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  1. Doom64hunter

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    You fundamentally misunderstand public domain and what he is arguing for. He is saying that Doom should have gone, or should be going into public domain soon by requirement, not because the company should voluntarily do so. Public domain also doesn't simply mean "make the product free", it allows anyone to legally base derivative works on the contents of said product, including its assets, which may then in turn be copyrighted and sold again. This means that the development of a game such as Doom Eternal would still have been possible, and that this product could still be sold just the same. What would be different is that Bethesda and Id would not be the only ones who are legally allowed to make games based on the designs of the original Doom. HOWEVER, it is unlikely that those derivative works would be permitted to bear the "Doom" brand, because trademarks apply separately to public domain, and can be extended indefinitely by the trademark holder. I'd argue that this community, out of all gaming communities out there, should see the value in games such as Doom going into the public domain after a shorter, more reasonable period. The sheer amount of custom levels, textures, sounds, sprites, etc. that have been created, many of which are in some ways based on assets from the original game, are only somewhat protected because of the good grace of Id Software and Bethesda, and not because of any rights enshrined in law. If the original Doom, and by extension Doom II, were to go into the public domain, such derivative works would no longer reside in a legally gray area, and could be shared and distributed without legal concern. But of course, it is hard to predict how a product such as Doom going into the public domain would actually affect the cohesion of the community, considering that historically, no such event has ever come to pass. Perhaps the creative efforts would grow even further, with impressive custom creations being sold legally and being celebrated -- or perhaps the copyrighting and selling of custom content based on the original Doom assets would cause antagonism between individuals in the community, and stifle creativity instead. Edit: Moreover, and to return to the original topic, Doom being in the public domain would mean that Romero would have no issues with releasing the remaining beta content, as the copyrights for those assets would be voided as well.
  2. Doom64hunter

    Lullaby - Single level for GZDoom

    Surprisingly not credited to the all-encompassing, ever-productive "Someone" this time as well.
  3. @ZDL_800 Can you explain this then? It clearly says in the top 2 tiers, "full access to custom WADS, MegaWADS", therefore they are behind a paywall.
  4. "Selling" is the wrong term. The "Megawad", whatever that contains, is behind a £3 paywall on his Patreon. Probably still illegal though. I do find the handling of this situation on ZDoom quite strange though. Why hide the thread? Just makes it harder for people outside the loop to understand what's going on.
  5. Doom64hunter

    Best and worst source-port for doom

    The best is obviously Doom 0.3. Who needs functional monsters anyways?
  6. (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start) Rowdy Rudy II: Powertrip! MAP06 - “Clutched Cargo” by Doomkid A Doomkid map that feels very much like an Episode 1 techbase, both due to the textures and because the only enemies that wouldn't fit the Doom 1 theme being the Mini Masterminds found guarding the exit corridor. Other than that, the biggest opposition you'll face is a few Toxicacos and a single Baron, as well as a horde of human personel and imps, but they all fall easily to the might of your autoshotgun and super chaingun. What might catch you off-guard is a cage full of chaingunners that is placed outside the base itself, but they tend to infight each other to the death soon after you alert them. One thing to note about this map is that it does not require you to collect the blue key, at least on Expert difficulty. You can in principle enter the left door, grab the yellow key, rush to the other side and towards the exit, leaving most of the map unexplored. The blue key door instead holds a chaingunner cage that can catch you off-guard, a blue armor, and a SSG that will be mostly useless to pistol starters, as it will likely be the last item the player receives. There is also a Soulsphere that can be reached through a simple elevator puzzle. One thing I like about Doomkid's style is that he designs the secrets in a way that their presence is apparent in some fashion, but require the player to figure out how to get to them. This has been mostly consistent with few exceptions throughout Rudy 1 and his maps in Rudy 2 as well.
  7. (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start, 100% kills, 100% secrets) Rowdy Rudy II: Powertrip! MAP05 - “In the Thick of It” by Doomkid Back to Doomkid, back to good old Rowdy Rudy. Like previous posters mentioned, the style of this map is very much like the Rudy's Revenge, with its classic sparsely detailed architecture and fitting midi to go along with it. I would say this map is a fair bit easier than the previous, with its high visibility you don't really run into the danger of being sniped by hitscanners, and the map is fairly generous with health and ammo. In particular you'll be using the autoshotgun a lot here to take out a plethora of imps and plasma troopers. The high-tier enemies are taking a break for now. One secret is a berserk pack reachable through a fake railing. I didn't have much problems with getting to it because I immediately assumed the railing to be fake. Maybe I've been conditioned to the use of fake walls by Rudy's Revenge. Since I was playing in Chocolate Doom, I'm not sure which one the other secret was. There's a set of platforms that lower when you open a door containing two chaingunners, which can be used to reach a Soulsphere. The other potential spot is a blue armor pickup perched on top of a crate right next to the exit. I'm not sure how I managed to get the crate to lower -- probably by spamming use on some computers somewhere in the map, or maybe it was part of the intended progression -- but it definitely wasn't an explicitly audible switch that one could use. By the end of the map I had almost full health and armor. The map is overall quite short. Nothing new is really introduced, and it didn't pose much of a challenge, so it will likely be less memorable than the other levels. I didn't dislike it though. Also, I like that the theme of interconnected levels is continuous throughout the wad.
  8. The only time when I really miss freelook is when mappers make you walk down those terrible stairs where you can't see anything below you. Bonus points if the stairs aren't marked on the automap.
  9. (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start, 100% kills, 100% secrets) Rowdy Rudy II: Powertrip MAP04 - “The Hydrocore” by Voltcom Another departure in style from the previous levels, as previously mentioned, this map feels a lot like a Plutonia level plunged into darkness. It is a non-linearly structured base overgrown with vines, and the music track makes it feel like it was abandoned a long time ago. As with previous levels, there is a large number of hitscanners, and the low visibility gives them an advantage as you will have trouble making them out at a distance. We also return to the theme of resource starvation. While you are given a Chaingun, SSG and a Rocket Launcher, there isn't a lot of ammo to use for them. Health is at a premium, and you are given no armor at all (I believe?), making the enemies all the more dangerous. Be wary of soldiers sniping you from ledges and through windows, and enemies appearing out of closets once you hit a switch. I ended up dying 4 times in this map, in particular once to a flamethrower guy that managed to sneak up on me silently, and once to a rocket marine. Tension is high until you get the light-amp visor, which does take away from the challenge of the teleporting enemies towards the end. The Cacolantern is reintroduced here -- I almost thought it would be absent due to the flamethrower marines, but it seems that both Cacos have made the transition. They are not too much of a threat compared to the marines waiting around every corner however. The SSG is also present, which now reloads faster and makes a weaker firing sound. I didn't make too much use of it, perhaps even because it sounded a bit weaker, but also because of the great utility of the autoshotgun and how I had to conserve shells towards the end.
  10. Time to catch up: (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start, 100% kills, 100% secrets) Rowdy Rudy II: Powertrip MAP01 - “Storming the Bayside Base” by Doomkid  We start out at Rudy's campfire, having been hired by shady looking dudes to clean up their mutant mess. What immediately stands out are the new sounds that are used -- particularly the Predator's snarl and fireball impact sound that I can't quite pinpoint, both being very old recordings and both being quite bitcrushed. They are very reminiscient of older Doom mods from the 90s, however in a different way than Rudy's Revenge, going more in the direction of Army of Darkness or the Alien TC than old Multiplayer DM wads. The name "Powertrip" is apt, as Rudy comes more prepared this time. You start each map with 150 bullets and a fully automatic rifle, as well as a fast hitting punching attack instead of a Bayonet. The shotgun no longer needs to display a reloading animation, and most importantly, weapon switching is instant. That last point greatly changes how one can approach combat, as you can quickly switch from shotgun to chaingun and back in the heat of battle to tackle different threats with very low reaction times. The music used in the first map is a midified version of Covenant Dance from Halo: Combat Evolved, which fits the beachside caves setting. The first map goes quite easy on you -- you'll be flushed with resources, and there's both a soulsphere and blue armor present on the map. Enemy-wise, there are some returning ones like the imps and lost souls, but the spectre imp has been replaced with a dark plasma imp with a goofy mouth in its stomach. Like Rudy's Revenge, Powertrip puts a focus on human enemies, and so far the selection seems to be quite similar -- each has been given a new sprite, but behavior overall is quite the same. We have our basic rifle guys, shotgunners and chaingunners that don't drop their chaingun, as well as plasma marines. The only potentially difficult section is inside the base, where you come into an area where hitscanners are waiting all around to shoot you. I also like some of the new pickup and decoration sprites. Particularly the invulnerability and the impaled marines appear to have been taken from the beta sprites Romero released a while ago. ---------------- (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start, 100% kills, 100% secrets) Rowdy Rudy II: Powertrip MAP02 - “Initial Hurdles” by sluggard The first map not made by Doomkid, and it sports the track "Going Down the Fast Way" from ROTT, however the level is quite short so we won't get to hear it for long. Sluggard's mapping style here is comparable to Doomkid's, and the detail of the maps is kept sparse to go along with the 90s feeling of the sound replacements. One thing that sets it apart from the previous map is that sluggard provides you with very little ways to replenish your health -- making the initial area quite dangerous, as you may get sniper by hitscanners from around you and leave you at low HP for the rest of the map. Only towards the end do they have the mercy to give you a medkit, otherwise you'll be sustaining yourself on health bonuses only. So far in terms of ammo, Powertrip does not have as much resource starvation as Revenge, as you'll get plenty of shotgun shells to work with here. We meet a new enemy: the flamethrower marine. Mechanically, he works the same as the Cacolantern from Rudy's Revenge, which may be an indication that it is absent from Powertrip. He has much less health than the Caco, making it more easy to take out -- but in turn I expect we'll be seeing much greater numbers of them. We've also got some additional returning cast: the Toxicaco, Revenants and Rocket Marines. The former two seem to work the same as before, but the latter has gotten a downgrade, as their missiles are not guaranteed to home in on you anymore, making them much less dangerous. ------------------ (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start, 100% kills, 5/6 secrets) Rowdy Rudy II: Powertrip MAP03 - “Further Infiltration” by DavidN This map's style is quite a departure from Rudy's Revenge and the first two maps of Powertrip. The architecture and texturework is quite detailed, more reminiscient of more modern megawads than the classic Doom maps that Revenge was styled after. But the variation is welcome, and the music track from DKC3 fits the industrial look of the map. Powertrip stops messing around much earlier than Revenge. While you are not exactly at a huge threat of dying due to high number of health and ammo pickups, in turn the level throws several high-tier monsters at you, including Toxicacos, Revenants, an Archvile and a Mini-Mastermind. If you find all of the map's secrets, you'll have a rocket launcher and plasma gun by the end of it too.
  11. (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start) Rowdy Rudy's Revenge MAP10 - "Satan's Watchful Eye" by Doomkid (Don't read further if you don't want to be spoiled) Map11 simply congratulates you on a job well done, marking the end of the wad. In review, my favorite maps were 05, 08 and 09. Least favorite is probably a tie between 07 and 10. Next time we'll be going on a Powertrip!
  12. (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start) Rowdy Rudy's Revenge MAP09 - "Hell's Doorstep" by Doomkid Welcome to Shotgunner castle. Population: Shotgunners. On pistol start, if you don't know what to do in the first room you're dead. Grab the rocket launcher immediately and don't try to bayonet the enemies you see. From that point on, surviving the initial rooms is probably the hardest part, because as already mentioned, this map's favorite enemy type is the ZSec shotgun guy. There's also plenty of cacos to go around however. The rest of the map depends entirely on how many of the 6 secrets you will find. And coincidentally, this also happened to be the first map where I had active trouble finding all the secrets. The more major ones aren't as obscure fortunately, for example, there are two hidden plasma guns and a BFG that can both be found inside the wooden maze, which are not too hard to miss if you press use on suspicious walls frequently. In fact the map almost expects you to find these given the amount of cell ammo in the last area, and there being no other non-secret plasma weapons. Then however, there's a particularly well-hidden fake wall secret containing a SSG and an Invulnerability powerup. Neither pressing use nor walking into it by accident will likely help you find it -- you'll need pure luck and a stray bullet to stumble into it. The cacos in the teleporter room like to be transported away, potentially waiting to devour you on the other side. Luckily, you can see them through the window in the room opposite to the teleporter. If you're careful, you can take out the danger without much of a threat to yourself. The last fight with the double cyberdemon is similar, and probably really difficult if you get neither of the map's plasma weapons. Luckily I did get them both, and moreover, I had the foresight of killing the first cyber from below, as I expected to be teleported into that area, where he could potentially one-shot me. The second cyber ended up being mostly helpless, with barons acting as my meatshields, and the BFG doing the rest. These aspects, combined with the evil starting room definitely make this a map where you have to make smart decisons and be careful to survive. If you do so however, it should be mostly smooth sailing, and you'll be finishing the map with plenty of ammo left. I already mentioned the music in my previous post. The first song from DiB definitely isn't out of place here, as the level is now fully a hellish castle environment, ending with a blood pool, that you may even drown in if the Cybers get you. Next up: The final level of part 1!
  13. (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start) Rowdy Rudy's Revenge MAP08 - "Creeping Descent" by Doomkid You're going to have to act to get out of this map alive. The Duke midis take a break in favor of one midified from Command&Conquer, which I'm sure I've heard in some coop mod before when playing ZDaemon all those years ago. Very nostalgic, for me at least. The first thing you'll notice is 2 Archviles and a Cyberdemon staring at you from a window, warning you that this map will not mess around. Pistol starting is less difficult here than in Map07 as you are given a shotgun, chaingun and a rocket launcher right away, along with armor and plenty of bullets, so resource scarcity isn't an issue you'll be dealing with. There are also two Berserks so you'll be doing fine on health for the most part as well. The techbase style has now completely disappeared and we are now full on in hellish territory, including FIREBLU caves, wooden structures, stone fortresses and fleshwalls with cages and lava pools all about. There is still as many UAC personell here as ever however, so you'll have to keep watching out for hitscanners, plasma guys and those damn homing missile marines. The pinkies are rather ineffective as they can't leave the slime pool, but the Revenant that teleports in did get the jump on me. And those chaingunners in the wooden corridor killed me 2 times because I was being careless. Things start to heat up properly once you get the red key. If you miss the hidden BFG and Invulnerability, things are likely to be a lot more dicey as you'll need to deal with the hidden Mancubi and Revenants while standing in damaging slime. Unfortunately the invul ran out before I got to the first Cyber, although the Archviles decided to rush ahead without alerting the Cyber itself, allowing me to take them out in peace. Before entering the teleporter, take out the Imps from afar -- otherwise you're going to be turned into mincemeat by their claws. The final obstacle of the map is another Cyberdemon, this time stuck behind bars however. With the invisibility powerup, he'll almost certainly fire into the pillars and anger the Barons and Archvile stuck there with him. In my case I got lucky and the Cyber managed to get stuck in the corner while the Baron gave him a thorough spanking. Overall my new favorite map so far. It gives you a fair challenge that keeps you on your toes, without being frustrating. Entering the next level, I suddenly realized which coop map pack the music was reminding me of -- Drown in Blood! The iconic music of the first map from DiB surely means that the final 2 levels will get even more serious.
  14. (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start) Rowdy Rudy's Revenge MAP07 - "Smells Like Sulfur" by Doomkid The beginning area of this map killed me more times than I care to admit. Like in the previous, you need to fight two Cacolanterns with little resources, but here you are practically surrounded by hitscanners, lost souls, homing missile zombies and imps while doing so. The next difficult section is the drop down to the small platform. The imps will almost certainly block you and claw you to death if you rush in, and if they don't get you, the plasma marines certainly will, so you need to carefully try to cause infighting or take them out before daring to jump down. The blue key secret is easily missable, as I didn't expect the platform to just behave like an elevator would. Running back through the blue key door, you'll find a secret BFG, but watch out for the Archvile that gets alerted while doing so. The first time I got onto the BFG platform I also received a Visplane overflow error, however this didn't happen the second time around. This secret also gets closed if you proceed to the red key, so be sure to backtrack for it. If you don't get the BFG, then you should skip the imps wandering around on the top platform, otherwise you'll likely run out of ammo for the Mancubus fight. (come to think of it, do the Mancubi even trigger anything on this level?) The lava pit actually has an unorthodox method of getting out of it. If you happen to fall in, you need to press use on every wall to slowly raise the platform. This can also be done from above to get an extra medkit. A short map if you know what you need to do. As expected, it continues the difficulty increase. The next taunts us with a dormant cyberdemon through a window so we are sure to see that curve go up even further.
  15. (UV, Chocolate Doom, Pistol Start) Rowdy Rudy's Revenge MAP05 - "Forgotten Installation" by Doomkid My favorite map so far, lots of action and a fun midi from Duke3D to go along with it. The map gives you plenty of resources, especially if you find the secrets, such as the hidden berserk behind the platform in the corner. Challenge is upped a bit compared to previous maps but it's still fairly low compared to the likes of megawads like Alien Vendetta or HR. There's some optional areas to explore and plenty of enemies to take out this time, and we are slowly getting introduced to the more tanky enemies such as Mancubi and Barons (which I almost thought would be absent, silly me), and the Slime Caco is now a common enemy. The Plasma Rifle and SSG also get introduced here, but the latter of the two isn't really necessary to keep the gameplay flowing smoothly. Style is still classic, and you can still feel the influence from classic mods with elements like the red plasma projectiles. The big slime pit that surrounds the starting area is evil, because unless I was blind, I don't think there was a way out of it. I foolishly jumped in thinking there would be a secret down there! Other than that, the risk of dying is low. Speaking of secrets, I got lucky and managed to find the switch that triggers the soulsphere and blue armor platforms to lower by complete accident. It is located next to the candle where a small gap is present to drop down to the slime pit, apparently completely invisible. Also, I just noticed that some of the textures are downscaled versions of ones you'd see in "hires" texture packs. Just wanted to point that out heh. ---------------------------------- Rowdy Rudy's Revenge MAP06 - "Deadly Depression" by Doomkid Another map with a Duke3D midi. Its dark and sinister tone is very fitting for the merciless nature of the level, as from pistol start you'll face two Cacolanterns right away with almost no ammo. You'll need to quickly manouver past them, avoiding their spray of flames, in order to get enough ordnance. I ended up leaving them behind until I found the rocket launcher later on. It doesn't get any easier from here. You'll be shot at from all sides in the central area, particularly by the plasma marines. Luckily, they are prone to cause infighting with cacodemons, which takes away some of the pressure. Next, moving into the slime corridor, you need to take out some snipers from the top ledge and make sure your health doesn't drop too low for the ambush waiting for you on top. It involves a Revenant and his platoon of imps, chaingunners and green-blooded rifle cultists -- who will almost certainly immediately turn on each other as they attempt to open fire on you. After this I got a bit confused, as the hidden switch temporarily opens both a path to the soulsphere and the way to go back, which took me a second to realize. More revenants and cacos are waiting for you on the way to the yellow key door -- where the first Hellknight of the wad is waiting for us. I think they might be an endangered species in this wad's universe. Then, just when you think the map is over -- BOOM -- you get jumpscared by an Archvile back at the start of the map. It's amazing how much this one enemy changes how you think about a mapset -- when I think about megawads like BTSX 2, you are always afraid of picking up the next keycard, as it may cause an army of Viles and Revenants to start pouring in. In Rudy's Revenge this feeling has been mostly absent, which is definitely owed to the fact that the new roster of enemies contains mostly low-HP enemies taking the place of the usual damage sponges. You are never really afraid of a massive swarm of Mancubi or Barons appearing right under your nose, giving the mod a very relaxed, Doom 1 kind of feeling. Combined with the style of the levels, this definitely was intended. But as soon as the Archvile left that teleporter, that feeling of safety suddenly disappeared. I am looking forward to tomorrow's map, it uses one of my favorite Duke 3D tracks, and I'm curious whether the challenge will keep ramping up. We're getting closer to that hell portal after all.