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  1. I remember loving Medal of Honor: Airborne and European Assault.
  2. Mario/Doom crossover confirmed. I truly do wonder what the game will look like and how well it will run.
  3. Wow. Make's me resent Valve even more :c
  4. Skullhacker BFG Division VEGA Core Rip & Tear Transistor Fist
  5. I'm psyched.
  6. rip to the people who bought the season pass.
  7. The one where it doesn't give Doomguy a cringy voice.
  8. Megatextures was a mistake.
  9. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Forgot how hard the first game was.
  10. The one with the demons and shit.
  11. Politics in Doom? lol
  12. He's making eBay his bitch.
  13. Is it bad that I'm more amazed by the new dynamic light system than Xen? Probably.... In any case, this looks awesome and I'm looking forward to playing it.