsters were crammed into the unlikeliest of places. And just when you think you have the map figured out, it'll spring an ambush on you to keep you on your toes. The ambush with the revenants and mancubii before picking up the red key was particularly surprising to me. The map's design was reminiscent of MAP05 to me, with a mix of outdoor and indoor areas that retreads some ground here and there. The area with the cages reminded me of a traveling circus and I felt bad for ruining the exhibits. All in all, I liked this map quite a bit. The fights at the end are tricky, but you should have the resources to tackle them. It's just a matter of executing. This map continues a smooth progression of difficulty increase and it will be interesting to see if MAP09 turns up the heat even higher. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 5 8 3 6 1 2 4 7
  9. MAP07 - Smells Like Sulfur by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves "A common sight in Smells Like Sulfur." Gameplay: This map is a giant leap forward in difficulty. I feel this map straight up didn't have enough ammunition in the first half. You basically don't have enough ammunition for everything until you reach the blue key, and simply running past everything doesn't work either. It seems you're forced to surgically remove key targets, all while herding monsters around so that you can traverse certain areas without getting ripped to shreds. In the meantime, you'll be pelted from all directions by rockets, plasma orbs, fireballs, and bullets by enemies in hard-to-reach-places. This was truly a cruel gauntlet and I lost track of my deaths. On the plus side, it has an interesting design that perfectly facilitates its design goals and looks quite good for the most part. I think the cement texture used in many of the interior areas looks kind of rough; more like a rock texture. The BFG secret entails an interesting tradeoff -- to reach it, you'll need to awaken an archvile. If you've already done some work on demons in the area, the vile will quickly undo it. I'm not sure the tradeoff was worth it in my case. It would be interesting to try not taking the BFG, or else ignoring the monsters in the area altogether. With just a bit more ammo near the start this map could have been one of my favorites, but as is I don't enjoy the brutal pistol start. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 5 3 6 1 2 4 7
  10. I hope you guys don't mind if I join a bit late. First six days incoming... MAP01 - Hidden Compound by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves Gameplay: First off, I just want to say that I appreciate the backstory for this partial conversion. I'm coming into this thing rearing to avenge my poor deceased brother. Secondly, I'm a total sucker for MAP01s where you're 'storming the base' so to speak. There's just something about them that gets me amped up for the rest of the wad. This opener has that, and more; it serves double duty as a way to introduce the many changes we can expect going forward. The beginning of the map forces us to become familiar with the bayonet, which I must say is incredibly satisfying to use. The sound when you jab someone with it is delightful. The new imps with the gangly limbs and cyclops eyes look menacing. I like their new swirly fireballs. Soon we are also introduced to a partially invisible imp variant that seems faster than normal imps. These guys are tough to see, especially in numbers. It is a small mercy that they infight with regular imps. (Coincidentally, I couldn't find an entry for them in the bestiary, so I'll call them invisible imps.) Soon we must figure out how to infiltrate the base while under light fire from a lone cultist up on a ridge, and once we do, we are tasked with wresting the new repeater rifle from some guys in the lobby. You'd think an ex-marine like Rudy might come a little better prepared for a firefight, but I digress! The new gun is a powerful replacement for the pistol, doing more than twice as much damage and perfectly accurate according to the readme. This elevates the weapon into legitimacy along with the rest of the weapons. All in all, a great first map that doesn't overwhelm the player with new things, but dangles enough of them to garner a lot of interest in what's to come. Most of the textures are familiar and yet fresh, eliciting the feeling of being in some sort of Doom parallel dimension. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 1 MAP02 - Arbitrary Base by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves Gameplay: This map is not pulling its punches. It starts off fairly benign but slowly layers in extra sources of danger until the map's signature encounter where you are teleported deep into a room you probably only wanted to dip your toes in. The cultists and other enemies here will quickly rip you to shreds unless you find some cover quickly. Later on we are introduced to three new enemies: the blind pinky, the toxicacodemon, and the aptly-named plasma guy. (As an aside, I love their helmets. They remind me of deep sea divers!) It will be interesting to see these guys used to greater effect in future maps but for now, they are fairly toothless in small numbers. The map looks great with its tan and green color scheme and attention to lighting contrast. Its sole secret offers an alternative way to tackle the cultist room on a second playthrough which is always nice to see. It was much harder than the previous map so I am a little scared to see what MAP03 has in store. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 1 2 MAP03 - The Slime Trail by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves Gameplay: We're starting to get gameplay with a more consistent bite to it now. And we're seeing a lot more plasma guys and toxicacos thrown into the mix. It's a lot of fun to get plasma guys to infight with everybody, even if they tend to make short work of them. I failed to mention this earlier, but I really like the new shotgun sounds. And the double chainsaw looks cool as all hell. I may have missed a rad suit before the path to the elevator -- that jaunt took quite a bit of health away right before a difficult fight and I'm not sure I'm a fan of that. Right around here we kill our first tough chaingunner (that's what they're called, as opposed to weak chaingunners) to obtain our first chaingun. I'm a fan of the sprites for this; as everything else in the wad so far it looks awesome. Soon after you'll take a blind elevator right into a gaggle of enemies which includes an introduction to RPG zombies. These guys fire revenant missiles and have quite a bit of HP, but luckily a high pain chance as well. I'm a fan of the progression to get the red key. Nothing quite happens exactly how you're expecting, with side walls dropping down to reveal more enemies when you expect the red key drop instead. However I'm not a fan of the door that looks like a wall. It's kind of marked with torches and indentation, but I still didn't realize it was a door until I had killed myself in an inescabaple pit of sludge while looking for the way forward. All in all though, I enjoyed this map's gameplay enough that it's my favorite map of the wad so far. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 3 1 2 MAP04 - The Filter by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves "So that's where the stains come from..." Gameplay: I haven't mentioned it before now, but I appreciate the continuity between maps. Sometimes it's just a simple room, but others it's an entire scene. The beginning of this map once again requires us to stab a lone shotgun guy and swipe his gun. You're immediately caught in a crossfire between the main room and a hallway full of guys taking potshots at you through a window, which requires you to make some interesting decisions already. I like the shadows spilling into the starting area from the main room here. I'm a sucker for brown and blue color schemes, so naturally I like the way this map looks. It has a pretty simple layout; maybe the simplest we've seen so far, but the main area is repopulated a couple times as you make your way back and forth, which is always a nice touch. I like the mix of water and nukage happening here. It seems the nukage is being filtered out (hence the name of the map) and leaving behind pure water. Perhaps we are headed into more polluted territory soon. In short order we are introduced to a terrifying sight: the flame caco. I didn't dare get anywhere near it, as I read that it's monstrous up close. There's a rocket launcher if you're brave enough to run past it, but I wasn't, so I was rewarded with plinking away at it with lesser arms. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 3 1 2 4 MAP05 - Forgotten Installation by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves Gameplay: This is a pretty tough pistol start. It's easy to blow all your ammo on that opening gaggle of plasma guys and then leave yourself a bit stranded. Still, if you manage to establish a foothold, you'll be blessed with a plasma gun and quite a bit of ammo to use it. You'll need it. This map has beefed up the opposition considerably as well as its size and complexity. Forgotten Installation will take you through several beautiful rooms filled to the brim with danger before looping back to the starting area. I like how the map progressively opens up in kind of a spiral shape until you pick up the red key. Probably my favorite part of the map is that really dark storage area place. Menacing! Especially the invisible imps, who are impossible to see, and your only hope is to shoot at where the fireballs are coming from. This map has given me an appreciation of the plasma guys, who I now believe are extremely well-designed. There is enough of a gap between their projectiles that you can weave back and forth through the stream with a bit of timing. They now show up frequently and in large groups. If you can manage to get them to infight with meatier demons (such as mancubii), they can often win! This is my favorite map yet, and pushed me to my limits. I suspect I'll start dying in maps to follow. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 5 3 1 2 4 MAP06 - Deadly Depression by Doomkid PrBoom+ / Expert / Pistol start / Saves Gameplay: Did I mention I would start dying soon? I was right! (But only once...!) With a name like Deadly Depression, you know it's got to be good. And turns out, it is! On pistol start, this map is designed to push you out into the courtyard, because you don't have enough ammo to take out a pair of flame cacos who threaten to block you in. Once out in the courtyard, all hell breaks loose but you can also build an arsenal to carve out a foothold for yourself. There are a few more deadly surprises in store, but nothing quite so threatening as the opening. This map has another simple layout, featuring a circular courtyard with various rooms surrounding it. I think the fountain in the center and also the first room with the crates are visually pleasing, even if the map is a tad plain otherwise. Also, thank you from the bottom of my heart for not placing the archvile where it threatens to resurrect flame cacos. Map ranking (favorite -> least) 5 3 6 1 2 4
  11. And Rough n' Ready: I think this one looks really nice. Especially the lighting. This is one heck of a hot start and I can certainly appreciate maps that pull it off well like this one. That plasma gun came just in the nick of time and saved my hide! The archvile is placed in an interesting and tricky spot. I had fun wrestling with that door, haha. One thing that seemed a little weird to me was the metal hallway cut into the rock wall (near the red door) without any kind of trim or border. As for the cacoswarm at the end, I'm not necessarily saying this is a bad thing, but if you present me with an exit in plain view, I'm going to take it. If you want me to fight those things, consider moving the teleporter out of view or some other strategy.
  12. I recorded myself playing Deep Keep: As you can see, I decided to give it a whirl in PrBoom+. For some reason the starting pinkies are glued to the floor, but everything else in the map works great. I like the overall vibe, though I feel the grey rock texture could be broken up in places. I think the choke point with the arachnotron and the mancubus is clever. It puts a lot of tension on you. The curving staircase is the coolest-looking part of the map, on account of the spooky candle lighting. I absolutely love the chaos that unfolds when you take the lift up to the red key area. I like how you have to wade into the middle of it to grab the rocket launcher. I appreciate that you don't let the baron on the roof tops use the teleporter. It sets up a nice telefrag opportunity! Not much else to say other than the exit could be marked better — I would have gone secret hunting first had I known.
  13. Just checked this mod out for the first time yesterday and it's wonderful. I particularly love the druid class, as chucking poisonous knives at dudes never gets old, and when it does, you can just transform into a werewolf and rip 'em to shreds. I also really enjoy building a temporary army of demons and watching the fight. Is the druid a 100% custom class? The art looks so good and blends in with the others seamlessly. Well done; this is pure delight.
  14. Dude, I can't believe there's a one-man vanilla megawad for Doom 2 that I haven't heard of before. I'm all about that! Needless to say, I dove right in and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it (except for MAP30). dcd.zip Category 1 HMP Completed maps 1-29 with a final time of 6:35:37. I couldn't figure out how to get past the in MAP30 and frankly didn't care to try.