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  1. I love it!
  2. I meant GMG.
  3. Time to preorder. I suggest you guys get it from GMG.
  4. @Quasar One of the testaments mentions that the "priests brought down the temple upon the Doomslayer"
  5. @Buckshot I disagree about Doom 3 modding, just look at what the Dark Mod community has created. I think SnapMap was in the right direction but didn't go all the way through. I mean, you can make some very primitive "brushwork" with player blocking modules and apply some textures to them. Then you have a small selection of 3D models such as pillars, bricks and stuff like that to put in the level to give it shape but that's about it. If they just gave us the ability to make brushes, allow us to use every 3D model and texture in the game (as opposed to just a small selection) and let us make changes to the gameplay it would be more than enough. The scripting is incredibly powerful and I imagine will only get better.
  6. I wonder if it's possible to take multiple tasks in a company. A lot of Level Designers are able to model and texture their own assets and/or do environmetal work after they are done with the layout. Now obviously, the game is really good but it did have its fair share of problems. For example, almost everyone mentioned that the second half of the game is more linear than the first. You don't really see level design like in the Foundry and Argent Facility after Advanced Research Complex. Did you have a discussion about this? Oh and did you have a discussion about SnapMap and the future of modding too? SnapMap was far too limited for my tastes. Even after all the updates.
  7. @Buckshot I was under the impression that Level Designers did more than just layouts and scripting. A lot of them are able to make their own 3D models and textures and then place them in the environment too. It just feels really strange to me that you make a level and don't get a say in how it looks. I thought that the artists were responsible for making props, 3D models, textures and other environmental assets and then the Level Designer actually implemented them in the level.
  8. So this is why the Hell levels feel so authentic! Wait, so the detailing is NOT done by the Level Designer? Either way, I really REALLY wish I could see those blockouts with classic Doom textures. EDIT2: I really wish we had a Doomworld Q&A session. Most interviewers ask really generic questions.
  9. That is fucking A-mazing! I am very very interested in finding out which parts of Doom 64 served as an inspiration. We already know about the last arena in Kadingir being a part from Watch Your Step and the Mancubus death animation but I want more dammit! Also, Watch Your Step is also the place with the infamous death trap at the end, while Kadingir is where the Doomguy was entombed. If this is true, then this means only the first half of Doom 64 is canon, which means the Mother Demon is still alive!
  10. Someone should make a Vsauce-style video where they explore how long it would take to kill that many monsters with constant BFG blasts.
  11. It should be a 30-40 minute version of that Doom 2016 commercial. That is about as much as you can get away with before the character not talking gets a bit weird.
  12. Yeah yeah, I've heard this weak argument many times before. Just because it has those things doesn't mean they can't be presented in a way that makes the whole world feel real. Do you really think Tolkien and G.R.R Martin put so much care into the map, languages and cultures of their worlds for nothing? The best fantasy is the kind that convinces you that what you are witnessing is plausible within the context of that world.
  13. It would have to be grim and depressing but not realistic like Game of Thrones. That is where Heretic really gets its atmosphere. Most fantasy movies are pretty bright and optimistic, even the gritty and realistic ones like Lord of the Rings.
  14. @Piper Maru It is. I think Hugo mentioned it in the NoClip interview.
  15. Imps kinda look like insects too. For all we know Imps start out as larvae.