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  1. Doom64hunter


    Sigil will most likely get a "Runner's Up" or some other mention but not a regular Cacoward I imagine.
  2. Doom64hunter

    Doom In Build Engine

    I think this post hits the nail on the head. Arguing about which engine has better features, is coded more cleanly, has the better tools or projects entirely misses the point. Build could be lightyears ahead of the Doom engine in terms of features, and yet it would still not be a reasonable choice to try and update the game to run on it. Because unless every feature present in Build that is also in the Doom engine is implemented in the exact same form and fashion, the result would simply not end up feeling like Doom. The same could be said about trying to do it the other way around, recreating Duke3D in GZDoom for example. The stopgap does not fully recreate all the features found in World Tour. If you want to experience the expansion as it was designed to be experienced, you're going to have to play with their source port. And Polymer is no longer maintained -- possibly even inferior to the renderer present in the World Tour version. Edit: Regarding the Ion Fury comment, it's especially silly to get into a dick-measuring contest about Ion Fury's graphical fidelity considering Cage has done artwork for both Doom and Build engine projects.
  3. Doom64hunter

    You Would Bet

    Hello, Satan here. The only people who lost their souls to me were the ones who watched the entirety of Imp Encounter. Cheers and have a nice day.
  4. This megawad has some of the most creative secrets I've seen in recent memory. There's lots of actual puzzles to solve to gain access, both for secret areas and for regular gameplay, much better than the usual "hit discolored texture to open door".
  5. Strangely enough I just encountered the same issue on Map26 when walking onto the bookcases that lower around the megasphere. Seems suspect that the same issue occurs twice on the same map, when according to the wiki it's supposed to be extremely rare. Great wad in any case, most fun I've had with a vanilla mapset in ages. Edit: Nope, this crash definitely isn't random, and it happens in Vanilla Doom 1.9 as well as Chocolate Doom. Run into the sector surrounding the bookcase shown in this screenshot (Map26) and the game is guaranteed to crash:
  6. Doom64hunter

    Top 10 Infamous Wads 2 - 25 Years Of Doom Edition

    In all seriousness, this probably isn't a troll thread but rather a user who's probably too young to be using a forum.
  7. What you are looking at is the baron's lower spine, with its intestines below. His death animation has him cut in half. And no, it's pretty much as far away from the marine's death pose as it could be.
  8. Doom64hunter


    Oh wow that's sad, this site taught me how to load pwads using the command line way back in the day when I couldn't understand English very well, and where GUIs to load pwads weren't really a thing. Honestly if it weren't for you I probably wouldn't have stuck around the community for so long, or gotten into programming.
  9. Doom64hunter

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Definitely another vote for 'Doom Zero' from me. Also one for 'Cyb's Colonoscopy' for the concept alone.
  10. Doom64hunter

    Top 10 Infamous Wads 2 - 25 Years Of Doom Edition

    Looks like it's time for the Cacoward team to pack it up -- this is what a real WAD connoisseur looks like!
  11. Doom64hunter

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    I'm fairly certain the Doom Eternal teasers have the splatter turned down as well for promotional purposes.
  12. Doom64hunter

    Is modding in Build anything like modding Doom?

    With CON you can at least still apply general programming knowledge to work with it. With the map editor, have fun learning a few dozen keybinds by heart. (though that's probably more efficient than using a GUI in any case)
  13. Doom64hunter

    French court rules Steam must allow goods to be resold

    Even Singleplayer games with newgame+ options and a generally high amount of replay value are finite. And eventually people will get bored and move on to another game. And there's another factor to consider -- let's take for instance the "Binding of Isaac: Rebirth", very popular, $15 on Steam, huge replay value. According to the achievements, 25% of all players have not even completed one single playthrough (of potentially hundreds to fully complete the game) -- and it's not even clear whether this includes all owners, or people who have launched the game at least once. This Ars Technica article from 5 years ago also states that roughly 37% of all games owned on Steam have never been played: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/04/introducing-steam-gauge-ars-reveals-steams-most-popular-games/ These are all people who are prime candidates for reselling. Maybe the initial sales in the first few days of the game being on the store would not be strongly affected until at least a decently sized "population" of new licenses has entered the market, but I'm fairly certain that it would kill long-term profits. And I believe that it would be far more significant of an impact for less popular games than for the big anticipated ones.
  14. Doom64hunter

    French court rules Steam must allow goods to be resold

    It would only be a matter of time until someone develops a third-party database index to display which accounts are selling which games, sorted by price, sort of like it has already been done for TF2 items, or like Steam Spy. Then again, this would be less convenient to access as well. I do think the market would be flooded with cheap games however, if it's easily accessible enough. There's tons of singleplayer games people have finished playing and no longer would want to touch, and once the second-hand buyers are done with the game it will re-enter the market, rinse and repeat. The license does not get consumed, is what I'm getting at. This also doesn't consider sales or game keys bought through stolen credit cards, similar to what is happening on G2A.