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  1. Nice. Abusing the GZDoom hires texture mechanic to low-res the textures is quite ironic. ;-)
  2. That's exactly what I thought when I saw the name of this thread. Just take a look at the Hexen remake (Edge of Chaos). It is so much work that it becomes unfeasible.
  3. I wish I could play the new Wolfenstein games. :-( Thanks to region locks I could only play the version with destroyed voice acting. The censored version does not have the option to play the game in English. I can accept a version without the swastikas — although I still think that it's ridiculous that they are allowed in movies like Indiana Jones and are a huge legal landmine in video games. I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding would be that it is probably legal in games like Wolfenstein where the Nazis are not portrayed in a favourable light, but so far no company dared to challenge the status quo.
  4. I'm playing “SteamWorld Heist” at the moment. I haven't read the previous pages of this thread, so I'm not sure if it has been mentioned before. It's a mixture of Worms and X-Com: Imagine X-Com as a 2d side scroller with the aiming mechanics of Worms.
  5. It was @Rachael:
  6. @Mr.Rocket Thanks. The other possible usage strategy that I could come up with was rotating through the list, i.e. one port a day. @bradharding Obviously you already knew that.
  7. It's simple enough and complex enough at the same time. The maps are uncluttered. I hate that modern games have worlds that are so full of clutter that you get stuck everywhere and interactive items need a flashing highlight to be noticeable in all the rubble.
  8. @Mr.Rocket How do you decided which port to use?
  9. From most to least used: GZDoom, DOOM Retro and Zandronum.
  10. I agree. That's might be problematic. IMO it's only a real problem if the complete sprite set for a monster is included. If only some modified frames are provided and at least some of the original sprites are necessary, the wad will look really weird without the original doom2.wad – so I would argue that it still cannot be used with just Freedoom, although it is technically possible.
  11. Oh. I forgot to answer the first question… I've been a silent reader for a bazillion years. I finally registered because of DOOM Retro and I've never played Doom 2016.
  12. German has a special word as well: Doch. Magst du das nicht? Doch. (Positive answer to negative question: don't you like it?). While both „nein“ (no) and „ja“ (yes) can be used to confirm that you don't like the thing.
  13. Someone on reddit mentioned the Skyrim Creation Club, i.e. payed mods. That sounds like a definite possibility.
  14. I think that Romero did this deliberately to show another enhancement of the engine. In Wolf3D the switch had to be straight ahead of the elevator door. (Strictly speaking this was not a limitation of the engine, but a result of the way the textures are arranged to save precious memory/disc space.)
  15. @Lingyan203 Very weird. AddOptionMenu was added in version 2.4.0: