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  1. kavananga

    Hell's office - fully custom geo (FFZ42R3T)

    Thank you for the feedback! I think I'll reduce the amount of spawning hell knights. About the walkthrough. Here is the exit from the map: large To open the exit you must destroy two gore nests. One is easy to find. Way to second is after this door: large But to open this door, you should activate two switches in this rooms: Rooms open after finding key cards. Guess it's too complicated :/ So I have a question. How can I make 2 points of interest at the same time? You find 1st card - 1st POI appear, you find 2nd - 2nd POI appear. Right now after finding the 2nd card 1st POI disappear.
  2. kavananga

    Hell's office - fully custom geo (FFZ42R3T)

    And thats it. New update - map is bigger again. But I'm running out of network, so no more new rooms :C large large
  3. kavananga

    Hell's office - fully custom geo (FFZ42R3T)

    Lol, and the first update is here. Made more rooms, so exploration part is much more insteresting. Also fixed some bugs. large large large
  4. Just look at the screens. This map is made only with custom geo. It's dark, with lot of action, some exploration and story. Map isn't long, but I've really put a lot of love there. This is my first map with custom geo, feedback is very appreciative! So enjoy - Hell's office, FFZ42R3T. large large large large
  5. kavananga

    Need help with custom map + WIP screens

    Thanks for the replies! Spawning demons works fine now. And the map keeps growing
  6. Hi everyone. I've decided to make a fully custom map. Problem is that I can't place player start or any demon in the room. Maybe it's because this room doesn't stay on the ground - but I wanted to force player to have a big jump after finishing the room. How can I solve this problem? Right now I can't place demons and the only way to get in this room is by teleporting from the floor. http://imgur.com/a/cnIF8
  7. kavananga

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    Very cool maps, can't wait to see icy level =)
  8. kavananga

    Server Maintenance - 4hvwtbg2 - campaign

    There is a mistake with the start. You should delete player start from the room with the secret.
  9. kavananga

    PHØBØS¦ The Argent Anomaly

    Man, you should fix losing all your weapons after death. One mistake and map becomes waaaay to hard.
  10. kavananga

    Quantum Hazard - MQ6NU6PF

    Incredible and very unique map. Liked how new features was used. My only complain is that to find shotgun can be confusing. But still one of the best snapmaps I've ever played!
  11. kavananga

    The Breach

    Oh, man. In terms of design that was one of the best snap maps I've ever played! Even wents to edit screen to check the stuff you did. Was surprised that you often didn't use stuff on walls and floors. But thats just me. Vega voise thing is VERY COOL. Gameplay is ok, but nothing special. Additional big arena fight will be cool. And it's easy to go out of ammo after getting super shotgun. Make more maps with great design! =)
  12. kavananga

    Doom 3 tribute

    Oh god, I hate these guys. Is there a way to chose what demons should ai spawn?
  13. kavananga

    Phobos Action labs. Fast action on a beautiful map 2.0

    Thanks for the feedback! So glad you enjoyed the map. About some suggestions. Checkpoints. 100% agree. The only reason why there are none of them - I didn't know how to make them. Gonna add checkpoints on all of my future maps. Music. Yeah, I was lazy on this. Point taken. About revenants :p One thing I've learned while doing arena fights - small demons suck. Not because I hate them, but because they always get stuck in object or get lost somewhere. If you make two waves of demons, second can never start cuz some lonely imp is walking on the edge of the room. Thats why I advise not to spawn many small demons on arenas with complex geometry. But revenants (and hellknights) are very good for such fights. Again thanks for comments!
  14. I guess I'll rest after this one... You guys liked "Foundry complex" (hope "Doom 3 tribute" too) - this is 10 times better. More complex, more action packed. Prepare to fight on this solo map. My biggest complain about most of the snapmap stuff is the lack of design. So I'm trying to fix this on my maps. For example look at the last screen - originaly there was an empty room with empty walls. So enjoy. Played this one dozen of times by myself. Name: Phobos Action labs id: UJMNPUF7
  15. kavananga

    Doom 3 tribute

    Name speaks for itself. Here is a dark claustrophobic map. Your task is to find 3 energy cells, but first you must find the room, where to put them. No big arena figts, no action music, no more than 3 enemiess at once - this is Doom 3 tribute after all. So prepare to explore. All enemy spawns are random (except one room). Map Name: Doom 3 tribute Map ID: EBPUB3VY