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  1. Earlier time would be even worse for those of us here working! D; Well...if it's the same as it used to be...like the good old days ;P
  2. Yup- those are their exact purposes!
  3. Yeah I can pretty much make a new pattern and have the effects on the fly ;P Perhaps I will do a couple- I'll save the PSD! Edit:
  4. Making shit again~ Random textures! and animated? :3
  5. Excuse me no- ASS was before both of those fakers :P Bring back ASS and kill off the competition!
  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...and on a Wednesday too? D; GMT time? I always forget
  7. Less bitching and more unique maps/sets. You bunch of grouchy fucks ;P
  8. Really posting in the editing section will be your best bet- its 4.18am here but I'm sure there are others willing to explain- or you can have a look to see if others have asked the same thing
  9. If importing paletted you can use CYAN as your "transparent" colour- however Slade also allows you to choose a colour- it also depends on your file time- true colour PNG for example will need to be set as such in your program of choice.
  10. Abandoned bases reclaimed by nature, greenery, some tech, water...thinking Portal 2 somewhat in the earlier stages- of those lovely photos you see of old towns and places left for the trees and plants to take back.
  11. Not black enough
  12. I'm with Jimmy- thought this was a troll thread ;P
  13. O-oh no does this mean I have to make a start on things now? A-aaah ;_;
  14. My brain read that as "Shooting an Imp's head" and for a moment I was very confused.
  15. oh man oh man oh man oh man