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  1. Rocks!
  2. Just a small post but have these~
  3. Oooh yeah I only found out about Comic a couple of weeks ago! Very much looking forward :D
  4. Very much been enjoying the new OMD album! :D So much Kraftwerk'y goings on and I love it!!
  5. Looking good jimmy! :D
  6. Miitopia...it's...addicting.
  7. Wasn't there was a while back?
  8. Good now I can post things here and..oh nevermind. :I

    1. Myst.Haruko


      I was scared too at the first glance. 

    2. Fuzzball


      It's fine though- I'm not allowed to talk about it as I have no opinion clearly.

  9. What about the Gameboy Advance ones, 32X, 3DO etc
  10. Okay here is a real fact about myself- bit of an odd one! I have patches of skin with different pigmentation on my feet- it's not a skin problem or anything wrong...just...how my feet are lol- big huge patches darker than the rest of my skin. My left is a little less affected by it than my right- my big toe is still normal colour and goes up to my leg but the whole left side of it is darker. Right foot is pretty much covered in one huge dark patch but my toes are not. ...so yeah ;P
  11. Please don't take that post seriously though ;P I don't tend to think how he looks in my head...unless the hud pic counts...he could be anybody!
  12. This is my Doomguy- here he his reaching for the beloved Super Shotgunnu.
  13. Depends which version/case you're after- even if you get one in a bad condition plastic case replacing those is a peace of cake!
  14. Uh...I'm not very organised ;P