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  1. On my end the DNS problem resolved itself overtime (which is a relief because I really don't want to fuck with ipconfig after what happened the last time I did). Hopefully it'll resolve itself for everyone else as well.

  2. Violence.wad by AD_79. I discovered this wad shortly before DUMP became a thing and when I decided to map for it I tried my hand at making a map in the same style. I only had four completed maps up to that point and the DUMP 1 level I made (MAP05) was a huge improvement over them. I've now got a bunch of WIP maps that draw inspiration from Violence.

  3. If I didn't have so many maps to finish for other projects I'd sign up. I do have a vanilla map using only stock resources that I haven't finished yet though. If I can find the time to complete it I'll submit it. No promises though.

    scotty said:

    Nice map AD, felt similar to Romero's D2 stuff. But what's up with the damaging water? It's really unintuitive. Also i didn't like being forced to run across damaging floors to progress the level... with no rad suits provided. But maybe that's just a personal gripe of mine.

    TBH I think these are non-issues and I it hate when people complain about them.