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  1. Hey, thanks for your posts! It's rare to see a good heretic or hexen mods too.
  2. MaxRideWizardLord

    Heretic: Curse of Darkness

    ...please tell me that this project is still alive...
  3. MaxRideWizardLord

    Fractal Doom v0.2.4b

    Link seems broken, where I can download it for gzdoom?
  4. MaxRideWizardLord

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Arch-Vile is a true Jesus Christ. It's all clear now!
  5. MaxRideWizardLord

    Overpowered Weapons Mod(s)

    Well, in all honesty, I'm myself curious about interesting "overpowered" weapons. I didn't really wanted to create an exactly the same thread, but I guess I should do sometime too. Still wanted to share with this guy just like the rest of people some interesting old-school mods.
  6. MaxRideWizardLord

    Overpowered Weapons Mod(s)

    Honestly, I only bumped that thread because I'm myself curious about "OP" weapons. Not necessarily OP, but very powerful and very original and interesting ones. I added this post after playing on your server with magicka mod. :D I still wish you'd keep that server with magicka mod for good, though.
  7. MaxRideWizardLord

    Overpowered Weapons Mod(s)

    There are some quite nice mods like BoomDoom and Magicka doom that have some interesting OP weapons.
  8. silly mods like boomdoom are welcome too by the way.
  9. I have played all of the psychic mods, including one in multiplayer. It was more guns orientated unfortunately, as the magic felt not so powerful and mostly like support element to the weapons. And cybermage, if I remember correct, is more like sci-fi star wars-like game where you still mostly rely on generic weapons like from doom 2, but I can be wrong as I haven't played it myself.
  10. Guess a true good magic mods are luxury rare. :(
  11. Already played them, not sure about the last version though. I wonder if in the last version they added more characters and weapons to play as?
  12. Eh, that's is completely irrelevant to the topic and what I looking for though, but anyway thanks for suggestion regardless.
  13. Not exactly what I was hoping for... But it's better than nothing. If you know some more mods like this, especially with more and more op magic, please let me know. Thank you for sharing!
  14. MaxRideWizardLord

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    what mod is that?
  15. Unfortunatelly, there aren't much magic mods (that I know at least), and most of them have very limited amount magic weapons. I don't care if they are beyond overpowered, as long as they are fun they can are more than welcome, just not something like click button - huge explosion - clean room like Boomdoom mod. So far I only know guncaster, WoC and AEoD as good magic mods, but even then, they are like have 30% of magic weapons rather than be purely a magic mod. I really like unique and interesting type of attack rather than just old boring hitscan\bullets or generic explosions\splashdamage. Would be awesome to see mods with proper AoE ground magic that last for several seconds and damage enemies within, or something like Tesla gun from RTCW\Wolfenstein 2009 and some very complicated, huge-beautiful-flame type of flamethrower. If you know any good weapon mods that contains magic in them while have majority of other non-magic weapons, or if it have sci-fi weapons that work like magic, those are welcome too.