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  1. Name: Kirby your Enthusiasm Music: Sandy Canyon 1 - Kirby's Dreamland 3 Texture Pack: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/graphics/mek-cr8x Time: 2 Hours! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/390669303403380738/493238438523568128/ASS_TIRTYNEIN.wad
  2. Fuzzball

    NoMonochrome - A Color Themed Episode

    Is there purple? I'm asking because otherwise I'm not interested ;P
  3. Dying because of roulette. Basically going into a room, or hitting a switch and being killed instantly with no chance or any kind of hint/warning that something is going to happen. It's just bullshit basically :P
  4. Fuzzball

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    Looks at GTS450....cries
  5. Fuzzball

    Levity In Doom Games

    Monsters sliding around down steps, along edges, bonus points if they keep on going for a long time!
  6. Trying to abuse death exits in MP to "save the day" ....that never works out well especially when you're everybody's last hope! :D
  7. Fuzzball

    Barry Chuckle has died.

    :( This hit me too, though I think if it was Paul that would have passed it would have hit more- he actually has a striking resemblance to my dad. RIP
  9. Whoop! Good stuff C: Thanks to everybody!
  10. Holy shit I made another one! Name: aaaAAAA *squish* Themes: < 20 Monsters & Flooooor crushers! Build time: Something Music: Rhythm Heaven Fever- Ringside theme Textures: Still using a couple flats I made https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/390669303403380738/470592654007205888/ASS37_BUTTBUTT.wad (Wad contains both maps)
  11. Resources: Few flats of mines Music: Tick Tock Clock from MKDS Buildtime: Just over 2 hours + fix MapName!: Smoochin' Coochin' https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/390669303403380738/470409330978455571/ASS37_BUTTBUTT.wad
  12. The effect of AD's sofa is bleeding into the rest of the set!
  13. Fuzzball

    Post your Doom textures!

    The UAC logo and text looks ...well MS-Paint-ish- it would probably be a better idea to use the actual Doom graphics instead trying to remake them with a font. The logo looks wonky and a lil' messy around the edges basically. Lemme dig up something you can use as a replacement to make it fit into stock. Also worth pointing out is that the warning string shouldn't be outlined like the rest of the "COMP" part- they were not in the originals and if you plan on it being a door, then it needs substance and shading rather than a lighter outline on everything. This is from Romero's dump. The text is a smidge off but its not horrific, but the UAC logo itself is much cleaner, and even there in white for you to transfer onto the texture yourself and recolour it. If you're feeling adventurous you could try and give a lil' bit of anti-aliasing but given the limit of the dark greys in the palette you might only get one shade out of it.
  14. Fuzzball

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Just playing a bit with textures- TEKLITE makes for nice steps combined with minimal lighting!