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  1. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    The green orb is kinda cool as it last for whole map, but wouldn't that mean that you'd need to have these pickups to spawn near you for it to take the action? Besides, do they stack the regeneration if I pick more than just one of these pickups?
  2. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    Aren't this is just a basic medkits pickups but just more complicated? This kinda kills the whole intentional philosophy behind the item-independent playthrough that the regen mod provides.
  3. Then I guess you never played that wad professionally. Try the archmage difficulty, the ripper was essential part of the weapon that allowed me to clean the whole map full of Reviers IF you manage to organize them well enough and carefully collect them up away from map's terrains, so one shot is enough to clean them all without it actually hitting a terrain or map's surface. Without rippers, they're just a stupid boring heat seeking rocket launchers that won't damage multiple enemies unless they are up close, which is already limits on how much you can hit\damage\kill. The ripper is also the only somewhat crowd control\big weapon of the mage that is meant to be for mass killing in slaughtermap-like HeXen mappacks. Besides, even in vanilla DOTDC the rippers are the necessity of the weapon if you want to use it effectively without actually runing out of ammo just after few Reviers clean ups; it feels as if in archmage difficulty the enemies also spawn more often, but I'm not sure about that.
  4. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    No. Your total health is matter entirely on the humbleness of map designer's allowance of health pickups, eventually turning you to be the mapslave and if it's the first time playing this map - literally praying the map designer left some health pickups for you later on. Some really talanted, great map designers while are absolutely fantastic at creating maps, do it so in their vision and often like to torture the player by forcing him to rely on his own health and leave no health pickups at all or leave these at bare minimum. Thus, knowing that your eventual health is limited by the whimsicality quirks of the map designer and his vision of balance, it becomes clear that the best option to play is the most safest of all and do not play offensively when you know that your health loss is permanent. As result, knowing that your resources are limited, you're play to play the most boring, safest and slowest gameplay available for the maximum achievement of your own safety; unless it's a trap. It's not necessarily about "taking cover" (while that is also encouraged, since cover is a good spot to shoot from), but about playing too slow and the safest possible, like a pussy. With the health regeneration, while you might be more fragile overall if there is no health pickup to instantly gain you 100 hp back in middle of a dense fight, you know you're allowed to take more risky approach and more fun gameplay knowing that you're not permanently punished by the map designer if he didn't put enough health pickups to encourage more offensive gameplay. In fact, you're not even need to take cover to regen your health back, all you need is to play smart and do not take much of damage. And as you know, if the map features traps where you're ambushed by enemies everywhere at every corner of the game, "taking cover" is simply impossible. This is why I rather be a glass cannon that can only take 3 hits to die but do not worry about pickups, than 20 hits through whole map. It just erases the unnecessary mental limitations of annoying pickup preservation while at the same time makes the game more fun to play, more offensive and more hard in a way. We as species function this way, it's in our genetics of survival instinct to preserve as much pickups as possible for the "harder times" even that means deny yourself a more fun gameplay and usage of more fun guns to use because of scarcity of their ammunition, thus the capitalism was born. Finally a glimpse of pure reason and common sense on this cursed, god's forsaken website. Please be more often around, fren.
  5. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    Hey bro, any chance you could upgrade your project, pretty please? This one has a huge potential, and people still enjoy your mod even decades after its creation. As mentioned earlier, a whole praise among Schism community. You could add adjustable configurations in to the main menu (or options), add option to regen armor with optional protection; and options to disable both health and armor pickups. Configurations are always a lovely feature. There are some unpleasant bugs, though. Like, the game doesn't save when you do input parameters through the console, like "set regen_maxhp", once you exit the game, so you'll be forced to write exactly the same parameters over and over whenever you're about to launch the game.
  6. By this message, I can already tell you don't play HeXen as mage, not at least in custom mods. Bloodscourge is essential weapon against flying targets only because of it's piercing capability, and it's the only situation where it's actually worth to waste 30 units of your precious ammo for a single shot. In DOTDC, it's especially useful against these infinitelly respawning Reivers. It's the only situation where bloodscourge shrine, since it could pierce enemies indefinitelly untill it hits wall\surface so on more open area maps it can shine even more than wraithwerge when used cleverly. Removing it's the weapon's only nieche just turn it in to boring triple seeking hammer shot. Instead of making the weapon even more lame\boring and useless, you could make piercing more useful so it could kill ettins more consistently. Exactly what I said. The only one enemy the fighter require at least a bit gleam of skill to defeat is the wywern (up untill he gets op quietus, at least; so that's just vanila hexen). The travel speed of hammer is fast enough and hardly differs from arc of death travel speed. Wywern moves in a very predictable circle pattern so with a bit of common sense it can easy to land hits, and increasing the hammer projectile travel speed only makes the weapon noob-favored by terrible players to be good at any circumstances the game drops at you. Just like fandom wikipedia and some old HeXen manual stated, the Mage is the one class that is mostly meant to rely on his primary (wand) weapon and use the rest for extra advantage or when trapped in dead situation. That doesn't sound like good excuse to create frost shards so unreasonable underpowered and useless by developers, but at least explains why wand is designed to be multitool weapon that is jack-of-all-trades reliable for all situations, despite being the weakest damage output weapon in the game. And for a class that is means to be a Magic user, it's only logical that he reject the material possession in a form of green and blue ammo; but instead relies on the power from within. Never found these fun to use and never will, given they will be still a annoying and boring to use time-bombs that you must frustratingly NOT attack enemy just so it could walk over it in perfect timing just so it could meet some usage, these things will be still be merely a placeholder for inventory. I'm not some peasant jugger to care about some glass bottles anyway, which again goes against the Mage's philosophy of being independent fighter and not a map-slave to care about pickups at all. I would only let it slide for cleric, because his flasks actually create an very powerful AoE that permanently stucklock any enemy and can be used as both as AoE offensive weapon and as area denial defense. So far I can confidently say that I absolutely loathe every single of these changes as they ruin the core of the game, I guess I'll have to skip this project future's fate.
  7. It's the only class that didn't get nerf at all. Besides, the quietus buff is a huge buff, considering its both does better damage, projectile speed and aoe splash, 10/10 ammo consumption made it just cheap. The hammer, which is undoubtedly the best third weapon (due it's best reliance, fast fire rate, infinite range precise fly projectile, one shot kill and aoe support in addition to ammo-free use), as well made it even more noob-favored by increasing its travel speed. The only reason the primary weapon is favored is because the rest are usually utterly useless, and because the class designed to be least of map dependent (on pickups). It is still the weakest damage output weapon in the game anyway. The range is essential the primary essence of this weapon, as the rest weapons have limited range with rng waving movement pattern (arc of death) and have unreliable spread at all (frost shards), and you wouldn't want waste crapton of ammo by firing bloodscorge to kill single ettin across the map. Given that mage is the slowest and fragiles class of all with green flasks that are useless, having ranged ammo- independent weapon made the class somewhat reliable and fun to play. And now that bloodscorge lacks the piercing, it lost the only interesting mechanic to use, especially against lots of airborne targets.
  8. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    I'm still trying to find the original version of Regeneration health mod with feature that completely erases all of the health\armor pickups that you mentioned, and I browsed through all of the internet to find none. Any chance you still have it?
  9. So you just basically made fighter even more overpowered and noobish, while made mage even more worthless by removing his only somewhat useful gimmick of pierce and by ruining the only good weapon he had? That's a big no from me.
  10. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    I bet it's just a shameless method of marketing your own port... >.>
  11. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    Hey bruh, any chance you can port your mod here for gzdoom/lzdoom, or edit already existing regeneration3.wad? Really looking for mod that completely disables health/armour pickups (aside from maybe berserk), so you finally stop being a mapslave and completely become independent from handouts of the map designer, that will make the gameplay more fluid and enjoyeble as you're now able to clean your mind from useless garbage and focus on the fun part. Alternatively, you can also add armour regen which permanently changes its percentage of protection once you pick armour with higher protection (as in case of vanilla doom - blue armor or megasphere).
  12. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    What sourceport you're talking about?
  13. MaxRideWizardLord

    Regenerating Health

    ABSOLUTELY lovely mod! It's very popular among Schism modding forum\discord, and also among Android players. One request though, can I have version of the mod that completely removes health and armor pickups, but doesn't have extra damage factor at all? 100 hp limit is risky enough, and armor is very overpowered in Doom II anyway.
  14. MaxRideWizardLord

    Things about Doom you just found out

    literally doom 2 map 28 bruh
  15. MaxRideWizardLord

    The Nutty Wad... What music does it use?

    Where can I get the zipped version of the file??? All I can find is the raw wad, or third party "zip" with useless readme.txt in it. My first encounter with this file was a LONG time ago, and I download it from a multiplayer match, a raw wad file.