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  1. TheLastOttoman

    Doom 3: Depths of Evil [Community Project]

    To bad, need to downgrade the resolution and cap the framerate in GZDoom then.
  2. TheLastOttoman

    Doom 3: Depths of Evil [Community Project]

    Hi there, i have just one question: Will it be possible to use chocolate Doom to run the whole project?
  3. TheLastOttoman

    Any New Updates?

    Yep, that's the one.
  4. TheLastOttoman

    Any New Updates?

    A promotional picture with B.J. standing in front of a huge robot was leaked a couple of months ago. According to rumors the setting will be occupied United States. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/new-wolfenstein-game-possibly-teased-at-bethesda-e/1100-6440737/
  5. TheLastOttoman

    Demon Rune for Team-based Game modes is just OP.

    Should both of them get it at the same time?
  6. TheLastOttoman

    The only thing that bothers me about the new DOOM is...

    I hate the Character progression. You need to kill some deamons in a way to unlock something and for me that takes away a huge chunk of your freedom within the game.
  7. TheLastOttoman

    Doom Exposed as Illuminati Satanic!

    04 15 15 13 is not DOOM, it's ISIS!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsSADKCmqSA
  8. TheLastOttoman

    Snapmap Question?

    Point of interest?
  9. TheLastOttoman

    Checkpoints tutorial

    I'm online almos every Evening.
  10. TheLastOttoman

    Lockdowns do not contain monsters?

    Personally i don't use lockdowns provided by SnapMap because it takes away immersion. I use a logic chain where the doors close and lock when monsters spawn. I then create another logic chain where the doors get unlocked after the room is cleared.
  11. TheLastOttoman

    Checkpoints tutorial

    Actually i wanted to contact you for obvious reasons. But one of the benefits of working with you would be the fact that i also live in the Netherlands and would like to invite you to our teamspeak channel ts.bug-community.com. There are at least 3 Doom players and i'm the only one that is trying to make some SnapMaps. I have created one map which is too basic and started making a second one that will be closer to the classic maps (key hunting, ambushes and traps). I don't plan to overload you with questions and stuff, I just want someone which i share interests with. Hope to see you there.
  12. TheLastOttoman

    Too much Doom

    That's it, i had it with this Demon friggin Doom on this Demon friggin Doom. I'm Dooming out of here! Doom all you guys!!!
  13. TheLastOttoman

    Demons not attacking me after changing race.

    Upload your map and give us the ID. We can troubleshoot better that way.
  14. TheLastOttoman

    Revenant question

    That is the effect of the transformation. Says so in the logs. Flesh go's away and bone structure gets bigger.
  15. TheLastOttoman

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes