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  1. pipapoh

    ps4 vs pc

    Speed is the same, yes. I play both at 105fov.
  2. pipapoh

    ps4 vs pc

    Hey fellas, since my pc doesnt meet the specs (gtx660),I decidet to preload the game on ps4 and went through the game with ease and fun. I'm pretty good at fps at consoles so no problem at all. But I gave it a try on pc and my frames are great at medium. And man, the game itself feels much more fluid on pc. So if you got it on ps4, buy pc instantly if you got a gtx650+!
  3. pipapoh

    Doom is too much Quake

    I think the minority of todays Doom-players went through the old titles. Its a commercial product and it has to fit in the zeitgeist to be sucessful. You wont be sucessful if you remake an 20y old game which only die-hards understand.
  4. pipapoh

    For those who cant play on PC but got a PS4

    I used the profile of Rage for it and it was flawless. What you think are the advantages? I mean sure you can work etc, but if you only play Doom etc?
  5. Some of us got an old PC and cant play Doom. Some of us got a PS4 for all games but fps. Fps with controller needs practice an patience - not the right time when Doom was just released. I play Doom on a 32" TV and Xim4: http://xim4.com It allows you to play with mouse and keyboard without noticeable inputlag with the right settings. I didnt play Doom 16 on PC, but it feels like every other fps I know. I wont upgrade my PC ever again I think.
  6. pipapoh

    it is NOT Old School?! did you all forget?

    Shut up and play the fucking game. When Doom I is your favourite, play it an go ahead
  7. pipapoh

    DOOM - User Reviews

    My first was Doom II and I instantly fell in love. Doom 16 was an instant flashback. Pretty realistic environment with hovering, green armors next to ammopacks is a great oldschool style in my opinion. Form follows function. And Doom does that great. Since my PC doesnt meet the min specs, I play it on PS4. I played it with controller and Xim4 M/Kb. Both smooth and flawless. Overall I rate it 9/10 because of some bugs. Got stuck a couple of times at walls, ragdoll (and its sounds) is horrible some times.
  8. pipapoh

    Doom hitting 200 FPS @ 1080p using GTX 1080 w/ Vulkan

    Thats why I play on PS4 honestly. I prefer mouse and keyboard, but I dont want to buy a high end gpu to play at stable 60fps. I hope xim4 gets a good config for Doom...
  9. pipapoh

    1 Week to Doom 2016 !

    Haha did the same with my wife when MKX came out
  10. pipapoh

    Doom hitting 200 FPS @ 1080p using GTX 1080 w/ Vulkan

    Nevermind folks - just get this for Xbox or Ps: http://xim4.com/
  11. pipapoh

    Pre-load like hell - Steam data preload is live

    Did anyone preload at PSN? First it said its 57GB, after a few seconds it only stats 15GB. Deleted the download an tried again - same amount of GB - 15.
  12. No since consoles got Bluray out of the box.
  13. Yes, you have to download 45GB via steam since retail only contains 1 DVD.
  14. As a former electronic store owner in germany I want to give you a little insigt. In europe ist publisher->major reseller->stores So to guarantee Doom is in stores 13th, the store itself gets the game the same week. Sometimes there is a huge yellow sticker on the packages "do not sell before XX" an that you will be charged xxxxx€ if you violate that embargo. Fifa 14 was "up to 200.000€" if I remember correctly. Games like Skyrim came without such a sticker. GTA V was about the same as Fifa14. I just handed the games to friends or importent customers since the publishers cant identify which reseller broke the embargo. Dont try that with Apple or Samsung. They check all IMEIs and the know exactly witch reseller around the world sold the iPhone before the official kickoff.