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  1. Lost Soul

    Another trailer for some movie

    We're all forgetting something here. Play through the PC version of Doom 3 again. There is a PDA in there that mentioned genmoe mapping to be able to successfully teleport humans. It also outlines a failed teleportation experiment on a monkey, but the Genome thing is in there, and it is for teleporter reasons. So.. perhaps mapping th genome to use the teleporter is what they mean by all hell breaking loose.
  2. Lost Soul

    what are your 8 most favorite games?

    Series of games I like 1)The Legend of Zelda 2)Doom 3)Castlevania 4)Metroid 5)Mega Man (encompassing all Mega man, Mega Man X, and Mega Man Zero games) 6)Resident Evil 7)Samurai Shodown 8)Mortal Kombat 9)Turok 10)Super Mario 11)Final Fantasy (Any Final fantasy from I-VI. Any games beyond that one don't exist as far as I'm concerned.) 12)Sonic the Hedgehog 13)Warcaft 14)Wolfenstein ... There are so much more.. but I just hadda brainfart.
  3. Lost Soul

    Pink Demon

    If an Arch Vile appeared at ALL on your PSX version, I want it. ;)
  4. Lost Soul

    Hey Quake 1 fans!

    When I said melting, I didn't mean in a sense of drawn detail melting. I know what armor looks like. I meant the drawing itself. The structure on this character is really not strong, so the details and joints/muscles/features are not anchored on anything solid, thus creating the effect of a badly damaged liquifying T-1000 still pressing on, rather than the quakeguy. The shrinking legs are caused by the slightly botched perspective on the leg closest to us. It is not foreshortened properly, thus looks tiny, mishapen, and proportionally wrong. Also he has no solid built pelvis which adds to my 'melting' crit, You cant tell where his midsection ends, and his hips begin, it also looks like he has no hips because of this. Masses are important, proportions and construction ALWAYS come before detail. This is just what I see.
  5. Lost Soul

    Hey Quake 1 fans!

    I dunno.. it looks wierd to me. The entire upper body looks like it's melting, And the arm looks broken, or popped very far out of it's socket, and the legs seems to be shrinking in various spots. Minor proportional problems. IMHO.
  6. Lost Soul

    Please say this isn't so

    Does anyone have a link to the actual picture? I can't see it.
  7. Lost Soul

    The official TMNT appreciation thread

    Not exactly the most well drawn thing I've seen, but I definitely like the more serious edge than what the kiddies are subjected to. Which is why the first TMNT movie is close to immortal to me. It was just that damned good. Don't get me wrong though, I really REALLY enjoyed all the old school TMNT shows when I was growing up.. god I loved them.. and still do! Much more than the new TMNT.
  8. Lost Soul

    Fav Sonic the Hedgehog Game (the real poll)

    People will look at me funny, but despite all the Sonic games I've played, I like the first Sonic the best. I also have a small soft spot for the Game Gear titles, which are notably absent from this poll.
  9. Lost Soul

    FightersPoll (SNK vs Capcom)

    I love, and always will, Samurai Shodown. It's one of those games I'd buy a system just to be able to play it, and I have bought a system just to have Samurai Shodown II. SNK vs Capcom is a damn good game as well. But not really something I'd go outta my way to get, but I already got it on my Neo Geo Pocket, and PSX. And MK Trilogy fraggin rocks! I own and love N64 and PSX versions. Where one falters the other excels. For instance, PSX annoys me slightly with load time. N64 Remedies that. N64 annoys me not having Goro or Kintaro. PSX remedies that. PSX control I find is sometimes not as responsive as I'd like it to be sometimes. N64 is spot on with controls and respinse time. N64 has lesser quality, slightly tinny sound. PSX has very crisp audio. I could run more comparisons as to why I like them both, but then that would be a big post. But all this is IMHO.
  10. Lost Soul

    Messenger Service Directory Crapola

    That is exaclty why I avoid posting my Email info them on a website like this. I get enough Junk mail as it is. Besides. I'm sure if someone really needs to get a hold of me, they can PM me.
  11. Lost Soul

    Art contest #4 - VOTE NOW

    Yeah, I agree. I don't really like that hand either. That hand baffled me when I finished it, but the problem was, I couldn't think of anything esle to do with it, so I said "Fuck it, cover it in blood." ;)
  12. Lost Soul

    Yay, I'm a deviant!

    I only really ever had one problem with Deviantart. It moves at the breakneck pace of a snail going uphill though hot tar.
  13. Lost Soul


    Last minute entry. (Hosted by my wonderful gal, Silver) freeartistweb.com/creature/cyberdemon.jpg
  14. Lost Soul

    The threat is real.. ;)

    how are you old enough to have a licence?
  15. Lost Soul

    The threat is real.. ;)

    read the article ;) It says it's a 15 year project. so.. who knows?