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  1. banned

    Doom stream

    someone was complaing that the game is too short, there's soulution - try to finish it on nightmare and you'll palying it FOREVER.
  2. banned

    Does "Argent D'Nur" mean something?

    maybe try to put it into google translator..?
  3. f*uck, it's fast as Usain Bolt's legs
  4. banned

    Doom Ads NYC Subway

    i think that they should paint all subway trains like that - imagine people's faces when they see that "their revenant" is finally coming...
  5. banned

    1 Week to Doom 2016 !

    1 Week to Doom 2016 and this forum will be ghost town.
  6. banned

    What metal music will you listen while playing Doom 4?

    haha, i wanted to write the same thing but read the comments before :D + playing games like DOOM without music could be good choice too, when all what you hear is ambient sounds etc, you can really feel that you are THERE IN YOUR ROOM, album version definitely + rest of the SOFAD stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_6GYfSea5Y
  7. banned

    Check out this concept art!

    hmmm, definitely too little blood, skulls and pentagrams. (joking, its perfect!)
  8. banned

    Finalized Launch Trailer

    don't forget to show us the result :)
  9. banned

    Finalized Launch Trailer

    can't believe how good this game looks. it must be a nightm, em, i mean a DREAM! also the design of most of the monsters are so fresh and amazing at the same time, man. id has sooo talented team of artists, really, games are not just stupid shooters, it's an art in some way too!
  10. banned

    Hackers already

    couldn't imagine nothing more boring than playing on cheats with fair players and laughing to myself "another! and another!! :D" ...
  11. banned

    Share Your Marine

    this dirty marine looks really great. i feel Quake 1 here. rest of the skins screams "HEY EVERYBODY, I'M HEREEEE!!!!!!!"
  12. banned

    New Video: Player Progression and Customization

    those armors: ... looks like japanese robot toys: but i think the reason is that Japan has Mars on it's flag...
  13. banned

    Reverse Sleeve Time Lapse

    because it's like paiting Mona Lisa again... nothing will beat the original one.
  14. banned

    (SPOILERS) doomguy origin speculations (SPOILERS)

    i think You must love Planescape: Torment......