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  1. Doom64hunter

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Preservation is only a concern about a potential rerelease by Nightdive, in which case the original binaries might become unavailable for purchase. The System Shock situation set a precedent for that unfortunately.
  2. Doom64hunter

    Doom Engine vs Build Engine (2018 edition)

    From the point of view of someone who has never really taken his time to look at the source code of either engines, but who has played games on both and tried his hand at mapping, I've got the impression that the Doom engine is built fundamentally more robustly than the Build engine. Let me give you a few examples: In Doom, sector effects are entirely dependent on what flags you provide to the sector. In Build, sector effects can depend on any number of arbitrary conditions. If you want to have a damaging, non-liquid floor for instance, then you are forced to use tile 859 as a floor texture. Want to have a room with a green tint? Gotta assign tile 200 (floorslime) to its ceiling, but make sure that the room is underwater first or else it won't work. Want to have a mirror effect? Gotta use the mirror texture -- but note that you can only destroy the mirror with 3 different types of explosions, which are hardcoded. Want to make a sector's brightness pulsate? Gotta drop a special sprite (7) in the sector, and set its lo- and hi-tags accordingly. Want to have the player start with no weapons? Need to place a damaging texture under him, all except purple lava will work. It's inconsistent and completely arbitrary design. In (vanilla) Doom, the enemy behavior is consistent, and each monster of a type you encounter behaves the same. Individual instances only differ slightly through flags such as difficulty, starting angle, or the ambush flag. Any additional enemy behavior would require a new actor, like for instance the Hellknight, which is simply a Baron with less health. In source ports, there can be additional flags such as dormant, or stealth, or even entire effects that change certain properties, such as health, or effect upon death. These are however clearly separated from other flags, and are generally modular and can be combined with other effects. In Build this does not apply. Enemy behavior can once again depend on arbitrary conditions, such as the palette which you assign to it. For instance, if you assign palette 21 to a Lizard Trooper, he becomes an Assault Captain, which provides him with increased health and the ability to teleport. On the other hand, there is a grand total of 8 different sprite objects for the Lizard Trooper actor, which in effect are all the same enemy in different states of behavior. 1680 LIZTROOP is the standard instance, 1681 LIZTROOPRUNNING is the same but it never stops running towards you, 1682 LIZTROOPSTAYPUT is the instance that doesn't move, 1715 LIZTROOPSHOOT ducks and never stops shooting towards you, 1725 LIZTROOPJETPACK starts in the flying position, 1741 LIZTROOPONTOILET starts with the trooper sitting, making a flushing sound and then resumes normal behavior, 1742 LIZTROOPJUSTSIT is the same as the previous but without the flushing noise, and 1744 LIZTROOPDUCKING starts the trooper in the ducking pose but he doesn't keep shooting at you. Wouldn't it have been a lot smarter to make the Trooper and the Captain different sprites, and making this myriad of different behaviors depend on tags instead? Furthermore, difficulty flags in Duke 3D are not separate from the other values you can assign to a sprite (they are stored in the lo- and hi-tag as well, which are used for different purposes on other sprites), and indeed work only with certain enemies or pickups. There is absolutely no consistency here. Oh, and there's the recon patrol car, which can only move along a single preset path in the entire map (which you construct with special locator sprites), and moreover which cannot physically coexist with a moving train object, as they use the exact same locator sprites. If no path is set, the patrol vehicle disappears instantly. Then you have the myriad of absolutely strange bugs in Build, the most common of which is how you can get crushed by simply walking into a corner whose angle is too sharp. At the same time though you are able to crouch under pretty much any ceiling no matter how close it is to the floor, UNLESS the ceiling is at the exact same height as the floor AND given the condition that neither the ceiling nor the floor is sloped. It's also possible to shoot certain actors while they are in their shrunken state, which will make them resume their normal behavior and stay at their current size. For others however, like the pigcop, they are invulnerable while shrunk, and all damage done to them while shrunk will be applied after growing back. And if you place a floor-aligned sprite underwater, and the player swims on top of it, swimming will be cancelled and the player suddenly regains gravity. There seems to be absolutely no consistency or regard for modularity in the design of the Build engine, and it is riddled with cryptic bugs that almost certainly result from haphazard programming. In all regards honestly, even without looking at the source code, and despite all the advanced features that Build introduced, from a software engineering standpoint the Doom engine wins hands-down.
  3. Doom64hunter

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Unless you're expecting M210 to have included malicious code in his project, citing security issues as a reason not to use BloodGDX is pretty weak. Most of Java's problems occur in relation to webapplets and holes in the Java Sandbox, particularly related to websites that transmit untrusted code on the fly, and not due to the language itself. It's certainly not a concern when used with a standalone Java program from a trusted source -- in fact you'd have to be more concerned playing vanilla Blood, because the C programming language, which the Build Engine was written in, allows for much greater security holes when used carelessly. A more valid reason not to use BloodGDX is authenticity. There are many subtle differences in the controls, enemy behaviour, palette, etc. in BloodGDX that don't exactly match that of the original Blood executable. People who care about this aspect are likely to also be disappointed with whatever Nightdive will be announcing, because just like with their previous projects, this will probably be implemented using Kex, therefore not providing a 100% authentic experience. It's also not guaranteed that it will be accompanied by a source release -- I faintly remember that Jace Hall (should he be involved), had no plans of releasing the source code, for instance, preferring to do a remake or a remaster instead. (don't quote me on this however, it's been a while since I read that) Another issue is preservation. The original System Shock was removed from Steam once the second Enhanced Edition was released, making the original binary unavailable. This remaster contains a number of changes that make it differ fundamentally, for instance being based on the Kex engine, having several game bugs fixed, different control schemes, etc. Those who do not care about authenticity and game preservation can rechoice of course (or play BloodGDX) For the most part this is an ideological issue. In my opinion though, like Ettingrinder put it, it's better than nothing.
  4. Total Chaos is a definite contender for the Mordeth award. It's been in development for 10 years!
  5. Doom64hunter

    Online Doom Dying?

    You know, I totally agree with you. I miss seeing competitive gamemodes like TDM and CTF on Skulltag/Zandronum. I also miss gamemodes like Last Man Standing, Possession, Skulltag and Terminator. I especially miss regular Coop, Survival and Invasion servers without gameplay mods like Complex Doom, Brutal Doom or whatever being thrown in like some disgusting artificial flavoring. Maybe I should check out Zdaemon again at some point. Zandronum is clearly on the decline in terms of variety. Edit: Also, in regards to old mods receiving substantial updates: Even if they do get updates, at its core it's still the same mod. There's very little variety in that. And in most cases I feel that less is more; personally I'd love to play the original GvH before all the addons with these myriads of playable classes were added to it. You can't get that anymore nowadays either.
  6. Doom64hunter

    Online Doom Dying?

    I struggle to think of things more stagnant than the online Doom multiplayer scene. People are for the most part still playing the same mods today that they were playing 8 years ago. Stuff like Ghouls vs. Humans, Brutal Doom, Megaman Deathmatch, Master of Puppets, Samsara, Zombie Horde, Duel40, Alien Vendetta, Zdoom wars, Neodoom, Dwango, All Out War... the most recent of these is probably Complex Doom, but even that is essentially just the successor to the ancient "Hard Doom" mod. Remember that? You'd think that over the course of 10 years, the multiplayer scene would have changed completely, with dozens of new popular mods cropping up to replace old favourites. Yet, I come back to check Doomseeker every year, and every year I see the same shit.
  7. Doom64hunter

    AMC TC Episode 3 Trailer

    The trailer for the third episode of the AMC TC for Duke Nukem 3D just dropped: http://www.moddb.com/games/the-amc-tc Some people might know of this mod already, as 2 episodes have been released so far. It's an absolutely massive TC, and still in active development. The third episode is slated to release sometime later this year, featuring levels from the best mappers of the Duke 3D community, with bigger environments than ever. It will also bring major bugfixes and improvements to the previous 2 episodes, so it's worth waiting until release of the third episode if you haven't played it before.
  8. Doom64hunter

    Thoughts on Ken Silverman's BUILD2 engine/editor?

    It has no hardware acceleration and several features that are present in eduke are missing. As it stands, this is nothing more than a novelty release.
  9. Doom64hunter

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    ZDaemon has, as far back as 2005 at least, always required a login to play on games listed on the master server. So if there are any reasons for the master server protocol to be closed source, this is it.
  10. I don't really understand how you can say this when the average Duke usermap is (usually) larger than the average Doom level. Shaky Grounds, the Red series, the Roch series, the WGRealms series, the Oblivion TC, the entirety of the AMC TC, just to name a few, are all massive in scale. Or just look at the preview of Ion Maiden itself. Does that seem small to you?
  11. Not really a fan of the HUD design but otherwise the game's pretty good.
  12. Doom64hunter

    Is there a decent Duke TC for Doom?

    The cancelled "Hail to the King Collection" would've been exactly what you are looking for. Unfortunately, due to Gearbox acquiring Duke Nukem, 3D Realms lost the right to release any further Duke titles, including this collection, which would've been Megaton Edition on Android basically. ( + PSX Duke maps) Maybe if enough people bug Randy Pitchford we'll eventually see a release in the future. (Though I doubt it, since after all, it's Gearbox) Not sure if there's any good Duke TCs out there, though with how uniquely the Build engine handles physics, you're unlikely to get an accurate recreation either way.
  13. The effect Optimus describes usually happens fairly quickly for me in games, without having to spend an extraordinarily long time on them. For example, it only took me a few hours of Killing Floor 2 as Medic for it to become practically second nature for me to shoot every single teammate in sight with syringes to heal them, while quickly switching between weapons to achieve maximum health regeneration across the team, and occasionally dropping a healing grenade somewhere. It becomes especially apparent once the game randomly decides to just erase my control settings for god-knows what reason. While I don't instantly remember all the keybinds I originally had set when looking at them, eventually, through sheer muscle memory I find out what buttons I keep instinctively pressing to perform a certain action.
  14. Doom64hunter

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    That one was pretty cool though! Heaven is still a pretty unexplored setting in Doom so it's always cool to see a map like that.
  15. Doom64hunter

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    I'm really sick of seeing the Overlord be the final boss to seemingly every recent gzdoom mod. Seriously, out of the 4 mods I played recently that were designed for gzdoom, 3 of them had the Overlord as the final boss. He's even in mods for other games, such as the AMC TC for Duke 3D. It's really getting old.