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  1. Moon Marin

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    played the first map of this campaign today for the first time. the boss fight at the end was a lot of fun and i liked how the module looked with the skybox in the top a lot. i think he was a little too beefy, i died 2x on the boss to refill my ammo. i felt strapped for ammo a lot of the level, in a survival horror way i always had just enough to finish the level, except the toxic room where i had to find the quad secret and kill the revenant with just melee attacks in quad mode lol. fun map. tough challenge.
  2. Moon Marin

    Full Marooned Campaign

    I wonder if players would be confused at losing the BFG on a death. I could see players back tracking to find it again, and if they couldn't they might get really annoyed. On that train of thought, i've heard there are ways to track ammo/supplies between maps? Maybe on player death -> i can track the BFG ammo and restore it appropriately on respawn without affecting the other weapons.
  3. Moon Marin

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    The only things that jump out as being missing from the editor when actually in game, are the things that function in-game but not in the map. Examples : Demon AI, asset sounds such as walking, shooting, jumping, ambient noises (excluding module sound layers). Also, editing the level is a lot different than running what is essentially an executable. When you go to play the map, you're executing a config file that is generated from the map you built (which is how there are no downloads required to play any snapmap, other than few KB of text). You are essentially re-loading all the assets from the editor in this process in addition to things missing/not loaded for editor purposes. It uses the same formula when you load a random published snapmap as it does when you go from edit to play mode in order to generate the level to spec. There are also things you may notice that don't occur during snapmap, such as making trigger volumes invisible via the trigger settings. It will be invisible in-game, but not in the editor. This is obviously for usability, but its an extra step the game has to bake in when loading up the level proper. I don't know exact specifics, but these should be headed towards what you're looking for. As a sign of good faith i've hunted down a few lists of all known console commands for doom. You might be using a console and not a PC which can take advantage of these commands, but if you find an opportunity - or if someone else decides to, there may be information that can be found through these commands. List 1 : http://pastebin.com/wtgf65Qt List 2 : http://pastebin.com/4uqmVEmr You said that iteration by playing, editing, and repeating until the map is done is not possible. This is not true. I use all the great maps that have gone through this iteration process, including my own, as proof otherwise. Just things that I find to be unfounded. Like saying iteration isn't possible, or that snapmap is effectively an unusable game mode because you have to boot into it after already launching the initial campaign mode. I have grievances with snapmap as a daily user. Examples : - The map editor interface is clearly optimized for a controller and the PC map controls suffer a lot for it. I use a controller except for inputting numbers/variables/text because its the best way to do it. - Hard limits on map size can be quite frustrating for designers, and other limits like 12 live demons at one time, and a limited (although extremely expanded since release) module set means you see a lot of the same enviornments unless you are willing to go nuts with textured blocking volumes and props. - On the topic of custom geo using props/volumes, monster AI suffers navigation around these because they are foreign to the AI and they cannot traverse many parts of levels that are built exclusively on blocking volumes or props. - Snapmap is still missing some core elements from campaign, such as weapon mods that are randomly excluded, and weapon inconsistencies like the gauss cannon having the multi-player ammo count instead of single player ammo count, highly limiting its use. These are just a few issues I have off the top of my head. Snapmap isn't perfect, but its one hell of an amazing thing that they have given us to play with and I see a lot of complaints from people who barely, or have never used snapmap, which drives off other would-be snapmappers. A lot of these complaints are poor excuses to look over the editor, so I choose to say my 2 cents about it because I find it to be beneficial. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I hope you find what you are looking for. This is probably my last contribution to this thread.
  4. Moon Marin

    Snapmap puzzles: new map genre?

    you can enable and disable most sets of logic on the fly. You could probably design a puzzle level around correctly enabling or disabling things, and there are pletny of ways to communicate to the player the goal as well with world text, tranmissions, hud objectives, POI, etc. I have seen some puzzle maps, mostly around answering questions via interactables but with some ingenuity im sure you can make good puzzle-esque maps.
  5. Moon Marin

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    Snapmap is obviously loading you into the map you built from wherever your initial player spawn point is, then it's building the level in front of you (although not visible) with the configurations you have set. If you want to know exactly what assets are being loaded there is probably a debug command you can run in the console. It's cute that you call me "keyboard warrior" when all i've pointed out is that you CAN iterate on a map which you claim isn't possible. Which is bullshit, look at all the maps that have been released that are well made. Lots of these came from consoles too, people who have managed to build and iterate their own creations. I've seen the editor on all platforms. It might be smoothest on PC, but it still operates cleanly on consoles. If its not up to your standards then play something rleased 10 years ago, your load times will be instant.
  6. Moon Marin

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    Not when the technology is 23+ years apart, and you're using disproportionately powerful systems to load the old technology, and using underpowered tech (consoles or low end gaming PC's) to load new technology. Also there is no "gold standard" for load times. You're old enough to remember the days of dial up, and so am I. We did use to wait 60 seconds for a page to load, especially if it contained anything besides plain text. If your game isn't loading fast enough, improve the hardware. You can upgrade hard drives in both consoles and PCs to an SSD if it's that much of an issue. You can create multiple shortcuts for each game mode, that takes less key presses than what it took to type out that you refuse to do so.
  7. Moon Marin

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    Not sure it's really fair to have the same expectation for a 2016 title on new technology, compared to its 1993 incarnation. If you are using steam, you can set launch properties to take you directly into snapmap mode, bypassing the need to launch campaign, then snapmap which cuts down time. For snapmap itself, the mode does take some time to launch initially, because of all the additions they have made. The INITIAL loading times (snapmap hub, NOT maps themselves) are a byproduct of patching in an extra 10-15 gb worth of content for snapmap alone. Also on the OP's comments regarding that it "is not possible to play, iterate, and repeat" - ala john romero, your comments are completely off base. You can play the map instantly during edit mode with a short load time between editor and play test. Maybe 30 seconds if your map is huge, less if its small. I know this as fact because I have multiple maps with 99% in multiple categories released and I test most of my maps multiple times over several days to get them right before I release/advertise them for others to play. Snapmap has so much hate but it all comes from people who don't even use the damn thing.
  8. Moon Marin

    Full Marooned Campaign

    Thank you for playing ShadesMaster. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the campaign. I agree with your major 2 criticisms, regarding the BFG and Lack of additional custom geo. On the overall : I really had a lot of fun building these areas/maps. Focused on trying to have relatively low overhead, and keep the maps simple. About finding keycards, killing demons, and progressing through areas for bigger battles and better guns. It's great that you were able to play through in one sitting. Poorly done snapmaps can be very tedious to play through, so seeing that you kept going until it was over is a great feeling for me. On the criticisms : BFG totally does make the last level somewhat easy, mostly because dying respawns you with full ammo. I think if you don't die, there is a proper amount of BFG ammo on that map especially since I encourage the player to use at least 2 rounds the moment they get it by spawning those 2 big waves of 12 high tier demons (no imps/soldiers/etc). I could disable respawning on this map but I think that would cause many people not to finish. So I leave it up to the player to abuse the BFG if they wish. I think in total I only customized 2 modules using blocking volumes, it's really quite a pain in the ass and monsters don't navigate these areas well either so I generally don't see it as time well spent. But I know players really enjoy these areas, so I tried opening and ending the campaign in custom areas if only to check off the boxes to say I included them in some fashion. Thanks again, I hope you had lots of fun.
  9. Moon Marin

    Full Marooned Campaign

    Yes, it's the same map (with some updates and improvements dice it's original release) under a different name. I changed it for the release of the full level set, I just thought it needed a better name. Looking towards hearing your thoughts, shadesmaster
  10. Moon Marin

    Full Marooned Campaign

    Hi doomworld, I've completed my "Maroon Campaign," my first foray into building snapmap campaigns. I made about 8-10 stand alone levels before attempting this campaign. This is the culmination of about 2 months of work. I love feedback, and I am very proud of my work on these maps. If you like lots of action, tiny threads of story to guide you, barrels, jump pads, mini-bosses, and no hand holding - you might enjoy this campaign. For a full list of the campaign maps, see below : E1M1 - Into The Fray : D44QPTKW E1M2 - Wishing for Double : PT4CFCFG E1M3 - Enduring the Scorcher : CHRG45CV E1M4 - Welcome Home : LG6Q9UQE Here is a screenshot gallery for those wanting to see more : http://imgur.com/a/0WrOr Please let me know if you try any of the maps, and what you thought. Thanks, Moon
  11. Moon Marin

    E1M2 of Marooned Campaign

    Hey doomworld, Back with a new map for my marooned campaign. if you've played my previous campaign map (now called 'Into the Fray', previously 'Quiet Beginnings'), this is the follow up to that. MAP ID : PT4CFCFG It's a campaign oriented map, you enter with weapons from the previous map but now with some upgrades. Your plasma rifle now has stun mod, and the micro-missles are upgraded on the heavy assault rifle. The big highlights of the map are the atmosphere, level design, combat sections and cutscenes. I love feedback, so if you try it feel free to leave it. If you want to see more of my maps, You can find all of my maps by searching "moonmarooned" in keywords!
  12. Moon Marin

    Demons Came to Mars Again - E9XU3FWK

    Hi, thanks for playing and providing the feedback. If i'm understanding this correctly, the reasons you didn't like the map are too many high tier demons and that most encounters play relatively the same (i.e. enter room, trigger spawns, kill demons). If that is true then I agree with your assessment of the map being very similar through most of the engagements. I think I will try harder to break up the gameplay in more varied ways in my next map. As for comment on high tier enemies, did you feel difficulty is unfair? I know I made the map but I was able to complete the map on my own without dying. There were several rooms I adjusted in difficulty, sometimes multiple times to make the fights feel fair to me. There are lots of enemies but you are well equipped and many enemies have reduced health % so are easier to kill. let me know exactly what it is about the fights that bother you and I will take it into consideration for changes.
  13. Moon Marin

    Demons Came to Mars Again - E9XU3FWK

    Just finished my newest single player map. It is a fully non-linear map (until the ending), with a basic key hunting progression in UAC modules. Once you have collected 4 separate keys in 4 different areas of the map you can progress to the transition module which takes you to Hell for the final intense fights. Map ID - E9XU3FWK Key Features of the Map - 3 Lives - Pistol Start - Featured weapons - Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Heavy Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, Gauss Cannon, BFG, Chainsaw (full campaign arsenal) - Multiple secrets, and one super secret that is comprised of four smaller secrets. - High Enemy Density - Liberal use of Exploding Objects - Campaign Style Pickups and Loot Drops - Checkpoints - Plenty of Voiceovers for Atmosphere and World Building - Custom Lighting that helps direct the player and break up the feel of the map. - Intractable as well as box triggers. - Teleporters - Power Ups Playtested for several hours for balancing and bugs before release, so it should be largely bug-free out of the gate. Let me know what you think!
  14. Moon Marin

    New Patch 7/19

    Adding weapon balance changes to - combat shotgun, super shotgun, chaingun, heavy assault rifle, plasma rifle new games modes 'faster tdm' 'faster warpath'