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  1. MaxRideWizardLord

    Do anyone play on Nightmare seriously?

    last time I checked, I didn't get sudden extra $ materialized out of nowhere, so no, I don't play any video games seriously.
  2. MaxRideWizardLord

    Distillery partners with Bethesda to release Doom Vodka

    Knowing how Bethesda handle their marchendise, especially after witnessing their Fallout Nuka Dark Rum, it will be a very, VERY cheap milking of the fans. I wouldn't even be surprised if the bottle is made of thin plastic.
  3. MaxRideWizardLord

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    I lol'd at people that butthurt because game been delayed for mere few months. Like, stop being so much of an entitled pussies and grow a sack for once, patience is a trait of true men, and fan. I've been waiting 8 years for Prey to be released, I regret nothing. I've been waiting 5 years for STALKER to be released, I regret nothing. I've been waiting +10 years for DNF to be released, I regret nothing. People hate this title because it is not a clone of DN3D but nevertheless it was an awesome game, and if not delays we wouldn't even get to begin with, or get something like extremely outdated Daikatana-like game on quake 1 engine like in 2004 or so. I am very happy with what they achieved so far. My only complaint is mere 3 gun carrying limit. Just be fucking happy that the project is still going, not canceled, not turning in to human-shooting-with-boring-military-bullet-based-fire-arms-only cod clone, and still strives for perfection. Few months to wait is not really a task.
  4. MaxRideWizardLord

    Heavenly Archangels will be part of the finale

    Cool, can't wait to shoot in to a bloody mud these goody-two-shoes sword carrying pretentious schmucks with chicken wings.
  5. MaxRideWizardLord

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I wouldn't say that Doom 2005 is a bad movie, minus rock obviously, he sucks as actor, it's just not a Doom movie to begin with, but as stand alone thing it's... well, okay maybe. After all, it got it's fun moments too.
  6. MaxRideWizardLord

    What makes Doom 3 so different from the rest?

    He was just jealous.
  7. MaxRideWizardLord

    What makes Doom 3 so different from the rest?

    Then the Doom: Annihilation movie is obviously a Franklin Clinton.
  8. Doomsday probably to this day have the best looking 3D models ever made out of all that exist in this world. That's the best non-pixelated way I can think of to make your game look like.
  9. MaxRideWizardLord

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I don't get the praise of this trashy movie. I find 2005 one far more adorable even though it's far from being a Doom, and I neither like rock (he got award for the crappiest actor play for a reason). I do admit that generic "zombie virus" thingy theme gets so fucking annoying, but at least 2005 doom movie did it before zombie shit hit the fan. Annihilation is just a garbage, no matter how you look at, not just because of female protagonist. Guns that look like they are cheap plastic toys made in china (because if you add spin up sound of minigun to assault rifle without any spinning barrel, we totally will believe it's a "chaingun") especially bfg which shoots green vomit, plot is VERY mediocre and slow advancing, and just ONLY ONE type of enemy. The bad guy here seem to be mere for memes, because he doesn't look, nor act like original Doom 3's bad guy. Also random BJ reference just because lel. The only thing that new movie is better at than the old one is that it's, supposedly, an other dimensional creatures, not just a fucking zombies. This time, the enemy even can, on a pretty rare occasion, form a ball made of flame with their hands and throw it, so that's at least something. Hey, at least doom 2005 had pinky, even though it's just a nerd in wheelchair on crack. The first person scene was also awesome. If the whole movie was about first person action adventure where you shoot Dwayne Johnson as the final boss instead of zombies, I bet a lot of people would love that movie despite it not being technically a doom.
  10. MaxRideWizardLord

    The New BFG

    I'd still like for it to have a huge single devastating ball that just zaps everyone around it as it flies.
  11. MaxRideWizardLord

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    Why SS2 got flack btw? It's actually looks nice, had one of the best physics and graphics of that time, and environment felt more comfy and thoughtful that isn't as blunt and empty 30 minutes of senseless walking in empty area like in First encounter. It looks dope, but so SS supposed to be dope, SS initially started as a joke game about your typical FPS doom clone. It doesn't have fun weapons like flamethrower and laser beam, sure, but it still looks and smells better than SS3.
  12. MaxRideWizardLord

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    This is a better time stamp to describe the weapon.
  13. For some reason I feel like the reach of chainsaw is vastly longer in Doom 2 than is it in just Doom 1, I don't know why. I've launched them both in chocolate doom.
  14. MaxRideWizardLord

    If i buy doom on steam. Will i have the .wad file?

    is there any thread\topic where I can see all of the sprites that has been replaced with the Doom 3 BFG edition? That got me curious, I thought it was only the red cross.
  15. MaxRideWizardLord

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    Now I start to wonder if doomguy\doom slayer is actually a blonde, or if he's dying his hair.