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  1. @Jthom Sounds like Heretic/Hexen.
  2. Yes, I know the interviews but I still don't see how the layouts don't make sense. I mean, what is the difference between the environments you see in Doom and the ones from a more "serious" game? What is not realistic about the Foundry for instance?
  3. Romania
  4. I mean the hell levels for sure but the UAC levels felt pretty realistic to me. How were they not? I am studying environment design and I would like to know.
  5. Haha, it is. Sounds kinda pompous, no? XD
  6. But I want to put it on Id games too. Do they accept pk3s too?
  7. Can anyone help me pack the resources in the WAD? I mean I am used to vanilla mapping but when I make maps with custom stuff I usually just drag and drop them in the exe.
  8. @hidfan It looks very cool but I still hope you plan to release pixelated versions of the assets. I think the chunky pixels are a big part of what makes Doom Doom.
  9. Oh man this is SO good!
  10. Sweet! I am sure you guys a lot of ideas. Have you considered putting Phobos on Steam like how the Black Mesa devs did?
  11. @Reinchard Not sure whether I like those. I mean I still want the sprites to be pixelated.
  12. You might like Schopenhauer.
  13. I wonder how the status bar face would look upscaled.
  14. So I just saw this demonstration of TeaMonster's Pinky on YouTube and it certainly looks impressive. It also becomes apparent to me that flaws that would not be apparent on low-resolution sprites are more noticeable on detailed 3D models, namely that the Pinky would fall on its face if it existed in real life. This is not just about the Pinkys though. The low-polygon environments go really well with the low-res textures of the original Doom so just slapping high-res textures onto low-polygon environments won't cut it I think. The monsters look out of place too amidst the antique architecture. It would be as if you put high-quality mocap animations on a Quake 1 model. I think the original levels would have to be visually upgraded. For that end, I think the Quake engine would be far more suited. I mean, these kinds of models would look very very good in an Arcane Dimensions-quality Doom level. I remember when Reinchard posted an amazing rendition of the TEKWAL4 texture and then how weird it looked as a flat surface in-game. Consistency is key. That is why I think that so far, Smooth Doom is so far the best graphical enhancement for the game. Good to know that you are still alive! I've been wondering what has been going on with you guys. I can't wait to see some screenshots.
  15. Death on Earth is such a lame name...