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  1. Have you seen this ( Granted, it's a lot shorter than Fabian's other game source code reviews, but it's still interesting.
  2. Yes, but how do you know that somebody did modify the code before compiling? How do you know that the compiler does not inject some malicious code? Okay, you could check the compiler's source code, but how do you know that the compiler used during bootstrapping doesn't inject any malicious code!?… Repeat ad infinitum. Paranoia ftw. ;-)
  3. No, it's a new executable/engine (not quite a source port, because it isn't based on the original source code) for the game. You can use it with the game assets from GOG. Install ”RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack“ somewhere, then install OpenRCT2 in another folder and run that. You might have to manually select the folder that contains the original game. GitHub page: Official website: In-official website that hosts the quasi-official Forums:
  4. You should try OpenRCT2. It fixes many annoyances.
  5. Very nice video. It's too bad that the heavy compression makes it so blurry. I assume that this is YouTube's fault.
  6. I remember Blastfrogs's suggestions being met with quite a lot of insults on the forums. One example I could find quickly: I've read worse at another place, but I don't know where it was. “Raising the limits does kinda screw those of us who try to play with the keyboard. Not that we were that well off to begin with.” “The slider is even worse than the original patch! It still disadvantages keyboarders in net games (because what competitive player will leave it set to 50%!?) but now there's another slider.” “I wonder how many keyboard netplayers are left. I don't count, since I don't play competitively at all anymore. And we almost certainly aren't getting any new ones... I've racked my brains over this, and I haven't thought of a way to handle this where everyone wins. Keep the limits where they are, and the 360-noscope generation† will feel like they've got a brick on their mouse. Raise them wholesale, and the keyboarders' tiny sliver of a chance against mousers becomes even tinier.(…)” According to the discussion of GitHub they tried it and discarded the changes. “Oh wow, my experimental idea was a cure way worse than the disease. Mouse felt like a mattress. Made of Jell-O. I now think that any kind of (de facto) simulated mouse input beyond the immediate frame is bad.” ;-)
  7. AFAIK the newest version is Braden's copy of the source code which can be found here:
  8. Right, Marathon has a very weird way to handle turning. Keyboard turning is limited by the physics simulation of the player. This has the consequence that the keyboard turning speed is determined by the active mod. Mouse turning has an input limit for the current frame and it has an (optional) mouse “acceleration”/filtering system that uses an unorthodox formula. Every time someone wants to improve the input systems there are cries about foul play from the keyboard players.
  9. Yes and it is a fun way to prevent bug fixes and remove support for other platforms that Wolf4SDL/ECWolf support because most of the forks don't have any source code releases. Edit: Before ECWolf's release I hacked modern controls into Wolf4SDL because I can't stand the missing strafe keys. I still do this for Catacombs 3d and its successors.
  10. Probably. Almost all other excuses (i.e. the legacy addons and Flash) are gone.
  11. It's still leaking memory like mad.
  12. Open about:config and set browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.enabled to false.
  13. The first WE version of NoScript has been released.
  14. It may seem weird if you are accustomed to ABP, but it is more flexible. The element picker is on par with the old ABP while it seems to be completely broken with the new WE ABP. uBlock even has additional filter rules that can be used to emulate parts of NoScript. At the moment I'm using uMatrix instead of NoScript, but I'm pretty sure that I will switch back as soon as NoScript is stable. I'm definitely not switching back to ABP. It requires noticable more memory on my system and the cosmetic filtering seems to work better. I'm confident that ABP's element selector will be repaired (huge slowdown and no result) and that it will be able to block content with custom “data:” rules – which stopped working after the update. I don't know the current state, but after the update editing/adding custom rules has been cumbersome at best.
  15. Really? I consider the jumping physics one of the weakest points of the engine. It feels very weird – both the jump height and the air control. It's definitely no Quake/Quake3/Super Mario/Jazz Jackrabbit level of nice jumping and IMO worse than Doom's vanilla platform to platform running.