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  1. Coming Soon: Quake X-treme, totally not a shovelware mappack!
  2. Doom64hunter

    what was doomworld like in the early 2000s and early 2010s?

    I feel like it had more of its own culture back then, what with the fish avatars, titles being handed out by moderators, post hell, etc. This place feels a lot more homogenized with the rest of the internet these days. Edit: The Jetsands were the shit. SpaceDM5 ftw
  3. Doom64hunter

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    The file listing on the page only has C and header files of the game, no libraries or Hexen assets. The rest appears to be mostly the same as the one that was put on archive.org, so probably didn't miss too much.
  4. I still remember the day KillPixel announced his departure from Wrath, long before Embracer even entered the picture, and people were just going "This is fine" when the person that started the whole project just leaves. The writing was on the wall for a long time.
  5. Doom64hunter

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    Two reasons why I dislike the notion of there being no talent: It devalues the skill itself by making it sound like there's nothing special to it. If all it took was just training to make a map that's truly special to people, then it sounds like one could just train a generative AI to achieve the same output. But I think AI art has already shown how that's not really the case. You can learn how to do it, you can go through the motions of doing it, but unless you have that special wiring that makes you "get" it, chances are that the result won't really stand out. I think the notion often comes from people who have the talent, and are unable to recognize that they do. Of course from your position, it seems like anyone can get just as good, but I think it's a bit like telling a person in a wheelchair that anyone can get good at running, or telling someone with ADHD that they just need to concentrate and stop being lazy. Sometimes, training and trying to acquire a skill just doesn't work out, and there's no use in trying harder and harder, or concluding that you "didn't try hard enough". I think in some cases, acceptance that something won't work out because of it "not being your thing" is the better approach. It allows you to refocus on a different topic that you may have the predisposition for.
  6. Doom64hunter

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    There are plenty of people who have put in countless hours of work into trying to get better at something, and who have failed. The notion that "anyone can be good at anything" needs to die out.
  7. Doom64hunter

    Doom pre-MUS original source MIDI files

    00 Meta 6: <Copyright, 1993, Robert C. Prince, III> 00 Meta 6: <All Rights Reserved> 01 Meta 3: <Synth Drum Low > 02 Meta 3: <Ahs > 03 Meta 3: <Ah Volume > 04 Meta 3: <Ahs > 05 Meta 3: <Ah Volume > 06 Meta 3: <Ahs > 07 Meta 3: <Ah Volume > 08 Meta 3: <Synth Drum High > 09 Meta 3: <Lead Guitar > 10 Meta 3: <Lead Guitar PB > 11 Meta 3: <Lead Guitar Mod. > 12 Meta 3: <Tremolo Strings > 13 Meta 3: <Trem Strings Volume > 14 Meta 3: <Kick Drum 1 C3 36> 15 Meta 3: <Snare Drum 2 E3 40> 16 Meta 3: <Closed Hihat F#3 42> 17 Meta 3: <Open Hihat A#3 46> 18 Meta 3: <Chinese Cymbal E4 52> 19 Meta 3: <Mute Triangle G#6 80> 20 Meta 3: <Open Triangle A6 81> 21 Meta 3: <E1M8> 22 Meta 3: <Copyright 1993, Robert C. Prince, III> And indeed he did.
  8. Doom64hunter

    Doom pre-MUS original source MIDI files

    Bumping this thread with the midis that were found together with the Doom Mac Source Code: MacSource_Midis.zip Unlike the OS/2 midis, the ones found in this package actually predate the release of Doom 2, with timestamps ranging from August 18th to August 29th 1994. Other interesting points to note about these files: These midis are an exact match for the ones included with Doom95 (E2M6.MID and DEAD.MID respectively) All Doom 1 midis differ from the OS/2 ones, at least in terms of metadata. Most of the Doom 2 midis match the ones found in the OS/2 package in terms of content and metadata. ULTIMA.MID and M_READ.MID, which were missing from the OS/2 package, are included here, and retain their original metadata. There are 4 additional midi files named BETWE2.MID, COUNTDN.MID, DDTBLUES.MID and DOOM3.MID, which are not present in the final release of Doom 2. DDTBLUES.MID in particular differs from DDTBLU.MID and DDTBL2.MID, and contains the both the Kalimba and the Splash Cymbal that are exclusive to the other two files respectively. 4 files which are present in Doom 2 are missing: COUNT2.MID, MESSG2.MID, ROMER2.MID, THEDA3.MID Given that we know now that 4 midis found in Doom 2 are missing from the folder, 4 midis found in the folder are not found in Doom 2, and the timestamps indicate that these were created before Doom 2 was released, this gives strong reason to believe that there was a last minute music change before the game was released. In particular, it appears that MAP24 (THEDA3.MID), MAP26 (MESSG2.MID) and MAP27 (ROMER2.MID) had a different song assigned to them in August (or a short time before). This may also have been the case for MAP21 (COUNT2.MID), but what's more likely there is that COUNTDN.MID was simply renamed to COUNT2.MID. (Also, while these 4 extra midis could be found in the released Mac port (converted to Quicktime format), it also contained all other Doom 2 midis as well, including the ones missing from this folder. So prior to the release of this CD, it wasn't possible to determine that this was indeed a music change, and moreover, which maps had their music replaced.)
  9. Doom64hunter

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    What's actually funny about this, is that these filenames were actually out in the open, and present in the released Macintosh port. So uhhh, guess I'm 20 years late on this discovery.
  10. Doom64hunter

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Even without Covid, Starfield in 2021 seems way too early. Not to mention TES VI in 2024.
  11. Doom64hunter

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    All Doom 1 level midis differ from the OS/2 ones. For each of them, the title was replaced by "ExMy", x y being the episode and level slot. Possibly there are other differences as well. Bunny.mid is also different, though the title is the same.
  12. Doom64hunter

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    Does anyone know a way to play back the ".mid!" files found in several of the folders? I believe these might be some ancient Quicktime music format used on Mac. There may be some interesting stuff there, for example, DEAD.MID and DEAD2.MID, while identical in their original format, have different filesizes in the ".mid!" conversion.
  13. Doom64hunter

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    DDTBLUES.mid is interesting, it contains both the Kalimba from DDTBLU.mid, as well as the Splash Cymbal from DDTBL2.MID and DDTBL3.mid. So in other words, it's a third version of that song, possibly the original that the other 2 were derived from. Also, this contains the original midis + metadata to READ_M.mid and ULTIMA.mid, which were missing from the OS/2 files. ULTIMA.MID READ_M.MID
  14. Doom64hunter

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    There's something interesting to be gathered from the file listing of the midis: Notice how the following filenames aren't actually present in Doom 2, according to the Doom Wiki: (https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_II_music) While at the same time, the following filenames are missing from the listing, which are present in Doom 2: Hypothesis: MAP24 (THEDA3.MID), MAP26 (MESSG2.MID) and MAP27 (ROMER2.MID) had a music swap at the last second. And as for MAP21 (COUNT2.MID), I'm guessing the music file was simply renamed from COUNTDN.MID to COUNT2.MID.
  15. Before anyone tries to download that -- I just managed to find a torrent mirror of this archive, and the filename in question is not listed within. So unless someone happened to have downloaded "The Imp's Song" in the early 2000s, it seems that the extended version will remain lost media. Edit: I somehow get the feeling that Nagy's response here can't really be trusted. According to him, he was completely oblivious of the shorter version of the song for over 20 years, which is already pretty hard to believe -- since it also implies he never played the game, ever. Somehow, I wouldn't put it past him to not even have opened the Youtube link you sent him in your response. Perhaps he just assumed that it was the short version again -- especially since he then proceeds to talk about "the 2 versions" instead of 3, like it would have to be the case if his copy of the song was even longer than the one in the "Doom Music" album.