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  1. Well, I don't live in a country obsessed with guns so I wouldn't know. I don't know, what about the feet and arms? One warning shot, one non-lethal and a final warning before killing the perp. And why does it need to be shoot to kill? Shouldn't it be more about disabling the person?
  2. I am too scared to watch that video. Isn't stuff like that illegal? My country may have a ton of problems but at least stuff like this doesn't happen very often. I'm sure the majority of cops in the US are ok but something is definitely wrong over there. Is violent crime really such a big problem in the US that police officers are constantly on edge? Never heard of police brutality in my country and it's pretty corrupt around here. Maybe I am missing something. I live in a small-ish town of 150k people and I never felt unsafe around here, even at night. Even if you have to shoot a violent perp, why can't they just shoot in a non-lethal area? It should only be lethal if they are still being a danger.
  3. I'm not entirely sure what I am. I guess I could call myself an atheist who has deep appreciation for mythology and spirituality though I am open to the possibility of gods actually existing. However, their physical, tangible existence is irrelevant to me. To me, a god is the personification of an abstract ideal. Ideals such as honor, strength, beauty and culture are much more relatable if you manage to see them as people. So, they don't have to literally exist, it is enough for them to exist in my imagination. A perfect square, circle, or triangle never have and never will exist in nature but when you draw any of these shapes you immediately and perhaps unknowingly use these ideal, imaginary references as guidelines. The fact that they do not exist in a concrete, palpable manner is irrelevant to me. One should study the lives of gods and heroes the same way an artist strives to make his lines, circles or whatever other shapes as close to their perfect manifestations as possible. For example, one of my favorite goddesses is Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom, craft and, justice and just war. When I invoke her, I do so so I may align my psyche with these ideals. It is not enough to just invoke, you also have to embody it though you actions: I go to the gym to make my body more physically appealing and stronger so I can defend myself and those I care about, I make Doom maps, I study 3D modeling so I can get a respectable and well-paid job that is also fulfilling and I watch podcasts about culture and art. Finally, I also read books so that I will chisel and sharpen my mind, though I am having a bit of trouble here because I still lack patience in this area. I guess I can thank short-form internet articles for damaging my attention span. For me, spirituality is much more about philosophy and psychology, particularly the Jungian type. This video sums up my beliefs pretty well.
  4. There was this guy who spam-posted hideous gore pictures with misleading titles a few months ago. That shit warrants a perma-ban for sure. I hope the police were notified too. This is not just a question of maturity but of insanity. Fucking hell. I bet there are even a few kids who frequent this site and they shouldn't have to see that kind of stuff. Hell, no one should. If someone posts obviously illegal stuff like grotesque photos of murder or where to get drugs they should get banned both IRL and on the forums. If it's just the case of the user being an asshole from time to time, I don't think it should be permanent. Also, as long as hatred against another group is not incited, people should be allowed to have whatever political view they have.
  5. If you ask me, it's just not worth monetizing it. If you still intend to release them freely I would be interested but keep in mind that the new sprites would look out of place amid the low res textures. The textures would have to be updated too, which only adds to the monumental task. There have been many Doom graphics remakes over the years and all of them are either subpar or have not come out and/or are abandoned so people are a bit skeptical when they see another Doom graphics remake. You would have to show a lot more I think. The only one that has actually succeded is Smooth Doom and that is because it enhances rather than replaces what is already there.
  6. And before anyone comes with their pitchforks, Bethesda not only have all the rights to do this but are also obligated to do so to protect their IP.
  7. It's also why piracy is still a popular past time in countries from Eastern Europe.
  8. Doesn't matter. Just because Bethesda hasn't noticed what Mark is doing yet doesn't mean what he is doing is legal. As far as I know, the ones who hold the right to an IP are obligated to defend it. It would be illegal because it could be considered that they are profiting off someone else's work.
  9. I'm not sure this is legal.
  10. RAGE was...alright, with a few flashes of brilliance here and there. It was an important stepping stone for Id, I think. I think it took them a long time to actually mature as a company. I mean if you think about it all they did after Doom 1 was better Doom clones, which is not bad per se but I get the feeling that they couldn't really adapt to the post-Half-Life era. I think that game caused them a bit of a crisis, which could be seen in Doom 3. After Doom 3 I think they realized this, meaning that they didn't know what their place in the industry was and what was expected of them. I see RAGE as the culmination of this, it was the mid-life crisis of a really talented developer and even though it was a messy game in almost all regards, the talent could still be seen.
  11. I'm very interested.
  12. It's American in the sense that no problems are unsolvable as long as you have a large selection of armaments.
  13. Thank you for your in-depth review of my WAD! I really appreciate it.


    I got the feeling you didn't find most of the secrets in the maps. For example, it is possible to get the Plasma Gun in the Blue Key area. It even teases you in one of the corridors. That's alright though, I didn't design the maps in a way that secrets are mandatory. 


    As for the second map, when I designed it I thought it was interconnected but that was mainly due to the secret areas. I tried to make them quite different because the progression of most WADs these days is quite samey. I wanted to put in some surprises.


    If you want, maybe you could also post the review in the New Stuff section. I'd love more people to play my map.


    Finally, I also have an Egyptian-themed map that is almost ready to release. Would you like to playtest it before I release it?

    1. SP_FACE1


      I found about half of the secrets. I suspected it could be in a secret but didn't feel the absolute need for it until I was trapped in the Cyberdemon room. I had a peek at the map now and the Plasma Gun seems to be near the start. I guess I saw it at the beginning but forgot it because the map is so huge. I should have taken a look at the area map more to realize there are multiple blue doors and switches.


      I don't know how the New Stuff sections works but you can post my review there if you want.


      I'm afraid Egyptian theme is one of my least favorite themes. So even though a map is otherwise superb I might still not like it just because of the theme :) For example that Team Eternal's Egyptian themed megawad is something I wouldn't want to play again. But a counter example is Kristian Aro's Brotherhood of Ruin.

    2. DooM_RO


      The NewStuff section is a section of Doomworld where a bunch of periodical reviews. It is sort of like the front page of Doomworld and it can always use more reviewers.


      People can claim maps in the Review center


      The section is a bit fiddly but if you would like to claim mine then just CTRL + F and type in the WAD name and claim it. I think the review you posted is quite good and would be useful for other people.

    3. SP_FACE1


      I copy pasted it there now, I don't know how it differs from the review area though :D

    4. DooM_RO


      It will appear on New Stuff, the front page of Doomworld. Basically, reviews that show up there are seen by a lot more people.

    5. SP_FACE1


      I remember seeing new stuff reviews before on the front page when going to It also contained Doom related news but all that changed some time ago. Now I only see the forum index on the front page. I never followed closely what exactly happened. Maybe it was related to the change to the new content platform? Or I'm just using this wrong. I liked the front page more when it was more Doom news centered.

    6. DooM_RO


      I like the new site a lot better but I agree that the New Stuff section should be the first thing you see. You can still get to it by pressing the News button.

    7. DooM_RO


      Did you put any screenshots in the review? If you want, you can use the one in the link I put in the description.


      Also, if you want to play more of my maps, I have a couple in Joy of Mapping 3 and 4.

    8. SP_FACE1


      Yeah, I pasted your imgur link to the separate notes/comment section of the review.

      I'll put Joy of Mapping in my list of wads to check.

  14. I am still super salty over Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded. I won't even consider buying their next official Duke Nukem game. I'll get it straight off the torrents. It will probably suck anyway. Good thing Voidpoint don't have to deal with these jackasses.