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  1. Cruduxy Pegg


    I could do dozens of them and then I learned the proper form and that number dropped real quick. Anyway I never try them anymore, easier to just go to the gym and do bench than suffer with them.
  2. Cruduxy Pegg

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    If only they removed it from the final game, probably realized it is too crap when they released the demo. As in it will harm sales.
  3. Cruduxy Pegg

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    You are sleeping on a second hell staff when it is unpowered and a very easy sniping weapon when tomed. you don't even need vision for it to go hit things, just shoot in a cardinal angle and it will clear the entire room of anything weaker than a minotaur.
  4. Cruduxy Pegg

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    Believe it or not E3M8 is still one of the hardest maps in Heretic on skill 5. E5M8 is actually a joke (just strafe run while holding hell staff fire), E4M8 is also a joke if you have hell staff and a tome of power, or even better you can kill all the liches while sipping tea and using a powered up firemace. The disciples with D'sparil are very annoying to deal with, if you push them around you can't circle strafe and have to keep track of their positions, D'sparil teleports faster and faster when he is near death and teleports the moment you fire a phoenix rod so your only useful weps are the dragonclaw and golden wand when he is closer to death. His lightning attacks are also very hard to see on lower resolutions among all the chaos so nothing really comes close to his difficulty as a boss fight. Maulotaurs are a joke compared to him you can just circle strafe them like a cyberdemon. Cleric can kill him before he even opens the doors for the centaurs with wraithverge, it is very badly balanced and I wouldn't be surprised if mage can do the same (but a bit less likely) with death arc.
  5. Cruduxy Pegg

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    D'sparil is easily the hardest boss fight in the id tech 1 games if you are playing on skill 5. Heretic's NM doesn't have respawning monsters so a lot of people play that instead of bothering with UV. Once on skill 5 you have very little windows of opportunity to hit D'sparil and you might even run out of ammo if you mess up badly enough. You also have to waste a tome and ring of invulnerability if you want to quickly kill the serpent which means even less firepower to deal with d'sparil himself. This is even harder if you are playing on pistol start as you might waste too much ammo or straight up die in the ophidian\disciples rooms.
  6. Cruduxy Pegg

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    Hexen has its problems but Civvies review of it was ridiculous. All the trollish ambushes he complains about are ones that only exist on UV -he even mentions it in Necropolis- but they are a cakewalk compared to Blood and Ion Fury which he praises all day long. The wendigo ambush is the craziest one in Hexen as they can kill you in secs but this ambush takes longer to kill you than the easier cultist ambushes in Blood. The biggest problem of the game is the mappers not adapting the new tech in time, so it ended up with big issues like: 1) The first hub exists to PROVE to you that this game is different. The game won't let you stay in one map for more than a minute before kicking you back to the hub. You go to guardian of ice to step on a teleport back to the hub, go to guardian of fire to walk 20 steps and return to hub then go to guardian of steel to walk to an elevator and think the game is broken because of the buggy shitty elevator and the stupid misplaced switch puzzle (you can't see that your switches open the doors at the bottom, which seems to be the intention of the puzzle NOT test each puzzle and try to guess what opened). Your return trip to each of the three guardians is a bit better but spending 3 more mins to complete each map isn't a great improvement. I am not saying the hub is completely useless , it was alright as the demo hub. But in the final game Winnowing Hall should've immediately sent the player to Shadow Wood to start the actual game. (Could just keep Seven Portals as a tutorial or demo episode in the final game) 2) Shadow Wood is a big upgrade in world building over the first hub but it has some of the dumbest progress issues to exist. cave of circe and the wasteland have stupid walls that probably caused a lot of players to quit, the swamp has a switch you might miss. The game also loves instakilling you with traps so you better be saving every 2 minutes. It doesn't get better as the final boss in it - the wyvern- is like someone finally learned how to use waypoints but forget this is a boss fight. Why is this wandering behavior on the boss and not random optional mobs instead? 3) It feels like they ran out of time after they spent all their budget on the Heresiarch Seminary and the castles/tower hubs. Like the game was supposed to end in the 2nd Heresiarch fight, but testers/devs thought the game was too short so they added Necropolis with maps that make Heretic look like the sequel instead of the other way around. And well like everyone who played it will tell you, there aren't enough weps for each class or monster variety to cover the entire game. But I think those tie to the prior three reasons and if they had cut seven portals from the full game and had a bigger more fleshed out Dark Crucible (just put all 3 human bosses in it then Korax for a grand finale) less people will have that complain. Although then we might've had people complain about the game being too short instead.
  7. Cruduxy Pegg

    Games you never dared to play on hardest difficulty?

    I guess D&D/Pathfinder games but that's more because less and less things become viable instead of the game getting more interesting. If FPS only I guess maybe Halo 2, it seemed really annoying and not worth trying. (I mean I did Nightmare but Nightmare is more fun than that nonsense).
  8. Cruduxy Pegg

    New games are just not fun anymore?

    No, sounds more like you have to fight with many mental barriers you've put up to stop you from playing any new game. The same soulless clones that you accuse new "boomer shooters" was the same accusation people used 2+ decades ago to skip Heretic, Blood and Quake 2 without ever playing them in depth.
  9. Cruduxy Pegg

    Why are water levels in games so bad?

    Or more likely find 5 more annoying ones you wish you never played.
  10. Cruduxy Pegg

    Why are water levels in games so bad?

    They usually have a very annoying mechanic (drowning, blinding or slowing you down), the worst map design in their game which makes them feel like filler / blocker in old games so you can't quickly beat a game or just the devs ran out of ideas but still didn't think they had enough maps. Also they usually have very annoying pest enemies that don't fit match with the rest of the game. Still I don't think the fault of the sewers themselves but rather mappers messing it up or having no idea what to do with it. Ion Fury has so many damn sewers but they don't feel like a bother in that game nor do they play similarly to each other.
  11. Cruduxy Pegg

    How do y'all deal with indecisiveness in gaming?

    Play what you feel like playing instead of trying to pressure yourself into games boring. For me if I can't nothing I just go to default games like darkest dungeon, age of wonders 4, Doom/Heretic and diablo.
  12. Cruduxy Pegg

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Honestly the game is a clusterfuck even with paid tabs, no idea how the hell anyone can still play the current version free for long unless they drop it early.
  13. She is more of a comedic relief than a boss in all her appearances. Crushed without a fight, squashed y cyberdemon, killed by her babies and finally you get to make arachnotrons kill her again, twice!
  14. Cruduxy Pegg

    DOOM Beaten with Completely Inverted Controls

    Now do the other 3 episodes and 3 games!
  15. Cruduxy Pegg

    Honest opinions on Shores of Hell and Inferno?

    Is it? Seems like it was the perfect way to end the shareware with a cliff hanger to get people to buy the rest of the game.
  16. Yes but never bothered trying to do them iron man style.
  17. Cruduxy Pegg

    is blood actually as good as people think it is?

    Or just run past them and find the tesla/voodoo doll that is almost always placed on same map (beside Cheogh, the first episode boss) and kills them in 1/1000th the time.
  18. Cruduxy Pegg

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    If it makes you feel better this was basically the most played Sonic game in our house hold. Although we were just kids messing around in split screen and almost never actually playing the game (although we did unlock all characters and maps and go for par times eventually i think).
  19. Cruduxy Pegg

    Does anyone else kinda hate RNG in Doom?

    It is more than fine. But 80 damNO you always have green or blue armor in Iwads as the player otherwise you've messed up and now get punished with deadly damage. Same goes for most Idtech games, even Q3 revolves around controlling the armors and that game barely has this kind of RNG.
  20. Not a bad idea. (I am very terrible at secrets hunts though, missing over half the secrets in all Ion Fury maps level of bad)
  21. Cruduxy Pegg

    Does Coding Require Any Math?

    Well if it makes you feel better that's just part of becoming a programmer, there is always some annoying things to learn and the learning never ends!
  22. Cruduxy Pegg

    Why do people hate TNT Evilution so much?

    Whenever I replay the Iwads I make sure TNT is the last one. Not because it is bad but because the ending especially with the music is a nice send off from the Iwads.
  23. Cruduxy Pegg

    is blood actually as good as people think it is?

    I still don't see an actual design flaw in the game that's enough to ruin the fun. Cultists are very stupid on lower difficulties and don't throw tnt, they also die instantly to pretty much sneezing on them. The bosses have way less health and there aren't as many pests and fanatics around. Zombies also don't resurrect in it, they just pretend to die (accompanied by a louder death sound because they are terrible actors). Imo people might change their mind about the game by playing on skill 2 or 3, But the game has an even worse case of "UV is only way to play" propagated by the fan base and presenting the game as a masochist special dish.
  24. Cruduxy Pegg

    is blood actually as good as people think it is?

    In the night dive version you can set increase monster density but keep their stats the same as lower difficulties, might make it a lot less frustrating to play when cultists don't remove your health bar in one second.
  25. Cruduxy Pegg

    is blood actually as good as people think it is?

    Play on lower difficulties and enemies die in seconds because of less than half the health (or sometimes a third compared to Extra Crispy), a lot of them are also insanely weak to a specific weapon so knowing those makes it even easier, they also sometimes resist the hell out of a weapon so knowing those also helps. for rats and other pests you'll almost always have spray can which makes it real easy to kill armies of them so they shouldn't be doing anything. or you can kill them by running and jumping over them (slightly harder in ports). Blood has an unfair rep because people are used to games having much easier UV difficulties while Blood unlashes those god forsaken cultists on you (and fighting them around corners will just get you killed especially in Extra Crispy, have to use dynamite or keep running as they'll usually shoot where you were and miss).